T-Mo shares more details on $5 iPhone 6s trade-in promo, confirms Apple Watch launch and pricing


UPDATE: Still waiting to hear from T-Mobile on the official payments that you’ll make at the end of these 18-month JOD! agreements if you want to keep your phone, but here’s what my back of a napkin math estimates are: $164, $182, and $200 for the 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB iPhone 6s models, and $192, $210, and $228 for the 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB iPhone 6s Plus.


Following John Legere’s pre-announcement last night, T-Mobile today officially announced its $5 iPhone 6s trade-in promo.

Just as expected, if you trade in an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or a recent Samsung device like the Galaxy S6 or Note 5, you can get a 16GB iPhone 6s with JUMP! On Demand for $0 down and $5 per month. A flagship from 2014, like the iPhone 5s for Note 4, will get you a 16GB iPhone 6s for $10 per month. Meanwhile, “almost any other phone” will get you a $15 per month payment on the 16GB iPhone 6s.

If you’d like to keep your 16GB iPhone 6s after your 18 monthly payments, you can fork over $164. (I’m waiting to get pricing details for the other models from T-Mobile.) That’s a nice deal, and while you might be able to get a bit more cash for a newer phone like the iPhone 6 if you sell it on eBay or Craigslist, lots of folks would probably rather go the simpler route of just visiting their friendly neighborhood T-Mobile store and handing their device to a rep.

It’s also worth noting that if you end up canceling your service while still making payments, your promo pricing will come to an end and you’ll have to pay up to $27 per month. At that point, you’ll have to either turn in the working device or pay it off to keep it.

Here’s how T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand pricing breaks down for the other iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models:


As John Legere announced yesterday, T-Mo’s not leaving folks that already pre-ordered an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus out in the cold, because they’re giving them an “upfront bill credit.” Good on ya, T-Mobile, for making sure that anyone that’s already committed to getting a new iPhone on your network can get this same trade-in pricing as folks that waited for whatever reason.

T-Mobile also confirmed today that it’ll start stocking the Apple Watch on September 25, so you can get some new duds for your wrist to go along with your new iPhone. The Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport will be available online, while stores will have the Apple Watch Sport available. Those stores will carry the following models:

  • Apple Watch Sport – Silver Aluminum White Band (38mm & 42mm)
  • Apple Watch Sport – Space Grey Black Band (38mm & 42mm)
  • Apple Watch Sport – Rose Gold Lavender Sport Band (38mm)
  • Apple Watch Sport – Rose Gold Stone Sport Band (42mm)
  • Apple Watch Sport – Gold Aluminum Antique White Sport Band (38mm)
  • Apple Watch Sport – Gold Aluminum Midnight Blue Sport Band (42mm)

As far as pricing goes, T-Mo will have some “special limited time” pricing on the Apple Watch Sport. The 38mm models will cost $0 down, 23 payments of $14.54 per month, and 1 payment of $14.58, while the larger 42mm watches will cost $0 down, 23 payments of $16.62 per month, and 1 payment of $16.74 per month. The stainless steel Apple Watch will be available at full retail price, which is $549 for the 38mm version and $599 for the 42mm model.

Sources: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • besweeet

    Did you mean 23 payments for the 42mm Sport?

    What we still don’t know is how much the buyout prices will be. If you’re only paying $5/mo. for 18 months for an iPhone 6s ($90 total), surely the buyout price is more than $164 (or else a $649 iPhone would cost just $254)?

    • D.Reyna

      $5 per month + $164 buyout + the price of the phone you’re traiding.

      • besweeet

        Which makes selling my current iPhone on Swappa (for example) then just doing the regular, non-trade-in plan make more sense.

        • sikety

          If you can get more than $400 on swappa then yes.

        • D.Reyna

          Yes of course we can do that. Thats why it says “And while you might be able to get a bit more cash for a newer phone like the iPhone 6 if you sell it on eBay or Craigslist, lots of folks would probably rather go the simpler route of just visiting their friendly neighborhood T-Mobile store and handing their device to a rep”

    • sikety

      They are basically giving close to $400 trade in value on the IPhone 6.

    • Jason

      The buyout price is always the same.

      • maximus1901

        No. Definitely not. Lower lease price doesn’t lower the total price you pay

  • Eric Stengrevics

    So this doesn’t help anyone with remaining EIP on these devices, correct? Like, if I owe $150 still on a GS6 before I can Jump, this doesn’t help me in any way?

    • sikety

      You need to trade in a device that is fully paid off. So it would not help you unless you pay off full remaining balance beforehand.

    • Shawn

      Why trade in the GS6 you should have just got the iPhone 6. I know you still get get the deal on EIP but seems like you didn’t want the GS6 in the first place. I just got mines the 6s don’t make me want to trade in my all gold baby, lol. I’m going to wait on the iPhone 7 which will have the 6s features + more with a new look.

  • Jerick james

    Let’s say someone who is on JOD were to trade in their 6 for a 16gb 6s. You’d pay $0 down + $5/18 months + $164 to keep the phone, that comes out to a final price of $254. Am I missing something here?

    • sikety

      Yes you are missing something. You have to trade in a device that is fully paid off already. You would be best staying on jump on demand the way you already are.

      • Santiago Vo

        Or trade in a junky pre-paid phone and still get $12 off your monthly payment. This is the best deal.

  • Adrayven

    I’ll admit, not bad.. Total for me, since I’ve a 6 Plus 128, to a 6s Plus 128 it’s about 397 savings off the top if I do the $199 downpayment and then buyout at $228 (cost to buyout the top end 6s Plus)

    $199 + $7/mo for 18 months ($126) + $228 (buyout price) = $553 (minus normal price of $950) = $397 trade in value for my 128GB 6 Plus

    Still make more on eBay…

    • Frettfreak

      Yeah but then you don’t get the promo price on the new one…

    • Adam

      T-Mobile pricing includes the laziness fee.

    • Charles E. Cheese

      You would even be better off tradein in the phone to tmo for $380 upfront & doing the $22 mo promo rate announced 2 weeks ago. You will come out ahead

    • Mmmodem

      You neglect that JOD is now $22 without any trade-in for a 128 plus. This means you’re only getting my a $270 discount from that. In fact, it’s a $270 from any capacity 6 or 6 plus. You’re better off selling on your own and get JOD without trade-in or find a <$90 smart phone to trade and get the $15 plan.

  • sikety

    Would be much simpler if they just said “we are giving a $400 trade in value on iPhone 6”. The end.

    • Jason

      That isnt simpler to most people. People want to see a bottom line monthly price for the new phone.

    • maximus1901

      It’s more insidious. Trading in cuts your LEASE payment but doesn’t reduce the TOTAL amount you have to pay to own the phone.

      • Adam

        A residual change makes no sense. T-Mobile will not be undersold by Sprint.

        • maximus1901

          It makes sense if you’re a business whose purpose it is to make money.

      • Jason

        Yes it does. They buyout at lease end is the same under all conditions including trade. The trade in value you get ultimately works out to the difference in leases times 18.

        • maximus1901

          And, if you want to hang on to your iPhone after your 18 month JUMP! On Demand agreement is up, you can at T-Mobile for $125 LESS than the full retail price. That’s just $524 for a new iPhone 6s 16GB. In fact, T-Mobile is the only provider offering iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at a discounted price.

        • Charles. E. Cheese

          Agree the press release is a mess of confusing statements. I assume the $524 buyout total cost is referring to the $20 promo but could be wrong. Did you also see the press release where it puts the Note 5 into the same $10 group as 2 yr old IPhone 5s. Did Press agent drink a little too much last night or did they hand this over to their 6th grader to write. The press release is a total Hot Mess

  • Technology Helper

    This is still confusing
    Do the customer get to keep the monthly price even if they upgrade, say for IPhone 7 next year?
    Is there any additional benefit if I trade in 64gb iPhone 6 for a 64gb iPhone 6S?

  • Technology Helper

    This is still confusing
    Do the customer get to keep the monthly price even if they upgrade, say for IPhone 7 next year?
    Is there any additional benefit if I trade in 64gb iPhone 6 for a 64gb iPhone 6S?

  • Phoneguy

    What about Jump 1 trade ins?

    • Danial

      So there is nothing for us, because you have EIP, you can’t do anything with that phone and if you want to get JUMP on Demand, you have to pay that phone in full and then get the JUMP on Demand.
      But basically for anyone that has a phone (not us), it’s better to sell that phone separately and make more money out of it instead of trade in it for the lowest price, because if you calculate the amount you can sell and iPhone 6 for at least $350 and if you trade that to get lowest price, it only give you $15 discount and if you multiply that by 12 month (the time at least you want to change your phone to get new iPhone) you just saved $180, that’s almost $70 less.
      It would make sense if you want to keep that phone for something close to 18 month (the plan that they have) but not less than that.

    • Hiro

      You can trade it in, and if you have a balance after the trade in value provided for your EIP, yo can either pay it off or continue making payments. I just switched 3 of my plans JUMP (one J1, two J2) to the new JOD during preorder and those were the two options.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Payments payments payments!

  • Hiro

    $5/month, that’s $90 for the 18 months. Buyout at the end of $164 brings the total to $254… Unheard of without contract for an iPhone.

    Sooooo… That’s pretty much a no brainer most anyone. Even for me, with $170 left over after trade in of my phone for my EIP balance, that would bring my total for ownership to about $424… Still less than Id pay under the original JOD offer while selling my phone. Hot damn.

    • Charles E. Cheese

      But that’s for 16gb & who really wants one of those so add in at least $100 more for the 64gb

      • Adam

        I expect it will be $82 more, but am still waiting for the official statement from T-Mobile.

  • Jason

    Oh by the way, some of you might have forgotten. If youre sad you cant get this deal because you already have a Jump on Demand active with an iPhone 6, you guys get a special $15 a month lease rate if you trade it for the 6s.

  • nutmac

    More complexity. Does anyone have a list of this so called “almost any other phones”? I am glad T-Mobile is being generous, especially upfront credit for existing jumpers, but they need to be more specific and clear.

    • Ryan G-S

      The qualifications for “almost any other phone” and a confirmed buyout price at the end seem to be the two big unknowns right now, at least for me.

  • Steve Griffin

    We need more Windows Phones. I’m tired of everything surrounding IPhones and Samsung. I hate both OS’s. One you can’t take the back off and the other, well had a bad experience with their customer service and won’t buy any Samsung product again. Microsoft needs to get on the ball and so does HTC. If BLU come out with a decent WP I would go down that road. Just venting.

    • Jason

      WP has a sub 5% marketshare. It is for all intents and purposes dead in the market. You cant expect huge inventory on something with marketshare that low.

      • Steve Griffin

        Things can grow just like T-Mo. The OS is the best design for a smartphone hands down. People either don’t care or they have to have what someone else has. Monkey

    • williejackbrainer

      It would be bad investment on a product that does not move units.

    • nutmac

      October 6 is Microsoft’s “Windows 10 devices” event, so it would be premature for T-Mobile to steal Microsoft’s thunder.

      Having said that, the team was drastically downsized this year and morale’s all time low. So I wouldn’t expect miracles beyond this year.

    • Windows advocate predicts that Windows Phone has about two years of life left.


  • YABD

    What about LG G3?

    • FlyinUte

      LG G3 is on the approved trade-in list.

  • Dee28

    I called T-Mobile to get this and they stated I had to cancel my current preorder (which has tracking info) and start the process over….not happening. T-mobile reps are clueless and should really have some training before these launches and promotions. John Legere seems to be the only one who knows whats going on, however he doesn’t work in the call center, they do.

    • nutmac

      To be fair, they have gazillion promos. T-Mobile needs to unify and simply promos and publish more detailed FAQ.

      • Dee28

        I agree. This promo, however, should have been created and announced PRIOR to the iPhone pre-orders bc all it’s doing is causing more headache for everyone who chose to pre-order.

        Most people pre-order for less of a headache on launch day, this is just causing bigger issues and more phone calls that shouldn’t be necessary :)

        • Adam

          After Sprint announced their $15 iPhone forever promo, T-Mobile scrambled to come up with something better. There was not enought time for a proper promo execution.

        • Joe43

          I think everyone should look at the fine print on their EIP. I bet you will be paying for the phone at the full price and the way they get you to $5 is through credits. Meaning if you jump before 18 months you have to pay out the full value of the contract and they stole your phone. You are not getting full value for your phone up front.

    • Santiago Vo

      Just go to my.tmobile.com and do trade-in from there. You don’t need to cancel anything.

    • cellularcrazy09

      I went into the store and they said once I receive my phone to come back into the store and they will change it to the current promotion. My rep said not to cancel anything because it would cause to many issues in the system, but to change it later after you get the phone. Hope this is correct…

      • Dee28

        Definitely gonna try that or calling this weekend, thanks. Hopefully they’ll have enough practice and know what they’re doing by the time I reach out again.

  • Mike Palomba

    This makes me wish I would’ve waited before pre ordering the 6s.

    • Jason

      You still qualify. They announced that yesterday.

      • Mike Palomba

        How? In already sold my 6 to buy the 6s and my preorder has already shipped

  • Seth N.

    Is this deal for new customers only or can current TM Customers get the deal?

    • Jason

      If you have a paid off phone, you can do it as a current subscriber.

  • Charles E. Cheese

    You must really hate your 1 month old $780 Note 5 64gb to hand it over for this iPhone Promo. You are handing over a $780 phone & you end up with a $650 iPhone 16gb costing you total out of pocket of $1034. So it cost you an additional $384 to try the Note 5 for one month.

    Any Note 5 owners going to go for this sweet deal?

  • Hector Arteaga

    Incredible promos! But dang! Too many at once. Complicated.

  • ReallyCuttingDownTheTradeIns

    I noticed they really limited the tradeins, removing “Almost any phone” and replacing it with “other phone*” and a really short list of not so old phones. No trading in any clunkers. See details at


  • jj

    Do you still have to pay $10 jump fee on top of those prices?

  • Richard Roma

    TMO reps don’t seem to understand any of these promotions.

    • TMO rep

      We found out the same time as you. We have time to read the article like you do. That’s about it. Reps will have it down by the time the phone actually launches.

  • KingCobra

    Looks like a good deal if you’re trading in a 16GB iPhone 6. For higher capacity models and the 6 Plus, you’re much better off selling them elsewhere.

  • Charles E. Cheese.

    With Trade In to Carriers you get hosed with any thing more than base 16gb. For every extra $100 you spent you only get back $10 in Trade in Amount. So If You spent an extra $300 to buy a 128gb Iphone 6 Plus, you will only get back an extra $30 in Trade over a base iphone 6 16gb. If Trade in for Iphone 6 16gb is $350, you will only get $380 for that $300 more expensive 128gb Iphone 6 Plus.

  • Tad

    Doesn’t the Apple Watch Sport retail for $349 and $399, for the 38mm and 42mm respectively? The installments mentioned in the above “special limited time” pricing just add up to the full retail price. Where is the special pricing?

    • Charles E. Cheese

      Maybe the special pricing is that you can put on 24 zero interest installment plan vs paying full retail price upfront?

  • Legacy

    I have a Note 4 and iPhone 6 on Jump V2 for 9 months. What’s the best way to transfer this? PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Sales Rep

      Jump to a cheap phone and pay it off. Customer care is offering a $60 bill credit to switch from jump to jod. Max you’ll pay is $40 if the $60 flip phone is out of stock. You won’t get the $5 per month, but you’ll get $20 or $15 if you find something else that qualifies as a trade in.

      • Sammaad Shams

        Can you please give little more detail on this $60 credit. I have jump 2.0 and just made my 12th payment. How do I go about switching to jump on demand and getting this $60 credit? Will appreciate your help and time.

        • atown7475

          You have to pay off your open EIP (balance on existing device), but care will give you a credit of $60 towards the payoff amount

        • drjo123

          I asked customer care

        • drjo123

          I asked customer care and they had no ideas regarding the $60.00 credit. I had them ask their supervisor, and still no luck. Any advice on this?

        • JayMo86

          It’s called a “Goodwill” Credit. If you’ve had JUMP2 for at least 6 months then you qualify. It’s basically $10 per month for each month that you’ve had JUMP. Max is 6 months, there lies the $60.

        • drjo123

          I actually have the original JUMP. Do you know if the “Goodwill” credit exists for JUMP1?

      • Sammaad Shams

        Can you please give some more information on this $60 credit? I just paid my 12 installment and eligible for jump upgrade. How do I move to JOD and get this $60 credit? Thanks.

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Are you supposed to have qualifying credit?

  • Android_God

    Isn’t this the kind of confusing stuff John slams the other carriers for doing?

    • AJ2

      EXACTLY. Tmobile pricing has gotten more confusing than others. All I know is 5gb of ATT LTE on Straight Talk is $45 and no fees while Tmobile is $50 plus fees for 1gb ofof LTE. All these payment plans and promotions have more fine print than a credit card agreement. Its becoming a hugeturnoff. Even their alleged lifetime guarantee has so many exclusions that you’ll end up with a brick as a phone if its not an iPhone. And you can bet they’ll have a big promotion on Black Friday

  • No Iphone for Me

    Tweeted with T-Force Jumping from Note 5 to Iphone 6S is not a good deal at all.
    You either have to Pay off the Note 5 In Full first to get the $5/$9 promo price. So you just lost $400 upfront for using Note 5 for 1 month. Or you can JUMP to the 6s or S6s plus for the Full Monthly price of $27/$31. And if you already put down $99 for Note 5 64gb you would have to put down again another $99 down payment if you want same 64gb memory for the iphone 6s/6s plus..

    So if you JOD from Note 5 to Iphone 6s series you must pay the FULL JOD rate you do not get the $20/24 No Trade In Promo rate.

    • CC

      Not true, T-MO will take care of the rest. You do not have to pay off the balance when doing a JOD TO JOD device.

      • No Iphone for Me

        That not w hat I said I said if doing JOD to JOD and you already put down $99 for the 64gb Note 5 you have to put down another $99 for the 64gb Iphone 6 Plus and your new Monthly rate is the regular Full Price $30 JOD rate you do not get any of the PROMO rates. so even the Limited Time $23 rate with no trade in is OFF Limits.

        The Other option is the Stupid one which s buyout the phone in full & then Trade in take the $5 rate

        • No Iphone for Me

          Ok do another T-Force rep tweeted me & let me know that you do in fact get the $99 down $23/mo rate & that the other rep was wrong about having to pay the full $30/mo rate

        • Santiago Vo

          He was not wrong. You will be paying 30/mo, but they will credit you $7. You will pay taxes on 30, however.

    • JayMo86

      I’m assuming they’re enticing you to trade in a note 5 from another carrier, in which they still offer ETF and Phone reimbursements for.

    • AJ2

      Tmobile is out to make a profit, not be your friend. Now that they’ve gotten more customers, they’re acting more & more like Comcast in terms of service

  • john

    i have galaxy s3, LG L90 and HTC ONE M7. can I trade these for $5 iphone 6s plus? Or it has to be one of the newer models? Thanks

    • ThePhantom

      They allege that “almost any smartphone” would qualify you for the $15/$19 payment, but T-Mo (via Twitter) is claiming that “almost any smartphone” is the very short list in the press release: ‘ iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC M8 and Motorola Droid Turbo’ . That hardly qualifies as “almost any smartphone” — pfft…

  • 21stNow

    So if I trade in an iPhone 6 Plus that I own from another carrier, I can get an iPhone 6 Plus 16GB for a total cost over 18 months of $372? Am I reading this correctly?

    • Adam

      $500 (opportunity cost of not selling old iPhone on eBay) + 9*18 lease payments + 192 residual = $854

      • 21stNow

        I redid the math and come up with $344. The opportunity cost is irrelevant because I wouldn’t sell my phone on ebay in any situation.

      • JayMo86

        why would you add opportunity cost for a product you plan on trading in? I haven’t come across an accounting book that practices that….

        • Adam

          If you trade in your phone, you give up the opportunity to sell it yourself. An example you might be more familiar with is if you buy a CD, you give up the opportunity to buy stocks.

          I would be fine with an opportunity cost of $230, since taking the opportunity to sell the old phone directly results in a lease increase of $270. What doesn’t make sense is pricing the decision to trade in a phone based on $0 opportunity cost.

        • JayMo86

          That all makes sense, but if you’re going factor in the sale of the device on eBay you have to factor in the discount you’re getting for trading in the device. Remember, the regular cost per month on the new device is $27/mos. Include all aspects of the decision

  • Moises Lugo

    Just got of the phone with customer service and they said preorder customer does not qualify for the promotional pricing. I’m not taking a chance I’m refusing the shipment tomorrow and order again in the future

    • DDdddddd

      You’re gonna refuse shipment because of one rep who’s clearly uninformed? John Legere specifically said if you preordered with a trade in, you’ll qualify.

      • Moises Lugo

        I’m not taking a chance I can always wait for the next available batch besides I got a feeling they have plenty of supply left. I order my phone Sunday 9/20 and got confirmation for Friday’s delivery.

        • AJ2

          Tweet Legere… And always get employee ID #. Tmobile customer service really us terribly inconsistent. They seem to be poorly trained on their own pokiciespolicies. You can speak to 3 reps & get 3 totally different & contradictory answers

  • Banks

    Post needs to be updated.. They changed the graphic from almost any smartphone to “other phone*”.. Any phone with a trade in value of atleast $164.

    • ThePhantom

      They sure did! I’ve been informed that this promotion really doesn’t start until tomorrow, so anticipate further tweaks, like limitations on any(*) phone.

      Either marketing needs to talk with their CS reps, or they need to better think out these offers. Moving the goalposts around while you’re playing the game isn’t cool.

    • Santiago Vo

      If they remove “any phone” trade in option, this “promo” will become no deal at all. Anybody who owns one of the recent iPhones can get a better deal elsewhere by selling it. T-Mobile becomes a car dealership…

    • Verizonthunder

      Same here my LG g 4 does not qualify for the promotion.

      • ThePhantom

        That’s ok, I actually have a “qualifying” phone (Galaxy S3, believe it or not) and they still shot me down.

        Will try again tomorrow, once the promotion is active. I’m hoping that it will be similar to the $200 Blackberry deal last year, or like the JOD iPhone 6 trade in from June. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be…

        • AJ2

          You just need to reach 1 rep who will do it. Tmobile seems to be turning more & more to the poor service carrier I left.

    • AJ2

      No way a Nexus 5 holds that much value unless sold privately

  • Gary70

    “Almost Any Other Phone” is restricted to iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC M8 and Motorola Droid Turbo

    • ThePhantom

      I tried and failed with a Galaxy S3 (on that list).

      T-Mobile’s “promotions” are like attempting to win a carnival game. Sad…

      • AJ2

        Their promotions and constantly changing plans & announcements are destroying any Uncarrier branding. They’ve shaken up the industry but they’ve also made things more confusing. (and expensive for individual users)… And even Apple lovers can’t believe they still released a 16gb device. I’m sure it’ll be big news when the iPhone 7 basic unit comes in 32gb but by then, most will have gotten used to paying an extra 100 for the 64gb. Meanwhile, many promos are only for the 16 version. And Apple continues to laugh as they charge a monthly fee for iCloud… At least use Google Photos & Music if you want to back pictures and mp3 for

  • Jose Rojo

    I’m being told to pay at full price. No EIP for the Apple watch. Any thoughts?

    • JohnM

      Similar here; Called 611 on Saturday and was told only full price over the phone. Went to T-Mo store in San Francisco and was told EIP for only in-stock models. Full price if you want a color like the Sport Aluminum Gold with Midnight Blue band.

      Guessing stock will be much better in coming weeks since they had 1 38mm White Band Sport model and that’s it.

  • Benji

    I am a little bit confusing. So basically, if i trade in my iphone 6 64gb, then i will get an iphone 6s 64gb for $4/month for 18 months + $99 up front right? What happen after 18 months? Can I still keep the iphone 6s or I have to pay at full price to keep it? Thanks!

    • Adam

      You can pay $182 as a final payment or return/trade the phone at the end of the 18 months. I’m not sure if you get anything extra for having a non-base 6.

      • (J²)

        Yep, it’s the same. Upfront cost (if applicable), installments and buy out price are suppose to be the same. The only variables are promotions and taxes.

    • ConceptVBS

      They are moving from a pay as you go (equity) method to a full on lease program.

      • the2000guy

        Exactly, thanks.

    • the2000guy

      After 18 moths you decide whether to keep the phone or switch to another one. If you decide to keep the phone then you have to pay the reminder of the phone. For example. Lets say you trade your iphone 6 16GB. They will give $325 for it. Paying $5 per month for 18 months thats 5 x18=90. Then, 325+90 =415. $649- 415 =$234. So after 18 months if you want to keep the iphone 6s that you selected you will have to pay the remainder of the cost of the phone which is $234 as I explained here. The Tmobile representative clarified me that.

      • talha shakeel

        no one knows anything unless you actually buy it i did this jump on demand offer with no trade in for a 64gb 6s plus and it came out to $31 a month and $100 upfront the thing is i will actually pay between $24-$25 monthly because t mobile will credit your account for $7 monthly for 18 months time and if choose to keep the phone you will have to pay $210 not the difference i have this in writing on my agreement so in total i would have payed 760 for the phone which is 90 less then the actual price

    • (J²)

      I think the payment due upon buying the phone in full is questionable.
      Lets not forget, if there were no active promotions JOD for the iPhone
      6s would be $27/month plus tax. T-Mobile is currently giving all
      customers $7 bill credit. So by trading in your device for the $5/month
      you are taking advantage of two promotions.

      I have my contract
      (which does not reflect any promotion). iPhone 6s 64GB was $107 upfront.
      $27/month for 18 months. That is roughly $609 after 18 months. My
      buyout option is $182. The grant total is $791 but T-Mobile is giving me
      $126 in credits. So really, I’m only paying $665.

      The only
      variables are promotions and taxes but the upfront cost and buyout costs
      are going to be roughly the same. In other words, your buy out cost
      will likely be the same.

  • AJ2

    Isn’t JOD designed to change phones up to 3 times? That wouldn’t apply to an iPhone. Tmobile keeps confusing me. They got rid of test drive, which we were going to use to test the network, and it’s plans are getting more complicated and confusing with a lot of options and even more conditions & asterisks

    • (J²)

      Test Drive has been expanded. Basically, the rules remain the same. T-Mobile will give you an iPhone 6s to test the services, refund you if you are unsatisfied and let you keep the device and continue to make installments.

      Basically, this merges the Test Drive Program, Extended LTE – Coverage Guarantee Movement and Return Policy all in one.

      It’s more confusing because there are more options available for customers wanting to give T-Mobile a try.

  • munutd7

    when does this promotion end? samsung is launching a new promo where they pay your monthly payments until 2016 (so basically 3 months). Could I just JoD a note5/s6+ and then trade it in at the end of December for the iphone $5 promo?

    • (J²)

      There’s no rules saying you can’t, at least not yet. That assumes the $5 promo is still around come December. T-Mobile does not run these types of programs very long. I expect everything to change in a month ahead of Black Friday.

  • Neppoy

    Looking at the chart Into Jump on Demand 6S 64gig with a trade in Iphone 5 monthly lease is $14 and upfront $99.99, but when I got to the store they said It’s $15/mo. not $14 and after the 18 month lease the pay off will be $182, they also said that the chart is wrong. Why would they put up a chart that has a wrong info?

  • Isaac Aguilar

    Thank you for this post!! I gave up on getting the Apple Watch with a installment plan. I chatted with a representative.. that person said the watch was not available for installment plans and it was available at any T-Mobile store. I called my local corporate store and they said they weren’t getting any. I could try calling other stores. I insisted on researching.. insisting they had to have the watch with installment plan. Thankfully Google brought me here.. I’m so glad. I will be calling the 3 stores around to see if they have the watch that I want! Thanks again!!!!

    • Isaac Aguilar

      Btw.. I tried searching within T-Mobile’s website and couldn’t find anything..! Smh

  • David Lobato

    Just trying to find out if the iPhone 6S $5 offer is available for current Jump-on-Demand customers who are already paying $15 for an iPhone 6

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