Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday focuses on new partner PetSmart


Following yesterday’s T-Mobile Tuesdays festivities, which included a free Subway sandwich, T-Mo has revealed what next week’s gifts will be.

The T-Mobile Tuesday for September 13 will include another new member to the program: PetSmart. The retailer’s free gift will be a coupon for $7 off at PetSmart, but keep in mind that it’s only redeemable in-store this Tuesday.

The other free gifts for the next T-Mobile Tuesday are regulars of the program. They include a free VUDU movie rental, free $15 Lyft credit, and a free small Frosty from Wendy’s.

Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays prizes are all pet-focused. One grand prize winner will get a three day, two night trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. That includes round trip airfare for two to San Jose, Calif.; two nights in a pet-friendly hotel room at Doris Day’s Cypress Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.; a $500 PetSmart gift card for use in-store or online; and a check for $1,700 to use for taxes, meals, or other expenses.

Fifty first prize winners will receive a $200 PetSmart gift card for use at a PetSmart store or on the retailer’s website. Finally, 200 second prize winners will get a $50 PetSmart gift card.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Android_God

    I love that fake TMZ ad. If you guys are this desperate for cash why not just create a donation button we can press to donate?

    • Fabian

      How much are you talking about? Monthly or yearly?

  • lomsha

    Humm PetSmart. Maybe I’ll get a new betta lol.

  • tranceformer978

    I had Subway for the first time in years yesterday….I remember why I stopped going.

    • Tim

      How easy was it to redeem? Did they give you a hard time/funny look when you showed them your phone?

      • impasse

        i went later in the day after work, and the guy knew how to do it. just need to show the redeem screen with timer counting down (5mins), and he just punched some stuff. didn’t want to push my luck for a free cookie with old receipt survey though hahah

        • Tim

          Nice thank you for sharing. Arent subways indvidually owned and operated and not a franchise like how chipotle is? I thought some subways might not honor the promo

        • #Broken EMMAtaining The Boss!

          Some subways are corporate or franchise, but the vast majority of them are independently run.

      • kev2684

        Had 2 lines and visited 2 different locations while shopping yesterday and both locations knew what to and treated me like a paying customer. Very much better than what Dominos employees did on locations I visited where Eye rolls are included in every order

        • tranceformer978

          When Dominoes was part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, I’d just order online in advance with the code then pick it up. The less interaction with the employees, the better.

        • kev2684

          I ordered online too, and still handed my Pizza with the most condescending look I’ve ever gotten while getting food

        • tony

          you mean like staring at you if you are paying for food stamp?

      • Adam

        My local Subway didn’t know what to do with the promo. The employees had no idea there was even a promo going on. They acted like I was not speaking English. When I realized the next step would be getting into an argument, I decided to go the mom and pop burger place down the street instead that is running a half price Tuesday promo.

        Chefs and artists are two of the hardest professionals to work with, which is why you should never create a job title of ‘sandwich artist’.

      • Larry E

        I went to one on the way home and they said too many people had redeemed in the morning. They only had a few chicken left and didn’t want to use them on people with coupons.

        • Acdc1a

          The irony is Subway Corporate was picking up the tab. We were paying customers.

      • Deadeye37

        It was super easy. Ordered my chicken sandwich, went to check out, pressed the redeem button, the cashier had me hold the phone face down on the payment thing. Nothing happened for me, so the cashier hit a few buttons and gave me the receipt.

    • Acdc1a

      The chicken had no flavor at all. Hope they give us a different option next time.

      • Francisco Peña

        The rotisserie chicken is better, but seems some stores now just have the mashed up bits, rather than the large chunks of chicken.

        Either way, subway isn’t that great…

        unless you like kiddie porn.

      • GersonT1000

        Probably will be the same sandwich option if they do this again, since the chicken sandwich is the Tuesday $3 6″ sub. For every day there is a specific sub that is cheaper.

    • T-mobile Give-Away (Subway)…

      Great comment, LOL, LOL…

    • FILA

      Quiznos for the win!!!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Really? Animals?? Smh.

  • master94

    Every subway I went to said they didnt support the free sandwich deal and asked for $7. For that I could get real food. Choose a better partner next time please. I know I wasnt alone cause it trended on fb that most didnt honor the deal

    • Arby65

      This absolutely what I experienced as well. None of the Subways in my area were participating. Walked in, pulled out my phone, they said “Were not doing that T-Mobile thing”, put my phone away, walked out , went and had a burger. Will be a looooooooong time before I go to Subway again. Not that my business means anything to them anyway.

  • steveb944

    Considering I couldn’t redeem Subway because the location wasn’t participating, I’m not even going to bother with this one.

  • Uhhhhhhhh

    I’m still waiting for my T-shirt!

    • GersonT1000

      I forgot about that. It will probably be like another month to get them.

    • LightofHonor

      I actually got a tracking number from them today. Guessing that is what it is.

  • GersonT1000

    I’ve repeatedly bought VUDU movies from their $5 sale specials using the TT giveaways, but they have taken those off and now there’s only $6.99 movies, nothing lower. Seems they are doing that to keep people from buying instead of renting. Bummer.

  • jeremy vega

    VUDU $5.50 credit not worth it anymore since they took out the $4.99 weekly movie deals to counter the T-Mobile Tuesdays credit. now the cheapest thing is the $7 movies. so it went from being free to being $2. now T-mobile Tuesday is useless to me.