T-Mobile Tourist Plan is a $30 offer for travelers visiting the US


Summer is a popular time to travel, and that includes folks visiting the US from other parts of the globe. For those vacationers, T-Mobile is rolling out a new plan.

The T-Mobile Tourist Plan will be available starting June 12. Priced at $30, it includes 1000 minutes of domestic calling within the US, unlimited data with 2GB of high-speed data, and unlimited texting to the US and more than 140 other countries and destinations.

One other notable feature of the Tourist Plan is that it doesn’t include any fees for activation or a SIM card. Customers can just visit and T-Mobile store with an unlocked GSM smartphone, ask for the Tourist Plan, and be on their way.

When it comes to the fine print, there are a few other details worth mentioning. The Tourist Plan includes 200MB of roaming data as well as Wi-Fi hotspot support that’ll tap into your 2GB of high-speed data. What it doesn’t include, though, are Un-carrier features like Binge On and Music Freedom. Additionally, the Tourist Plan is for single lines only and will automatically expire three weeks after you activate it.

The Tourist Plan is available at T-Mobile stores as well as select dealers that offer T-Mo prepaid service. Some visitors to the US might find it a bit annoying that they have to make a T-Mobile store one of their first stops in order to get cell service rather than buying online. Once they do hit up a T-Mobile store, though, they should be able to quickly and easily get service from a well-established US carrier, which is part of the Tourist Plan’s appeal.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Alex Wagner

    Apologies for the delay in getting news up today. Had some big issues behind the scenes, but everything seems to finally be getting back to normal.

    • riverhorse

      Absolutely no need to, we are in your debt.
      You’re doing a fantastic job.

      • Alex Wagner

        Thank you! Turns out that there are still some lingering issues, so here’s to hoping that everything gets cleared up soon.

  • KK131

    This is amazing!! About time T-Mobile fixed wireless also for people visiting this country!

  • pseudoswede

    Just three weeks? My in-laws typically visit for a month.

    • guest

      Then just get a month of Prepaid service.

  • S. Ali

    This can be an incredible revenue source for T-Mobile. I know tons of international students buy T-Mobile plans to call home. This could help extend into business travelers.

    • matt

      they won’t be able to “call home” on this plan. no international calling. only international texting

  • Emery Tus

    Unlimited data with 2GB of high-speed data? How is this to be understood?

    • forestation

      Speeds after the first 2GB are throttled down to 3G.

      • Apple

        It make perfect sense. Unlimited data up to 2GB.

      • matt

        throttled to 2g.

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      Unlimited data with 2gb of high-speed data. makes perfect sense. Unlimited data, but only 2gb of it is high speed. the rest is 128kbps.

  • SCSI

    This is great. They should have also increased roaming speeds when traveling to other countries. I was in the Philippines and Korea last week and only 2G speeds were only offered. I remember the roaming speed was faster when I was in the Philippines a few years ago.

    • patt

      Unless you had high speed roaming added. You would get 2G only when roaming

    • colonelcasey

      Unless you’re in countries that don’t even have 2G anymore. In London, Tokyo, and HK, my service was all 3G speed so casual browsing felt perfectly fine.

  • FILA

    This is a good deal

  • ben enalo

    Another option would be the $30 plan 100 minutes for domestic use, unlimited domestic & international text and with 5gb for 4g data

    • patt

      Let’s see which is easier for a tourist to get. A ready to go kit at tmobile store or calling / online activation of a plan, mostly you need to call them to add that plan.

    • But you still have to buy the SIM with that plan.

  • Ricky Wong

    Now they just need to put these in airports’ international arrivals area.

    • Clifton K. Morris

      Agreed. Whatever they can do to ensure the Prince of Nigera can setup service right off the airplane is a bonus. Maybe they’ll be able to verify his passport.

    • Anton Nekhaenko

      Vending machines ftw

  • Omar Cardenas

    Telcel Mexico already offers free US roaming ,I used it and It gives u unlimited data,text and calls back to Mexico. and it roams on both AT&T and tmobile . And data is lte and 3G and 2G depends which is available since all of telcels phones support both att n tmobile lte ,3G bands. Last time i used it 2 months ago in LA it was roaming on tmobile lte ,when we got on the road to vegas my phone automatically switched to at&t .

  • “…doesn’t include fees for activation or a SIM card”? I’m pretty sure it includes a SIM card. #phrasing

  • Anton Nekhaenko

    Not sure whether loading a tourist SIM with 1,000 minutes per 3 weeks makes that much sense. I’d rather have 200 minutes and 3 gigs of hi-speed data.

  • Vivek K

    We tried to sign up for this plan and then realized it’s not worth it because you can’t add the $15 International Calling option to this plan (which would have been $45 for a 3 week plan with 1,000 minutes and 2GB of data). For $60 you can get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, 3GB of data, and unlimited international calling for 4 weeks, so it was well worth the extra $15 bux ($60 up from $45).