T-Mobile store employee with concealed weapon shoots two would-be robbers


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A T-Mobile authorized retailer in Chicago was the target of an attempted robbery on Wednesday. I say “attempted robbery” because an employee of the store shot at the suspects after they pulled out guns of their own.

Neil Tadros, the store’s manager, says that the suspects walked into the store and pretended to be shopping for phones before pulling out guns. One employee went into the back to call for help, while a second pulled out his concealed weapon and fired at the robbers, hitting one in the groin and arm and the other in the abdomen and arm. The employee that fired his gun has a concealed carry license. Witnesses say that they don’t think that the robbers ever fired their weapons.

After being shot at by the store employee, the two robbers fled and ended up going to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police found them there and took them into custody.

“I think concealed carry is a great opportunity for managers, workers, employees to protect themselves in these cases,” said Neil Tadros, the T-Mobile store’s manager. “And our employee did a great job to protect themselves and the other employee.”

The good news here is that no innocent people were hurt and that the suspects were caught by police. Interestingly, the neighbors of the store say that this T-Mobile shop has been the target of several robberies lately, which could have prompted the employee to carry a concealed weapon at work, despite the “No Concealed Weapons” sign in the store’s window.

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Source: ABC7

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