Samsung details U.S. Product Exchange Program for Galaxy Note 7 recall


Following T-Mobile’s announcement that it will be offering full refunds to Galaxy Note 7 owners, Samsung has revealed its own Note 7 replacement offers.

Samsung is launching the U.S. Product Exchange Program for Galaxy Note 7 customers. With this program, Note 7 owners will have two options for getting rid of their potentially explosive smartphones:

  1. Exchange current Galaxy Note7 device with a new Galaxy Note7 (available next week)
  2. Exchange current Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices.

Samsung also says that Note 7 owners will get a $25 gift card or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets when they swap out their Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 family device or a Note 7.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7 that you’d like to exchange for a non-explosive phone, Samsung says that you should either contact the retail outlet that you got your phone from or call 1-800-SAMSUNG to initiate your exchange.

Ever since this Galaxy Note 7 recall was made official, info on when the replacement Note 7s would be ready was kind of hazy. Now Samsung says that Note 7 owners will start getting replacements next week, which is good to hear since it means that it won’t be long before folks will get their non-explosive Galaxy Note 7 in their hands and they can stop worrying about their phone possibly catching fire.

Finally, it’s worth noting that T-Mobile has now updated its Galaxy Note 7 recall announcement. T-Mobile will still give Note 7 owners a full refund for their phone and accessories, and they’ll get to keep their free Netflix subscription, Gear Fit 2 or microSD card if they got one. T-Mo also says that as soon as it gets replacement Note 7s from Samsung, customers can exchange their current Note 7 for a new one.

T-Mobile will be offering these exchange options until at least Sept. 30. If you’d like to get a refund or perform a swap through T-Mo, you can visit the store that you bought your phone from or call either 611 or 1-800-937-8997.

Sources: Samsung, T-Mobile

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  • user311

    Well that was fast. Definitely one of those affected by this recall and am glad that they are being pretty forward with their intentions and with solutions. This voluntary recall is definitely more than what most companies would do…

  • LanceTX

    Sorry, but any company would have no choice but to quickly do a full and total recall when their devices are literally exploding! Samsung isn’t doing anything special here at all, only what they absolutely had no choice but to do given the extremely dangerous circumstances.

    • TS50

      You would think but Apple did nothing when this was happening to 5c’s.

      • Panzer

        Lol, I remember when Apple issued me a case to help my phone from dropping signal. Had to fight like hell for that refund.

      • LanceTX

        I don’t remember widespread reports of 5c’s exploding because it never happened. There have been at least 35 Note 7s already and Samsung has admitted they have no idea how many have faulty batteries. So your comparison doesn’t hold any water.

        • superg05


        • This isnt a widespread problem though, only like 36 cases out of the 2+ million they’ve already sold. That’s a small, % I haven’t had any problems with mines and I’m fine as long as I get a replacement for free, with overnight shipping like I got on the pre-order

    • MadJoe

      So you’re saying Ford never ignored exploding Pintos, Chevy never ignored faulty ignitions, and Takata (and auto manufacturers who were aware of the problem but wanted to save money) never ignored exploding airbags? What world do you live in? It is absolutely a big deal that they stood up and owned this IMMEDIATELY, only 35 out of MILLIONS of devices suffered the issue, and none of them burned anything more than the device and the case it was in. They totally could have “Appled” this and told people they were “charging it wrong”.

      • Panzer

        I suspect Samsung was able to replicate the circumstances that caused the battery issues and it assumed the cost would be too much vs the cost of the replacements. Same way the auto industries does it.

        • MadJoe

          Show me a company that did the right thing in the face of a potentially big loss, and I’ll show you 100 that tried to ignore and/or cover it up and had it blow up in their faces. This move by Samsung is the right thing, but it certainly isn’t the common thing.

      • LanceTX

        Did 35+ Pintos explode in the first month after they went on sale? Of course not. It’s an apples to oranges comparison.

        • MadJoe

          Wrong. Flat out wrong. So wrong in fact, I can’t say ‘wrong’ enough times to convey just how f**king wrong your post is.

    • Eoj Wolb

      Samsung is being VERY proactive here…I applaud them.

  • steve1026

    I wonder if the exchange program would allow a device that has a small cracked screen. I would think they are still obligated to replace all devices, no matter if there is current damage to the device?

    • Prode

      maybe but maybe not. You would have to contact customer care or call samsung.

    • You cracked the screen already? Hahaha, smh

    • Richard Darrington

      Tell them it cracked while you were charging it.

  • ivan

    what if you bought the note7 from tmobile website??? i cant go to a retail store to return it.
    how do get a refund??

    • Prode

      Customer Care

    • Gerald

      You can do the store I confirmed it with tmobile

      • Jose Lugo

        I just called and got the same answer as well.

  • ronjon400

    Its better that Samsung exchange these now and they’re only out the true cost of the device. Because I see plenty of potential lawsuits if they had not issued this recall. This is what happens when you rush your product to market, and try to corner the market.

    • DStudio

      This is what happens when you don’t have a good manufacturing tracking system that links serial numbers (or other numbers on the phone) to which parts and assembly lines it was made from. They could have saved a lot of money and made customers more confident that they know what they’re doing!!

      Now if they make a priority of getting Android 7.0 out to Note 7 and Galaxy S7 owners they can regain a lot of goodwill from their customers. Even more so if they firmly decide to continually provide good software updates while fixing their ~widely reported mediocre performance compared to competitors’ handsets using similar hardware!

    • Luke Meiritz-Reid

      Ahhh it’s not a rush job the battery pack was outsourced …Samsung don’t specialise in battery Manufacturer .

      Point to make the issue only occurs during Charging.

      In other words it’s not going to catch fire like Apple Bendgate fiasco ###

  • WT

    I called Samsung (hold time was almost an hour wait) and all they do is that they’ll notify us through the carrier so here I am waiting for T-Mobile to get back to me.

    • jonathan3579

      That’s the same crap they told me. It seriously pissed me off.

      • no2apple

        Seriously pissed of for what… how about you type so you dont need to be pissed off and can avoid your pills..

        • jonathan3579

          Because there’s all these plans floating around on the internet and none of the reps whether that be Samsung or T-Mobile know what’s going on. No need for your smartass remarks.

        • guest

          Because nothing like this has ever happened before that’s why. Chill, the mobile world doesn’t work for only you. Unless your note has blown up, you’ll be ok.

        • schweddyB

          give it a week, everyone is catching up and still being trained on what to do. You have til the 30th.

    • Luke Meiritz-Reid

      Flipn heck the recall has only just happened…little wonder phones are busy.

      Remember fires only 35 units occur during Charging…..Not when in use ##

      Remember Fast Charge only takes aprox 1.5hrs …if I were you keep an eye on it while it’s Charging while you wait for a Replacement.

    • JOSH!
  • T Redd

    I will be switching my note 7.. The battery life is garbitch.

    • Tailor00

      You’re insane. I’ve been getting 7-8 hrs of on screen time. I’ve never touched 6 on my Note 3,4, or 5.

      • T Redd

        I was getting that the first 5 days. After that it down hill.. I have to charge it 3 times a day. My note 4 last the entire day. I have the same apps on both.

        • Luke Meiritz-Reid

          That’s funny 3 times a day on charge either you are lying or swap it for another and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
          Good Grief it’s a flipn 3500mAh that’s way more than you have ever had

        • T Redd

          No reason to lie about the battery life I’ve been getting. I love this phone

        • Luke Meiritz-Reid

          Well you seem to be in a minority re poor battery staying power…
          If you Love the Note 7 just swap it for another this is your chance to Rectify your particular Battery Issue.
          Problem Solved

        • John

          Samsung definitely has you down on your knees working it for them willingly.

        • Luke Meiritz-Reid

          Weirdeo comment….

        • troll

          Sorry your right.

        • T Redd

          Thats what i plan on..

        • troll

          If it’s true, stop using it now, could be a sign that something serious is going on with the battery.

        • T Redd

          And my ringtone keeps resetting to the tjingle.

        • George Salcedo

          Battery life for Android phones has been awful after lollipop. I’ve noticed just how bad my M9 and G4 have become over time. I’m sure it’s the same with other oem flagship.

        • JOSH!

          OS upgraded phones suck with battery life.. I’ll never upgrade my phone OS again.

        • Tailor00

          Faulty device for sure.

        • JOSH!

          I get upwards of 2 days – i’m completely satisfied with that

      • badassn

        That is anecdotal. I get 8+ hours of screen-time on my Note 4.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Not for me

    • JOSH!

      Battery life is amazing for me

  • Panzer

    T-mobile CS said it expected 2 weeks before replacement phones were sent out and that Black Onyx phones being the most common likely had the shortest wait.

  • Mike

    I bought my Note 7 through Costco….not from T-mobile. Does that mean I’ll have to go through this process through the Samsung number?

    • Luke Meiritz-Reid

      No go to your provider Costco…

  • Steve

    Bending iPhones seem okay now in comparison to exploding Samsung phones lmao. Glad I returned mine only a day after buying.

  • gr8gatzby

    Will we qualify for another free gift with the replacement Note 7?

    • troll

      Free fire extinguisher.

      • kevev

        Thanks fir properly labling. lol

    • superg05

      25 dollar gift car or was it credit

  • jtothada

    I think Samsung should extend the gear fit promotion

  • gr8gatzby

    Will my Pokemon burn up when my Note 7 catches aflame?

    • Mike


  • Brian

    Really? “won’t be long before folks will get their non-explosive Galaxy Note 7 in their hands” and “that you’d like to exchange for a non-explosive phone, Samsung says…”. Non-explosive?

    The batteries that are at fault are a hundredth of the total sold and several of the phones damaged were the result of cheap type-c charging cables.

    I didn’t see this much hyperbole when apple phones were igniting in people’s pockets, or Nexus phones were smoking from the same type of cheap cables. The number of people affected is limited to less than 2500.

    Good reporting Alex.

    • George Salcedo

      Your post is idiotic, this is all over the web and the news. He’s not singling out Samsung whatsoever, quit being a fanboy and handle the truth.

  • Luke Meiritz-Reid

    Kinda wonder how things are going for iFans with 3D Touch Pad Issues on their iPhone 6s

    Appears this is Widespread and pretty much eventually renders your iPhone 6 unusable **

    Yet Apple is happy to Charge for a fee of 350 to fixit…or Sell you a New Phone.

    Interesting how two Companies can be so so Different.
    Samsung will do a blanket Recall over 35 Units that catch fire Only during Charging for No Charge Replacement.
    Apple ignores their is a Landslide Problem with their Phones and then Charges iFans to fixit.

    • Dakota_Offspring

      My entire family has 6s’s with no issues at all. Troll on

      • Luke Meiritz-Reid

        That’s great…
        Problem being it’s not a case of when it’s a case of most likely will occur.
        If you look at the Articles they fault it as a circuit board issue that in time floats away causing initially a once in awhile problem to eventually a no response.

        So give it time…

        Articles can either be found Google Search
        Google+ Site look up my Profile
        Luke Meiritz-Reid

      • donnybee

        He’s not even very educated on the issue. It’s happening mostly to the 6 & 6 Plus, not the 6S.

        Sequence of events:
        1) touch controller goes out
        2) take it to apple
        3) walk out with new device in minutes

        He’s just angry cause iPhones aren’t causing damage to people and property

        • itguy08

          Coming on 1.5 years with an 6+ and no issues so far and I’m not gentile with it…

          It’s an issue but nowhere near as widespread as the media would lead you to believe.

    • Mike

      I remember when iphones were catching fire and apple barely acknowledged it. Atleast Samsung is doing the right thing and doing a massive recall.

      • troll

        They had to do it this way. 35 in just a few days is a bad sign. They had to stop sales because more units sold were going to cost them even more later on. And the total recall because they don’t know which devices are bad.

        We can say they did the right thing.

        • Da Truth

          and do you have a point or is your envy continuing to eat you up?
          Whats “Da Truth”?

      • superg05

        that and making people sign NDA’s to replacements and a little extra

    • donnybee

      Apple will replace it when you take it into the store for the issue you’re referring to. They get a device from their replacement stock and hand it to you. Right there. In the store.

      Not sure why you’re here trolling.

      And somehow I feel I’d rather have a phone lose functionality and be replaced rather than a phone that could explode on me. Now get out troll..

      • Richard Roma

        The fact that crapdroids use this to somehow attack apple just goes to show how pathetic and insecure the base really is. Grasping for straws doesn’t even begin to cover it.

        They only other group who has the equivalent flawed logic is die hard Islamist or 5 year olds.

    • jeffy

      I don’t think you know how this works. Samsung can get sued for BILLIONS of dollars, And Samsung probably tested and was able to prove it, they did a recall coz if it got out of control the government could in theory ban Samsung from selling phones here. Just like any other voluntary motor vehicle recall, and if the government knew that Samsung knew about the issue and still do anything about it, they would pay MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars in fines.

      apples issue isn’t as bad as this, lives aren’t at risk, Apple will address this issue. Whether it was bend gate, antenna gate, or iPhone 5 battery issues, they offered viable solution. Keep in mind Apple has MORE MONEY THAN YOUR MIND CAN IMAGINE

      • Clifton K. Morris

        Actually, Koreans and Korean Culture is one where people are raised to be more protective of their self image and having high ethical standards.

        Hyundai for example, *gave* all its customers a free gas card (prior to any legal action being filed) when there was an issue with what it disclosed in fuel efficiency. Of course, this goodwill investment turned into a lawsuit where lawyers wanted to use the public courts to also disclose guilt/fault on a legal basis (Sounds like Consumer Reports wants the same thing).

        To compare to US standards of litigation, a typical Apple customer will pay $27/month to finance a phone. Of that $27 spent every month, the typical Apple customer invest nearly $2.75 of that monthly finance payment directly to Apple’s Legal budget.

        Apple can then wait for a lawsuit, hire lawyers, and when the lawyers are selected, the CEO can go on TV or have an interview where they say “You’re Holding It Wrong” (antennagate) or “That’s Political Bull Carp” (fights with tax collectors) which, when said by the CEO, becomes a key phrase Apple uses to let the plantiff’s legal team know they’re ready to accept a lawsuit and defend the actions of the leadership. Overall, this $2.75 paid every month on Apple products is something similar to Prepaid Legal– and remains a form of lawyer insurance; (and in some aspects, a D&O insurance policy.) Samsung is not publicly traded in the US, so it doesn’t need to collect $2.75 from each customer monthly to cover D&O insurance. They just recall the devices.

        • troll

          Silly silly silly

        • troll

          Sorry Clif, the one who said “silly, silly, silly” is not me, he’s just one of my followers pretending to be me.

  • troll

    Come on people, we one to know what device color you’re returning. For the preorders you were like “I’m ordering Black This”, “I’m ordering Blue That”… On and on. And now you don’t say anything. Why?

    • #Broken EMMAtaining The Boss!

      I’m returning my gold phone and getting a purple one.

    • Jose Lugo

      I’m getting full blown Rose Gold on mine. This coral blue simply don’t work for me.

  • kevev

    I am not a Samsung fan but in my opinion this puts confidence in the Samsung brand knowing that they are doing a full recall so quickly. I wonder how much cheaper these referbs will be when they go back on the market.

  • Mike Simon

    Well, I for one love my Note 7. I only use the charger it came with, so I’m not to worried, yet I still will keep an eye on it.

    Samsung admits to a problem and is taking the right action to fix it. It’s exactly what you would want. Look on the bright side, all of us Note 7 owners are getting another new phone in the next couple of weeks!! :)

    • samsung freud

      Wow, I didn’t think of it like that!
      Christmas twice in a month!

    • Clifton K. Morris

      Great point. Apple would first require a lawsuit and the CEO would call a mandated return “political BS” before admitting any sort of fault or product repair issue.

      • JOSH!

        Or blame the users “you’re holding it wrong”.

        • Junior Rosario

          In this case: “Charging it wrong” lol

      • Richard Roma

        At least Apple’s phones don’t bloody explode. Apple ended up giving out free cases for those assumed this was an issue.

    • Junior Rosario

      Same here…..I’m not even worried anymore as I have been charging this phone since Aug. 18th with no issues whatsoever…. Wired and Wireless

  • XcX

    Something to add, if you were one of the people who broke the Note 7, T-Mo is WAIVING the 175$ deductible, or if you lost it or got stolen, you have to call Assurant, pay the deductible, but you will get the money back as bill credit.

  • Bklynman

    Maybe Samsung can send the phone that blow up to Isis,all other parts of the middle east.

    • Mike

      Corny you’ll starve being a comedian

      • troll

        Unless they send him to Guantanamo and wire him properly. That would be funny.

  • JustMy2Cents

    This is another reason batteries should not be embedded in the phones! If the battery were a removable one with this issue then all Samsung would have to do is get a replacement battery out to people….a much quicker and cheaper solution than to replace the entire phone.

    • Mike

      Who said its all battery fault and nothing to do with the usb port. Removable batteries are not a huge deal no more since having them will hurt the waterproof feature.

  • MarcusDW

    I’m going to swap back to my N4 for a few days and If it doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on things compared to the N7, I’ll just get a refund and wait for the Note 8 (hopefully with removable battery). I LOVE the 7 but may not need the bells and whistles.

    • Mike

      The removable battery isn’t coming back. The waterproof feature will be lost and with the premium metal build a removable back cover wouldn’t work

      • troll

        They can do a modular phone like the G5 and still be waterproof, I think,

      • Robert

        The Galaxy S5 was water resistant and had a removable battery.

        • Mike

          The S5 water resistant needed to have the flap over the charging port which most people didn’t put back on majority of times. Plus the S5 water rating was IP67 which meant it could of withhold 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The S7 and Note 7 is rating IP68 which can handle 5-6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes which is a big difference. If you were to drop you S5 in a pond , pool , or etc good chances it’s water damaged.

      • 21stNow

        I’d rather have a removable battery than water resistance and a metal build any day.

        • Mike

          Then go buy another brand phone

      • zp

        I wish this fiasco would make them reconsider, and also bring back the flat glass option.

  • John

    I don’t want to scare anyone but there’s one incident of an S7 edge too exploding while charging overnight with original charging equipment. On the Note 7, the South Korean and Vietnam made batteries are the problem, those made in China are good.

  • circa476

    I’m glad Samsung is being proactive about this issue. However, I’ve noticed that in most of the photos of exploded Note 7 devices, owners were using in micro USB to USB adapted and not the in box charger. Either way, good on Samsung for being proactive.

  • Jose Lugo

    Crap, spoke to a rep at a store, they said 2-4 weeks for the new Note 7 inventory. grrr

    • zp

      Ugh, online rep didn’t have that info. I knew it would be way longer than the original announcement. Is it true that the Tmo variant is not even defective??

    • random

      They better have a sweet deal or offer, or I’ll just wait for the Note 8. I can last longer with my S7 edge. LOL

  • Corey Jalette

    I know it sucks, but, going down to tmobile later to give them my note 7 and my friends. They are paying for the restocking fees for everything so just gonna either swap back to an s7 edge or try out something else for 2 weeks till they get replacement phones. What’s everyone else switching to in the meantime?

    • samsung freud

      I’m keeping mine until replacements are in.
      Unless the wait goes past Sept. 30.
      It’s a noticeable difference in performance from my note 2 and note 3

      • Corey Jalette

        I would, but after a phone in the US with tmobile as the supplier cought fire, I’m getting nervous. No need to feel that way so I do t mind having a replacement phone till it comes in.

  • tracy parker

    It is correct that once we switched to the S7 Edge we can switch back to the Note 7 once it’s released and the taxes goes back to the Note 7 with no issues

  • zp

    Any updates on when we can exchange? I’m getting nervous holding onto my Note7!

    • samsung freud

      I spoke with a rep at a brick and mortar store, she said they’d arrive on the 13th.

      • tracy parker

        Is it just for that store or across all stores ?

  • Philip

    Waiting for the buy 1 get 2nd for 50% deal.

  • david

    this is what happens when a corporation tries to go with the cheaper distributor. u try to save $1 per battery by losing $20 per battery.

    and whats up with the $25 giftcard …