Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive lets iPhone users try a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+


Last year, T-Mobile launched its Test Drive that allowed anyone to try out the Magenta network with an iPhone 5s for 7 days. Now Samsung has launched a similar test drive promotion of its own.

Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive promotion is now live, letting iPhone owners try out a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, or Galaxy S6 edge for 30 days. When you sign up for the promo — which you must do from an iPhone — you choose your carrier and the device that you’d like to use for your test drive.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, it looks like the T-Mobile versions all three devices are currently unavailable, as are the devices for the other three major carriers.

Once you are able to test drive a Galaxy, there’s a bit of fine print to be aware of. First up, Samsung will charge your credit card $1 for the trial. That’s because if you end up not returning the phone, Samsung will charge you the full cost of the unit, which will set you back up to $820. Samsung also says that if you return a device with a cracked screen, water damage, or major scratches, it’ll charge you $100.

Samsung’s new phones appear to be getting praised in early reviews, but it can still be difficult to determine if they’re right for you, whether it’s the S6 edge+’s dual curved edge display or the Note 5’s S Pen. And while stores do offer demo units, that can’t really compare to actually living with a phone for 30 days. So if you’re interested in a Note 5, S6 edge+, or S6 edge, keep an eye on this Ultimate Test Drive promo.

Source: Samsung

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  • Adrayven

    It might get a few iPhone users.. but unless they were already looking to make the move, it’s not likely to catch that many.

    • eanfoso

      Not just that, but it’s not even advertised on tv

    • yvonnelmcmurray

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  • Benben

    If you go to you won’t find any phone to buy only this garbage note 5 and 6+ where is the note edge the white note 4?

  • Mike Palomba

    I tried to get one to test drive but the only one available was the note 5 on Verizon. That was disappointing because I want to test drive the s6 on T-Mobile. Maybe more will be available soon

    • Seabass

      You can pick any carrier, Samsung provides a SIM card and a separate data plan free of charge.

      But you would be able to use a T-Mobile SIM with a Verizon phone since all Verizon phones are unlocked now.

    • patt

      verizon phones work on tmobile

      • Mike Palomba

        I know that but I was looking for an s6 edge and there are none left

  • VG

    For people who don’t have Band 12 phones, this might be a nice way of trying out the coverage. Don’t know why T-Mobile still uses the iPhone 5s for their Test Drive since it doesn’t support Band 12; they would lure some more customers over to T-Mobile if they used an updated phone.

  • AxelCloris

    I like to play around with Android phones, but I’ve never been converted by one of their devices. I’m willing to spend a month with the S6 Edge, though I’d prefer to do the same with the upcoming Z5 Compact.

  • Seabass

    I was gonna sign up for this, but there is NOTHING available for any of the carriers! Even a few hours ago, the S6 Edge was the only device available.

  • besweeet

    Nothing available still.

  • eanfoso

    Dang Sammy falling to a point where it goes after ios users? New way to increase market share

    • GersonT1000

      They’re not falling to a point, they’re just trying to get people to see how good their phones are. When T-Mobile did this with the iPhone test drive, I bet you didn’t say they were falling to a point. Nonetheless, I still see Samsung losing a lot of sales because of their insistence to remove features that Android fans have loved on their phones, and are seemingly trying to copy Apple’s business (non-expandable storage, fragile glass build, non-removable battery, looks over functionality). Unfortunately for them, Android is full of choices and they WILL lose a lot of business.

      • eanfoso

        Lol not an apple fan, but t mobile chose to do the test drive with an iPhone because they know how the market share is I this country, I can careless about either of them so there’s that.

  • superg05

    im sure the iphone test drive had stipulations like you can’t test drive any other device’s sorry it’s just how apple deals works

  • matt

    i sent in my order for the trial deal. i haven’t gotten an email back yet.
    i don’t like how samsung is not saying up front how many minutes and messages and data you get. i looked and looked and all i could find is something in a setup guide that told you to set call forwarding on your iPhone to forward it to the samsung

    • Derrick

      I also was able to the note 5 but the only think I got from Samsung was a receipt email. But what I did notice is that the $1 came out of my account on Saturday. So I’m going to assume I will get a email later tonight or tomorrow.

  • Hector Hidalgo

    I never understood if the best features for samsung was removed like SD storage and removable battery why would you go for an iPhone if is the same shit and to be clear thoes are not samsung best features apple fans. I love my 2k screen 4k recording 5 megepixls front camera ultra saving mode curve screen with better notification and customization. Apple fan still be watching videos on 720p still 720p recording weak ass aluminum that’s the reason why iphone 7 is made of a stronger aluminum and restricted

    • Spanky

      Weak ass aluminum as opposed to strong ass glass, correct? As far as the 2K screen is concerned, I suppose you can see the difference on a ~5″ phone display, right?

      Spoken like a true fandroid!

      • Hector Hidalgo

        Well take a look at the YouTube videos how iphone are the first to Crack when being drop but you won’t take ur time to look at those videos because your a apple fan.

    • Cannon

      iPhone 7? Are you from the future?

  • Deihmos

    I just got the iPhone yesterday using the jump on demand. Pretty good deal if you ask me and I think IOS is so much better than Android but the price was an issue.

    • Melissa Cardenas

      and im the other way around got rid of my iphone 6 to get a edge + and i think android is better than IOS ,N yes price was also an issue on the edge plus .