John Legere drops $18 million on New York City penthouse


John Legere’s been a pretty busy guy lately, dealing with the Experian data breach and shooting down claims that T-Mobile turned down Microsoft’s new Lumia phones. It turns out that he’s had another big deal going on that none of us knew about.

It’s been discovered that John Legere has bought a New York City penthouse originally owned by newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. Public records show that Legere has agreed to pay a cool $18 million for the property, which is a good bit less than the $27.5 million asking price that it had when it went up for sale in November 2014.


The penthouse is located at 91 Central Park West and 69th Street and offers a terrace overlooking Central Park, wood-burning fireplace, 4 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms. The terrace has 1600 square feet of space, and there’s also a second floor library with 14.5 foot ceilings and a handmade wood bar.


John Legere has done pretty well as T-Mobile CEO, announcing several Un-carrier initiatives that brought about changes at other major carriers and making T-Mobile into the number 3 US carrier in subscriber count. Now he’s rewarding himself with a nice new place right next to Central Park, a place that we know he’s a fan of because of the running Periscope sessions that he’s hosted there in the past.

Check out more photos of John Legere’s new place right here.

johnlegerepenthousexteriorVia: Curbed NY
Source: Office of the City Register



  • steveb944

    This is a pretty long stretch for ‘T-Mobile news’.

    • Yes…

      Yes, LOL, LOL…

    • Jared

      I agree. This website just isn’t the same. It’s going down hill.

    • Alex Wagner

      It’s a short, fun post on a Saturday afternoon.

      • steveb944

        Fair enough.

      • ThatsMrtoyou

        Alex, what email do I use to send you pics. I have a few new band 12 sightings here in Portland Oregon

        • Alex Wagner

          alex [at]

      • Romdude

        Yeah some people really need to take a chillax pill.

  • Bradley Karas

    Who cares

  • Nick

    Nice house, he deserves every bit of it.

    • Pierre

      Yes, it’s not just anyone who can drive huge losses every year. Congrats!

      Hope he saves some $ for a haircut so he stops looking like an old french broad.

  • Morning Wood

    Wow! I guess I’m in the wrong line of work. :-(

  • Nick Ramacciato

    Congratulations! So many salty people in the comments section today. He deserves it. I hope he enjoys it

  • esc0

    Five minutes of my weekend I won’t get back…ha..don’t care. Thought T-Mobile was launching something new here??

    • Aaron C

      You could have stopped reading at the headline, ”
      John Legere drops $18 million on New York City penthouse”

      • Romdude

        Lol. I had the same idea but you beat me to it.

  • YABD

    That’s a humble place to live.

  • Arnold Shoon

    Congrats John… Now just need to spend a couple more bucks for the upgrade!

  • David

    He deserves it. My bill lowered so much. He probably lead T-Mobile to lower millions and millions and millions worth of bills for consumers, while company revenue grew as subscriber base grew. It’s a win win for both T-Mobile and end customer. So get rewarded a few million bucks is nothing. In my opinion, he should be paid more.

    • Austin

      Actually, Sprint CEO was highest paid last year, and John was the year before that. The big 2’s CEOs aren’t compensated as much as one would think, but I’d still be happy with what they’re making. ;)

  • Joe D

    18 mill is pretty damned cheap for a NY penthouse. Especially near Central Park. He did well! Good on him.

    • Bud

      So true, 18 million is cheap for a penthouse on cpw.

      • JaredSeth

        This isn’t on Central Park West, it’s on 86th Street at Riverside Drive. It’s really a remarkable apartment, built on William Randolph Hearst’s former carriage house (which yes, was atop the building). Given our real estate prices, Legere actually made out pretty well since asking price just a couple years ago was well over 20 million.

        Full disclosure: I’ve known the former owner for almost two decades and have been inside multiple times, although not for many years.

        • JaredSeth

          Oh wait, my bad. That’s not my acquaintances’s apartment (since I do see the CPW view). I guess his is still on the market. Now if only I had 20 million or so. :P

  • Bud

    Hope he gets service in the building. Lol

    • Mike Palomba

      NYC has great coverage so I doubt coverage will be an issue for him

      • Bud

        Mike, building penetration is piss poor in New York City

        • patt

          This exactly!

        • Mike Palomba

          I thought band 12 was active in NYVC? Maybe I’m mistaken

        • Romdude

          Dunno or perhaps they don’t have band 12 ready phones.

        • Bud

          There is no service on the west side highway. Staten Island hardly has any coverage. NYC is not fully covered.

        • Cris Abreu

          Stop your nonsense I work on the west side high and live in Staten island and never had problems

        • Bud

          Yeah sorry to tell you, no service if I drive from 57 street on the wh to the tunnel. No service in annadale si.

        • Mike Palomba

          I live in Staten Island, I’ve never had any coverage issues and I’ve even seen band 12 a few times where I used to get edge

        • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

          T-Mobile in New York City has one of the densest cell grids out of any carrier. It is also one of there densest markets. Band 12 is currently being lit up in many places. Not officially Live yet. What phone do you have?

    • Rich

      Even if he doesn’t he will probably put up the coverage on his building :)

    • laqueffa

      Oh he will get signal cuz his personal phone is verizon .

  • vinnyjr

    Congrats to him. T-Mobile & John Legere have completely changed the Mobile Network in this Country. My service has never been better, signal is stronger than it’s ever been, data speeds are lightening fast and Consumer Help is constantly improving. I’m very happy to be a T-Mobile Customer. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

    • Frank

      $18 million, hmmm, that’s about $3 billion more than TMO has made.

  • Derrick Ford

    Great for John!!! But, The Only Carrier To Allow Microsoft To Handle Windows 10 Mobile Upgrades (Just Like Apple Does It) Was AT&T! So, John did not save face. He needs to to allow the same…because Windows 10 is a “Service” where all Windows 10 Devices Will Have To Be Upgraded By Microsoft Directly. So, You Need To Get On Board With The Program Mr “Uncarrier”! The Days Of Waiting On Your Carrier To Update You Is Over!!!

    Microsoft and The People (Your Customers) Have Spoken!!!

    • Joe D

      Nobody cares about a phone OS with 2.6% marketshare. Do you get that? That means out of 100 people buying phones, THREE get a windows phone. Give it up

      • Derrick Ford

        You Just Replied To The CEO of An IT Company. Windows 10 Has Over 75 Million Installs and Counting! The Same Kernal On All Windows 10 Devices! Easy Porting Of Existing IOS and Android Apps With Their Respective Porting SDKs. Universal App Support!!! Only An Idiot Would Not Jump On Board! There is Money To Be Made!!!

        Do You Get That…Or Do I Have To Let You Borrow My MBA?

        • Zab

          Amazing you were able to get an MBA with writing skills like that.

        • Derrick Ford

          Amazing, (comma)! Also, it is …”get a MBA”. Not, “…an MBA”. You are funny!

        • Zab

          No comma necessary. There’s an implied “it is” at the beginning of that sentence (although if you’d like, I can spell everything out for you instead of assuming someone like you with an MBA can derive the meaning of a sentence). Also, it’s “an”, not “a”. The decision to use “a” or “an” is derived from pronunciation, not spelling. “M” is pronounced “em”.

          You’re quite funny. Again, I would have thought someone with such lofty claims of credentials would be better at such simple concepts in grammar and conversation.

        • Derrick Ford

          Dude… Please.

        • Zab
        • Bud

          Windoze 10 phone is this decade’s ZUNE!

        • Derrick Ford

          You are speaking prematurely. Windows 10 Mobile hasn’t been released yet. Talk to me in about a year.

        • Bud

          Windoze 10 has zero apps. Since its on windoze nt kernnal, no backwards compatibility two older apps. Windoze 10 = zune. Lol

        • Derrick Ford

          Just wait. Remember there is over 75 million Windows 10 installs. Developers would be stupid not to develop a Universal App that will run not only on the PC, but phone, Xbox One, and iOT devices

        • Derrick Ford
        • Romdude

          Can you please state the company you are running? I want to know which company has a condescending and full of himself grammar police CEO. I just want to know the name of the company to never use the services of. You should probably take some lessons from your PR person. So your idea is to whack people over the head with your title and degree instead of using facts or reason? Lol

        • Derrick Ford

          Ummm…Do I know you?

        • Ordeith

          what makes you think he has an MBA?

        • randomnerd_number38

          Please. Take your IT company and go make all your money then.

          Back when Windows Phone came out, some analyst came out and said they were about to dominate the industry and by 2015 Windows Phone would have the most market share. People laughed then, except for “smart analysts” with MBA’s who believed there was money to be made with Windows Phone. I leave it to you and your MBA to figure out who was right.

        • Derrick Ford

          Let me help you. The key is the Unified Kernel that will be on all devices. We haven’t had this with prior versions of Windows…THIS IS WINDOWS 10 (THE LAST VERSION). There will be no more fragmentation. So, your reference to the past Windows Phone Versions and how they faired…is irrelevant!

        • randomnerd_number38

          Heh. The unified Metro UI was the key back then. But hey, a fanboy with a MBA is still a fanboy, I’m not gonna convince you. Go on believing Microsoft is somehow going to turn around their luck in the post-iPhone smartphone market. FWIW I would be happy if you wound up being right, I hooked my mother and mother-in-law on Windows Phone after I used it for a bit and found it to be rock-solid and very user-friendly. They don’t want to try anything else, so I’d much rather that Microsoft does succeed in making Windows Phone relevant and keep giving me choices for them to upgrade to.

        • Derrick Ford

          Impossible to convince me with the nonsense you are spewing. I am a Certified IT Professional. Thus, qualified to comment on the subject matter. What you don’t understand is the single kernel was supposed to be in Windows 8. They never achieved it. Again, your reference to the past has NO MEANING AT ALL! Now, Windows 10 on all of it’s devices – the single and shared kernel has been achieved – Period. I suggest you study up on kernels and universal apps before replying again.

        • randomnerd_number38

          watch out everyone, we’ve got a real certified professional over here.

          Derrick, you are a treasure. What we need is one of you in every store to tell customers how stupid they are and if they wanted to be smart, they’d buy into the ecosystem with unified kernels. Oh and make sure to tell them to do research before talking about smartphones again. Windows 10 on smartphones will be the next big thing for sure.

        • Android_God

          Derrick SERIOUSLY stop embarrassing yourself. You’re a CONSULTANT.

        • Derrick Ford

          I have multiple hats. Founder/CEO, MCSE, CCNA, and Master CSSA. Believe me…this is not embarrassing at all.

    • Mike Palomba

      There are 3 problems with what you said. First off, none of the other carriers (except ATT) jumped on Windows phone either. Second, as stated before, Windows mobile has like 2.6% market share. What a share that small they don’t get to make the rules. If they want carriers to sell their phone then they need to accommodate them. When they have a share as large as apples then they can have more of a say. Lastly, if I’m not mistaken, Windows phone doesn’t natively support wifi calling. If T-Mobile isn’t allowed to control the updates, how are they supposed to bake their wifi calling into the OS? I know that MS said carriers would have a little time to add in some of their own stuff but what if that short time isn’t enough for them to not only add it in but test it to make sure there are no bugs.

      • jp

        just so you know att was the only one to sell apple with the first iPhone when apple didn’t have any market share at all and they still made the rules.

        • Mike Palomba

          Well then there has to be a reason that apple was able to do that. There had to be something in it for the carriers. I believe at that time the iPhone was the only major smartphone so that might have been why they are able to make the rules. If Windows phone somehow brings a completely new, revolutionary feature that will change the phone market for ever, then I bet that they would be allowed to demand whatever they want from the carriers

        • jp

          there was no reason, att just gave them the opportunity, just like they did with the amazon, and other companies ,unfortunately fire phone was not a good phone.
          and I am not saying don’t like iphones, I like iphones.
          this is about tmobile, sprint, verizon wanting to control a device they do not make.
          print their logo on the device
          and when the device doesn’t work
          they tell you to go to the manufacturer, really they why you print your brand on the phone.
          and doesn’t say tmobile when it turn on .

        • Hollywood J Blaq

          Not so fast my friend…..

          Apple actually came to Cingular because (at the time) Apple wanted a device to work with GSM networks, and Cingular had the largest GSM network in the US. Cingular saw this as an opportunity because it was only making money in the smartphone game with Blackberry and bulky, slow Windows Mobile handsets. Cingular actually was involved in the development of the iPhone, and paid a fraction of the monthly service revenue for the first year of the deal.

          And the reason that those carriers want to control a device they don’t make is simple: When you have a problem with your phone, who and where is the first place you go to when you have a problem?

        • jp

          Sorry I didn’t know you were involved in that deal .
          btw I am not attacking your dear apple so calm down.

        • Hollywood J Blaq

          LMAO@ “attacking your dear Apple”. You know what happens when you assume, right? Not an Apple fan by any means, though I have made a decent living over the years unlocking and repairing their products.

          And while I wasn’t in the boardroom when it went down, it’s not like it was a secret either. A quick google search will tell you all you need to know. Apple was adamant about wanting a GSM phone because they only needed to make one chipset for all of their phones. AT&T/Cingular was the largest, strongest GSM network back then.

      • Derrick Ford

        What you don’t understand they don’t need to have the carriers to sell their phones. For the carriers who want the resell markup opportunity and is willing to allow Microsoft only to supply updates (without any carrier intervention) there is the opportunity to be in a game changing ecosystem for consumers. The low market share should only reference the old Window Mobile 7, 8 and 8.1. This is the single and shared kernel Windows 10 (to be installed on all devices and will be on 10 Billion devices) that allows Universal Apps. This is a new story – Period. It is fine to state and blame Microsoft on past failures. But, remember Windows 10 has only been released on PC. Now, here comes the other devices!

      • Ordeith

        You’re mistaken. WP supports WiFi calling.

    • Android_God

      YOU ALL seriously need to get laid to deal with this pent up RAAAAAGE you have over a friggin PHONE AND OS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Android_God

    It’s good to see all the children below arguing about Microsoft phones within an article about JL buying a SICK PAD! Some of you are in need of serious therapy if you feel the need to argue on the internet about an OS.

    • Android_God

      Oh geez, now it’s turned into a grammar argument. YYYYYAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN

  • Ordeith

    Did he steal from employee pensions to finance it like he did when he was with Global Crossing?

    • yezzir

      Orly? Do tell…

      • Ordeith

        His statement to try and defend himself (pass the buck, point the finger elsewhere) after driving Global Crossing to bankruptcy is on Youtube. Video h3wfqGTwHik

        “John Legere Congressional Testimony on CSPAN “

        • Tcustomer

          When will people learn not to invest their future and “pension” in a company’s stocks no matter what company it is. The only sure way to have a reliable retirement fund is to buy gold and/or some other commodity which holds/increases it’s value for a hundred years.

    • Richard Roma

      Yeah, not too many know Jonnie from the GC days, one of the biggest scams in Internet tech.

  • GinaDee

    Well he can afford it.

    Nobody should ever berate the success of others. Instead you should strive to become successful yourself.

    Besides this guy has done more the wireless consumer and industry than any other industry CEO I can think of in recent history.

  • gperez

    Why his personal life is relevant to this forum, I wish him well but I like to read about T-Mobile related stuff, what he does outside T-Mobile it’s his own private thing

  • Cam Fas

    Ok old news now let’s get back to network upgrade progress this story has been here too long.

  • skywalkr2

    I will never understand how a CEO makes this much money. There is no way they provide this level of value to the stakeholders.

    • baltiets

      That’s easy. Some people are overpaid because many other people are underpaid. That’s capitalism and free market.

  • tomarone

    That’s a nice spot I hope to seem him around the Reservoir, running. Now question for Readers: Can I completely drop my Cable company and just use TMO? Ping is now great, down to 12 ms. Download is around 15 Mbps, Upload is around 3.5 to 4. Is this really good enough or not? How much will I have to pay for a few cable channesls? (HBO, Comedy, perhaps TMC?)…CNN.. can I get them live?

    • Tcustomer

      Yes it’s good enough but it depends. Even after being “de-prioritized”, after usng 22GB in your billing cycle, it’s still good enough. You can get many of those but I don’t watch them so I don’t know which are live.

    • skywalkr2

      I personally download over 250gb per month on my Fios line… so it would be very bad for me personally.

    • tomarone

      I’ve read today that YouTube will offer CBS and NBC. So is using my new Galaxy S6 as a mobile hotspot a decent test of the ability of my TMO pipe to provide enough bandwidth for us in our house, to watch HBO, and another channel or movie, and surf, etc.? It will be great when we can finally cut our cable wires and save $200 a month.

  • mO

    Nice digs. Invite me to dinner John..

  • Dmitri

    I see.. No service price drop for T-Mobile customers in a near future.

  • Ron G.

    No wonder he’s like a politician & only runs a “negative campaign” against all the other carrier CEO’s. Even though some of those negatives you speak of might be true at least all of the other carriers lower their pricing plans. You, Mr. Legere only use your negative comments as a way to disguise the fact that you don’t lower pricing plans AND make promises you don’t keep. Just remember that when you lose that CEO position & that nice penthouse that your T-mobile customers bought for you!! AMFAMF!!!!!