T-Mobile Galaxy S6, Lumia 635 available at discounted prices


If you’re on the hunt for a new T-Mobile phone, there are a couple of deals that you may want to check out.

First up, T-Mo is offering $48 off the Galaxy S6 with the code DEAL48. The deal is good online and by calling 1-877-387-4324, though it’s worth noting that the offer is only good for new customers or new lines. If you do take advantage of the promo code, you can get a 32GB Galaxy S6 for $631.92, a 64GB model for $711.99, or a capacious 128GB phone for $811.99.

If Windows is more your thing, Best Buy has the Nokia Lumia 635 for $49.99. It typically sells for $70. The 635 is available in white and includes free shipping. And while the Lumia 635 may not be the freshest Windows Phone device on the block, this is a decent deal if you’re looking for an affordable device or just want to tinker around with Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

Via: Windows Central
Sources: T-Mobile, Best Buy

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  • steven berson

    Thought Tmobile poked fun of the others guys for only offering good deals to new customers? Seems like there doing the same thing..

    • Trevnerdio

      They’re been doing this for a while now. Really don’t like it. Why can’t they offer us legacy customers the same perks? After all, we have been here longer (some of us way, way longer…)

      • MadJoe

        They do in a away, it’s just not advertised. I haven’t used it lately, but it used to be that you could ask for “loyalty dept.” or “retention dept.” when you call in, and those Service Reps were ready and willing to cut you a good deal on certain things. Last time I used it, I got $75 off the phone I wanted, and was allowed to pick said phone up at the store I was standing in front of all because I asked. They also gave me a $10 credit for 3 months simply for asking them some questions (I didn’t have an issue, I just needed to get info from someone who spoke more understandable English after struggling with a basic rep for 5 or 10 mins and finally asking them to transfer me to “loyalty dept.”).

        • Trevnerdio

          True, I’ve spoken to loyalty on several occasions, and they’re almost always helped me out. At least they have a small team dedicated to us lol

    • Mike Thaler

      Every business does that. Uber just sent me a “coupon” good for 2 free rides to get me to use them. You would want them to offer free rides to customers they already have?
      Stores send coupons to people who just moved into the neighborhood – not to everyone (except for weekly specials).

      • steven berson

        If i remember correctly John L was making fun of sprint and att for offering deals to new customers while ignoring loyal ones. No reason to be a hypocrite. But i still like t-mobile.

  • pda96

    This phone has always been $599 on Verizon. The TMO version is overpriced.

    • kiblawi2000

      Verizon phones are worth less, T-Mobile and AT&T phones, being GSM, will always be worth more than a CDMA device

      • Rod

        That’s not exactly true anymore. Most newer Verizon phones are GSM/CDMA. Verizon uses the same LTE band as T-Mobile. On top of that Verizon phones come factory simple unlocked.

        • MadJoe

          You will need to supply proof of your claim that Verizon “simple unlocks” anything. I’ve never seen/experienced anything ‘simple’, or cheap through VZW.

        • David

          any of the new 4g phones do come unlock

        • kiblawi2000

          Verizon phones have selected bands, they are not quad band or penta band GSM, and they are not an easy unlocked phone. Only the iphones and galaxy s and note are, every other Verizon phone is selective. Plus, since it’s locked and you have to jump through hoops to get it unlocked, it costs more in the long run. A full GSM (ATT or T-Mobile) phone is always valued higher, even in trade in programs and on the street.

  • jmpstar

    I like the word “capacious”!