New MetroPCS promo offers two unlimited lines with 6GB of high-speed data for $60 per month


MetroPCS is kicking off the week with a family plan deal.

Starting today, April 25, MetroPCS is offering two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data as well as 6GB of high-speed data for $60 per month. If you need more lines, you can add more at a price of $30 per line, up to a max of five lines.

One detail that’s worth noting is that in order to get the 6GB of high-speed data per month, you’ll need to port your number in from another carrier. If you don’t, you’ll get 3GB of high-speed data per line instead of 6GB.

This promo is available to new and existing customers, but again, you’ll need to switch from another carrier to get 6GB of high-speed data. The plan is only available in stores, and it’ll be around for a limited time.

MetroPCS is also offering a switcher deal that’ll get you a free Samsung Galaxy Core Prime or LG K7 when you jump ship from another carrier. The phones are free after an instant $49 rebate.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Ben

    Interesting. I know Metro has added some features that are on T-Mobile, but what is currently missing? It looks like they have (separate names but similar services to) Music Freedom but BingeOn only works to lower data through the throttling, it doesn’t zero-rate any of it. Canada is available for $5 and international roaming is not readily available. Is this correct?

    Also, Metro still includes taxes and fees in their costs, making it a true $60 for 2 lines, correct?

    • Walt

      Yes $60 total no tax

    • Yean, that’s about right. The only things missing from T-Mobile are true Binge On and coverage in 120+ countries. Honestly if MetroPCS had both of these, I’d switch back to them in a heartbeat.

      • Acdc1a

        If Metro PCS had that, there would be nothing keeping people with T-Mobile.

      • riverhorse

        And JUMP, phone / tablet / modem selection options…

  • Apple

    That how much I pay for my one line with T-Mob. Should I switch?

    • Acdc1a

      If you travel internationally then no. If you benefit from Binge On then no.

  • NardVa

    That’s not a bad deal considering T-mobile is running a promo that gives you two lines with 6GB for $80.

  • Matt

    I’m going to hold on to my MetroPCS unlimited plan like glue. I regularly use double that 6GB promo.

    • Walt

      You’re prepaid meaning you’re not in a contract. They could axe unlimted anytime they wish. I dont see them doing that though, the only thing i seem them doing is forcing binge on aka data maximizer on the unlimted plan. I have mine turned off and only use 15GB per month

      • Sean

        We still have customers under the old $50 unlimited plan come in and pay the bill. I don’t see them axeing the $60 plan for people that already have it if they haven’t done that to the old $50 plan yet.

        Source: I work at a corporate Metro store.

        • Walt

          Sean. I have an iphone 6s and i cant do group texts/volte/wifi calling and visual voicemail but the iphone 6 can do all that on metro. I am not the only person with this issue. The problem is the iphone 6s does not have carrier update 24.1

          Do you know about this issue?

        • Lou

          Sounds to me like you may need a new sim. Do you have a corporate store nearby?

        • riverhorse

          I doubt they would ever do away with either “for existing users while they maintain their service current”

          Even for the $50, all Metro needs to do is offer for $xx more any number of features:
          higher Tethering / use any non-Metro device / Canada – Mexico calling – Europe Roam / 720 or HD @ Binge On / etc.

        • Tom B

          Whats the true difference in t-mobile and metro. I just switched to t-mobile prepaid $40 plan thinking the taxes were included. Now this new promo with metro has me 2nd guessing. I could move my wife’s phone over so we’d get the 6gb. What an honest opinion?

        • Sean

          The two lines with 6 GB for $60 is only for customers porting to Metro from any company BESIDES T-Mobile (this includes Simple Mobile, Family Mobile, and any other prepaid MVNO operating solely under T-Mobile). In your case, you would only be able to get 2 lines with 3 GB each for $60, instead of 6 GB.

        • Tom B

          My wife isn’t on T mobile. I would port her # to get the 6gb. But is it really worth it to be on metro. Is there a difference in speeds, domestic roaming, etc? Would I notice a lot of lag during peak hours?

        • Sean

          Depends on the market you’re in. As for domestic roaming, I believe Metro customers can only talk and text, but I’m not too sure about that one. You’d still be able to use the Music Unlimited feature which is basically Metro’s version of t-mobiles music freedom, and you can still tether for free.

      • Matt

        I’ve been told that Metro is good about grandfathering people under their existing plans.

    • riverhorse

      Me almost 10x. I have the grandfathered $50, I have to exclusively stick with Metro’s meager phone selection as part of the terms.

      • VN

        You’re saying you can’t bring your own phone if you want to keep your granplan?

        • riverhorse

          Correct, as soon as such a phone activates the plan will permanently disappear, only Metro phones allowed “on this particular plan”.

          Back in the day I actually had 4 lines for like $110 when this promo arrived. I then transferred two numbers to free voip, one to Tmo $3 pay go, while keeping one on this, didn’t see any advantage to keeping even two going.

          Sorry for late reply.


  • Moe

    Hmm, sounds better than what TMO offers. Plus you get a free phone, albeit a cheap one and no contract.

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      No binge on our 2g international roaming. But does come with music freedom and data maximzer. It’s a good deal for 2 lines though. The Current T-Mobile deal for $80 with tax it’s closer to $100 vs this at $60

  • honestly thinking of going to metro once my phone is completely paid.. really not advantage to staying with the parent company anymore

    • riverhorse

      Besides JUMP… Metro phone selection abysmal, and that’s putting it kindly.
      If you usually byod, then no worries.

  • Zach Mauch

    So a few questions. Does switching from T-Mobile count as “another carrier”? Is there any throttling compared to T-Mobile? Will the service be equivalent?

    • Lou

      Switching from T-MO will is considered intra port which will only qualify you for the 3GB of data. Speeds vary especially depending on congestion but overall just about the same speeds. You even get the same domestic roaming partners.

      • John Wentworth

        You have lower priority than T-mobile postpaid customers, but higher priority than third party T-mobile mnvo’s.
        I was a metropcs customer for over a year and most of the time I never noticed it. Except in rare instances when I was in a congested area, my speeds would drop like a brick as T-mobile customers were prioritized over MetroPCS customers.

  • Clifton K. Morris

    This is great info; shows how strained T-Mobile’s network is.

  • guest

    I don’t like the international calling options from Metro, it says you need to be in a $50 or $60 plan to get it. And there are either countries you can call unlimited or countries you have to pay high rates to call, nothing in between. Why not offer 1000 minutes, 500 minutes, or 200 minutes like other providers do?

  • Mike

    Good deal only thing is Metro PCS doesn’t get prioritized speeds from T-Mobile

    • riverhorse

      Maybe officially… but real world I haven’t noticed any lags or downscaling, and I stream 40-50gb…except at airports, where video is downright unwatchable.

  • disqus_Riasd4YEwb

    great deal BUT kinda screws over customers that have been with them for many years. where is the loyalty for that?

  • Does MetroPCS still offer the 2 lines for $50 plan?