Samsung Gear S2 features round display and rotating bezel, launching at T-Mobile this fall


Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch is officially here, and it’s coming to T-Mobile.

The Gear S2 is a round smartwatch with a 1.2-inch 320×320 Super AMOLED display. Samsung has utilized the round display to introduce a rotating bezel that the company says will enable “quicker, more precise” movement throughout the Tizen OS. There are also Home and Back buttons on the side of the unit.

In terms of specs, the Gear S2 is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 250mAh battery. Also included is 4GB of storage, NFC, a bevy of other sensors, and wireless charging. Samsung says that the Gear S2’s body measures 11.4mm thick and is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.


Moving on to the design of the Gear S2, Samsung plans to sell two versions of its new wearable: The standard Gear S2 will have a smooth, modern face, while the Gear S2 Classic will have a ridged case that makes it look a bit more rugged.

Samsung also plans to offer a 3G version of the Gear S2 that’ll be slightly thicker at 13.4mm and offer a bigger 300mAh battery. And that’s where T-Mobile comes in. Magenta will begin selling the Gear S2 this fall, and while there’s no word yet on pricing, T-Mo will let you add the device to your phone plan for an additional $5 per month. That’ll include unlimited talk and text, 500MB of high-speed data, and unlimited music streaming.

The Gear S2 looks like the best-designed smartwatch that Samsung has introduced to date. What will be interesting is seeing how the rotating bezel works for navigating throughout Tizen. Most smartwatches rely on tapping and swiping to get through their OS, so I’m looking forward to finding out if using this rotating bezel is actually faster than just tapping the screen with a finger.

What do you think of the Samsung Gear S2? Are you thinking about picking one up when it hits T-Mobile’s shelves later this year?

Sources: Samsung, @TMobile

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  • Michael Yen

    I cannot wait

  • Btbcc12859

    I understood the need for Tizen, but Google fixed any concerns. Not sure why Samsung doesn’t offer a Android watch

    • steveb944

      They like doing their own thing, having some sort of imaginary control over a product.

      They would fully Tizen their Galaxy line if they could to drop the dependence on Android.

    • Rod

      The do. It’s the Galaxy Gear Live. The lone exception to the hordes of tizen watches.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Band 12? :P

    • Rod

      It’s 3G/4G not LTE

      • Fabian Cortez

        Yes. That was just a bad joke.

  • steveb944

    Considering that today it was announced that Wear supports BOTH iOS and Android, Tizen is in the dust.

    • Rod

      Considering the fact that these watches have never worked with anything other than galaxy devices, that’s a very moot point.

  • no2apple

    Love my Samsung Edge+ but this Tizen can go to hell..

  • Jessica

    Keyboard? I currently own the gear s and love it. Would like to jump to this but if there is no keyboard that would be a deal breaker for me unfortunately

    • besweeet

      Keyboards on smartwatches exist? :/

      • Jessica

        On the gear s yes. I think it’s the only one that has it. I’m afraid they are removing it on the gear s 2 though

        • Angel Nieves

          They’re having a keyboard, including the T9 keyboard from back in the days.

    • Matt Lucas

      its the 0-9 keyboard that we all had in ’07.

  • Phone Guy

    Will the T-Mobile derivate for $5 per month with Talk and Text and an e-sim have its own number or will it share your number? If I go into the gym with just my watch (with free unlimited music streaming) and a call comes in, are calls forwarded, or shared by one/ two numbers, etc? Who wants a totally second phone number for their watch? Confused!!

    Oh, and I don’t care that it is the Tz operating system. As long as the main apps work. I have had three smart watches and learned that I just want the basics like text reply, time, what’s app and one or two more things. If the Tzienne system handles the basics, then sounds good to me as we will all be updating to the the latest and greatest a year later.

    • Rod

      What happens depends on how you have it set up. With the orginal gear S,since the watch has its own number, it uses conditional call forwarding. You could stream music to the watch, but spotify/Pandora don’t have tinzen apps.

    • Sebastian

      That good for if you loose phones at like at the gym, movie theather, jogging or biking, store run …etc. if you leave you phone at home doing things like that can have it on your wrist alway can be in touch it if is something important .i want one lol

    • Matt Lucas

      Talked to a rep today. Apparently, the watch does of course get its own phone number, but it also will switch after being connected by bluetooth to being connected by data if it is out of range. So leaving your phone at home while you are at the gym and someone calls your phone, your watch will get the phone call and you can answer it just like they were calling you and you had your phone on you. Pretty cool!

      This means you can make your phone number on your watch a secret phone number, or a backup phone number.

  • I’m going to skip Gear S2. Yes, it has superior hardware to the competitors as always. But there has been 0 proprietary software from Samsung that is:

    1. Not buggy
    2. Not destroy battery life
    3. Not destroy performance

    It’s like they care about the list of gimmick features and first impression than an actual refined product as a whole.

  • Android_God

    Does anyone know if this will come with a stylus?

    • D_Wall__

      Seriously? lol

      • GinaDee

        ***waiting for the guy to ask if this has a removable battery and SD card slot or else!!!!”

        • Charmed79

          Well, if people are willing to pay for it, why not?? just because you may not like those features, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t lol

  • 21stNow

    I’m looking for a square Android smartwatch with NFC. This isn’t piquing my interest right now.

    • Matt Lucas

      unfortunately, sony smartwatch 3 had the NFC but decided to not use it :/ this will have samsung pay though! and presumably android pay also.

  • mreveryphone

    Very nice! My gear s gets 2 days of usage time so I believe the s2 should do better. I’m looking forward to the menu’s and the rotating bezel. I just hope they keep the keyboard so I can continue to reply to text from my watch. Wireless charging is a nice touch. Their charging cradle is way to fragile.

  • Phone Guy

    Will this gear S2 Classic (with the beveled edges and black band) have the sim card slot as well, or just the plain more modern looking gear S2 when it launches at T-Mobile?

  • Michael Yen

    Samsung gear s2 classic, take my money please

  • s10shane

    Does this watch still only work with samsung devices?

    • Angel Nieves

      It works with all Android phones with 4.4 and higher.

  • Kai Boogie

    Tizen….. *thumbs down*

  • Barry Carothers

    only if its $299. otherwise moto 360.

  • Patrick Dodd

    I am still curious on if the S2 Classic would still allow for Bluetooth Phone Calls or not, Although i highly doubt it, but i don’t need a new phone number to have a smartwatch i would rather it be through my phone that i have on me 24/7 just gets easier when i don’t have to fumble in my pocket to get my phone while in a crowd.

    • Matt Lucas

      I talked to some reps today, I think I can answer your questions.. When you get a phone call, you get the choice between answering it with your phone or your watch.

      And as for the new phone number, yes you get a new phone number, but you also get the watch synced to your phone. If you separate bluetooth-distance away, the watch switches to connecting to your phone via data. So if someone called you on your phone while you are away from your phone jogging or something, the phone call would still go to your wrist.

  • Pun

    do we get both bluetooth and 3g version? I have no interest for the 3g
    would love the s2 classic