T-Mobile reportedly working with Facebook to add the social network’s video to Binge On


Back in March, YouTube was added as a free streaming partner for Binge On. It was a huge add, not only because YouTube had been critical of Binge On in the past, but also because YouTube is a major online video service. Now a new report claims that T-Mobile is working to add another big name to Binge On.

A new report claims that Facebook and T-Mobile are working to make Facebook videos a part of Binge On’s free streaming. To join Binge On, a provider’s video streams need to be made identifiable to T-Mo so that they can be “optimized” to DVD quality, and Recode says that that T-Mo and Facebook are still working to make the social network’s videos identifiable.

There’s no word on when Facebook video might be added to Binge On.

Facebook may not be one of the first names you think of when it comes to online video, but the social network has been making a pretty big push for video lately. Back in April, BuzzFeed posted a live Facebook video showing two people using rubber bands to make a watermelon explode, and at one point, there were 807,000 people watching it simultaneously.

Whenever it happens, the addition of Facebook to Binge On could be big for both platforms. For T-Mobile, it means that it’s gaining another major partner for its Binge On Program. Facebook will benefit from being added to Binge On because then T-Mo subscribers can watch Facebook videos without using their high-speed data, which could then make them more likely to watch more Facebook videos.

Source: Recode

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