T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts for next week include free eCookbook, Shoprunner, and more


T-Mobile’s Magenta Friday promo is happening right now, and there will be Black Friday deals on devices next weekend. And then in between those two events, there’s T-Mobile Tuesdays.

The T-Mobile Tuesday for November 22 will offer a free Thanksgiving eCookbook to help you make something tasty for Thanksgiving. T-Mo will also be gifting customers with a free six-month subscription to ShopRunner, which will get you two-day shipping at more than 140 retailers.

Rounding out the free gifts for next week is a free Lyft ride up to $15. T-Mobile is also advertising its Black Friday deals, which include a free Galaxy S7 with device trade-in, free Gear VR, free tablets, and more.

The winner of next week’s grand prize will receive a $2,500 gift card to Sur La Table, a website that sells kitchen good like knives, blenders, coffee makers, and more. The grand prize will also include two round trip airplane tickets worth up to $1,200, which T-Mo suggests could be used to invite family or friends to visit, as well as a check for $1,585 to cover taxes or other expenses.

Twenty-five first prize winners will get a Demeyere Industry5 Roasting Pan, and 200 second prize winners will receive a code good for one Sur La Table online cooking class.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • SirStephenH


    I guess they’re running out of good stuff.

  • lomsha

    No movie credit, bummer.

  • Joe

    No free pizza *yawn*

  • kev2684

    There’s literally nothing for me this Tuesday. I don’t care about ebooks and I already have Shoprunner which I barely use for just for being an AMEX cardholder.

    Make T-Mobile Tuesdays great again!

    • Critic4U

      I know right? I’ve already uninstalled the app almost a month and a half ago anyways. There is nothing really that good anymore, I think they should just terminate the program and just put the money towards giving us bill credits or putting the money to good use like retrofitting all their towers so we have a better signal to thank us that way I would appreciate a great service where I don’t have to be on Wi-Fi calling all the time where I live.

      • Bratty

        And the dimwits are talking again

        • Critic4U

          And the trolls are talking again…

  • AJ

    Does anyone know if T-mobile is ever going to bring back the iPhone 7 trade deal that was available back in September?I was hoping they were going to bring it back for black friday :(

    • steveb944

      Not until next year to move products is most likely.

  • Goat

    Heard there might be Half-off (or even complimentary) Apple products this Black Friday…

  • steveb944

    The shopping one is really good timing.

  • julio sanchez

    How does one win does grand prise,is it a seperate entrance?