Samsung improving its RCS messaging service, names T-Mobile as one of its carrier partners


Samsung today announced some news regarding Rich Communication Services (RCS), and T-Mobile is involved.

Samsung says that it’s expanding its RCS messaging service using thanks to its recent acquisition of NewNet Communication Technologies. The service offers many of the features that you’d expect from RCS, including group chats and large file transfers, and Samsung touts that its RCS “is compliant with the latest GSMA RCS specifications.”

The good news is that Samsung is making its RCS service play nicely with others. The Samsung RCS hub will help carriers quickly launch RCS support without having to build their own infrastructure and “will support and simplify the interconnectivity among other RCS-enabled operators, Samsung, and third-party RCS clouds.” The goal is to offer ubiquity similar to SMS and MMS.

Samsung is now working with carriers around the globe to expand RCS availability, including T-Mobile, KT, SK Telecom, Vodafone, and T-Mo parent company Deutsche Telekom. Samsung is offering its RCS service as both a full package and in modular options to best fit each carrier’s needs.

Samsung’s RCS service will work with Samsung smartphones on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

T-Mobile began rolling out its own RCS service — called Advanced Messaging — in mid-2015, and last year T-Mo touted that there were 5.5 million subscribers using its service. While it’s unclear exactly what T-Mobile will be getting out of this partnership with Samsung, T-Mo already has its Advanced Messaging service, so it’s possible that it’ll take advantage of Samsung’s modular RCS options to improve its existing offering.

Have you tried RCS yet?

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  • Petey07

    I wished iPhone has RCS compatibility, that way it is easier to contact someone with Android or other platforms, instead of downloading a third-party messenger like Facebook Messenger, etc.

    • Jesus Christhole

      Apple will never play along, for many, iMessege the only thing keeping them from switching to Android

      • Petey07

        Same with me and the ecosystem. I like the fact that my gadgets are all linked and synced up. I leave Apple for Samsung but end up coming back because of this.

        But it’s just a wish hopefully one day they do implement this feature on the Apple regular text messages.

        • Vincent

          But you did it to yourself. Locking your self into an ecosystem. There is literally nothing apple does or has that I need. I know this because I cracked the screen on my s7 a few months back. While I got it repaired I borrowed my son’s spare iPhone a couple weeks. Wow I couldn’t wait to get my s7 back. I will never understand how people say things are easier or better on iPhone. I mean sure it’s a capable phone but my s7 did everything as good or better. Couple that with I like the way android is laid out and how you can tweak things to your liking, I will never buy an iPhone for me. My son says he does not want an iPhone 7 because they got rid of the headphone Jack. Guess he’s gonna ride his 6s till it dies lol

        • Petey07

          It’s my personal preference and it works for me. Yet, I’m open minded and willing to try new things. It may not fit your needs, but it does get the job done for others. Don’t get me wrong, I used the first Samsung galaxy, s3, note 5 & note 7. Used for a couple more and enjoyed it, but the apple ecosystem is works out well for me.

  • pseudoswede

    What messaging apps utilize RCS on TMobile Galaxy S7 phones? I use Google Messages, and my wife uses the default Samsung Messages app. Neither of us see any RCS features.

    • Petey07

      When my friend and I had the note 7, we were able to use the stock messaging app and it’s works like iMessage.

  • Phil7474

    My lame galaxy J7 can utilize RCS. Noticed it in action last year when I was txtin another tmobile customer. Could see when they were typing and if they’ve viewed my messages. Nothing fancy but a neat little feat to have.

    • Joseph Cathey

      It also offers better quality media.

      • eanfoso

        For an all across platform, I think whatsapp dominates even across continents

  • Mike Thaler

    Nobody here has mentioned the GREAT RCS video calling feature on many Samsung, LG and some other brands carried by TM. Right now the callee has to be on TM and have a suitable phone. It works on wifi and LTE. On the dial pad all you have to do is press the video icon next to the phone icon you press for a voice call. As soon as the person answers, you see each other. I discovered this feature by accident a couple weeks ago.

    • Phil7474

      Yes I’ve used that and I like the feature.

  • Noremacam

    RCS will continue to be worthless until verizon/att/tmobile all agree to use the same standards. Until then it will be a guessing game with consumers. Text is ubiquitous because nobody these days wonders if their messages will be received by users on other carriers or not.

    • eanfoso

      Not how iUsers think though lol

    • steveb944

      Google has much larger deals going through, T-Mobile is on the wrong boat.

      • Noremacam

        The problem is multiple boats :)

  • joemail

    until tmobile starts to advertise this better. other carries will not undertake a cost to give their users a better experience. i doubt any of the other 3 are interested

    • themak

      Sprint has adopted Google’s universal profile. My understanding is that both google and samsung’s standards are inter-operable.

  • steveb944

    Meanwhile Deutsche Telekom signed up with Google’s offering. T-Mobile has to stop sucking up to Samsung so much.

  • Big Steve

    How hard can this be for Google to just make Android Messenger work like iMessage.