T-Mobile outspent other three major US carriers on TV advertising in July


After outperforming the other three major US carriers in customer care and network speed, T-Mobile has managed to beat out AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in one more area.

A new report from FierceWireless and iSpot.tv has revealed that T-Mobile spent more on television advertising than AT&T, Verizon, Sprint in the month of July. Of the $183.4 million spent on TV ads in July, T-Mobile was responsible for 23.2 percent or $42.5 million, which it spent on 12 different ads that were shown 6,000 times. AT&T came in second place with $38.9 million, Verizon was in third with $36.3 million, and Sprint was in fourth with $24.8 million.

Looking at single ads, Verizon spent the most by dropping $21.4 million on its geese ad. T-Mobile came in third for its Mobile Without Borders ad, which it spent $14.5 million on.

T-Mobile has long been known for its advertising, whether we’re talking about Catherine Zeta Jones, Carly, or the more recent ads in the style of the above Mobile Without Borders commercial. T-Mobile’s latest advertising efforts have done a nice job of catering to the young’uns and the hip crowd with lots of magenta, black, and white, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Joel McHale, and pop art stylings. It’s these ads, along with Un-carrier moves and an “f-bomb dropping, maverick CEO” that have helped to catapult T-Mobile to the number three carrier in the US.

So! Now that we’re on the subject of advertising, which T-Mobile ads have you enjoyed? I think this CZJ ad is good for a laugh.

Source: FierceWireless

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