Alcatel Fierce XL getting Windows 10 Mobile update version 10586.318


One month after pushing 10586.218 to Windows 10 Mobile devices, Microsoft is now rolling out another Cumulative Update.

TmoNews reader Joe today receive an update to 10586.318 on his Alcatel Fierce XL. The update includes several bug fixes and improvements, like a fix for a bug that could cause unexpected battery drain while the screen is off, and improvements to Cortana. Here’s what Microsoft’s official changelog for the update looks like:

  • Reliability, performance and stability improvements.
  • Fix for a problem that could result in unexpected battery drain while the phone screen is off.
  • Improvements to the update system to prevent phones getting into a state where attempting to take an update may lead to errors 0x800f081f or 0x80070570.
  • Fix for a problem that caused some phones to finish the initial setup wizard with an incomplete set of app tiles on the Start screen.
  • Improvements to the reliability of USB-C connections.
  • Improvements to Cortana, including a fix for a problem where music playback would not resume after dismissing an incoming text, and a problem with Quiet Hours not setting automatic rules for every day.
  • Fix for a problem that could result in the phone to hang or restart when visiting certain web pages in Microsoft Edge.
  • Fix for a problem that caused recorded video to be lost when answering an incoming call on some phones.
    Improvements for reliability of internet connection sharing (ICS) and tethering.
  • Fix for a problem that caused the navigation bar to overlay and hide part of the screen for some apps on certain phones.

If you’ve got an Alcatel Fierce XL and you haven’t yet received this update, you can check for it manually by going into Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates.


Thanks, Joe!

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  • Tale 85

    Alex, thanks for following up with our sole remaining Windows phone. It’s great to see T-Mobile working with Microsoft to keep the Windows 10 Mobile program on track. As you know these updates will be coming on a regular basis from now on.

    It would be nice to see T-Mobile roll out the official update for the Microsoft Lumia 640. It’s already been months since the release.

    • TheCudder

      T-Mobile as nothing to do with these cumulative updates being pushed, these are coming directly from Microsoft. As for the TMO Lumia 640, T-Mobile dropped support for it just a few months after its release — it’ll never get the update officially, as T-Mobile still has to okay the major update from WP8.1 to W10M. Which really sucks, considering the Lumia 640 is just a year old and is fully supported by W17M.

      • Tale 85

        You’re right, the updates for W10M are from Microsoft directly. But as we’ve seen from AT&T, the carriers still have some control over them. Most of the cumulative updated to the 950’s have been delayed for AT&T variants. I think T-Mobile just ignores them.

        Now at one point after W10M was released Alex did say that T-Mobile was working on the update. So there might be some hope. I’m not holding my breath. It’s a shame that loyal T-Mobile customers have to go to AT&T to buy a 640, have it unlocked so they can use it on T-Mobile.

        I guess my comment was to thank T-Mobile for not screwing up the new update process.

  • carl

    I have a question. In 15 days of service with my Android phone, Androis OS has consumed about 50Mbs of background data and Google Play Services about 5Mbs. How much data background services consume in Windows phones with the equivalent applications?

    • Ordeith

      But the update was just downloaded so it is difficult for me to quantify at the moment. :)

  • Buster Nutwell

    tmonews reported that tmobile was working on the win10 mobile update for lumia 640 about two months ago now… any news on this would be highly appreciated.

    • Ordeith

      You can install the Windows Insider app from the store and upgrade right now to a pre-release build.

      • Buster Nutwell

        I know – but wifi calling won’t be working. Tmobile has to release an official win 10 update for the 640 for the firmware to work which is only way wifi calling will work in win 10. After that, since win 10 wont be carrier firmware dependent its really the only thing tmobile has to do – and the 640 will receive all win 10 updates in the future.