Leaked docs show T-Mobile ending 2 lines for $80 promo, Match Your Data Mobile Internet


Earlier today, we learned that the Samsung Galaxy J7 and LG K10 may launch at T-Mobile next week. Now some rate plan changes have leaked, too.


First up, some internal documentation shows that T-Mobile is planning to end its promo that offers 2 lines with 6GB of data each for $80 per month. The promo plan launched in early April and is expected to come to an end at the close of business tomorrow, May 10.

This leaked document does mention that T-Mobile has “another unbeatable rate plan offer” that’ll be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.


Another internal document suggests that on May 25, T-Mobile will discontinue its Match Your Data Mobile Internet rate plan. Customers that have this rate plan and a voice line will be moved to a $20 per month 5GB mobile internet rate plan that’s eligible for a $10 discount when paired with a voice line. Customers that don’t have a voice line will be moved to a $10 per month 1GB plan.

T-Mobile will begin alerting customers the Match Your Data Mobile Internet rate plan being discontinued starting Wednesday, May 11.

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  • Willie D

    When I look at my plan on line it specifically says this..
    **High-speed data allotment will automatically match that of the phone line with the highest full-speed data allotment on your account, up to 5GB per month per line, for 12 months after promotion’s end. Customers on unlimited high speed data voice plans qualify for 5GB high-speed mobile internet data. Speeds slowed after high-speed allowance is used.**
    Meaning that they must offer the deal for us who are currently on it, till 5.10.2017 otherwise they are breaching the terms and conditions of the plan. That would be a case for the FTC and PUC

    • Greg

      T-Mobile is giving everyone on this plan with a voice line 5GB of data (the max possible with this plan). Nobody will be downgraded and some customers will actually be upgraded.

      • Ashok Patel

        Side note…..at first video streaming binge on didn’t work with match your data option.
        I don’t when they changed but it does work now.

    • Gil

      Actually, the promo ended around August or September. Either way it doesn’t really affect you because you’ll still have your 5GB data allotment at the same price after the $10 monthly discount.

    • (J²)

      The terms you just quoted are open to interpretation and I don’t believe there’s a clear consensus within T-Mobile as to what that means either – wouldn’t be the first or the last time that’s happened.

      It could be what was explained to me below:

      After the 12 months, the Data Match promo is supposedly suppose to stop actively matching the data plans associated with your voice lines and from that point, the promotion is fixed. For those who only have a mobile internet line now, expect a downgrade.

      Either way, they’d be breaching their own promotional terms but the fast paced carrier has made this mistake before. Remember Binge On? The program that was introduced with little to no knowledge on how it actually works. John Legere had to go on damage control because Binge On didn’t work exactly as it was presented. I doubt it was intentional, he’s obviously not a technical guy and will recite what is fed to him.

      On the other hand, you are not tied to any service contracts and therefor realistically T-Mobile is free to do what they wish.

      • Willie D

        I also remember the Uncarrier Contract stating all promotional plans, if you have them, you keep them for as long as you are a T-Mobile customer. So there is that too. I guess them matching the 5GB I have for the same price $10 isn’t anything to complain about, but I want them to be accountable when they decide to change plans that come with undisclosed terms that nullify the original plan and terms. Basically forcing you into a plan change, thus acceptance into new terms of the plan when you were entitled by their own terms to keep the original plan and terms perpetually.

        • Accountable when a Change,,,

          ‘Accountable when they (T-mobile) decide to change plan’….Well stated, Well stated…thanks!

        • Richard Roma

          Unfortunately, this seems to be a trending theme with T-mobile. Especially how new plans tend not to be compatible with 6 month old features.

        • Willie D

          Another reason I was skeptical and called bullshit on this “no contract” thing. If it was really NO CONTRACT they would just let you take what you got and move to a different plan. Basically if you want a new plan, you gotta sign a new deal (which is a month to month contract), and let go of anything else, which they claimed you get to keep.

    • Enki

      As the other people have said, you’re complaining about something that is becoming even better. People were paying $10/month to get matched up to 5GB of data, based on the data they had on a voice plan. The best people could get was 5GB, but it could be as low as 1GB. Now, for the same price of $10 after credits, everyone gets 5GB. Win, win. So stop complaining :).

      • Willie D

        I have an unlimited data plan so that means 5GB for me. And there was no mention in the plan now that it has been notified and changed starting next month that the charge will be anything less than $20. So yeah, I have a right to complain.

  • mgg

    I switched to this 2/$80 plan when it first came out and I love it! This plan saves me $20 a month AND doubles my data.

    Q: I’m considering adding a third line. After Tuesday will I be unable to do this or can I add an additional line (for the $20) at any time assuming I am still under this rate plan?

    • Edgar

      You’ll still be able to add said line after Tuesday with the same plan. Your plan is preexisting and doesn’t require a rate plan change since you already have the second line active.

  • JLV90

    Wonder what new promo T-mobile will come out with next

  • Phone Guy

    So I have a question. I have the 5 GB match your data for my tablet, but it is not good / usable international. Only their current regular tablet plans have the unlimited 2G speed data international, or high speed in Canada and Mexico. If everyone is being transitioned to these new regular 5GB tablet plans, will we now get the slow 2G data when roaming around the world and be able to use this high speed data in Canada and Mexico? I now now from experience and talking to care that you don’t get this on the match the data.

    • Willie D

      The Match Your Data plan on tablet DOES have Unlimited 2G International. It will NOT include the Simple Choice North America unless you add it to all existing lines for $10 as a family add-on.

      • Brad C

        Actually, you had to call to get the NA feature added. I have it on three of my “Data Match” lines. Mine all show up as “Simple Choice NA 5GB Match Phone Data up to 5GB” and works flawlessly in Mexico and Canada!

        • Willie D

          For newer plan customers yes, you can call and they just swap your one-for-one plan over to NA plans. But some of us, like me, have legacy Simple Choice from the first time it launched, with other options like Family Stateside International Calling with Mobile $10 – in that case, moving to a new NA plan negates that calling plan, and raises the charge for that feature $15 per line, so to get NA plans, we have an option to pay $10 more per account.

  • S. Ali

    I wonder if they’ll do a 10GB deal because Boost Mobile has a new family plan launching soon with 10GB.

  • Match Your Data Mobile Line..

    Alex (TmoNews), thanks for this Awesome tip…

  • Moe

    I thought tmo was doing away with all these rate plans and moving to simplify their rate structure…are these changes a move away from big data plans???

  • riverhorse

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    • This Site…

      And you forgot to take your medication this morning…this site is about T-mobile news and updates..

      • Acdc1a

        You forgot that T-mobile isn’t exempt from these government listening programs…

        • guest

          They are not listening live to people, maybe to a few, they just save whatever they can, from audio to webcam images, to mouse behavior, to processor noise, to time updates, to cloud storages, and so on… No need to panic.

      • riverhorse

        Sometimes it feels like Troll-Mobile here..

    • Spanky

      You forgot the chemtrails! ;)

    • guest


      T-Mobile does what it does, Google mines your data, some spouses cheat, governments are there to protect the elite and control the masses.

  • junkcorreo

    What happened with Uncarrier 9.0 even T-Mobile guarantees it will never raise the price of your rate plan .

  • junkcorreo
    • TSON1

      It might not be the same plan but it’s an improvement over the original plan for the same price…

  • Stevers Gorski

    If they try to remove my data match and raise it to $20 with a $10 credit…. then I’ll use their CEO’s own words on them…

    T-Mobile’s doing even more to try prying wireless customers away from Verizon and AT&T. At this morning’s Uncarrier 9.0 event, John Legere announced the “Un-contract,” a commitment on T-Mobile’s side that guarantees customer bills will go down, but never increase unexpectedly. “I’m bringing back the contract,” Legere said on stage. But unlike the long-term agreements that T-Mobile phased out long ago, Legere described this one as a reverse contract — from T-Mobile to you. It also locks in all previous Uncarrier movements and data packages as permanent. “I’m guaranteeing those rates for as long as you’re a customer,” Legere said on stage. The Un-contract goes into effect starting March 22nd, and T-Mobile says it will also protect unlimited data plans from higher pricing.

  • David

    So they actually lowered the price of the plan, you can now get 2 lines with 6 gb each for 70 instead of 80. Dropping it 10 dollars makes a great deal even better.

    • sleepydog


      • David

        Just log on and go to switch plan, it’s there. I called and made sure there were no other differences, The Rep confirmed and I switched the plan.

        • carl

          There is a promotion like you are saying, but it is limited to some area codes. I saw that at Reddit a few days back, if someone wants to check.

        • David

          Ya I am not sure actually I was surprised when I saw it. I am in Columbus Ohio, but I have 2 North East Ohio Area codes. I am sure if you call you might be able to ask if it isn’t showing up online. Never hurts to ask.

        • carl

          My area code was not in the list, but I may ask them tomorrow. Just in case. Thanks for sharing.

        • carl

          This is the list where they say that promotion is available:

          Sacramento, CA
          Denver, CO
          Baltimore/DC, MD
          Tampa, FL
          Jacksonville, FL
          New Orleans, LA
          Detroit, MI
          Cleveland, OH
          Cincinnati, OH
          Portland, OR
          Brownsville, TX
          San Antonio, TX

          (source: reddit)