T-Mobile suffering from widespread SMS issues


UPDATE: If you’re having SMS issues, T-Mobile also suggests switching your phone into 2G/3G-only mode to see if that alleviates your texting problem.

UPDATE 2: Several of you are reporting that you’re receiving loads of texts at once, suggesting that the problem may be resolved. There’s still no official word from T-Mobile, but things may be getting better.

UPDATE 3: T-Mobile reached out to say that customers are seeing improvements with their text messaging. How are things for you?

UPDATE 4: The latest update from T-Mobile is that the texting issue is almost completely resolved that that the impact to customers should be nearly resolved. 


Texting is a pretty important feature of any phone, and unfortunately for T-Mobile users across the country, that feature appears to be down.

Several of you have chimed in to say that T-Mobile SMS is down, and others have pinged T-Mobile’s support account on Twitter with the same issue. T-Mo says that its engineers are aware of the problem and are working to fix it, but right now there’s no ETA for a solution. T-Mobile says that it hopes to have the problem fixed “soon.”

So what do you do in the mean time? T-Mobile recommends using Wi-Fi calling for your communication needs. Wi-Fi is getting pretty widespread, but it’s no replacement for a cellular connection, so hopefully T-Mo gets this issue resolved quickly.

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  • Mindtrouble

    I can’t even call 611 from my phone.

  • TheVorlon

    Always do SMS with my GoogleVoice account.

  • Qbancelli

    Thanks God I ain’t the only one.

  • Brenden Morris

    WiFi Calling wont even work on my T-Mobile S6. hmmm.

  • TheRealStory556

    down here in Pennsylvania for texting and no wifi calling.
    thank gosh for the cell spot booster that i demanded TMO give me instead of their stupid router LMFAO. i at least can make calls

    it’s important to note this isn’t specific to TMO. if you go to Down Detector you will see that Verizon Wireless is having significant network issues related to text messaging as well

  • Yep

    Great…. Now I have to call the person to tell them I’m on my way.

  • TheRealStory556

    i typically get nightly nude selfies…does this mean i won’t receive them until the following morning?

  • Jeff Martinez

    Went down a few hours ago (Phoenix AZ) nothing yet.

  • LordDork

    Not only I can’t text but my LTE and 4G signal is all gone from the 5 phones we have. Just Edge.

  • ltnstar

    Yeah I’m in LA and not happy. Found out after complaint to my friend. But its phone calls too. 6months being a customer and not to happy.

  • Rosie

    I cant even make outgoing calls!

  • city man

    Here in NM no sms in or out won’t even work on WiFi calling

  • Derrick

    Man come on T-Mobile get it together. It seems like every few months something is going out.

  • Goliath King

    Reboot your phone and phone calls will work

  • Andre Dionne

    I know it may sound foolish, but I wonder if this has to do with them adding that extra second to the world clock a few hours ago. The timing is pretty much dead on, and I know they say it can cause issues with various types of computer equipment.

    • thepanttherlady

      Someone commented a little further down saying Verizon is also having issues, so maybe.

      • Andre Dionne

        I seem to be one of the slightly more lucky people at least. People can receive my texts, and calls work fine for me too. Just that I can’t receive texts.

        Scratch that, literally *just* received most of my texts from the last few hours or so. Seems the system is recovering and slowly trying to get all the texts delivered… lol.

        • thepanttherlady

          Same here.

    • justanormalguy13

      My phone was showing that it was July 1st during this time frame as well. I wonder if the extra second screwed up some servers somewhere.

  • Ryan

    I can’t get phone calls on my S5 “all circuits are busy…” in addition to the texting… mega bummer…

  • Jesus Enriquez

    maybe its because of that whole leap second thing?

    • thepanttherlady

      I think we’re being “de-prioritized”.

      Joking!! :)

  • TheRealStory556

    i was trying to F some pink tonight, only now big pink is F’ing me.

    thanks for nothing

  • Ryan

    On hold with a T-Mo rep and “we’re working on it…”

    Also, calls aren’t going through to 611 because they’re getting an overwhelming amount of calls.

  • notpoliticalyet

    No SMS incoming for about 3 plus hours in Orlando. This is not the first sms issue with Tmobile. I’ve had intermittent issues over the last few months. Tonight is a total outage for SMS. I did not try to make a call so I don’t know if that works or not. I forget this thing makes calls also.

    • notpoliticalyet

      With the text backup we’ll receive a text barrage soon.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Texts starting to finally trickle through

    • Andre Dionne

      Same here, started coming through about 5 minutes ago, still slowly receiving them.

  • Christopher O’Neal

    Looks like ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (AT&T and Verizon) are using the Chinese to try to keep us down. Come on John Legere – Kick some ass!!!

    • Spanky

      How’s that tinfoil hat working out for you?

  • Steve Rodriguez

    service seems to be back up. just got all my texts!

  • jennifer

    Seriously? !? They definitely need to get things together. Everyone should receive some kind of reimbursement for this. I can’t call out/ receive calls or text messages. I was on hold with t mobile for almost 2 hours and the line disconnected, I was using the house phone too..

    • Jeff Martinez

      Yeah same thing happened when i called. Hopefully your up and running soon, it seems to be working now.

    • TheRealStory556

      if you ask nicely, they will prob credit you 1 day’s worth of service…which with TMO’s already cheap plan prices means you’ll get $1-$2 back.

      considering how TMO just bought out the ETF’s from all 4 of my Verizon lines (4x$350), i’m not going to harass them for another dollar

      • Myles Douglas

        Wow all 4 lines at $350 a pop is nice. Saved a fortune

    • Myles Douglas

      Try getting on EDGE because there tend to be less devices on it now

    • Evan Lam

      The issues from yesterday were because of the extra “leap” second that was added. People on all the US carriers experienced issues because of this yesterday. However, any problems that have occurred prior to yesterday are unrelated

  • KickRocks84

    Funny how I didn’t have this problem today..and my provider is T-Mobile…Maybe yopu guys have sucky T-Mobile phones…lol

    • Myles Douglas

      Different areas

  • Myles Douglas

    Not going to complain because T-Mobile’s data counter is seriously inaccurate. I’m at 7GB and my account says 1.8 GB.

    • alphanu22

      your phones data usage display is different from what your TMob Account says. Usually on the phone you can change the days you want to see the usage. Also TMob wont display WiFi usage. but your phone will. I would trust what your TMob Account displays about your Data.

      • Myles Douglas

        Obviously T-Mobile won’t display WiFi usuage. Obviously I’m talking about my mobile data usage. I’m gonna put it as this considering you didn’t take the time to even look at my profile picture to even think to say that I know what I’m talking about here.

        • alphanu22


      • SirStephenH

        Android only shows cellular usage…

        T-Mobile will show everything but Music Freedom, the T-Mobile app, and legitimate tethering.

    • UKTK8

      It’s probably because of music freedom?! Streaming apps like Pandora, IHeartRadio, Spotify don’t count against your data usage…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I had problems a few days ago and today as well. Initially I thought it was just me but seems more widespread.

    • Anthony S Jennings

      The issues from a few days ago was likely caused by a silent T-Mobile carrier update. Switching to WiFi calling and/or rebooting the phone fixed that. The issue yesterday was due to the leap second added between 19:59:59 Eastern time (US) and 20:00:00 Eastern time.

  • doubleatheman

    Love that I use Google voice/Hangouts. This kind of stuff never effects me.

    • Brandon

      I talk to my friend all the time using Hangouts too so I didn’t notice that anything was wrong until I couldn’t download a picture message from my mom. Google FTW.

  • ramperC

    as of about 1224am EST in tampa fl, wed 7/1, or as we all say, tue night, i got 11 messages from a buddy and turns out he said he sent them over 1.5hr, but i got them all at once right after a restarted my phone. i have a galaxy note 4 on tmobile.

  • Nick

    Had this exact thing happen to me and didn’t think anything of it again until I read this.

  • Richard Darrington

    Why does this happen so often on T Mobile? Literally my only complaint but it’s a pretty big deal considering texting is my main form of communication

    • UKTK8

      Amen. I’ve been having a lot of issues over the past few MONTHS now.

  • Ky

    Last weekend, I started missing texts sent from AT&T iPhone 6 to my T-Mobile Nexus 6. T-Mobile should really manage sms issues better. This is the most basic and fundamental part of emergency communications.

    • Mike Palomba

      Do you previously have an iPhone? The att Iphone 6 may have been sending them to your old iMessage account if you didn’t deactivate it correctly

  • anthony

    it turned out to be caused by the extra leap second today! occurred on every carrier etc

  • T-Mobile Cares

    To all T-Mobile customers, please accept our apologies. As you may have surmised by now, things did not go well for us and every other carrier today. While we certainly don’t want to dwell on what caused this issue, thank you for being patient with us while we resolved the issue. Those calling in to our Call Centers were awesome in understanding and being typical T-Mobile’s best as we worked to create an experience as best we could. You, our customers, are what make T-Mobile great. We thank you again for your understanding.

    • UKTK8

      This seems to be becoming the norm as a Tmobile customer. I’ve contacted customer service about this multiple times but they keep giving me the same canned bullshit response. Now I know why Tmobile is such a cheap carrier. You get what you pay for I guess. How “understanding” do you want customers to be?

      • Goat

        In this case very understanding as this issue was present across the board through all carriers today.

  • Cam Fas

    Thank goodness for I message

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Apple IOS 8.4 released today! Apple Music is included. It weighs in a 232mb. Just a reminder, Apple Music is NOT currently part of the Music Freedom family of applications, yet. There is also a bug fix for the Unicode Text error message that caused your phones to restart.

      • Cam Fas

        I got the update at first light it appears to be stable enough

  • Cam Fas

    Phone only works on hspa+ wifi calling doesnt work I’m in Las Vegas on an iPhone 6plus 128 gig

  • archerian

    Ah, the any issues with coverage switch to WiFi calling script is back again…

    • yeah no

      silly troll keeps trolllllling

  • Spanky

    This explains why a couple of texts from my brother-in-law (he’s on MetroPCS) came in two hours after he sent them. This happened in NYC last night.

  • lol i was like wtf last night .. took a minute or two before it sorted itself out though.

  • Precision Steam Roller

    It’s too bad that T-Mobile would charge a monthly fee for communication services that work like this. It might be worth giving them a call and asking for a refund for the time which the communication services were unavailable.

    • Kenneth Warner

      Wow withvther cheap plans you might get no more then $5 back

      • Precision Steam Roller

        Oh..? They changed the goodwill credit structure? Boy. They must think their network can walk on water or connect a call to Jesus.

    • Mike Thaler

      Let’s see. You pay about $1/day for service. It was down 1/4 of a day. Guess you could buy something w. that 25 cents.

      • Precision Steam Roller

        Except that I know T-Mobile’s fully-loaded overhead cost per call is $17.50 if the call is taken by a US person.

        So if T-Mobile gets to spend $20 to give me 25¢, I think it’s definitely worth it. I pay good money for service. I think it’s a great way to keep an American Citizen employed too, so I’ll keep calling until they say their Call Center ID starts with “01”.

  • Charmed79

    Ours started working here in NH just before midnight, no more issues with sms anyways. Now if they could just fix the signal issues!

    • williejackbrainer

      I’m in NH too, but I was able to send sms. Only thing is they would receive tow or more texts and I would also receive the same. I have a Nexus 6.

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile set the clock on my phone a day ahead sometime around 8pm last night.
    Did the leap second trip them up?

    • Dominimmiv

      Had same issue and killed Wi-Fi calling. Error message said couldn’t connect due to time change. All good now. ☺

  • Brandon

    Ah I was wondering why I couldn’t download a picture message from my mom, I figured it was a screw up of the ROM update I had just flashed on my Nexus 6. When I booted back into it later and sent a test picture to myself everything worked fine. I was confused….

  • Rob H.

    I didn’t even notice. 95% of the people I message with we use Hangouts so it does not even use SMS.

  • Mike Palomba

    Most people I message use iMessage so I didn’t notice but one person sent me a picture that I still haven’t received so the outage must’ve caused that

  • Dracono

    Not an issue since I only use Hangouts now. SMS… I remember using those, gone with the fax machine.

  • Helen

    Any idea whether this would cause the wrong messages to be sent to the wrong people? My husband received a random text that I definitely did not send, and it appears on his phone that it came from me (with nothing on my phone to suggest that I sent it). It almost looks like spam.

    • Precision Steam Roller

      You could probably file a lawsuit if you think your right. However, it may be worth consulting an attorney first.

      • SirStephenH

        That’s not something you can sue over. Go troll somewhere else.

  • DJB

    During this fiasco I had my daughter text me a photo of my wife’s credit card as I had misplaced my card and was buying something online. Not a great idea in general, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Except this time, when a woman in Michigan started repeatedly calling to tell us she had received a text with a photo of a credit card.

    Daughter received a couple other “who is this??” texts and I received an e-mail from a random saying “I just got off work”.

    T-mobile is downplaying the severity of what happened here. These weren’t delayed or undelivered messages, there were also misdirected messages, including photos.

    Hard to say if credit card photo is #1 or #2 in list of images you wouldn’t want misdirected, but this was truly ridiculous.

    For not having an apology notice on their website, I post this message.

    • williejackbrainer

      Wow, that is crazy. I haven’t experienced anything like that. However, I just get double text messages or send them out, when I’ve only send out one.

  • Charis Biesold

    Group messaging isn’t back yet, everything else works on my Note 4.

  • Never had issues with Microsoft Messaging on the Lumia 925.

    • notyourbusiness

      I have a 925 and I definitely experienced issues with text messaging on Tuesday.

  • Joe

    This is ridiculous MMS is still messed up.

    • Precision Steam Roller

      I think this happened because a secret agreement where Apple only wanted it’s iMessage users to have text messaging connectivity.

      You see, T-Mobile’s german parent company is looking for ways to raise a few extra dollars so it can stock up for Oktoberfest. So when Apple offered the kickback, it was seen as less of greasing T-Mobile’s palms and more like “free beer”.

  • 420speedwagon

    I’m not sure if it’s tmobile fault but i heard it happened to all carriers and it was caused by the leap second fiasco

  • ubercubsfan

    Drove to a small town where I work and it was EDGE network in my rural area. Had some texting/no service issues so hard reset. Got off work and it was LTE in the town. Just need them to push it 15 more miles and I’ll be happy at home. :)

  • rosaydee10

    Negative…still messed up here

  • JMF_mobile

    Never did have an issue. Odd.

  • Chad Dalton

    It’s just swirling for me, one text did fail, my phone is really laggy too.

    • Chad Dalton

      Well they’re going through now

    • Brian the populist.

      well I’ll tell you something if you’re on a unlimited data plan they will D prioritize your services because they consider you a heavy user. That’s what they told me I just got off the phone with customer service supervisor in fact and he told me that I should monitor my services because T-Mobile will do that. And they call themselves the uncarrier hahaha what a joke

      • williejackbrainer

        I’ve had unlimited data for years and mine has not slowed down any. I’ll admit I don’t use 20gb a month, however I do stream a lot Netflix and Flixster. But, even then my data isn’t slowed down much. I believe it has more to do with congestion on the network during peak times. Currently my data is at 3.75gb cellular and 5.70bg for WiFi.

  • Brian the populist.

    That’s not the only issue that you’re having now I just found out that even though I’m in on unlimited data plan that my services can be D prioritize to because I’m a heavy user that’s paying front limited data plan so they will start causing need to take longer to ask is the same services because I’m a heavy user on a unlimited data plan how much sense does that make. So if you’re on a non-unlimited data plan your fine because you’re going to get Capped anyways but me the one who’s paying more than you for unlimited access is also going to get capped Because I’m a heavy user that’s paying for unlimited data. Smh wao “not uncarrier at all!”

    • kat

      I have EXACT same plan as you, unlimited, I knew something of that nature was going . How can one prove that is what they are doing? I’ve went rounds with T MOBILE about data problems, connection issues, and the list goes on.

      • Brian the populist.

        after speaking to tech-support and also T-Mobile on Twitter yeah it sucks but essentially what’s going on is some towers are being upgraded say to take is very busy during mid afternoon. And since i spend alot of my time on my mobile and then someome else comes in and wants to use it, i get bumped back based on the fact that ive used over 21gigs since the beginning of my billing cycle pretty much saying that T-Mobile feels that they have no responsibility to me now and making sure that my data is a priority as compared to others but if I stay under 21 gigs they have no problem keeping your priority that’s pretty much what they’re doing. They’ve admitted it to me. So they’re not getting in trouble because I still have a limited access but in “saying that it might take a little longer for me to ask is the same website but I’m still asses in it so they see no problem with doing what they’re doing.

    • Boomboy007

      Sorry, but bandwidth is a finite resource, and I see no problem with you having to wait for a seventh helping when others haven’t gotten a second one.

      • Brian the populist.

        Well aren’t you a bright one I understand that it might be a finite resource, but at the end of the day I am paying more than my other customers to access this resource and if I’m told that my Internet is going to be unlimited then that is exactly what I expect. That’s why people pay for unlimited data because they want to be able to access it at any time any place with ease. If you have a plan that’s not unlimited and you use up whatever data you paid for and now your throttled that’s a personal issue. What’s the point of paying more to access a service if after all is said and done you’re going to be bumped down as if you didn’t pay more for the service I wouldn’t call that very fair to the person who has had to pay more and now is being told that they’re just going to have to wait in line like everyone else. It’s like being a preferred rewards customer with American airlines per se and they tell you that you got priority boarding but then when they start boarding they tell you that you cant get on the airplane first and that you’re just going to have to wait like everyone else in line what’s the point of you paying more if you’re going to get treated like everyone else when it comes down to it. It might not be the best example but, thatll have to do.

        • Boomboy007

          Well, you are not throttled, you just have to wait your turn. The only time you even see the slowdown is when the network is congested. I also pay for unlimeted data, and i use 6-7 Gb total per month. Why should I be slowed waiting for you when you have used over 21Gb already in your billing cycle? We are all paying for data; I appreciate a company willing to save me some even though you have snatched up so much. Granted, you ARE paying for unlimited data, but just like a buffet restaurant, you can’t sit at a table all day eating and then complain when other paying customers want a turn.

        • DM

          If it bothers you that much, then go to a different plan or change companies. I hear Verizon has a 20 gb plan for $500 a month. Good luck.

        • TheRealStory556

          Verizon’s best plan they can put forward is their scam $80 for 10GB of shareable data. then you have to pay $20 per line to use that data LOL. a family of 5 is dropping $80 + $100 = $180 + taxes/fees and they’re up to $225/mo at least.

          Verizon can suck it, i left them and TMO has been great. this network outage wasn’t even specific to TMO, Verizon was having issues as well

        • DM

          I was making a joke. I put 20gb for $500.00.

  • SouthPhillyPT

    It is interesting that: “T-Mobile also suggests switching your phone into 2G/3G-only mode to see if that alleviates your texting problem.” I do not have that toggle. When I disable LTE, it goes to 4G. I wish there was a way to put it into 2G/3G.

    • williejackbrainer

      What phone are you using?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      From a network-level perspective, switching to 4G would also alleviate the issue. 2G/3G/4G are all non-LTE technologies. So that’s fine. Switching to 4G will have the same effect.

  • Gnashy

    Weird. I tried thinking if I was experiencing this issue but then I realized I have AT&T now lmao.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    I have a question it has nothing to do with this issue but it’s on the topic. I keep on getting double texts from people, example my friend has metro pcs they are using the LG Stylo. I keep on getting duplicate texts from her, any idea how to fix it?

    • williejackbrainer

      Change the SMS app and see if that works. Also, make sure you’re only using one SMS app at a time.

      • AnthonyRyan89

        In using Google’s messager app, I used to use hangouts but there is. Nothing else I prefer to use. I guess I could go back to hangouts to see if it does it or not

        • williejackbrainer

          I’m using that app too, hangouts is better though. There are some pretty cool sms app in the Google Play store that should cure your problem.

        • AnthonyRyan89

          I’m pretty sure also I’m just so used to messager, but I’m going to try hangouts again.

        • williejackbrainer

          I would try a different sms app then. I’m thinking it could be a network issue still. My thinking it the congestion of text messages sent at once and all of them don’t go through. My thoughts just a stab in the dark.

        • AnthonyRyan89

          I called Tmo and they reset some network settings. Then I did a factory reset, and im still getting duplicate messages…

        • williejackbrainer

          What phone are you using ?

        • AnthonyRyan89

          Nexus 6

    • ancho84

      I am getting double texts as well, this was prior to this issue, then it stops and it started up again today. It is very annoying to get the same message twice or up to 7 or 8 times, sometimes. Anyone else have this issue? I have tried different text apps. Stock, Textra Hangouts and chompSMS (current) Only one is installed/enabld currently.

  • n8erman

    I didn’t have any trouble yesterday, but today placing/receiving calls and texting via wifi is pretty hit or miss (mostly miss). I’m in an area with zero coverage so I rely on wifi for calls and texts. Nothing wrong with the wifi.

  • Brian

    I have noticed that this fixed the issues I was having. My phone wouldn’t stay connected if I moved around the room.

  • Angrry Monkey

    this is an ongoing issue to-date which i first noticed in July of 2014 when i received 5 “Happy New year’ messages from 5 senders all at once 7 months late. I left verizon for tmobile in 2003 over text-messaging issues; i dont see why i wouldnt dump ship again to cricket wireless this time around. T-Mobile is not a reliable service provider.

    • williejackbrainer

      It happens with all carrier btw. Some of my friends oh different carriers are having the same issue.

    • Aaron Davis

      Do you know what service those 5 people have? If they all had the same carrier, it might be that carrier’s fault, not T-mobile.

      What is even more odd is that those SMS messages just sat around in a buffer somewhere for a full 7 months. A week or two, I could understand, but they should have something to clear out any undelivered message after a few weeks, just so the buffers don’t get full.

  • Sushimane

    I have more of a group texting problem I would be able to receive some of the text and a day later I would receive the rest. But it’s getting better now. But my sister iPhone 6 having the same problem but her husband gets everything text message kinda weird. Is it a simple problem or the network?

    • williejackbrainer

      I’m starting to believe it could be a combination of both.

      • sushimane

        what is the best way to fix this.

        • williejackbrainer

          I believe it’s a network issue. I got a new phone through insurance and now people get double texts from me. If you’re not already using Hangouts for sms try that.

        • Sushimane

          Yeah I’m using hangout for my text message. But I don’t have insurance but my phone is still under manufacturer warranty but it seems the z3 has been having these problems.

        • williejackbrainer

          I would return it for a new one.

        • Sushimane

          Should I try?

        • williejackbrainer

          If it the Z3 is having the same problem then it could be the network. I’m thinking it might have something to de with the announcement this week.

  • Wingbert

    My issues didn’t start (or I didn’t notice it) Until the evening of July 2nd. Outgoing texts made it to the recipients just fine but incoming was getting delayed between 2-12hrs. People were trying to make plans with me all evening but I didn’t receive any texts until they all came flooding in at 10AM the next day. I tried the suggestion of going to 2G and it seem to have put a bandaid on the problem. hope TMo get this fixed soon.

  • notyourbusiness

    This affected me on Tuesday. At first I thought it was just my phone, then I thought maybe it was T-Mobile’s network. But other people I’d texted said they got my messages, some of them 4 at once. My mother didn’t get a few texts I sent her but her texts came to me fine. It was weird.

  • Rick Rudge

    Thanks for posting this Alex. I’ve been wondering what was going on. I’ve gone to Macintosh users group meetings and T-Mobile stores and nobody seemed to know what the problem is. Naturally, they blamed everyone else. My problem was sending a text message and the fuel gauge would move almost to the end and then stop. Eventually the iPhone would say that sending the text had failed (although sometimes the text would actually successfully reach its intended). I’ve gone ahead and changed the settings. So far, so good. Thanks again.

  • Breathe_Easy

    So I started losing service today and that’s never happened before. I mean I have no service whatsoever. I have a stock Nexus 6. Is this move they’re making the issue? I’m in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

    • williejackbrainer

      Could be. I had to get a another Nexus 6, because my original was getting no service either. Have you tired master resetting the phone? I noticed after changed the WiFi setting from preferred cellular instead of WiFi preferred. That made a huge difference with my phone.

  • A2theC

    I only had 2 text messages fail to send immediately, but did go out after a few min. I wasn’t even aware of this issue until today 7-6….I guess I was affected, I thought it strange that I was having issues that day, never have had any problems with service. (I thought I had damaged my phone as I recently dropped it)

  • williejackbrainer

    I did notice an improvement once I updated Google Connectivity Services like a week and half ago. When switching from WiFi to LTE.

    • Brant Boatright

      How did/do you update GCS?

  • graywolf323

    anyone else starting to have problems again?

    • Brant Boatright

      Yep. I’m in Jacksonville, FL, on a GS6.

  • Brant Boatright

    I was first affected approximately 22:00 EDT on 30June. Before I even went to https://downdetector.com/status/t-mobile I tried using WiFi-Calling. No dice. I rebooted my phone (GS6) multiple times. I finally posted that URL and the PNG of how they problems had skyrocketed within that hour (+1500 unique reports to that site, which is esoteric to begin with!!!)

  • nunayabusiness

    Tmobile @home service outage since June 23rd. And only option care gives is to cancel or port number rep even suggested I call the local noc

  • janet.tovar


  • Tracey Enck Akin

    I didn’t have problem before, now texting is totally down

  • Shankait6

    My sms and mms is down, i can’t get any group message to work. So frustrating!!! Im missing so many work texts. Any advice, i feel like I’ve tried so many things. Help!

  • Mary

    Same here. Can’t send any text. This stinks. Tech said it could take ‘days’ to fix. Holy s….!!

  • Brant Boatright

    I have a sneaky suspicion this feature/service is what’s causing all of the rolling outages: https://www.tmonews.com/2015/07/t-mobile-advanced-messaging-will-beef-up-your-text-messaging-experience/

  • This just happened to me, and apparently has been happening for about 5 days. . . T-Mobile says there is an “outage” in my area, and that its engineers are aware of the issue, but have NO idea when it will be fixed. . . Network switching, LTE to 3G, WiFi Calling, NOTHING is working. I can get texts, but cannot send them. . This is not good at all!

    • Brant Boatright

      Hit them up via Twitter AND Facebook. I got callbacks when I did.

      • I have tagged them, but nothing yet. I checked the outage map, and the closest outage is in Tampa. My neighbor is on the T-Mobile network and sent me a text with no problem. I downloaded pinger, and I can sent texts with no problem. I’m going to T-Mobile when I get a break at work, to see if changing my SIM will fix it, if not I’ll factory reset, and if that’s not the issue, tech support said it could be the phone itself….so I’ll find out soon.

      • So it’s not a damn phone issue….I did a warranty exchange, and got my new one today, set it up, sent myself a text…never came through…t-mobile is stumped and I’m furious

  • Ray Nuccio

    ive been having this problem for about a year now and it only seems like its getting worse now im getting messages from days ago and i am constantly resetting my phone 3 times a day i am getting fed up how is this not a class action lawsuit?

  • So apparently it is not a damn phone issue like I was told….I did a warranty exchange, and got my new one today, set it up, sent myself a text…never came through…t-mobile is stumped and I’m furious

  • So the resolution was changing my phone number….not happy about that, but at least I can send text messages once again….

    • Brant Boatright

      Any chance you were an iPhone user at some point? There’s a dark secret about iPhones and text messaging problems related to people transition from iPhones to non-iPhones. Changing phone numbers was/is the fix for most of those folks.

      • No, I have a Note 3.
        I changed my number because PINGER gives out a number, and when I registered for PINGER, the texts would go out no problem….
        So, with the number change, my texts go out now.

  • Michelle

    Are you kidding me? Here I thought it was because I have a Samsung and not an iphone but when my family of 6 was not receiving messages from each other, I knew something wasn’t right. We are constantly restarting our phones and even that has stopped working. Tmobile – this is not o.k.!

    • On a whim, I asked them to change my number, because I could download PINGER and texts would go out with NO issue. . .
      As soon as they did that, text would go out. . . I’m not happy about losing a number I’ve had for years; but at least my texts go out now. . .

  • Val Prism

    2 months later and the same problems persist? Are we all getting discounts on our bill? We’re paying for a service you cannot provide.

  • talkingmirror

    Wife and I both have issues with multimedia messages in the DFW area. Has been happening for the past few months. We will either not get them at all, or we get “unreceived message: download?” notifications constantly. You click download, and it fails perpetually. This happens a lot with group texts. I have gone through every single resolution option with T-Mobile – reset text settings, deleted all texts, new sim cards, phones replaced – NOTHING WORKS. I have a G3 and my wife has an S5. Totally different phones from different manufacturers. Same exact problem. What’s the common denominator? The network. Last night they told me that their engineers say there is no problem with the network, but I say I am still having a problem, so “T-Mobile isn’t the best carrier for you.” They literally told me to look at their competitors. This is CLEARLY a network issue, but they refuse to admit that it is. I loved T-Mobile before this. I am at a loss.

  • Val Prism

    Anyone from T Mobile going to respond to anything here? The issue is clearly not resolved.

  • Gene Pikachoo Ramirez

    Hi everyone, I was having the exact same issue on my HTC One M8 for AT&T and I would like to say I figured out how to get rid of this issue. I used this App that you can download for free called CleanMaster and basically what i did was just clean the basic junk files that your phone stores. It seemed to have worked for my cell phone because now i am receiving text messages on 4G 3G and 2G instead of just on 2G or 3G. hope that helps

    • Scarlett Hunter

      Hi, nope, that doesn’t help either, unfortunately. At least not on the Note 2. Multiple texts coming in all with the same time stamp, hours after they’re sent, still. I’ve gone through tech support a couple of times and blah blah blah equals nothing. I’ve cleaned out old texts, pics, etc. I know people with rather inexpensive phones and service that don’t seem to ever have these types of issues.

  • corrijo

    I have been having issues receiving texts for a week now. Last Friday someone was trying to reach me, but I didn’t get a message for hours. Then I suddenly received several texts all at once. Then tonight, same person (someone I have recently started dating, no less) couldn’t get a hold of me again. This is not good for my social life… I am paying for these services. Why are they not working and how/when will T-Mobile address this???

  • Haley

    I continually have this issue and it persists. Nearly every week I have an issue. I would love if T-Mobile would address this and actually fix it. Meanwhile, we pay so much for a service that should be basic and expected to work. What’s the deal T-Mobile?

  • Becca Cannon

    I’ve been having these issues for at least a year, with 2 different brands of phones. I’m seriously over T-Mobile. I’ve done everything they’ve told me to, reset my factory settings, got a different brand of phone, changing the SIM, switching to 2G/3G, literally everything they have told me to do online, on the phone and in the store. It’s a T-Mobile thing and I am FED UP.

  • Kevin Bates

    Tmobile LTE outage in Ocala. Had to switch to 3g to make it work

    • Scott

      Thank you for offering a solution here at least for the moment. I switched to 3g and am getting some texts, and sound. Still slower than LTE but t least it’s working.

  • tori

    NOPE. I went 5 days, none of my text messages or phone calls made it through to people. I just thought people were ignoring me until my co-worker got really upset that I “was not responding” to her text messages. Not entirely sure this was the issue, I restarted my phone, and 5 days of text messages and missed phone calls got through to people at 2am Saturday… You can’t imagine the crap I got after that. I am so done with Tmobile. I’ve had frustrations with Tmobile not delivering my messages consistently.

  • Marisa Schandel

    All day today I have been missing texts…I know this because I’m randomly receiving ALL of them with the same time stamp. Most are hours after they were sent. I’ve never encountered this before. Does anyone know if this is a frequent problem, or is Tmobile just dropping the ball? Are they even aware of this? Super irritating.

  • Ewa Paruch

    This issue has been known for over a year and a half. Now that the new iphone 6s came out the issue seemed to have spread to many phones. Welcome to what I have dealt with for a year. My most recent temporary solution has been to pump down to 4G only and changing my apple ID. I am not sure which one fixed it or how long it will last, but if anyone needs a possibly solution please try those.

  • dcomments

    Outages- try it’s never worked reliably in at least 5 years that I have had them. I have tried different phones but messages that get converted to MMS have always have problems. Sometimes they will work for a brief period of time, sometime if I do a retry but regardless , different phones, different accounts and same issue. And if you try to get help on their board, their “helpers” will simply go through the most basic motions , then try and lock the thread so you will go away when they can’t fix it.

  • Corey McGrath

    Trust me when I say tmobile really needs to stop with the uncarrier BS until they resolve these issues and do a serious policy overhaul. I had my iPhone 6 Plus 2 months and had it exchanged 4 times with 20+ “tickets” in for repairs…. I’m sorry I don’t give a hoot about uncarrier this and that unless the network actually works. On my last exchange they said they would have to give me a different phone even though they knew and admitted that it was the network having issues. I went to the store I bought it from and said I have had 4 of these because of known network issues, and they charged me to do an exchange to an android and to pay off the iPhone I find that to be a load of crap if your having so many documented problems with your network or devices the customer who’s still paying on the phone should be able to switch without hassle or complaint to whatever will work.

  • lee

    I went to a t mobile store and the person at the store (a 2-year employee) told me he had never had anyone with a texting issue in his 2 years of employment. He did not appreciate it that I then asked if they had a texting class I could take so I could learn how to acutally learn how to send a text in less than 24 to 48 hours!

  • aaron speas

    This is so frustrating 3rd day no calls no Internet and no texts power cycled my phone tried everything nothing works

  • James

    I had been with T-Mobile for about 12 years continuously. I thought it was Android that was giving me so many problems: delayed sms and bad connections. After using around 6 Android phones, I gave up Android. I finally gave Apple a chance and got the iPhone 6S Plus. I STILL noticed connection problem when loading up maps. I immediately gave up on T-Mobile and went with AT&T. I didn’t get a chance to wait for an occurrence of delayed sms on my iPhone with T-Mobile. I hated AT&T pricing in general, but I now hate T-Mobile even more. My iPhone has been working flawlessly with AT&T for 10 months. The delayed sms issue can be both T-Mobile AND Android issues. I will not turn back to those two.

    • steve

      ur an idiot if u thought the problem was android….android runs circles around iOS

      • James

        You’re an idiot and a tool if you think android runs circles around iOS. As much as I hated iOS, it actually works. I bet I know more about Android than you know your own stupid face.

  • gilbert garcia

    This company is a joke. I can’t stream on 4g. Make calls when it goes to 3g or edge. And as of now can’t make or receive text messages.

  • Sir Roft

    Switched to T-Mobile about a month ago, and constantly missing texts from friends. Never had this problem with AT&T. Switching back ASAP.