LG G4 available for $324.99 from T-Mobile’s online store


T-Mobile’s big holiday gift to customers may be three months of unlimited LTE data, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other deals to be had.

The LG G4 can now be bought from T-Mobile’s online store for $324.99 on an equipment installment plan. The phone is currently priced at $399.99 full retail, but if you use the promo code SAVE75, can you guess what you’ll get? Yep, $75 off the price of the G4. T-Mobile is currently offering the LG G4 with gray plastic and brown leather backs.

While the LG G4 may not be the latest flagship Android phone on the market, it’s still a high-end 2015 model that has a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 display, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 16-megapixel rear camera that’s been rated as one of the better Android smartphone cameras around. And at $324.99, the LG G4 is a pretty compelling option for folks on the hunt for an affordable smartphone, coming in cheaper than devices like Google’s Nexus 5X and Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition. The G4 also has a removable battery and microSD slot, which are two features that are becoming increasingly rare in the Android world.

T-Mobile is also offering discounts on a few other Android phones. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $399.99 with the code GS5DEAL, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for $99.99 with the promo code SAVE40, and the LG G Stylo for $214.99 with the code STYLODEAL.

So, anyone going to pull the trigger on a discounted LG G4 or one of these other deals?

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    Wow, I was thinking about getting the G4 at $399 today lol

  • steveb944

    Very tempted considering my N6 is still without Marshmallow.

    Too bad this doesn’t have front facing speakers.

    • Myl35

      why not use the nexus toolkit to flash marshmallow on there? I did and its great :)

      • steveb944

        Too lazy unfortunately.

      • Joshua Lapin

        Because WiFi calling and vote usually won’t work without tmobile firmware.

    • mingkee

      I used to have G4 and the speaker is amazing.

    • Ricardo Gomez

      My wifes phone N6 updated to marshmallow yesterday.

      • steveb944

        Thanks. I guess I won’t lose all hope yet.

  • George

    But LG does not guarantee monthly security fixes, leave alone timely updates

    • pramarama
    • AS118

      Yeah, good point. My LG G2 is stuck on 5.0.2 with the memory leak and the battery drain left intact.

      I’m thinking of flashing it back to Kitkat again. I had flashed it to Kitkat before, but certain apps I used were buggy on 4.4.2, so I went back up to Lollipop, but am regretting it again.

      The memory leak didn’t get fixed until 5.1, and the battery drain got fixed in 6.0, but of course, my phone isn’t getting either. I can only hope Cyanogenmod does something about this…

  • mingkee

    With V10 promotion is over, this is definitely the best deal hands down.

  • dtam

    great deal

  • BKPhil

    I thought I was a champ for getting the G4 for $379 a couple of weeks ago.

    Obviously I spelled that wrong.

    • KOLIO

      Give T-Mobile a call,they may offer a credit to your next phone bill.
      They did that for a lot of peeps w/the V10 $100 off promo that popped-up 1 week after initial availability.
      They’ve accommodated me twice:
      Once w/the Nexus6 & again with the V10.
      If @ 1st you don’t succeed,try again,you’ll get someone who’ll help you out eventually.
      If a long-time T-Mobile customer,bring it up,if need be.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        I am a longtime customer but they did nothing for me on the V10. I bought it as a JUMP! upgrade for $599, but they could not give me the $499 offer because it was limited to new customers OR existing customers opening a new line of service.

  • George Salcedo

    I’m tempted to buy one for the wife but I’ve been plagued with terribe battery drain at this point and no solution other then android M.

  • YABD

    No front speakers. Just a tiny one on the rear, so your friends can listen.

    • mingkee

      You may never hear how is the speaker.
      It’s loud enough to hear all over the kitchen even with speakerphone.

    • AS118

      Yeah, I hate that design. My next phone will be a dual stereo front speaker phone. Like the Alcatel Idol 3, Xperia Z5, or HTC One.

  • NardVa

    Insane deal considering the phone was $600 back in July.

  • Android_God

    LOL, just bought this on Sunday for $479 – $75 plus a free headset. Now it’s $399 – $75. I called T-Mobile and their WORTHLESS overseas rep tells me I have to return it. I told him no, that we would simply credit my bill. That left him speechless. I then told him I wanted to cancel all my lines and that got me through to a US Rep.

    This US rep idiot kept telling me that he was doing me a favor by crediting my account the difference in price. I wanted to tell him that he could suck it but I just remained silent through all his BS. T-MOBILE must have THE WORST CS training ever.

    It’s LAUGHABLE that these reps never seem to know that a phone is even on sale,”where did you see that price, sir “. Such a horrible company.

    And I never got the headset so I’m giving up on getting it.

    • Andrew Singleton

      Tmobile is #1 customer service among wireless carriers. Caving to penny scrapers is not how businesses grow. Thanks for playing.

      • Android_God

        T-mobile is a mess. You can get a different answer from each rep you speak with. The final LITERALLY called me, “bud” and, “dude” several times within the call and implied he was doing this given I was with them for 9 years. I can’t imagine what a complete and utter mess customer service department training is.

        They’re the ones who have created this mess not me. I’m merely playing within the boundaries of what they will do. What company would expect a customer to return a phone and then buy another one? That creates a loss for the company as opposed to just giving the customer a credit.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Understand that you are entitled to neither.

    • jralphroman

      You’re going to cancel your line because a phone you brought went on sale a week later?

    • lomsha

      You do realize they didn’t even have to credit your account right? You bought the phone before it went on sale knowing well this is black Friday week, that’s on you.

    • Acdc1a

      He WAS doing you a favor. Damn people are entitled.

    • HondaGuy

      Believe me, I can understand your frustration. I ordered two of these on November 18th through customer care for $479.00 each, because we were having problems with one of our Samsung’s charging. I received them on November 19th and noticed they were now $75 off with a free headset through the website. I called customer care. They were friendly but couldn’t do anything. I was told to contact sales. This guy was just a jerk. He said return the phones and reorder them. I told him that seemed like a huge waste of time for me and T-Mobile, and they would get phones that they had to sell as refurbished, because they were used. He then told me to call LG, they are the one’s sponsoring the promotion. The number he gave was for LG in the Philippines. The rep was friendly, but she said that LG had no control over what T-Mobile charges. So it was back to customer care. I explained to the rep the process I had gone through, and she said that they would give me credit on one phone, but I would have to get the sales department to issue credit on the other. She transferred me over to sales. When I explained my progress, she seemed upset that T-Mobile had already put me through that and gave me a credit immediately. Now they are $325. I am still within my buyers remorse period. I call customer care. The rep is awesome, but says I understand your concern, but says that is beyond what I am allowed to do as an employee. I ask for a supervisor. The supervisor is friendly, but says the same thing. You will have to return the phones and reorder them. He promises to send UPS return labels. It seems that T-Mobile should start a policy that if the phone you buy goes down in price in 14 days, or even 30, you get a credit. After working in retail for years, I am glad that I don’t have to deal with the public anymore. Customer service has to be even worse. People just call when they have a complaint.

  • David

    tell me about it. I bought G3, note, G3, not G4 for close to $400 just this March. Yes, march of 2015, merely 7 months ago.


    Returned my SGS6 that would have cost me $330 + taxes (via Costco $250 rebate) and purchased the LGG4 this afternoon. Will hopefully have the phone early next week to replace my Nexus 5 that has been acting up since day one (and many attempts with Google to replace it, but each worse than my original dud).

  • Mike Thaler

    Can’t remember what I pd. but got it in about July or August when they included an extra battery and extra leather back for a reduced price. EXCELLENT phone. Camera w. OIS allows me to finally use a phone camera even w. a hand tremor. Excellent pics. Loud, good speaker. Has all current bands. (Previous phone was S4.

  • gmo8492

    Funny how the G4 is cheaper than the S5.

    • AS118

      Funny, but good for customers. I got my G2 for cheaper than the S4 back in the day, it’s still a good phone. Nothing really challenges it. I’ll probably end up trading up eventually, but more for Band 12 support rather than anything else.

      The specs on most flagships are strong enough to last people for years.

      • Acdc1a

        I got one of the refurb blowouts for $129 as a temporary for my Alcatel oneTouch Idol 3 while it was in warranty repair. Got the Alcatel back 2 weeks ago and have yet to switch back.

  • YABD

    Is this promo for new lines only or an existing customer can have it.?

  • David

    Does anyone know if the free LG G Pad tablet offer stacks on top? When I click G4 on tmobile page, the G pad offer shows up as a banner on page top.
    Do we need a data plan for the tablet offer or simply 24 months payment, essentially a completely free tablet?

  • bandeau

    Does anyone know for sure when this promo ends? The Samsung promo that was just posted states it goes through Nov. 29th, but I didn’t see an end date on this one.

  • AS118

    If you want a big phone, $324 for a G4 (with a 1440p screen and such) is a steal! That’s not much more than the regular price of a G Stylo.

    • George Salcedo

      Sorry but this phone is nothing but trouble. Have to charge it two or three times a day even with minimal use. Drops 10-15 % battery even overnight. The texting is terrible too, autocorrect is annoying and the keyboard is awful. Not worth the headache.

      • zPacKRat

        you really should look at a warranty claim, there are too many of us that have good service from our G4’s; as for texting and auto-correct, this is an Android phone, easy to fix with any number of 3rd party apps. me, I use the google/android keyboard from the app store, that cured all my complaints about the default keyboard.
        You should also look at what’s consuming your battery as that if just awful.

        • George

          I have been trying to figure out what drains my battery but to thus far its been hard to pinpoint. I actually picked up an HTC One M9 for 40% off and will likely master reset the G4 and give it to my wife to use. I will keep monitoring it after the master reset and hope the drain goes away after Android M comes out.

        • Benjamin Hansen

          I did a factory rest and my battery improved dramatically. Might be a bad firmware install.

  • tmodude

    How do you get this deal if you’re on already prepaid and want to buy it outright?