T-Mobile iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7 pre-order details leak along with iPhone discount for select customers


UPDATE: Just as this post went live, John Legere confirmed that T-Mobile pre-orders for the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 will start March 24 at 5:00 am PT.


One day after it was confirmed that the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro would be coming to T-Mobile, information on T-Mo’s launch plans — including a special discount offer — have leaked.

Sources have sent along images that show T-Mobile’s pre-order and launch plans for the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for both devices at 5:00 am PT/8:00 am ET tomorrow, March 24. You’ll be able to pre-order online and in stores. Pre-order customers will get free expedited shipping, and the pre-order period will run through March 30. Once March 31 rolls around, both the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro will launch in stores.


Interestingly, these leaked images show that T-Mobile is planning a special offer for “select loyal T-Mobile iPhone customers.” Specifically, the deal will be available to approximately 340,000 pre-selected postpaid customers who are using iPhones and have little or no EIP balance. These customers will get $100, $200, or $300 off any iPhone device purchased on EIP. The discount will be applied at the point of sale.

The special iPhone discount will be available starting tomorrow, March 24, and will be available for a limited time. It’s also worth noting that these discounts should be good for any iPhone device, so if the new 4-inch iPhone SE isn’t your thing, you ought to be able to apply it to a larger iPhone model.

T-Mobile hasn’t officially announced any of its iPhone SE or iPad Pro 9.7 launch plans, but the information contained in today’s leak is supported by a report from Reddit user ragumaster. Considering that both pre-orders and the iPhone discount are expected to kick off tomorrow, March 24, we should get an official announcement from T-Mo either today or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Thanks, anonymous!

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  • brybry

    I wonder if they’ll allow JOD customers to jump to an EIP with $300 discount

    • gmo8492

      According to the promotion you would have to have already paid off your phone or owe little on EIP. Since JOD is more or less leasing your device, you would have to buy it outright in order to qualify. I may be wrong though.

      • ZW

        Not true!! Instore we had a whole procedure to follow and ring out devices if a cx wanted to go from JOD to EIP. I am assuming the peon that I am that TMO will do something similar for this promo.

      • Prode

        JOD does not qualify, this is only for customer that are on current EIP close to being paid off. So pretty much 5s or 6 customers that got the phone when it 1st came out. I am sure there is very little ppl with a 6s on EIP unless you did a jump upgrade to the 6s.

    • Prode

      nope. Iphone has to be on EIP right now not JOD. They want to phase out JOD.

      • ZW

        That is very true!! We were told to push JOD better for CX which it is no extra payment to upgrade early etc…..only to be told NOW to push EIP why may you ask solely so they can push ACCESSORIES on CX by saying its a BUNDLE!?!?!?!

  • patt

    I wonder if someone without iPhone would be somehow be eligble.

    • Lost_Fan

      NO!! I’m just curious, did you actually read what was posted? It specifically says “…customers who are using iPhones…”

      • patt

        Yea no shit but some people who are with T-Mobile forever might sometimes be eligble.

        • John McMasters

          ummm keep dreaming

        • patt

          no need to dream I am actually not interested in this phone. But nice try :)

    • Prode

      No they are not. You need to have a Iphone close to the end of EIP and the offer has to be given to you on your account. Care can not just give you the offer. It is a targeted offer.

  • Cam Fas

    It would be cool if they gave a deal for the iPads.

  • They want to target those people with a special offer, because they want to lock them into paying for a phone again. Nothing to do with loyalty, because those are the people that don’t buy EVERY new phone at launch. So T-Mobile doesn’t make as much money off of them.


      Smart man :)

    • steveb944

      It locks them in even more as this is mid routine release cycle.

  • Mike

    Metropcs should offer the SE as well. I have never bought an Apple product but would be the SE. I have been a metropcs subscriber for 15 years. Never would switch to T-Mobile. Metropcs sells mostly low-end garbage smartphones. Metropcs needs the SE. I twitted Legere with this request. Of course, no response. Meanwhile TMUS has been tanking. Wake up, John!

  • maximus1901

    I’ve been using an iPhone that I did NOT purchase from TMO; does that count?

  • steveb944

    “select loyal T-Mobile iPhone customers.”

    Sounds very carrier-like. I recall some time ago me bringing up exclusive deals that didn’t apply to the whole customer base. Exhibit A.

    • Prode

      Every Promo they have is carrier like. There is no uncarrier like promos. Take a look at the Samsung buy one get one. You need to add a line.

  • coastermaster83

    What if I just bought a new iPhone last Friday… Will they refund me.

    • (J²)

      Yes but less a restocking fee.

      • coastermaster83

        I ment would they give me that discount retroactively. Not return the phone.

        • (J²)

          Eh, they probably will offer some kind of account credit if you would have been eligible but that depends on a number of factors (Example: Customer Tenure, Last Account Credit, etc.).

          I’d say go for it. I’ve been credited in situations like yours but consider it something that will happen once or twice. If you see you’ve received a $200 credit for a promotion in 2015, odds are they won’t do it.

  • Apple

    Yes time for me to upgrade my iPad. I might pick up the SE too but my iPhone 6s is such a power house. I just got one those Dbrand too.

    • Enrique Escobar

      your 1st hashtag doesn’t even make any sense

  • Laurn

    Funny how everyone thinks they are entitled to everything. You can call it carrier of in-carrier move , it’s still a deal. T-Mobile is a business and as such it’s in for profit. I don’t think you can find anyone giving deals like t-mobile does. You can expect them to give all the millions of subscribers the same deal. There are rules to every game whether paid or free. I may not qualify for this deal but will eventually with another that comes up with the S7 deal. Hold your pumps ppl and give them some credit for the awesome deals we’ve been getting. My 2 cents.

    • Acdc1a

      My guess is they are calculating the iPhone users most likely to defect to another carrier and it has very little to do with the actual amount owed on the prior phone. The good news is T-Mobile will be getting a band 12 phone into the hands of those who wouldn’t otherwise have them.

    • john nguyen

      I don’t think I am entitled to everything. The way this promotion is listed makes everyone mad because the details are so unclear. For the Samsung BOGOF promotion it was simple. If they listed something like “EIP has to be $50 of less, or every line on the account’s iphone has to be a 6 or below therefore they need a band 12 iphone to qualifies; then I will be okay with it. But T-mobile wasted everyone’s time thinking they qualifies because they clearly meet their “requirement”. Make it clearer next time so I don’t waste 30 minutes being on hold just to find out its for those “select” few.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Eip required? Yeah, no thanks.

    • Paul Hansen

      So accept the EIP, take the discount, and pay it off immediately?

      • trife

        Precisely. Why someone wouldn’t do this if offered the discount is beyond me.

        • Dylan Wentworth

          There’s no free lunch. Ask yourself, why would tmobile require this? If it truly is free financing, wouldn’t a discount ordinary be offered in exchange for saving, rather than costing the company money?

      • Dylan Wentworth

        I’m no sure they’ll let you do that without a penalty but it would cost me more in my time to read the contract then if i accepted it then to pay it off then to get all the carrier branded junk off it than the savings are worth. I just watched two people pay their ransoms with their phones and I will never do that again.

  • Luis Espinal

    How are they communicating the discount, via text?

  • Jay Dee

    “Little” balance on an EIP is very subjective. How much are we talking? I have 4 iPhones on a family plan with around $100 remaining on each.

  • Derrick

    Does this go for the entire account as a whole or just per line basis?

  • bones

    I don’t see anywhere on Tmobile’s website about the discount so I called, I was told I wasn’t qualified because I paid off my EIP and had to have little payment left.

  • If it helps:
    I had 2 lines that had EIP balance left, both didn’t qualify for the “promotional discount”, here’s details if it helps:
    Line #1: $135.40 left from a $649.92 total (aka 20% balance left)
    Line #2: $281.25 left from a $849.99 total (aka 33% balance left)

    I should have just paid $200 towards the EIP, then I’d get around the same discounted from the promotion :P

  • CalAlumnus13

    I had two lines on EIPs–one fully paid off in December, the other with $500 left. I didn’t qualify. (I’ve been with T-Mobile since November 2015).

    The rep said that a lot of it was based on “tenure.” I’m guessing they’re trying to model who is likely to switch to another carrier, and proactively contact them with EIP offers to get them “locked in.”

  • maximus1901

    Wow telesales. Just wow. MADELINE told me that insurance is REQUIRED on 24-month EIP.
    Of course after I yelled all of a sudden it’s not required.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m sorry you had this experience. I had no issues at all other than the rep I spoke with accidentally ordered 2 gold instead of a rose gold and gold. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed before they’re shipped.

      • john nguyen

        What did you asked the rep regarding this promotion? My rep had no idea about this promotion and said I did not qualifies. I have no idea if she even look it up or just bsing me.

        • thepanttherlady

          No, I didn’t ask, sorry. I started to do the orders online first but didn’t see any promotional offer.

          I thought I had seen someone post yesterday that you have to have an iPhone on EIP already that was done or close to being done. The lines I got these for didn’t previously have iPhone’s so I figured I didn’t qualify.

        • john nguyen

          Oh I see. I read that you ordered two gold iPhone so I figured you got the promotion therefore you ordered. I wondered if anyone who gotten the promotion tell us there status regarding how much they have left on their EIP, how long they been with T-mobile or other details regarding this promotion to see what makes you “qualify” for it. It just seem so unclear. I have 4 iPhones on my account, 2 iphone 6s + with JOD, 1 iPhone 6 that has about 8 months left and one iPhone 5s that has about 3 months left. I also paid off an iPhone 5 a year ago. I called and the person said the EIP must have been paid off the previous billing cycle to qualify.

      • Stone Cold

        You left Android? Wow

        • thepanttherlady

          Oh hell no! LOL They’re gifts. :)

        • Stone Cold


  • I feel like not enough has been made of the SE… I think it may be a game changer. It’s the first time an Apple product is priced at sort of a mid-range price. I think a lot of people that might have bought Android phones will buy these.

  • Bruce Jaffe

    I have been a customer for 2 years. I have 1 IPhone 5s paid off and 1 that we owe $81 on. CSR rep said only available to customers who have been with them for over 5 years. Looks like it may be time for T-Mobile to lose another customer!

    • john nguyen

      some guy on reddit got the promotion after just being with T-mobile for 2 years. this is his post.
      “I pre-ordered a 64gb iPhone SE this morning. Had to call. The rep initially said I was not eligible for any promotions. Then I asked specifically about the iPhone loyalty promotion. She then went and read about it (partly reading aloud it was exactly this: https://www.tmonews.com/2016/03/t-mobile-iphone-se-ipad-pro-9-7-pre-order-details-leak-along-with-iphone-discount-for-select-customers/) said that I was eligible for $200 off the new iPhone if I did EIP. I went ahead with the order and she noted all of this in my account. All in all took only 20 minutes.

      As a note on my account. I have 5 iPhones. 3 iPhones paid off (from AT&T), 1 iPhone 6S (JOD), and 1 iPhone6 (EIP). The line they “upgraded” was a 32gb iPhone 5s from AT&T. I switched from AT&T almost 2 years ago.”

    • Jack d

      You’re not gonna leave

    • Kevin

      Why? You’re 2 years closer than most people to getting a discount for the 3.5 inch iPhone SE in 2019. Hang in there

      • Bruce Jaffe


  • trife

    Didn’t qualify for the promo, but the Loyalty Dept. just hooked me up with their “Loyalty Plan” for being with them 10+ years. $35 off my bill forever and nothing changes with my plan. Government discount still intact, too.

    I’ll take it! This is why I love TMO.

    • Voight

      What government discount?

    • trife


    • JT

      how do i go about getting this discount..im also a long time tmobile customer

      • trife

        No clue. They offered it to me, so I couldn’t tell you what to ask for. But I talked to the loyalty department, aka retentions.

  • Steve

    I called and asked for iPhone loyalty promotion. She looked my account and said I don’t have any EIP. She told the only way this promotion would work if you have to trade in your existing iPhone.
    However she offered me $50 off of iPhone 16gb SE pricing. I didn’t take it. Will try again if I can get at least $100 off.

  • M H

    I did the same thing was about to get them to give a $100 credit to my account after telling them I plan to get a 6s 64GB via JOD … My account has been credited already

    • M H

      update T mobile is ending all Jump programs moving to just EIP …jump is no longer avl. at stores only over the phone for now…

      • GM00

        Not true, this is just what stores are making up to lie to customers. T-Mobile is pushing EIP over JOD but the fact is that it is still available. Don’t let T-Mobile retail lie to you and get away with it. Seems to happen way too often with this company.

        • M H

          Yeah I talked to them on Twitter and they said the same as you said! But I’ve also heard someone else go to a retial store and got the same answer bring me back old memories of the hell I went thought clearing up a mess I had with Jump and then loosing my phone I sent back to them! Also someone at my work is having a jump issue now too! Seems best way is EIP, I’ll wait for the 7

        • GM00

          Yeah, people are reporting it happening all over the country. It more than likely has something to do with commission/bonuses. I refuse to go back to a T-Mobile store. I got tired of the lies and having things added to my account without permission.

        • M H

          I’ve lost my trust in Jump and JOD due to problems with return phones and I’m hearing this from others …. Too risky

  • bitguru

    I got an email yesterday, so I guess I’m a “selected customer.” It said, “offer ends soon, so visit your local T-Mobile store,” and later (in the small print) “limit 1 offer per line.”

    So today I went to my local TMo store and tried to get discounted iPhones on three of my four lines. Their first attempt created an order where all three phones were undiscounted, so they canceled it. On the second attempt they could obtain a discount on only one phone. They called the higher-ups about why they couldn’t get the 2nd and 3rd, and the response was something like “it shouldn’t have even worked once.” Hmmm.

  • Ceefu

    Wish I knew if I was eligible for the discount, I’d jump on it. 4 lines, with the original 2 being with Tmo for 10+ years. 2 newer lines don’t have any JOD/EIP on them, and I’d love to upgrade one or both to SEs.

  • mavricxx

    The sucky thing about Apple devices is how they have too large of a bezel. They need to make it smaller to maintain same size and increase screen output. Also, Apple shot themselves in the foot by not updating the minis. Hopefully they upgrade the Ipod Touch and the minis in the coming months.

  • chris d.

    I tried getting in on this. The CSR rep told me that the promotion was aimed for customers that had 12 months or less left paying off an existing iPhone EIP.

  • Joshl

    I’ve been a Tmobile customer long before they existed over 15 years and I have an EIP on an iPhone and they said that I don’t qualify for promotion.