T-Mobile Prepaid 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit discounted to $0.99 with promo code


If you’re in need of a new SIM or would like to have a backup just in case, then you’ll want to hit up T-Mobile’s online store today.

T-Mobile is selling its Prepaid 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit for $0.99 with the code SIM99. The kit usually costs $15, so this is a pretty solid deal. Included in the kit is a nano SIM as well as micro and standard SIM adapters, meaning that you should be able to use your new SIM in just about any GSM phone that you can find.

It’s also worth noting that, while this is advertised as a prepaid kit, folks have had success porting their postpaid plan’s number to the SIM. There’s no mention on T-Mobile’s website about how long this sale will last, so if you’re thinking that you could use a new SIM, it’s best to take advantage as soon as you can.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • mikeZo6

    Sim card are FREE for
    post paid customers

  • sj

    just ordered one for free

  • Mike

    I was just at the local tmo store on Friday to get a new SIM card. I have a post paid account and was charged 15$ I’m going to call tmo

  • Mike

    Let’s clarify here. 1) SIM cards are free with a phone purchase either pre or post paid 2) SIM cards (replacement) are sold for a fee of $15 in the local store (pre/post paid). 3) Some Tmo owned stores (not all) will give you a replacement SIM card free of charge if you purchase an accessory at the same time. 4) Sim cards are always free (pre/post paid) if you call customer care and wait for them to me mailed out. Not sure where the 5$ “Sale” on SIM cards comes in. In any event. Customer Service just credited my account the 15$ I just paid at the local store.

  • B Brad

    Keep in mind if you buy this and don’t use it tmobile disables them within a month or so. Seems really lame, it’s kinda nice to have a spare around you can activate if your phone is lost.

    • Craig

      Not true. I’ve bought and used many of these. They usually expire about 2-3 years from purchase time if not activated. The most recent ones I bought in late 2015 expire in 2018.

      • Marc

        That’s true. The spares I have around expire in 2018. I got them in 2015.

  • Guest 2

    I read many places that by using adapters you could damage your phone.

    • PC_Tool

      Been using adapters for years. One got stuck in my M7. Worked it out with a pin.

      Have not had any other issues.

      • Guest 2

        That’s good to know. Thanks.

    • Medion

      Some phones come with and adapter in the retail packaging. A proper adapter won’t damage a phone.

      • Guest 2

        Thanks for your reply.

  • Sushimane

    Doesn’t tmobile already replace customers sim card for free anyway?

    • Medion

      Postpaid, if you ask, and not always.

    • Marc

      They tend to charge me every time. And yes, I always ask if that’s necessary.

    • Third_Eye

      Case 1
      Only if there is a problem with the current SIM. For example after I upgraded to Lollipop(LLP) on my LG G3, I had issues with WiFi calling appear all of a sudden and with a disabling of Wifi-calling for sometime and re-enabling it later would have resolved or a reboot would no longer have it.
      I did not bother me that much till I was on a flight and wanted to use TMobile’s free GoGo inflight texting feature. Wi-Fi calling should be turned on to use this feature.
      It was again and again staing “SIM error: Cannot support WiFi calling. “. A few weeks prior I had KitKat and had no issues.
      So in Phoenix I went to the TMo store in the mall and they too were surprised why and they replaced with a free new SIM. Later I found that there was a problem with G4 LLP that caused that error message unnecessarily that was cleared via patch.

      Case 2

      If you had a standard SIM from your old phone and buy a new phone with either Micro Sim or a Nano SIM. You can take it to a TMo store and most of them have a SIM cutter/slicer.

      If a store does not have SIM cutter that then they charge you 15$ for the kit. One of the stores close to our neighborhood fell into this category. Luckily they advised me that in advance and suggested I do that unless it is immediately needed.

      Case 3
      But even if they have a SIM cutter, the more delicate one was when we need to convert a micro SIM to nano SIM. I had to do that for my wife when she moved from LG G2 to Nexus 6. They warned that, while they will try to trim the SIM, if it does not work, they will only “sell” a new SIM. Luckily they got it right even though it took some time for the Nexus to recognize the nano-SIM that I nearly had to shell a 14.99 + tax

  • Philip

    When you buy a new phone from T-Mobile I always see a SIM card inside. Then why need to get this now?

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I have only been with T-Mobile since August. Prior, I was with Sprint, where there was no SIM card having to be inserted. So, here are my questions;

    1. When I got my Note 5, and the other two on my account, T-Mobile told me it was $15/line. It even stated it on the website as an added cost with every phone. Now, I see that SIM cards should be free. Is that a new rule?

    2. Do SIM cards go bad? The article, and others, have said they need an “extra” or “spare”. This implies to me that SIM cards do not last. Can multiple SIM cards be attached to the same T-Mobile account?

    • Buster Nutwell

      2. SIM do not go bad, but sometimes when you switch phone, you need to change the sim card to micro sim, from different sizes. Also, I have had to change a SIM once, because it was old and did not support wifi calling.

  • josephsinger

    T-Mobile’s order form is major f’d up. You enter all the data and then you get an error code that asks you to fix data. You fix it and you get the same error. So I call sales to have them do it manually and I spend *20* minutes with someone who can’t take order other than by slowly repeating each number and letter in all the data input.

  • mO

    Visited my local Kmart and found that they carry the sim kit with a regular price of 4.99$ every day of the week. The Un-Carrier has been ripping of its customers by charging 15.00$ per sim card at their retail stores. Go ahead JL throw a hissy fit, say a few cuss words, call some one an ass hole, ask who the f*** is Kmart. Seriously who the f*** is TMO to rip off their customers on the SIM cards. Let’s call it a scandal – Simcardgate.

  • Buster Nutwell

    Ordered this on wednesday, 13th of January, 9pm. Delivery will be Tuesday, 19th after 7pm. 6 days. Great.

  • Stop ripping us off T-Mobile

    SIM cards are a cash cow for Carriers. T-Mobile should do the uncarrier thing and give them to all customers for free who need them (pre or post paid). Since their network relies on a SIM card it’s a cost of doing business.

  • davidwal

    I broke my Blackberry Q10 sim reader with on of these 3 in 1 sim cards. I guess because I use my sim a lot in different phones. I ended up going back to a standard micro sim in my phones. I was going to get an HTC 626 but got a Grand Prime instead. I did this because of using a micro sim in most of my phones an not any nano sims.