T-Mobile shows tattoo that runner Nick Symmonds will wear after John Legere won the ad space


Last week, we learned that John Legere placed the winning bid for 9 square inches of advertising space on the right shoulder of Nick Symmonds, Olympic runner. And today it was revealed exactly what will be put on Symmonds’ shoulder during his races in the coming months.

While the “F^@% AT&T” tattoo won the fan vote, John Legere explained that he didn’t want to send Nick to China with a tattoo that some folks might just understand as “AT&T”. Instead, John showed some different tattoo ideas that they came up with, including variations of T-Mo’s “We Won’t Stop” catchphrase and the T-Mobile logo. Ultimately a T-Mobile logo won out, and below you can see the tattoo that Nick Symmonds will be wearing during his upcoming races.


Nick Symmonds has six races planned for 2016, with the next one happening in Shanghai, China, on May 14. He’ll wear the T-Mobile temporary tattoo during the races on his right shoulder, with a tattoo for Run Gum — Nick’s caffeinated gum company — on his other shoulder.

Nick’s race schedule may also see him traveling to the Olympics in Brazil this August, the rules say that he’ll have to cover up both his T-Mobile and Run Gum tattoos if he competes. That’s because competitors are only allowed to wear approved logos of their apparel and equipment sponsors. If Nick does make the Olympics, though, they hope that his taped up tattoos will get people talking about why the tape is there and why Olympic athletes can’t make money from advertising on their bodies.

During the Facebook Live broadcast reveal of Nick’s tattoo, John floated the idea of wearing a similar temporary tattoo as a show of solidarity. There were some employees in the chat asking for their own temporary T-Mobile tattoo, so maybe we’ll see some reps sporting this tattoo, as well.

Source: T-Mobile

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