Sprint posts videos of CEO’s Listening Tour, including one person calling T-Mobile ‘ghetto’


UPDATE: The video with the “ghetto” comment has been taken down, with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure saying, “My job is to listen to consumers. Our point was to share customer views. Bad judgment on our part. Apologies. Taking the video down.”


Earlier this year, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure went on a “Listening Tour” that saw him ask questions of wireless consumers, like what they thought of their current carrier. Now some of those sessions are being released on YouTube.

A new Listening Tour channel on YouTube includes three clips from Claure’s travels, showing him asking people “What comes to mind when you hear T-Mobile?” One of them shows a woman saying that the first word she thinks of is “ghetto,” and the Sprint CEO nodding and saying “Yes.”

In the two other videos, the responses given include “the lame little sister,” “really terrible customer service,” “really bad actual coverage service,” and “poor service, great price,” and “never.”

Given that these videos are promotional material for Sprint, it’s no surprise that the carrier has posted videos dissing T-Mobile. That said, it’s surprising that Sprint would highlight the woman that described T-Mo as “ghetto,” which is inappropriate and is likely to offend quite a few folks. Despite that, though, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has defended the video by saying those were “maybe not the best choice of words” and “not meant to offend,” but that Sprint is “sharing real comments from real customers.”

The other two Sprint Listening Tour videos regarding T-Mobile can be found below.

Via: Android Central
Source: YouTube

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  • lookwhosecallingghetto

    Sprint and everyone involved would definitely understand ghetto

  • master94

    It’s funny because everyone usually thinks of sprint as the ghetto network.

    • kev2684

      Same in my area lol. Mostly because of the “Boost” brand. Even Metro looks better than Sprint. That’s sad lol

  • Orion

    What a joke. That paid tool and Sprint should be ashamed. I left Sprint’s crappy network two years ago to “ghetto” T-Mobile and never looked back. Nice try Sprint. Lol

  • lomsha

    Ignorance is a sad thing.

  • Verizonthunder

    Wow people complain about John Legere for being vulgar, offensive and unprofessional. So what category does Sprint CEO fall in? How about racist.

  • Moe

    Wow, I’m shocked that this footage is open for all to see. It really underscores how uninformed Sprints CEO is when he is more or less condones the racist remarks. He needs to rethink having those vids on YouTube.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Marcelo Claure, a billionaire, is out of touch.

  • Go Back…

    I think both CEOs are egomaniacs… and it is time to give it a Rest, Re-focus, and Go back to work.

    • Maybe. Except one is sucdeeding and widely credited with disrupting the industry while the other is riding a sinking ship.

  • Sidekicker89

    Did you read the twitter comments? Marcelo’s post is backfiring haha! Really pathetic! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Sprint employees say racist things. I have screen shots of them calling a customer “nappy headed” when she complained about Sprint’s service. One even called a customer the N word!

  • StevenM

    Sprint only wishes they were the ghetto company adding all of the new customers…

  • Cam Fas

    Ghetto ??? But sprint doesn’t have VoLTE and it’s mid 2016….. Don’t even get me started on simultaneous simultaneous voice and data…. Sprint didn’t you loose coverage? And the nerve to call T-Mobile ghetto smh.

  • kev2684

    T-Mobile lame? Since they’ve been airing attack ads all I’ve been hearing from people who aren’t on T-Mobile is they think T-Mobile is savage AF for attacking Verizon so publicly lol

  • Jaramie Black

    Who cares…if that’s how the customer feels, then that’s how they feel. People are offended over nothing.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Who cares…if that’s how the customer feels, then that’s how they feel. People are offended over nothing.

      Fair enough.

      Except when the CEO is sitting right next to the customer, laughing, and Sprint approves this clip, edits it, and then posts it on their official channel.

      • Jaramie Black

        Again, who cares! Let her think that way. It’s not a big deal by any means. It’s simple, don’t support Sprint, they are just doing this for attention anyways.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Again, who cares! Let her think that way. It’s not a big deal by any means. It’s simple, don’t support Sprint, they are just doing this for attention anyways.

          Which is why I said “fair enough.” Her opinion is her opinion.

          However, Sprint is a publicly-traded company that cherry picked this very clip, edited it, the CEO agreed and laughed to it, and the company posted it.

          That’s the problem.

      • Exactly! Apparently racism is OK if it’s from “real customers”.

  • John

    The word “gettho” is not racist. However, when you say that it is, you’re being racist, because you’re thinking of a particular race to put that label on. Shame on you.

    • John


    • You know what people are thinking? Amazing!

    • Aaron Davis

      Ghetto: Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live, literally, foundry (located on the island), from ghetàr to cast, from Latin jactare to throw.

      Not only is the word “Ghetto” racist all by itself, but it even refers to a specific race.

  • disqus_hVj9NwwMcK

    Does anyone have a clip of the deleted “ghetto” one?!

    • Diver Dan

      I don’t think you can post a link on the forum. However The Verge has an article about it with a copy of the video that works. I hope the women in the ad is talking about the quality of service and not TMO’s multiracial advertising.

    • pbxtech
  • Anonymouse

    Can’t wait to hear what John has to say about this. It’s gonna be entertaining!

  • Joe

    Since Marcelo decided to delete the video, here you go.


  • rob

    Ghetto? lol coming from the slum ruling nextel-boost-sprint family of ghetto network land? The same network family mentioned by trap artists relating to their choice in networks for hypothetical trap drug deals? Hmmm I guess *BRRREEP! BREEEP!* *CHIRP! CHIRP!*

  • Giles Smith

    I’m a T-Mobile user and quite frankly am satisfied with my service. Hell where I am T-Mo has way better service than Sprint. My sister who lives with me has Sprint and needs a device hooked up to our internet to boost her service. Now that’s “ghetto”.

  • Adrayven

    The world won’t go down in flames.. it will go by way of being to PC, because breathing will be considered an offense.

    • Andrew

      dumbest comment so far

  • scruff317

    Was a Sprint customer for 15 years. Switched to T-mobile summer of 14. Sprint could call me right now, offer me free service for life and free phones. I would tell them to go pound sand. How they are still in business is beyond me. I travel to Canada several times a year. With Sprint I would just turn my phone off, I still find it amazing that I can use my T-mobile service in Canada just like I do in the states.

  • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

    In that case I’m extremely happy to be part of the “Ghetto” carrier :)

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I am so glad I moved to T-Mobile. Much more reliable.

    Perhaps the “ghetto” comment refers to a specific store location. Each carrier has it strengths and weaknesses -AND- each carrier may have stores in more “undesirable” locations but this type of marketing by Sprint is going too far. That comment should have been clarified and appropriately represented.

    Each retail located should always be treated equally. What you feel is “ghetto”, the local community is counting on that particular store to serve them.

    • 9to5Slavery

      I agree with the community. Especially if someone belonging to a certain race gives them a black eye for being ghetto or dressing ghetto or acting ghetto in their uneducated talk.

  • Hashtag

    John Legere reminds me of a greasy pig and if anything he is more ghetto than either. Both T-Mobile and Sprint target low income individuals and low credit class customers. I don’t attach the word ghetto to a specific race either because that’s not fair nor accurate of any specific group of people,

    • Acdc1a

      Who is adding more high quality post paid customers than all others combined?

      • riverhorse

        Yeah…I would pay more at the Other Three if they offered something extra re service or worldwide networkhardware compatibility…all Í see is extra $$$$$…like eating at a stadium or airport.
        I will admit to be fair, Tmo Achilles Heel: network bandwidth in some areas when wanting to view live streams. I put up with this not because of the lower pricing, but because of things not available at the Others.
        And because it’s getting fixed…will take time though.

    • riverhorse

      You left out hipsters, millennials, non— business travelers…

      • Fabian Cortez

        You left out hipsters, millennials, non— business travelers…

        Yeah, all of those business travelers that go airport to airport or who travel overseas who enjoy great coverage and incur no international roaming charges…

      • Acdc1a

        I travel for business frequently and use T-Mobile. It’s nice when I travel internationally I can use my service just as I do at home for very little cost (none if I’m on wifi or in Canada or Mexico).

        • riverhorse

          Yes.!…I purposefully wrote NON in order to avoid someone opposite of you from disingenuously replying..their company pays whatever the carrier pirate charges for roaming/overages/other extras…
          that they get more/better.

    • Yesi G

      Your perception is by far the opposite of who he is. We’re talking about a Harvard educated man with his Masters Degree who always post pictures and video’s of himself running, clearly he’s into fitness.

      He’s revolutionized the wireless industry making it better for you, and you don’t even realize that. The ONLY reason prices have gone down and you now have these added services that Verizon, ATT & Sprint offer, are solely because of him. So you should be thanking him.

      And whatever these other carriers do offer now, its still NOT remotely close to being as good as what T-Mobile currently offers, and stands for.

      John Legere has always pointed out that the reason he has turned the wireless industry upside down is because of his customers. Unlike the other carriers, he has listened and made all these changes exclusively because of his customers. And that’s why he has my respect.

      So I guess the 61 million customers Tmobile currently has, according to you, must be all low income with low credit. What a ridiculous comment to make. By the way, Tmobile is one of the biggest telecommunications company in the world, they are all over Europe.

      • vinnyjr

        The best part of T-Mobile is they continue to role out and update towers all over the country at break ass speeds. T-Mobile hasn’t and won’t slow down. They have turned this company completely around. John Legere is a genius, Harvard grad genius!!!

  • gmo8492

    Ghetto? lol. Looks like Marcelo hasn’t visited a Sprint store lately.

    • AA-Ron

      Sad but true lol

  • DStudio

    Actually “the lame little sister” is the only one that sounds insensitive to me.

    Marcello just makes himself look more ridiculous by backtracking on this one. When you’re not cool, you’re just not – so don’t pretend to be. Black comics can get away with saying the “N word,” “ghetto,” or just about anything else – because they are cool.

    Now being cool is about as important as being popular in high school, so if you can’t recognize both the frivolity of it and the fact that your not it, you’re pretty lost!

    • Exactly right. Legere can get away with what he gets away with because he’s really good at it. Claure comes off fake and forced. He’s not a good public face for the company.

  • vinnyjr

    What a pathetic comment to go along with Sprint’s pathetic Network. To put that trash for the public to view and thinking it’s OK shows how stupid he is. GHETTO ???? I’m a very happy T-Mobile customer who’s never been happier with a Mobile Carrier. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere. Sprint just showed why they will always be a bottom feeder.

    • Anon

      Thank you Sprint, Thank you Marcelo Claure

  • Fabian Cortez

    It’s about time that this “listening” tour comes to an end.

  • Bradley Karas

    Ask this question…you take a wrong exit and your lost in the “ghetto” which service would you prefer to have to navigate yourself out…Sprint or T-mobile???

    • Coverage in the Moment…

      Simply said, which ever provides the coverage in the moment. And, typically that is Verizon and ATT….

      • Bradley Karas

        Wrong and troll

        • Coverage in the Moment…

          Right and Honest…Again, we can agree to disagree.., always, .in the moment (Smile)

        • Bradley Karas

          Do you have T-Mobile?

        • Coverage in the Moment…

          Yes, for the last 10 years, a loyal customer, proudly, And at times, driving and traveling, I have had challenges with getting T-mobile coverage (signal) in different areas… and relied on another carrier for back-up, temporarily. However, it has Never diminished my experience with T-mobile. I am a loyal customer to T-mobile and fan of this site (TmoNews).

        • Bradley Karas

          Well it works everywhere I go…New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vegas, Minneapolis…where are you going?

      • Paul

        T-Mobile works great in the “ghetto” areas of my metro area.

  • Paul Sousa

    I’ll take these ghetto speeds any day over what I used to have with Sprint. http://imgur.com/IHTBd3p

  • TheRealKingSen

    People get offended over the dumbest stuff. Liberal PC police are the worst

    • Andrew

      I’m fine with being labeled “Liberal PC” over being an asshole.

      • Acdc1a

        That makes you an Ahole

    • PC_Tool

      People like being offended. It’s the only logical explanation. Some folks just get off on self-righteous indignation.

      There’s a reason the phrase is “I take offense to that remark”. Offense is taken; not given. Why should anyone care what anyone else chooses to “take offense” to? It’s their choice. Their problem. They can deal with it.

    • Romdude

      I’m not in the group that’s offended, frankly it’s hard to be insulted by a stranger, a friend or family who’s opinion I care about… that’s another matter. The worst part here is Sprint’s marketing team that didn’t even foresee this happening.

  • Walt

    T-Mobile’s speeds are so “ghetto”


  • Roger

    Video is here now: https://youtu.be/AKScNbxRkoA

  • dtam

    oh, they are copying the stupid chevy commerciails

  • AWEL

    Dont get me wrong, I love love love T-Mobile. But in all fairness, why remove the video? Own what you said, don’t back down. John Legere talks enough trash and no one gets offended. Hell T-Mobile should be proud of their image, with their graffiti style shirts and not afraid to rock out with their tattoos in main ad campaigns. Yea, Ghetto comes to mind a little.. Guess it just comes with being the UN-CARRIER. To hell with buttoning up in a suit and tie like Verizon, or wearing a wool knit polo like att. Sprint can keep support NASCAR instead of their network..

  • Bryck

    Come on Sprint, keep on diging. Your almost there ,and don’t worry! once you’re done T-Mobile will fill up the hole for you.

  • I have friends and family who still have Sprint here in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona and their speeds are laughable. I wasn’t able to break 1.5 MB download speed anywhere. They have done nothing to their network since I was last with them back in 2011 and most of their customer service is located in India.

    • Acdc1a

      They give the highest tier customers US based service. Everyone else gets some off shore barely speaks US English hell hole.

    • JG

      I live in the Phoenix area and have a friend who uses sprint. He has always reported the same that you mentioned with coverage and speeds.
      As long as I continue to get good coverage at awesome prices, people can call me a ghetto T-Mobile customer all they want. It’s just a phone folks. Pay for what works for you and be happy with what you have.

    • Friends don’t let friends stay on Sprint. ;)

  • wsj

    Well, if they expanded their coverage outside of cities, they might not be stuck with the ghetto image.

    • Acdc1a

      Where the hell have you been?

  • Uri

    Ghetto is a lovely Italian island in the Mediterranean. To be likened to such a magical place, so rich in history, is a splendid compliment. Thanks, embarrassed YouTube lady!

  • NardVa

    The whole argument about who has better service is stupid. Depending on where you live and what your needs are will dictate who has better service. For where I live and what I need T-Mobile works for me. For others they may feel Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint works better for them.

  • Matt

    Well then I must be white trash because I use MetroPCS on T-Mobile!? Fuck you Claure!

  • Paul

    How about those low data speeds and terrible coverage? Pretty sure the person who said “ghetto” meant that towards Sprint. Hearing FAR less complaints from T-Mobile customers in my area than from Sprint customers.

  • ltnstar

    What about customers who call Sprint ghetto?
    Sprint needs to stfu and continue to focus on them self’s. Where’s volte? What happened to there u.s call centers?
    A friend of mine saw lte service on my phone and said “what’s that?” “How can I get that?”
    Sprint just sold off some of its spectrum to pay off debt, and then lease that same spectrum. how is that not ghetto?

    • gmo8492


  • Mike

    Now the Sprint Board should Take Marcelo down for using such poor judgement. Are he and his marketing team that stupid to not think that these comments were offensive. Sound like dumb and dumber just got some company – Welcome dumbest!

    • He may know the used phone business (where he supposedly made his money) but he sure doesn’t understand culture or class. Every attempt he makes falls flat.

  • René Marquardt

    What nonsense. Everybody knows Boost Mobile is the ghetto phone. And Walmart Straightalk for white trash.

    • guest

      haha so true

  • Walt

    “Ghetto” speeds right here


    • pbxtech

      Your Ghetto speeds is awesome!

  • setrher

    Has John replied yet? Should be hilarious.

  • Josue

    I wont use offensive language, but Tmobile coverage is really bad, I even have the signal booster and still really bad coverage.

    • Wouldnt you be better served to switch than be unhappy?

      • J Cav the Great


        • Romdude

          Yup, if Sprint had good coverage and speed in my area as well as perks like overseas text and data like t-mobiles then yeah I’d consider it.

    • gmo8492

      Bad coverage in your area, but not in general. My coverage is awesome, the only I can say is switch to another carrier.

  • Andrew Singleton

    Let’s objectively ask people “which company is in no position to insult any carrier that’s growing”? I bet their logo will be yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Hoping someone will identify that women. She could use a little social media correction.

    Maybe John could send her to sensitivity training and give her a phone. ;)

    • PC_Tool

      Seriously? You’re suggesting retaliation and harassment for using a word?


      • I think if someone is willing to go on TV and make offensive statements they should be accountable for them. It isn’t like a private conversation. Am I wrong?

        Who knows maybe there’s more to the story. Maybe a producer TOLD her to say that? I’d be interested in hearing her side.

        • Critic4U

          What if she had no idea it was going on TV…

        • She signed a release and was compensated.

        • Thorhand

          I agree. She signed an agreement and agreed that her views and opinions will be used by Sprint for advertisement, research and other purposes. She was or should have been fully aware of the consequences of what she would say and chose to portray herself as a snobby arrogant person with poor taste and judgment. She examplifies the person who deserves their social media raided with the same language and attitude she used to characterize 63 million subscribers of a major wireless company.

        • PC_Tool

          She ruined no-one’s lives, and the proper response is that she should have hers ruined?

          I repeat: Classy.

        • Fabian Cortez

          She ruined no-one’s lives, and the proper response is that she should have hers ruined?

          I repeat: Classy.

          I quasi-agree with you. However, people want all the fame and none of the repercussions associated with it.

          There are ups and downs to everything in life. You can’t always win. Likewise, you can’t always lose; balance.

        • PC_Tool

          There’s no fame here; though I could understand your point of view if we were discussing an actual celebrity or if she had done something that actually caused harm.

          She said a word here, folks.

        • Fabian Cortez

          There’s no fame here; though I could understand your point of view if we were discussing an actual celebrity or if she had done something that actually caused harm.

          She said a word here, folks.

          There absolutely is “fame” in this case.

          This wasn’t a chance interview that was immediately uploaded. She agreed to this interviewed and agreed that her comments may be used in an advertisement.

          This is no different than anyone who signs up for a reality show. If you want the spotlight, so-to-speak, then there are consequences, both positive and negative, to be had.

        • PC_Tool

          You and I have very different definitions of “fame”.

          After this discussion none of us will ever think of this woman again.

          Doesn’t sound like “fame” to me, but okay.

        • Fabian Cortez

          You and I have very different definitions of “fame”.

          After this discussion none of us will ever think of this woman again.

          Doesn’t sound like “fame” to me, but okay.

          Whether the intention was there or not, anytime one is featured in any type of publicized video clip, there is the potential for “fame,” notoriety, and/or infaming. Ask the “ain’t nobody got time for that” woman.

          The potential, good or bad, is always there and this woman (“ghetto girl”) should have understood this full and well when she signed the release.

          Does that mean she deserves harassment? No, absolutely not. Is said harassment inevitable? Yes.

        • Romdude

          Whether she is attacked online for this or not is not going to be decided here in the comments section. I guess we’ll just have to read the news to see what happens.

        • Thorhand

          How would her life be ruined if people expressed their opinions towards her statements? If she can’t handle people responding to her inflammatory and tasteless statements then she should not be making appearances in public advertisement videos. I agree with you however that she did not ruin my life… She just referred to me and all T-Mobile customers as slum and it is indisputable that I would have something to say about that.

        • PC_Tool

          How would her life be ruined?

          “She examplifies the person who deserves their social media raided with the same language and attitude she used to characterize 63 million subscribers of a major wireless company.”

          Ever tried looking for a job? Ever had one? Would they hire you if they did a search and found this?

          I’ll be the first to admit her choices are not the brightest. I’ll also be the first to admit we all make stupid choices at points in our lives.

          …but calling the internet to mobilize and harass her over it? Seems a bit much.

          ” I would naturally want to respond in a similar fashion.”

          By all means – do so if it makes you feel better. Or not…whatever. But rallying the internet for mass abuse isn’t even close to the same thing.

        • Thorhand

          I’m sorry but quoting my previous response doesn’t really answer the question. How would her life be ruined if her social media is raided with people expressing their disapproval? Would she have a psychological breakdown and need therapy? I highly doubt it… And I highly doubt she’ll even care. It’s quite peculiar though that you’re showing so much interest in protecting this woman’s ego and self esteem.

          But see that’s the problem right there… You’re asking me if I have ever looked for or found a job… probably to insinuate that I’m an uneducated unprofessional unmannered jerk which would serve your argument here. Let’s leave my job out of this. I have a great job and I know that my opinions on social media have no bearing on my job performance or relationship with coworkers unless I’m making any statements from an official capaciy representing the entity I work for.

          I’m far from suggesting that anyone uses foul language against her or try to bully or intimidate her. All I said was I wish she receives a strong response on social media condemning her words and attitude. Let’s not make mountains out of molehills.

        • DominiMMIV

          Here is what you wrote:
          ” I would naturally want to respond in a similar fashion.”
          “She examplifies the person who deserves their social media raided with the same language and attitude she used to characterize 63 million subscribers of a major wireless company.”

          There is an incongruity here; if one wanted to respond “in a similar fashion” one would create a YouTube video with your comments and be done with it. Since the comment wasn’t directed at specific individuals on social media targeting her and tracking her down and harassing her is not equivalent to a general video posted for all people people to see. Once she is known the onslaught begins agaisnt her specifically and that is not at all “equivalent”. Sticks and stones people.

        • RLB63

          How do you know she was compensated?

          If she was then she probably made a choice to use that word so that she was more likely to get her view aired and be compensated….

        • PC_Tool

          If someone is willing to go on TV and say what they think…they should get harassed and retaliated against because they used one single word you don’t like.

          Is that wrong? You bet your ass it is.

        • I don’t follow your logic; she can say what SHE thinks but no one else can? Why?

          Again this isn’t like someone overheard a private conversation. She made a choice to speak publicly. The public has a right to respond. Fair is fair.

        • PC_Tool

          “I don’t follow your logic; she can say what SHE thinks but no one else can? Why?”

          Reading comprehension seems to be a lost art…

          I never once claimed anything of the sort. Try again. There is a huge difference between you yourself telling her “That offends me” and sitting here advocating “social media correction” (aka; harassment.)

          Pretty sure you can see the difference.

          “She made a choice to speak publicly. The public has a right to respond. Fair is fair.”

          All true. But that’s not at all what your initial post conveyed. Your post amounted to: ” We should find out where she has accounts and make her pay for what she did!”

          Hardly a fair exchange of ideas there. There is a reason laws protect freedom of speech, but not your ability to incite harassment.

        • What is unfair about public debate over a comment made in a public forum? Why is it “harassment” if people lawfully let her know they agree or disagree with her statement?

          I’d bet she has co-workers, family, neighbors, etc. that would disagree with what she said. Shouldn’t they have that right?

          Remember she’s the one who “incited” with offensive speech. Maybe next time she’ll think twice.

        • PC_Tool

          “What is unfair about public debate over a comment made in a public forum?”

          I can see you still do not understand the difference between:

          “You suck!”


          “Hey, everyone; let’s all find her and tell her she sucks!”

          “Remember she’s the one who “incited” with offensive speech.”

          You really don’t know what “incited” means, do you? She never issued a call to do … anything. You’re the one doing that. That’s you: Calling on people to gang up on and shame and humiliate another human being all because you have chosen to be offended by one little word.

          …and you think her actions are distasteful? What glorious irony…

        • Except… I didn’t say that?

          I don’t think we’ll resolve this, so let’s just agree to disagree. ;)

        • PC_Tool

          Except… I didn’t say that?

          “Hoping someone will identify that women.”

          Let’s find her.

          “She could use a little social media correction.”

          …and tell her she sucks.

          Are you really trying to claim that’s not at all what you meant by that? …with a straight face?

          Oh, I agree we disagree alright. No doubt about that here at all.

    • efrww

      I wouldnt wanna be her if someone tracks down her twitter or facebook lol.

  • J Cav the Great

    What is sad is that, when says Ghetto, her reasoning lacks validity. How is being 4th Ghetto? Where is the relation? This commercial makes no sense at all. No substance.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Marcelo has no leg to stand on when it comes to service. Especially when you use your own employees. No actors my big toe…

    • Let’s hope she’s identified. Imagine if she was an employee? Scandal!!

  • Critic4U

    I used to work for sprint customer service and I can tell you everything about sprint was horrible in the way they run their business, always taking away our abilities to help the customer, now you have to do everything online by the time I left becuase they closed down our vended center known as Concentrix, I could only change customers plans, and update their credit cards or addresses. Sprints sales teams are based out of the Philippines, and with almost all the vended and sprint run call centers getting shut down, good luck on getting an American. Let’s not forget sprint has no VoLTE WHATSOEVER and didn’t have any plans on when they were going to get it done and You want to talk about ghetto, take a hard look at sprint that also jumped to 4th place in the nation. All I see is a sinking ship with an idiot that copies everything everything T-Mobile does….

    • ltnstar

      That’s interesting.
      When I had Sprint a year ago or so. I would call in to ask why I couldn’t get lte, typically they run a do this and that and thus to the device after half an hour they blame the device.
      I changed devices twice had a live tech check it out at a store and same service. Despite there coverage map saying other wise.
      The funny part is every time I called same process. I even knew what they would say.
      Diff CEO nothing changes. He should be asking Sprint customers and employees how they can be better.

      • Critic4U

        The funny thing was, I pleaded to the corporate office to get VoLTE established, and to quit forking over money to buy peoples contracts out and invest in the network first before trying to take customers from other providers never made sense to me. Another interesting thing is the amount of BS they tried to feed everyone on why sprint was better than the other providers and they even tried to hype us up on it. I always pointed out the reasons why it wasn’t good but they never listened, now look at them trying to stay afloat and run hate advertisements. Sprint is a joke…

        • ltnstar

          Volte can’t be turn on with a flip of a switch. As much as Sprint says it’s not. Sprint lost alot of long term customers, me included.
          They lied so much about the network upgrade and then blamed devices. And this went on for just close to 2 years.
          They still have issues for even investing bon CDMA when everyone is moved to lte volte and soon a-lte.
          This should remind us why they are number 4 and they are a joke
          Even though T-Mobile has some issues I’m still doing what I want with data where I never could have with Sprint.
          Sprint resell its service to other companies, has prepaid , terminated thousands of jobs and is still in debt. Let’s talk about ghetto

        • Rod

          VoLTE can be enabled with the flip of a switch. They don’t have to do anything special other than have a decent LTE network and install some new backend software on the network side.

        • ltnstar

          If that where true, why hasn’t that happened. Or at least test some markets.
          This is what Sprint said of switching from wimax to lte. Smooth and quick process. Sprint is a joke. If T-Mobile had more low band spectrum Sprint would have been filling for bankruptcy.

  • Makay Sanchez

    So they pulled a trump so no one would know about there debt as of today.


  • So, Marcelo, who was born in a ghetto country, grew up in ghetto countries, went on to build a successful business selling to those who lived in the ghettos, is now snobbying the same people who made him a billionaire? Rather rich…

    PS: I myself hail from a ghetto country.

  • Walt

    I want John Legere to react to the T-mobile being “ghetto” comment

    • Romdude

      No need to respond, the fact that it got pulled was worse than a mic drop.

  • Rob H.

    Another Sprint fail trying to pull a T-Mo. The people in the commercial is just as clueless as Marcelo. If they would spend these advertising dollars on their network and boost it’s capacity and coverage then Sprint could actually compete instead of slipping further behind. Must be getting desperate at Sprint. I’ve seen T-Mo expand in places where Sprint still does not have coverage. My T-Mo 3G speeds can beat Sprints LTE speeds in my market.

  • brybry

    Everytime Sprint CEO does anything on twitter he screws it up big time. Now it’s commercials.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Everytime Sprint CEO does anything on twitter he screws it up big time. Now it’s commercials.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Marcelo Claure won’t be around with Sprint for that much longer.

      He’s nearing his two-year mark and not much has changed. His problem is that T-Mobile exists and has shown what can be done in such a short amount of time, to which he cannot keep up with.

      • ltnstar

        Well he did bring in some customers, but at a cost.
        I really thought they had begain to learn. Sprint had been quiet. Even when Verizon called them out.
        This just shows how Sprint mindset is.and maybe they picked it up from Donald Trump. “She said it, not us” type thing

        • Fabian Cortez

          Well he did bring in some customers, but at a cost.

          Analysts are predicting that Sprint is expected to lose subs. for Q1 2016.

          I really thought they had begain to learn. Sprint had been quiet. Even when Verizon called them out.

          I guess not.

          This just shows how Sprint mindset is.and maybe they picked it up from Donald Trump. “She said it, not us” type thing

          And that’s the worst part! Shame on Sprint casting the blame even though they orchestrated/originated, filmed, edited, and posted the video!

      • maximus1901

        if you give a man a row boat and tell him to cross the atlantic, can you blame him if he fails?

        • Fabian Cortez

          if you give a man a row boat and tell him to cross the atlantic, can you blame him if he fails?

          I guess John Legere is Superman then because he flew right over the Atlantic ocean.

  • Ron Burgundy

    marcelo claure’s “listening tour” is a joke. invite ppl to restaurant and they will tell you want you want to hear. if sprint really wants to know what their customers think they aught to simply read the sprint facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sprint where the real truth is.

  • ucmee

    I’m always curious to know where these people live who have such “terrible” coverage. How far way from civilization do they live? I’ve had verizon and sprint and currently have t-mo and at&t (work phone). Verizon has the widest coverage and t-mobile coverage has always been consistent with at&t. sprint has always been the worst of the 4.

  • Ron Burgundy

    marcelo claure’s “listening tour” is a joke. invite ppl to restaurant and they will tell you want you want to hear.

    • Sidekicker89

      Exactly! Pay for my meal and I’ll say whatever you want! haha

  • Walt

    Does anybody on here have both t-mobile and sprint and carry both phones at the same time (i.e. a work and a personal phone.) I’d love to hear from those people what they think

    • VN

      I know people who have Sprint and Boost and they like it. I think where they have coverage they are providing good service.

      • Squad50

        Same company

    • Romdude

      It really depends on the area, in mine, Sprint is abysmal and my friends who used to have them have since switched. I tried them too but yeah, it was really bad.

  • VN

    I wanted to say something too. Really.

  • tony

    sprint network is ghetto.

  • Johnnola504

    Does anyone actually believe that that group was randomly picked for the discussion? I had sprint service for nearly 13 years, I owned sprint stock. When they upgraded their network in my area to LTE service got so bad I was missing important phone calls. I must have had at least 25 service tickets opened because the service was so bad I was having. Every agent that was helping me always had a new reason why I was not getting good service now. I left, went to Verizon for A short period of time and landed at T-Mobile three years ago, could not be happier. Oh yeah, sold my sprint stock for eight dollars a share, it’s now at $3.42 a share.

    • tony

      sprint got sued by a small bussiness owner down in texas last year. dropped calls from customers cost the owners millions of dollars.

    • tony

      you can take your cell phone provider to small claims court and win.

  • Jefferson Ettienne

    I know for a fact that in the “hood” the real “ghetto” people cellphone service of choice was then Sprint and is still today Sprint.

    I’ll stop being a T-Mobile customer when I move somewhere and there is absolutely no service, but since we have WiFi calling and also a personal antenna I dont even see that to be a reason – sorry Sprint!!

  • Jefferson Ettienne

    Sprint’s network is the definition of “ghetto” I mean it’s comparable to strings and cans.

  • vinnyjr

    It’s too bad, Competition is always good. Sprint refuses to fix their very poor Network. They know what the problem is, fix the damn Network and quit embarrassing yourselves!

  • Dakota_Offspring

    He should’ve asked those same customers what comes to mind when they hear “sprint”

  • Romdude

    What’s sad are the Sprint stores in my city… the only people inside are the employees. What do they do with their free time? Not only do they have the slowest speed here in Honolulu (I tried their service) but of the 4 big carriers, they didn’t even buy additional spectrum in the last auction. I guess they’ve written this city off but why not leave already or do they think suckers will come in and subscribe anyway?

  • Johnnola504

    I didn’t have any monetary loss, just missed calls from my doctors office regarding Rx refills. I just decided to buy out my contract, and move on. Then to add insult to injury, they wouldn’t unlock my iPhone that was paid for. This was 2 or 3 years ago.

  • Richard Roma

    Is Sprint for real, the only people left on their network are diehard fans from yesteryear or ghetto users. Just look at the reps at mobile stores, they look like one step up from fast food outlets.

  • ronjon400

    I’m sure there are people out there still waiting for the “Wi-Max” service…….LOL
    ‘sprint: Were Gonna Do This And This.’
    By the time they get around to doing it technology has moved on or people have forgotten about it.

  • ronjon400

    one more thing. he is having a listening tour which is complete ripoff of John Legere listening to his customers. here is the catch tho, John Legere listens to MILLIONS of people not just 8-10 people sitting at a table.

  • T Redd

    Hmmm where is john legere? I thought he would of have made a response by now.

  • vinnyjr

    Right, Those people were told what to say, Sprint is the worst Carrier in the Country and it is well known including by his people. Sad shit by Sprint. So happy with T-Mobile, honestly woke up the other day to doubled data speeds. Couldn’t be happier. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/1617979178

  • Jackson

    That’s funny… When I hear the word ghetto one thing comes to mind, price.

    Sprint’s Stocks: 3.78 USD Price increase 0.10 (2.58%)
    T-Mobile Stocks: 40.44 USD Price increase 0.59 (1.49%)

    Who’s ghetto now :)