T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 may be offered with Buy One, Get One deal


We’re still a couple of weeks away from the Galaxy Note 7’s official debut, but already there’s some info on T-Mobile’s promotional plans for Samsung’s next big thing.

T-Mobile is reportedly planning to run a Buy One, Get One promotion on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That’s according to Evan Blass, who was also responsible for those leaked Note 7 renders from earlier this month. One detail that’s not clear is the exact timing for this promotion.

While nothing is official until T-Mobile says it is, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a Note 7 BOGO deal offered. T-Mo offered a similar deal on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and that kicked off right around the launch of those devices, so we could see a Note 7 BOGO timed around its release, too.

Source: @evleaks

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  • Mike

    Sounds great at first, but wonder what the requirements will be….like a new line of service or something. I was planning on preordering the GN7 when those open up, but now I’m not sure?

    • Alex Wagner

      We’ll have to wait until T-Mobile’s announcement before we know the requirements, but with the Galaxy S7 BOGO, you needed one new line and both devices had to be purchased on EIP. T-Mo did extend the offer to pre-orders, so they could do the same with this rumored Note 7 deal.

      • Hurlamania

        the S7 deal only one had to be on EIP on a new line for 3 months there other could be purchased outright without a new line.

  • Marcelo_L

    That would stink for existing customers who’re eligible for upgrades. Shame….

    • Tmo1082

      Make sure your one of the first customers to pre order and you wont have to worry

      • MadJoe

        Why will that matter? If it’s the same as the last time, you can upgrade (JUMP) to the full priced Note 7 and still get this deal, you just need to open a new line of service to get the “free” one.

      • JJCommonSense

        Well they’re talking about a same day release.. there may not be a pre-order. they might be placing back-orders instead…

        • pcriz

          Thats why i show up like a day or two before and hit them up. Got two phone’s early that way

  • steveb944

    Fingers crossed that I don’t need a new line. This is highly tempting.

    • MadJoe

      It’s almost guaranteed you’ll need a new line. But how long does that line need to be open for the deal to be valid? Until you get the prepaid visa (which is the way they always do these), or 2 years, or until the full-price Note 7 is paid off? So many questions.

      • JJCommonSense

        Usually the rebate comes in like 60 days right? so if you have to add a line for 2 months, it would still be worth it

        • MadJoe

          I agree, even if T-Mobile says you need to keep it open longer it’s still a good deal. I’m probably going to do this when it comes available.

        • JJCommonSense

          Man… I am strongly considering it.. But I’m a Jump on Demand user and they probably wont even offer the same deal on that. Altho I could use my moms Jump status and add a line, since the other phone was going 2 be for her anyway… Wheels spinning… I think I’ve solved my own dilema TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!LOL

      • Magenta Man

        You will get monthly credits to offset the monthly EIP amount. So you will most likely have to keep it for 24 payments if you want it free. The mail in rebate style was better, but it was exploited too often.

    • Gvelocity

      You can guarantee you’ll need to add a new line, nothing is for free. It’s likely that this time, you’ll have to keep the line open at least 3 months (see iPhone promo) or longer… or they’ll do the free Samsung Galaxy ON5

      • Golbez352

        All new bogo offers will 24 monthly bill credits as of July 1st this was changed.

  • Guest310

    A wish man told me Nothing every free!

    • Guest310


      • namey mcnameface


        • Guest310

          The same wise man also told me “If you feed the pigeon, the pigeon won’t leave” think about it!

  • Philip

    Oh my. I got my Note 5 next one is 50% off deal. I might as well get on it right away.

  • Croq

    I hope they have another Netflix 1-yr free offer. Can’t hurt to stack up a bit more there…

    • Critic4U

      When the s6 came out and they had that, I had to return and get a replacement so I got another year of Netflix free and then my mother-in-law got a note 5 and I got her Netflix for free also I was able to stack that offer three times.

      • Croq

        Nice, I did the S6, then Note 5, then S7 (may have done the S5 too, don’t recall). Plus some offers that I got through an older Radio Shack promotion. With luck, they’ll do it for the Note 7 too and I can add another year to my subscription.

  • mreveryphone

    Cool!! Buy one sell one!!

  • Anthony Jarrah

    Will this promotion be available to Jump on Demand customers?

    • Joseph Cascio

      Haha…no. I wish.

      JOD customer here.

      • sgtguthrie

        I just learned yesterday they don’t offer Jump on Demand anymore. I must say, I was surprised. I’m glad my lines are grandfathered…

        • Stephen Chen

          If you know how to do the math, JOD is the single best deal/offer on this planet. If you switch the phone once a year, with all the pre-order promotion freebies, you are only spending $200-$300 per year on the newest flagship phone which is better and cheaper than buying Axon 7 or Oneplus 3 outright.

        • sgtguthrie

          Yes, I agree. Jump is great. Jump on Demand is better though. Being able to switch 3 times in an 18 month period is amazing. Of course, I’m sure it is costly to t-moble.

  • Tim

    Yes you need to add a line.

    • Bob

      They dont give stuff away they money on the service.

  • Victor

    I can’t wait for this phone already have a few cases coming from eBay and Amazon this week my only dilemma is deciding between coral blue and Onyx Black. I’m leaning more towards onyx black

  • Edward Palomares Jr

    I already have 10 lines so all these promotions they have I’m never eligible.Maybe its time to jump ship somewhere else..all these bogos and I’m over here paying full price.

    • dtam

      I called a week ago and they said I’m eligible for 12 voice lines so you may want to check

  • Edward

    It doesn’t pertain to the existing T mobile customers, only new customers. T mobile doesn’t even have a upgrade plan for their long-term customers anymore which is really disappointing

    • guest

      But they do have upgrade plans for everyone though… and the BOGO’s are for new and existing, so long as you are adding a line.

  • Philip

    I hope they do the buy 1 get 2nd for 50% and that doesnt need a new line.

  • patt

    Knowing T-Mobile this will be : “New Customers only”

    • tony chien

      na need to keep a new line for 3 months type deal.

      • patt

        New line, new customer. Hate these lol

      • Kev

        Or they can do what they are doing currently with the free Galaxy On5 and J7, have to be on a specific plan and than get monthly EIP credit over 24 months to cancel out price of phone.

  • Aleks

    The whole “add a line” seems like the usual these days with these kinds of offers. I don’t see why they can’t just offer the phone and you get one free on a current line that is not used. I currently am on the 2 lines with unlimited data promo for 100 a month that took place a few years back. What sucks is that I can’t buy a phone and use my current second line for other phone. It just doesn’t make sense but I know business wise, it’s practical for T-Mobile to recoup some of the cost of the “free” second phone.

  • Steve

    Just waiting for the insane MSRP to come!!! Im sure Tmobile will want $800 for this phone

    • dtam

      all carriers will want $800 for this phone…

      • Steve

        Its insane to think we are actually paying $6-800 for phones now only for them to be obsolete in 2 yrs when the latest android OS brings the phone to a crawl

        • HeatFan786

          Early adopters get the shaft. Luckily, there is a good phone at every price point now or in the near future:

          $100 – Metro PCS’s new ZTE phone with a 6″ display.
          $200- Huawei Honor, Moto G4, Moto G4 Plus
          $250- Moto X 2015, Nexus 5X
          $300- Alcatel One Touch Idol 2016 models
          $400- One Plus 3/ZTE Axon 7
          $500- Nexus 6P
          $600 HTC 10 (overpriced, but still a solid phone)
          $700- S7/S7 Edge, iPhone 7
          $800- iPhone 7+, Note 7

        • dtam

          I don’t know what android phone you’ve been using because that is far from the case. it’s like if I were to say all iphones become obsolete since the iphone 3g became obsolete when the iphone 4/whatever iOS came out.

        • Steve

          Galaxy Nexus slowed down big time after about 1.5 yrs and the latest Android.

          Nexus 4 worked fine and by time I got lollipop, the phone slowed down big time.

          Currently on a LG G3 and just got Android 6 and now the phone ejects the SD car all day long.

    • Homero Garza

      Pretty sure this phone is $900

      • Nostromo

        Be lucky to see a top-spec’d model for under $1000; a new paradigm.

        • Nostromo

          Well, Samsung’s gone and made the choice of options limited to color. I didn’t believe they’d go that route all the way up to the reveal. I was very surprised.

      • Wiseguyy007


  • bw

    I realize there is a lot of theoretical here, but for those of you in the know, do you think this plan work? I currently have 4 lines on the buy 3 unlimited get the 4th free. Paying $150 per month for all four lines (again, fourth line is free). Lines 1, 2, and 3 have paid off phones, did the BOGO for 2 S7 edges and 2 S7 phones. Assuming the rules are the same for Note 7 as they were for S7 Edge, could I: Buy two Note 7s with BOGO, adding 1 line for $30/mo (approved for 12). Now have 5 lines at , Note 7s on lines 1 and 5. Port the number for line 2 out to a prepaid, to cancel just that line but keep the number. The next day, port that number back to line 5. My account SHOULD look like : Line 1, Note 7, Line 2, cancelled. Line 3, S7. Line 4 (free), S7. Line 5, Note 7.

    Biggest questions: would line 4 continue to be free (never went below 4 lines) dropping overall cost back down to $150 plus EIP payments for Note 7s, can I port out then port back in that quickly, and is there any time limit on how often you can do BOGOs? The phones are paid off, but it’s only been what, six months since I got the S7s?

    Any educated opinions would be appreciated. I miss the bigger screens and the S-pen…

    • Educated Guess

      From what I know, that will be risky. I say that because lines 1-4 are bundled in a promotional plan with the 5th being an add on. By removing the 2nd line, you are essentially breaking up the 1-4 bundle and will no longer be eligible for that specific promo. With that being said, if the same promotional plan is not still being offered when you do the switch.. then when they are bundling lines 1,3,4, and 5 it’s possible that you will have to be put in whatever pricing is available at the time. Just keep that in mind as a possibility if they discontinue the 4th line free promo.


      • bw

        Appreciate the educated guess, Educated Guess. Sounds logical. I’m new to T-mo, so not exactly sure how they manage things. All I can say is sure beats the h-e-double hockey sticks out of Sprint….

  • note 7 lover

    any idea when pre orders will be available?

  • HeatFan786

    You can’t buy them outright and get one free? It has to be on EIP?

    • Corey Jalette

      yes, so you pay eip for a few months on both phones, then once you get the prepaid card with the amount on it you pay off one of the phones. the other one wil still have a balance and you can pay it off earlier if you want. same as paying full price. just worked differently.

      • HeatFan786

        Honestly I don’t know why they make us jump through hoops. I doubt selling the Note 7 at launch will make the offset the price cost.

        I am debating to go with a Note 7 or a S7, but I think the S7 for $300 cheaper might be smarter since less hassle.

  • genretv

    All of these BOGO’s also require you to be on Simple Choice plan. Has anyone on a grandfathered plan been able to get around that?

  • elleesttrois

    I wants it.