Samsung Galaxy S4 getting an update with Stagefright patch


Looks like the LG G4 isn’t the only T-Mobile device getting an update today.

T-Mobile says that its version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting an update starting today, August 31. The update bumps the S4 to baseband M919UVUFOH3 and includes a patch for the Stagefright vulnerability.

This update weighs in at a paltry 15.37MB, but the fix that it includes is a biggie, so any of you that might still be rocking a Galaxy S4 should try to grab it as soon as possible. To check for the update, head into Settings > More > About device > Software update.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Bob

    Might still be rocking the s4? There are quite a few of us that still have this phone. A lot of folks can’t afford to buy a new 500 or 600 dollar phone every year.

    • ssjchaseutley

      Any phone that does more than what the S4 does just seems pointless to purchase in my eyes. Being broke also helps.

      • xmiro

        meh I can afford a brand new phone, I just don’t see the point of upgrading unless I decide I really want a bigger screen other than that there’s not much of a reason to give up my S4, I already have CM 12.1 running on it

    • Trevnerdio

      What about every 2 years? I believe it’s 28 or 29 months old at this point. Long time for modern technology.

      • xmiro

        Those of us on the Galaxy S4, what technology are we missing exactly?

        • Trevnerdio

          More RAM, faster processor, higher resolution screen, higher resolution camera on both sides, as well as more options, more screen real estate, better chance of manufacturer-supported updates, leaner Touchwiz (That’s a big one), fingerprint scanner that doesn’t require you to roll your finger across the button (if we’re talking about the S6, which frankly, I’m not too big a fan of), and a smart remote.

        • xmiro

          Not very compelling reasons to upgrade as phones have reached peak performance anyway, and please don’t point me to artificial benchmarks.

          Except fingerprint there is literally nothing a GS4 can’t do that a S6 can’t.

          – The S6 screen is 5.1 inch vs 4.99 inch for the Galaxy S4. Hardly any more real estate

          – Resolution – the S4 has 440 dpi, the S6 has 577 dpi, the Note 5 has 518 dpi, You can hardly see the difference in screen resolution, most people’s eyesight is not that good and besides, most people still don’t know when they’re even watching HD.

          – OS Updates is definitely not a reason. Samsung and the rest of the Android manufacturers have created an artificial need to buy a new phone. Apple updates their phones for what, 3 years?

          – Leaner Touchwiz also not a reason, goes back to Samsung and updating etc

          – RAM mute too, the iPhone is just now getting 2GB of ram allegedly, with a 1GB or ram it runs perfect. I’m a power user, and have ~185 apps installed, 2GB RAM on the S4 and still have around 200-400MB free.

          – Sorry, smart remote? Come on…

          – Fingerprint scanner hardly a reason to plunk $700 on a phone, that’s like spending $3000 on a package for my Lexus for heads up display

        • Trevnerdio

          Didn’t even mention artificial benchmarks. Those are real. My G4 blows any Samsung device I’ve had out of the water. And I’ve had them all since the S II.

          You asked what technology you were missing, not what was worthwhile. Maybe don’t be so arrogant when arguing a point next time, huh?

        • blokeinusa

          You don’t upgrade your car every year do you? Much less every two?

        • Trevnerdio

          Car /=/ phone in any way. The price difference there is astounding.

  • ssjchaseutley


    • ip247365

      thank you!

  • gmo8492

    If you’re still stuck with lagwiz I feel sorry for you. Every person I know with an S4 has unlocked the bootloader, rooted, and flashed a custom ROM already. All security patches are included with each release.

  • Bob

    I was hoping for the lollipop update for the S4 that every other carrier and carriers in other nations seems to have released already. I’d just like some kind of honest response from T Mobile. Doesn’t seem like the reason would be because it’s not good because all the others have it.

    • Unit333

      I have it from VZW, and don’t really care for it. Changed the whole look of the phone. Don’t be in a hurry. Wish I could go back.

  • EAS

    Umm….why has the s6 not received this patch yet??
    Also, what about advanced messaging? Is that coming soon?

  • EOS

    T-Mobile needs to enable voLTE for BYOD devices for the last time. How are they listening to customers if this is number one request from their customers?

  • MacLiam222

    After this update the Stagefright Detector app on my S4 STILL shows one remaining vulnerability: CVE-2015-1539. Will there be an update to the update?

    Yeah, Lollipop. Still hoping, but with less intensity every passing day.

  • Rirruto

    God forbid we get Lollipop on this phone. My GS4 still runs great, no reason why T-Mo can’t provide it when all the carriers have.

  • Galaxy

    T-Mobile has release Lollipop for the GS4 it launched this morning. Try checking for the update.

    • ip247365

      where do you see that? my phone says it’s up to date even though it’s 4.4.4

    • Mike Grams

      You’re full of shit

  • phone145264
  • George

    I do not even understand the reason for this update. The stagefright vulnerability is still not fixed. About lollipop update for S4, it is not going to happen. T-mobile did this to S3, Note2 and now S4. I am sure the history will repeat for S5, S6 etc. Why people buy Samsung phone that too from T-mobile. Please save your money and buy any other phone from anywhere else.

  • Ron Gustafson

    I just read an article that said our T-Mobile S4’s are getting the Lollipop update (5.1.1) “very soon”. If you want to read the article go into the T-Mobile “support” section and find the S4 Lollipop update section. It will be the latest post as someone on there posted it for me (Ron G.)… The reason I’m not posting it is because I have to Leave & don’t have enough time to get back into the support section. I’ll check back in a day or so.. If you haven’t read it and it hasn’t come out yet then I’ll post it. Thanks