T-Mobile meets with FCC to talk 5G spectrum and use cases


There’s been a lot of 5G talk lately, and recently T-Mobile paid a visit to the FCC to talk more about 5G tech.

In a presentation given to the FCC, T-Mobile touched a bit on what it thinks the initial use cases for 5G will be. T-Mo says that millimeter wave 5G tech will be useful in small cell applications in both urban and suburban areas, where it’ll be used to fill in coverage gaps, provide additional capacity where needed, and to meet the requirements of new applications, like for the Internet of Things.

T-Mobile also touches a bit on the 37 and 39 GHz bands, which it says should be combined to create a contiguous 3 GHz licensed block. T-Mo says that proposed hybrid regulations for the 37 GHz band should be avoided, claiming that outdoor-only licenses are not economically viable, will reduce the value of the spectrum, will limit service offerings, and make deployment and enforcement complicated and costly.

Also in its presentation, T-Mo explains how a competitive framework can be achieved, saying that 10-year license terms provide the certainty necessary for investments to be made.

To see T-Mobile’s full 5G presentation for yourself, hit the FCC link below.

Via: Wireless Week
Source: FCC

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