T-Mobile Smart Fit will recommend the right data plan for you


It can be tough to figure out what size data plan you should sign up for because you’ve got to try and estimate how much data your apps are using and then keep track of that for a month. T-Mobile wants to help, and today it launched a new tool to do just that.

Smart Fit is now available from T-Mobile. With it, you sign up for a $65 per month rate plan and you’ll get unlimited data, talk, and text on your phone as well as 14GB of hotspot usage. You then use your phone normally for 30 days.

At the end of your first 30 days, T-Mobile will recommend a data plan for you based on your usage. If you don’t select a plan based on T-Mo’s recommendation, you’ll automatically be put on the 6GB plan for $65 per month. T-Mobile also says that if you change your plan while you’re still within your first 30 days of Smart Fit, you’ll be removed from Smart Fit, you’ll lose your unlimited data, and you won’t get a plan recommendation.

Smart Fit is now available for new T-Mobile customers and @Work users.

This new Smart Fit offering could be nice for new T-Mo customers that aren’t necessarily super knowledgeable about their smartphone and its data consumption. With it, they can’t just use their phone like normal for the first month, then get a recommendation on the best plan for them without any extra effort on their part. Plus, the first month is a nice deal, getting you unlimited data for $65 rather than its normal rate of $95 per month.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • SirStephenH

    “Plus, the first month is a nice deal, getting you unlimited data for $65 rather than its normal rate of $95 per month.”

    Damn, I didn’t realize it got that expensive. Glad we’re still paying $45 per line for unlimited everything (4 lines at $100 for 2 + $40 per additional).

    They can have our price and plan when they pull it from our cold, dead hands.

    • Acdc1a

      I dropped unlimited when they put out 4 lines with 10GB each for $120. It allowed me to reinstate my corporate discount. With BingeOn and Music Freedom I rarely use more than 5 or 6 GB and most of that is tethering so I can work at home. I even gave up my cable modem.

    • yeah, a lot of people are downgrading from their unlimited plan to the 10GB plan. With BingeOn and MusicFreedom, most of the data people use watching videos and listening to music are not counted against their data plan therefore they use less than 10GB a month. But it is all depends on how much data you and everyone else on your plan uses. If you check your usage info on your account, you can see how much everyone is using. If I remember right, the 2 for $100 promo doesn’t include certain features like coverage in Canada and Mexico. As the current plans have it with Simple Choice North America.

    • justanormalguy13

      My thoughts exactly! I love my plan, and can’t think of any circumstances that’ll make change it. I’ve considered that even if I move somewhere with the military where coverage sucks, that I’ll still keep it for when I move again, and just sign up with ATT for the few years I’m there.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I am on the 10GB plan, however my girlfriend and mom use far less data on there lines. Does anyone know if it would reduce our family plan cost by putting them on a smaller bucket of data?

    • Yes, it would reduce your family plan cost. As each line can have a different size data bucket. T-Mobile offers, 2GB, 6GB, 10GB, and Unlimited. So putting your girlfriend and mom on either the 2GB or 6GB plan will reduce your total monthly cost.

      • Jake Fitzpatrick

        That is great news. Thank you!

        • Guest

          Try the plan calculator at T-Mobile’s website.

        • No problem. Also keep in mind that T-Mobile doesn’t charge overage fees so if they go over the 2GB or 6GB their data speeds will just slow down until the next billing cycle.

        • Jake Fitzpatrick

          Yeah, I know. My mom has never exceeded 500MB since we switched to T-Mobile a year ago. Alissia has never exceeded 4GB but decided she wants to keep her 10GB. So, my goal is to get my mom on the 2GB or 6GB plan, whichever one includes hotspot and unlimited video.

        • The one that includes unlimited video would be the 6GB plan. Hotspot would also use the 6GB bucket as well.

  • GreatNews

    Could I use this plan just for 30 days and once the 30 days is over I could just cancel it all together or I’m required to take something the next month?

    • Corey Jalette

      You’ll still have a phone to pay off if you do. But yes any plan at tmobile you can cancel anytime. If you’re on going to do it for 30 days just try the month trial.

      • GreatNews

        There is a option to Bring Your Own Phone, so I don’t have the Phone to pay off…

  • pissedmagenta

    How will this affect employees? Employees get paid based on the data tier they sell and if a customer changes their plan within 180 days the commission for that data plan charges back..

    • Alan

      Sounds like another way for Tmo to get customers on premium data and hoping they don’t go with 2gb

  • denise.galaviz

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  • ewilts

    We are paying $80 per month for 6GB per phone for 2 phones (and I get a corporate discount off of that). That’s $40 each and with some reasonable use of Wifi at home and at work, and installing software and doing backups only over wifi, this is a LOT of data. I hardly ever top 1GB unless I’m traveling and am sitting with another 20GB of data in my data stash. This is the Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match 2-12 lines Promo. Includes unlimited long distance to US and Canada (perhaps other countries too – I haven’t checked). Free international data in many countries (I use this annually while traveling to Canada).

  • Paul

    I’m happy with my unlimited LTE, thank you.

  • Andrew Marks

    I have 3 lines now on a family plan + 5GB tablet plan will this save me any money?

    I am still on the 2 lines for 100 + 40$ for third phone.

  • NardVa

    Sign up and cancel every 30 days to get unlimited at $65 a month. You have to change numbers every month, but if you got a google voice number you can forward.