T-Mobile uses colorful balls to compare its LTE coverage to Verizon’s in new ad

After releasing a Pop-Up Video-style response to Verizon’s colorful balls ad a few days ago, T-Mobile today unleashed a new ad of its own.

The ad, titled “Verizon’s Secret,” says that it’s giving “the rest of the story” from Verizon’s own colorful balls ad. In the commercial, T-Mobile says that the LTE service that Verizon has added in the past two years covers five million people, while the LTE service T-Mo has added in that same time covers 100 million. That’s a lot of balls.

With T-Mobile’s network expansions of the past two years, its LTE network covers 304 million people, compared to the 308 million that Verizon’s LTE network covers. The ad goes on to highlight Magenta’s Extended Range LTE, which T-Mo has been pushing pretty hard in recent months.

Verizon’s colorful balls ad has been all over TV lately, so T-Mobile is trying to capitalize on that and use VZW’s idea to promote its network improvements. T-Mo has been working to fight the perception that it has poor coverage, and with this latest ad, it’s trying to show that its LTE coverage has grown in recent years and is nearly on par with Verizon’s.

This ad will appear on TV later today during the AFC and NFC Championship games. If you’d like to see it live on your TV, the AFC Championship between the Broncos and Patriots kicks off at 1:05 PM ET, while the NFC Championship game between the Cardinals and Panthers will get underway at 4:40 pm ET.

Also, don’t forget that T-Mobile’s #BallBusterChallenge will start in a couple of days. The T-Mobile versus Verizon network battles will start in Seattle, Wash., on January 26, travel south to Santa Clara, Calif., the week of February 1, then make their way to other US cities.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s newest ad spot?

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