T-Mobile named best overall US carrier by new report


After winning a J.D. Power award for customer care and also snagging the title of Fastest Mobile Network, T-Mobile today earned another accolade.

Tom’s Guide has named T-Mobile the best all-around carrier in the US, with Magenta earning 91 points out of 100. The study measured 9 carriers across 5 categories: Performance (50 points), Plans (20 points), Customer Support (15 points), Phone Selection (10 points) and Special Features (5 points.)

Looking at specific categories, T-Mobile scored 46 points in network performance, finishing only behind Verizon, with average speeds of 22.7Mbps down and 13.2Mbps up. This network testing was performed in 6 major cities, including New York City, Seattle, Houston, and San Francisco. Magenta performed admirably in those cities, but today’s report does mention that T-Mo “has traditionally performed better in cities than in less populated parts of the country.” It’s also worth noting that while Tom’s Guide doesn’t appear to mention which phone it used for testing, the “How We Tested” section includes an image of several Galaxy S5s, a phone that lacks support for T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE that reaches farther distances and has better building penetration.

T-Mobile’s plans earned 19 points out of a possible 20, the highest score given in this category. That’s thanks to T-Mo’s aggressive plan pricing and its lack of access fees that other carriers charge if you want to add devices to your plan.


T-Mobile’s customer service scored 13 out of 15 points, losing points due to a “less-than-prominent” support site link and a rep that is said to have given an incorrect answer during a chat. However, T-Mo’s customer support is described as being “solid” overall, with a responsive social media team and friendly support reps.

In the Phone Selection category, T-Mo earned 8 points out of 10. While Magenta’s got most high-profile devices, it was dinged for missing phones like the LG G Flex 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (an AT&T exclusive phone), and Motorola’s Moto E and Moto G. However, T-Mo earned points for making it super-easy to bring your own device to its network.

Finally, features like Data Stash, Mobile Without Borders, and Simple Global helped T-Mobile earn a perfect 5 out of 5 in the Special Features category. T-Mo was the only carrier to snag all 5 points in that section.

This is a solid win for T-Mobile, having beat out Verizon by a couple of points and arch-rival Sprint by a full 14 points. MetroPCS also fared well, tying with Boost Mobile in the prepaid group and finishing 5th overall.

To check out the full report, hit up the link below.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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  • Cam Fas

    First comment ? Well this is good news

  • YABD

    First place?

    • Acdc1a

      Yes, for the VAST majority of mobile users, T-Mobile has the best overall service especially for the money.

  • Tim O Towers

    Congrats, T-mobile!!!

  • J.J.


  • StevenM

    Having come over to T-Mobile from Verizon and previously having service with Sprint & AT&T, I would rate T-Mobile is #1. If I didn’t live in a major city, they likely wouldn’t be #1 to me. If/when they fix their rural coverage, they will leave the others in the dust.

    • lp1955

      In major cities you’re fine go out a bit and all you get is 2G… kinda sad. My friend has AT&T and gets much better coverage.

  • A joke

    Lol sprint

  • lp1955

    Now if they only had good coverage; I traveled Route 80 in PA and had 2G or no service for 80% of the trip. If you live in a major city all is great 4G otherwise you are out of luck. My friend has AT&T and had much better coverage.

    • taron19119

      What phone do you have

    • zzz

      oh noes, no cat videos on route 80!

    • TmoJohnstownCustomer

      Much of I-80 (and Northern PA) is mostly roaming on AT&T (2G). I’d love to see it covered with LTE but unless Cavalier sells their 700 mhz, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  • Ordeith

    They left out the column “Amount we were paid for this ranking”. Some of those are a joke.

    • Fabian Cortez


    • Romdude

      This is Tom’s Guide. Tom’s Guide. Not JD Power. With the rate t-mobile is upgrading, it will only get better. Remember last time t-mobile promised to cover a certain number of pops? It was ahead of schedule and delivered. The speed that band 12 is being spotted means it is also probably on schedule. For those who won’t have band 12 or in rural areas, then tough luck, get AT&T or Verizon. For those who aren’t like me, I get a whole lot more for less specially when I travel overseas and no overages plus my really unlimited LTE in my area plus I can switch phones every six months without having to pay it off 50% first. Where I live and where I work, I get better and faster coverage than even Verizon and AT&T is the next closest. If you are obviously not fond of t-mobile’s service, why are you even on a t-mobile fan site?

      • Ordeith

        Smaller entities are easier to pay off.

        • Romdude

          Ok but since T-mobile is one of the smallest, wouldn’t Verizon or AT&T have deeper pockets to pay them off. So that doesn’t compute.

  • Photoguy

    Our family switched to T-Mobile about a year ago. EXCELLENT COMPANY, GREAT SERVICE. As for the evil duo of doom, not so much.

  • phxpaul

    I like my T-Mobile service and have been very happy with it. A few roadtrips have shown me that data might drop out, but I never experienced a voice dropout. Being out in the middle of nowhere, I think voice is more important than being able to stream something. That’s SirusXM s for. That being said, I do not give much credence to any rating from JD Power.

  • Joe

    I love t-mobile but verizon is still king when it comes to overall reliability and good speed. T-mobile’s speed is definitely good but reliability is a work in progress. Att is kinda an overall not very special but good network and does not seem interested in making their service better even though they can. Sprint is apparently still trying hard.

  • Could we just have a post where the commenting is dedicated to “T-mobile’s coverage in cities is good, in the country not so good.”

    Wait, that’s every post, right?

  • VicRooLoo

    -Good customer service


    • Jrunner

      I always had decent luck with ATT customer service. It was Verizon that caused me grief a few times when I had them. T-mobile was pretty good, only issue was when I originally came and they drop-shipped the SIM card

      • Brian the populist.

        It’s kind of interesting because for me I had AT&T for less than 30 days and went to Verizon and when Verizon couldn’t provide me covered indoors they admitted it and I said to me that I could switch to any carrier of my choosing without having to worry about paying fees because they werent going to hold me hostage AT&T refused to admit that their network was not up to par and charged me fees so I would never go recommend att to anyone

        • Joe

          I always felt like att is just in it 100% to make money and dont give a shi* about there customers and have goodish service overall but it never really seems to be improving. Verizon on the other hand is expensive but they actually seem to spend money on making there network better and also they don’t fu** their customers in the a** like att. Scuse the language that’s the only creative things I could come up with.

  • love

    Tmobile is coming for the top spot I have had all of them sprint is so so . AT&T good luck because your bill will change every month and no one has an answer when you call them to ask about your bill . Verizon just to dam expensive good coverage just overrated .Now TMobile price is right coverage in NJ is good internet speed is very good I was a little shocked when I left Verizon to tmobile I saved more then 65 bucks and have unlimited day Go tmobile

    • Brian the populist.

      I couldn’t agree more Verizon has always had good coverage but at the end of the day they’re overpriced and they don’t even offer Unlimited data

  • surfer

    Congrats to John Legere, he really thinks outside the box and has the other carriers freaking out. I just got back from Canada and making free calls as well having my data available was huge. He reminds me of Steve Jobs and how he transformed apple from last place to a leader. Thank god they blocked ATT from buying Tmobile!

  • Jason

    Its all the little (actually HUGE in reality) things they keep adding that make them the best and which nobody can touch at all. For me its stateside international with mobile: $10 all lines and my family can now call all they want to other countries. Its free international roaming with data and msgs and only 20 cents a min for voice. Do you all remember how much roaming used to be?!?! Its music freedom which lets me get music for one of my lines without unlimited. Its even their new jump on demand which offers dirt cheap monthly rates for frequent upgraders like me. All in all, its just the totality of sh-t NOBODY ELSE can offer.

  • BGood2

    So if you spend most of your time in a suburban to urban area, I can see where you could rank TMo as #1. I love the company! I *want* them to be #1. But my experience in many places where I travel is that TMo just doesn’t have service and therefore cannot be MY #1.