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Sprint posts videos of CEO’s Listening Tour, including one person calling T-Mobile ‘ghetto’


UPDATE: The video with the “ghetto” comment has been taken down, with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure saying, “My job is to listen to consumers. Our point was to share customer views. Bad judgment on our part. Apologies. Taking the video down.”


Earlier this year, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure went on a “Listening Tour” that saw him ask questions of wireless consumers, like what they thought of their current carrier. Now some of those sessions are being released on YouTube.

A new Listening Tour channel on YouTube includes three clips from Claure’s travels, showing him asking people “What comes to mind when you hear T-Mobile?” One of them shows a woman saying that the first word she thinks of is “ghetto,” and the Sprint CEO nodding and saying “Yes.”

In the two other videos, the responses given include “the lame little sister,” “really terrible customer service,” “really bad actual coverage service,” and “poor service, great price,” and “never.”

Given that these videos are promotional material for Sprint, it’s no surprise that the carrier has posted videos dissing T-Mobile. That said, it’s surprising that Sprint would highlight the woman that described T-Mo as “ghetto,” which is inappropriate and is likely to offend quite a few folks. Despite that, though, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has defended the video by saying those were “maybe not the best choice of words” and “not meant to offend,” but that Sprint is “sharing real comments from real customers.”

The other two Sprint Listening Tour videos regarding T-Mobile can be found below.

Via: Android Central
Source: YouTube

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