T-Mobile LG G3 receiving its Android 6.0 update over the air


After some LG G3 owners starting getting Marshmallow through LG’s PC Suite software last week, it looks like the full push is finally getting underway.

T-Mobile’s LG G3 support page says that an update to Android 6.0 is now rolling out. The update bumps the G3 to software version H63120b and includes Marshmallow and its goodies, like Google Now on Tap and Doze mode battery optimizations, as well as some Wi-Fi Calling improvements.

The update is 704MB in size, so you may want to hop onto a speedy Wi-Fi connection before you try to install it. To check for the update on your phone, you can go into Settings > General tab > About phone > Update Centers > System updates > Check now.

Installing Android 6.0 over the air requires a bit less effort than installing it using LG PC Suite, so if you’ve got an LG G3 that hasn’t yet moved to Marshmallow, be on the lookout for this OTA update. Once you get it, be sure to share your first impressions with us!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • mrcoolcat

    I got an OTA yesterday (Monday) morning and its 6.0, not 6.01.

  • VN

    Thank You LG. Thank You Koo Bon-joon.

    Jk. Is there an unlocked US version of this thing?

    • Guest

      Haha now thats funny!

  • makapav

    Looks like the G3 owners get shafted considering they release their phone just a few months before the Android release. They got MM but won’t get N which will be released a month over the 2-year mark.

  • Matt

    When is the LG G Stylo going too feel the marshmallow love?

    • johnnyxlayer

      The gstylo already has a marshmallow update

      • Matt

        Not MetroPCS customers

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    It’s 6.0 not 6.0.1

  • Ander

    What about V10?
    I haven’t received yet the update. I have tried Bridge as well. My phone has never been rooted and I don’t understand the way they select the costumers…

    • thepanttherlady

      Just got mine night before last via OTA.

  • Jack Packlaian

    Still waiting for my V10 update as well.

  • gorilla

    It’s been like 3 days…still waiting.

  • Gary T.

    Wonder when the K7 will get marshmallow..

  • Mootiwan

    I received a message this morning that an update had been downloaded. However, and a BIG however, it states that “This software will update your LG G4 to Android 6.0, Marshmallow” yet I own the LG G3 LG-D851 (T-Mobile). I’m hesitant about installing the update, as one would imagine. Some say it’s a typo but I can’t go on that premise. I’d rather delete the update and start fresh. Anyone know how to do that?

  • Mr. Lean

    Got the update around 11pm May 11th from New Jersey. It updated fine, running like butter…but I think there might be a problem with battery drain. Hopefully this kink gets sorted out. To anyone who receives the notification about “this software will update your LG G4..don’t panic, mine said the same.

    • Mootiwan

      One of the notable features about Marshmallow is Doze, which improves battery performance. Obviously, they’re having an issue with it which means that I can exercise patience and wait.