Moto Z Play features 5.5-inch display and 3,510mAh battery, unlocked model due in October


UPDATE: Motorola tells me that the Moto Z and Moto Z Play will support LTE band 12 and VoLTE.


After announcing the Moto Z earlier this year, Motorola today introduced another member of its Z family: the Moto Z Play.

The Moto Z Play is a mid-range compliment to the Moto Z, offering features like a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 Super AMOLEd display and Snapdragon 625 processor. It’s also got a 16-megapixel rear camera with laser autofocus and phase detection autofocus, and there’s a 5-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens on its face.

Other features of the Moto Z Play include 32GB of built-in storage, a microSD slot to supplement that built-in storage, 3GB of RAM, a fingerprint reader, and a 3,510mAh battery that Motorola says is good for up to 50 hours of mixed usage. There’s USB Type-C port on the bottom of the Z Play for charging, and unlike the Moto Z, the Z Play also offers a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Moto Z Play will initially be a Verizon exclusive, just like the Moto Z, with a launch on that carrier in September. Motorola plans to offer a GSM unlocked version of the Moto Z Play and Moto Z in October, with pricing set at $449.99 and $699.99, respectively.

I’ve reached out to Motorola and asked about their plans for T-Mobile band 12 LTE, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling support on their unlocked Moto Z and Moto Z Play models. I haven’t heard back as of this writing, but I’ll be sure to update you when I do.


Motorola today also introduced an addition to its Moto Mods line, which are modules that you can attach to the Moto Z devices. The new Moto Mod is the Hasselblad True Zoom, a camera module that you can slap onto the back of the Moto Z or Moto Z Play.

The Hasselblad True Zoom beefs up the Moto Z’s camera capabilities, giving it features like a 10x optical zoom, Xenon flash, OIS for photos and EIS for video, and more. It’ll be available starting in September for $249.99 from Verizon or $299 from Motorola.

Source: Motorola

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  • Alex L.

    just becuase the phone supports volte and band 12 doesnt mean that tmo will allow it to work with both of those. not to mention wifi calling….

    • Acdc1a

      VoLTE will almost certainly work. I have the Moto G4, works fine. Wi-Fi calling is a whole different ballgame.

      • Alex L.

        They said the same thing for the blackberry dtek50 yet it doesn’t work on band 12, VoLTE or wifi calling. This is despite the fact it’s compatible with all 3

        • Acdc1a

          Well for $125 it was worth the gamble…and since it’s the same company on a newer phone I have to imagine VoLTE and band 12 will work fine.

    • JBrowne1012

      Volte and wifi calling absolutely sucks. Sometimes I just switch off LTE altogether.

  • Ascertion

    Tempting, until you realize the add-ons/Modules are gimmicky and there’s no Aux port for headphones.

    • Acdc1a

      I’d rather buy the S6 for that money.

      • Paul

        You’d be better off getting the S7, micro SD slot and better battery. But, you should get what fits your needs.

        • Acdc1a

          It’s not $449…

    • Paul

      “…the Z Play also offers a 3.5mm headphone jack.”

      And most people own a pair of Bluetooth headphones. They’re not expensive, and very much worth it.

      • Ascertion

        Wow, you’re right. I was judging by the picture. Nice catch!

        • Paul

          I can totally see missing it, I only knew because I was looking for the specs and caught that sentence. I hate this idea of leaving the jack off the phones, but I do use my Bluetooth headsets more often.

  • jj201367


  • Bryck

    Would love to have it. I’ll think about it. Phone it’s a bit over priced, and the camera module is too.

    • Paul

      I agree, but one thing to consider is that Moto is usually the next to update Android behind Google. Moto is running an almost vanilla Android, sans a few apps they threw in.
      FAST updates and clean OS.

  • B Brad

    Sounds great, replaceable battery? Last thing I want to do is replace a top spec $500 phone when a $25 battery dies or has a small fraction of the useful life.

    • FILA

      you know they dont have replaceable batteries in this

    • Bklynman

      Don’t worry that it is a $500 phone,within 6 months to 1 yr. it will be $200. phone.

      • B Brad

        Sure, I bought a $230 ish nexus 5x to replace my nexus 5 because the battery life had gotten so terrible. Seems a silly reason to have to replace a phone though.

        • Bklynman

          You do know you can always bring a phone like that to a phone shop,they would,replace the battery.Not sure how much it would cost to do so those. Myself not buying anymore flagship phones,not worth it,since I am one the few people that read this blog,that don’t replace there phones every 6 months to every year. Still using my Note3. If I could find good use G Flex1,that almost new,or mint,I would get that as a so call new phone.

    • Paul

      If the battery dies within 6 months it falls under warranty.
      Get a charging battery and you should be fine.

      • B Brad

        Everyphone I’ve ever had (G1, HTC G2, Galaxy nexus, nexus 4, nexus 5, and note 4) had significantly reduced capacity somewhere in my 2nd year. My note 4 ($700 phone) battery died around month 13. $25 and I’m back in business. Now with the note 7… they are exploding. Is it really worth 1mm to expoxy in the battery? Sure if a battery dies within 6 months it’s covered. Am I supposed to buy a new phone every 6 months?

  • Fabian

    There should be section for unlocked phones here at TmoNews just like the section ‘Upcoming Phones’ where we can find articles like this whenever we want without having to do a search.

    • LOL he was right!!

      you really are a troll

  • NavyVeteran

    But aren’t these Verizon only phones?

    • gmo8492

      They said the unlocked model is being released this October.

    • Paul

      Start on Verizon, then go unlocked. They did this with the last model or 2.

  • mroliverkc

    For that money in shooting for the ZTE axon 7

  • Richard Darrington

    Why can’t t mobile expand there phone inventory with phones like this & the zte axon 7. I’d love to use my jump on demand to try some of these phones. Not about to dish out the cash though.. I think they do a lot better with the axon 7 then the LG G5