MetroPCS promotional plan offers 8GB of LTE data for $50 per month


MetroPCS is now running a promotion that bumps up one of its data buckets in a big way.

MetroPCS typically offers a $50 plan that includes 5GB of 4G LTE data along with unlimited talk and text. Thanks to Metro’s new promo, though, that bucket is being bumped up to 8GB of LTE data each month for $50.

If you’d like to add more lines, you can get up to four more lines of 8GB of LTE data at a rate of $30 each.

In addition to 8GB of 4G LTE data, MetroPCS’s promotional plan includes unlimited data (slowed to “average network speeds” after 8GB), unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspot, Music Unlimited that’ll let you stream music from many different services without using your data, and Data Maximizer that’ll optimize streaming video to 480p resolution to help your high-speed data last longer.

MetroPCS says that this promotional 8GB rate plan is available in-store and that it’ll only be around for a limited time.

Via: PrepaidPhoneNews
Source: MetroPCS

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  • Qbancelli

    I’m checking this deal out tomorrow morning.

  • Panzer

    That’s a good deal.

    • Angel sz

      They should include the customer that got them to where they are! Is anyone sure that they aren’t going to bump us up?. Checking on it in the morning!!

      • Acdc1a

        You have to call or go in-store but you can get it.

      • WittyPixel

        as long as you have multiple lines you shouldn’t have a problem.

        • Bluegrapes

          I’m currently on a plan with two lines right now. A $45 a month 5gb plan and a $35 a month 3gb plan. I wonder if it would be possible for them to change the first line to $50 a month and the second line to $30 a month for 8gb each?

        • WittyPixel

          yes, it says new and existing customers in the article lol

  • Bluegrapes

    I wish they would upgrade users already on the 5GB plan to 8GB.

    • Acdc1a

      You just have to drop by a store or call. Minor inconvenience.

      • Tim Schultz

        I tried to call them and they refused to change me from the $40 plan to a $50 plan with 8gb.. they said I had to have 2 plans to get the 8gb deal

        • Acdc1a

          Call back, demand a supervisor in the United States. You’ll get it.

          Metro CS is sub par.

        • WittyPixel

          That’s one of the requirements though lol basically the more lines you have the better your chances.

          so just keep calling until you get someone who’s willing to override

  • Stanley Davis

    I have the $60 unlimited and added my grandmother and daughter a line but they get the $50 5gb of data for the $25 promotion they were running the last 4-5 months. That was a deal.

  • Dan

    I wonder if they’ll ever take away the high speed unlimited plan for $60 and force us to use binge on like the t-mobile 1 plan.

    • WittyPixel

      They may soon, I highly recommend jumping on that if you could afford too. I can only pay for the $30 plan right now unfortuantely

  • Walt

    They better do this. Gotta keep up with cricket. $45 for 5GB on cricket. Better network too

    • Gigahertz21

      You may get better nationwide coverage with Cricket since it runs off the AT&T network, but Cricket caps everybody at 8Mbps for your internet speeds. MetroPCS doesn’t do that at least. If you do alot of traveling in rural areas in the United States and you don’t care about having really fast Internet speeds, Cricket would be the best choice. If you mostly stay in bigger towns/cities and want the possibility of getting Internet speeds faster then 8Mbps then MetroPCS is the way to go.

      • Walt

        I agree with your statment. Plus metro has visual VM, volte and wifi calling. Something cricket doesnt allow. But coverage is where its at these days and t-mobile is slowing filling in the gaps

      • a d00d

        I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but while the Death Star may cap users at 8mbps, Magenta penalizes the priority (QoS) of everyone not paying for a TMo postpaid plan, and that includes Metro and TMo Prepaid. (AT&T may do this, too, but I don’t know one way or the other.)

        Besides, Kick-It has always been low end: if you buy one, you should already have low expectations. I’m assuming ditto for Metro.

    • WittyPixel

      if you’re on cricket with a smartphone (everyphone these days) your data speed suffers even before you hit the limit.

      I can only speak for New York of course. That 8mbps is crazy slow, even with no congestion lol