T-Mobile HTC One M9 getting September security update


After receiving an August security patch earlier this month, T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 is now getting another update.

TmoNews reader and HTC One M9 owner Kevin says that his phone got a 355.44MB software update today. The update brings the One M9 to version 3.39.531.21 and includes the September 1 security patches.


T-Mobile hasn’t updated its support page with info on this update — or the last update, for that matter — so it’s unclear if there are any other tweaks included.

It’s kind of strange to see the HTC One M9 get two security updates in one month after it went months without an update before these, but hey, this is exciting for anyone using a One M9. If you’ve got a One M9 and haven’t yet updated, you can check for this update by going into Settings > About > Software update > Check Now.

Thanks, Kevin!

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  • mcl630

    The unlocked and developer editions of the M9 are also receiving an update to the September security patch level. It’s version 3.35.617.21 weighing in at 309.63MB.

  • Rob

    I find it rather annoying that the HTC 10 never gets any posts when there’s an update (there have been two that Tmonews has not mentioned at all) but it’s good that HTC is still updating the M9. The 10 probably won’t see another update until Nougat, at least T-Mobile branded. US unlocked just got September security updates the other day and I’m on the Europe base which should get them in a week or so. I’d switch back to US unlocked but I just don’t feel like flashing my phone again and I don’t use VoLTE or WiFi calling so I’m fine on the Europe base.

    • Alex Wagner

      Sorry, Rob. I try to keep up with updates to T-Mobile phones, but do miss some occasionally. I do see T-Mo updated the HTC 10 in July, but that’s the last one that they’ve given info about:


      I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that Nougat update, so you can be sure that you’ll see a post when T-Mobile releases it.

      • Rob

        Thanks, I’ll shoot you an email if you miss the next one :)

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  • Chilehead

    Security update 3.39.531.31 is now available for the M9.