T-Mobile teases Un-carrier Amped, series of “epic updates” rolling out from June 25th

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T-Mobile just released a big teaser to let us know that something new is coming very soon from our favorite carrier. Unlike its previous major Un-carrier moves, it’s not being given a number (not yet anyway). Instead, it’s being dubbed “Un-carrier Amped”. Which to me says one thing – Supercharged versions of what it already has on the market.

Over the next few weeks, T-Mobile is going to “amp up” several of its biggest moves. To tease the next big move (or moves) T-Mo published the following video:

We’ll keep asking our sources to see if we can find anything out in the mean time, but we can expect announcements to be made from this Thursday, June 25th. You can find anything and everything related to Un-carrier Amped over at t-mobile.com/uncarrieramped

Let us know your best guesses for how T-Mo is going to “amp up” its best offerings.

Source: YouTube

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  • cellularcrazy09

    I hope they change Jump back to the Jump 1. Jump 2 is no value to me as I can get more for my phone when I sell it privately.

  • Willie D

    I have a guess of 3G/4G service while roaming internationally, higher domestic roaming limits, a video stream (YouTube) inclusive like Music Freedom, shall I go on?

  • alex

    VideoFreedom, from services like amazon, netflix, youtube.

    • Aurizen

      might as well make everyone unlimited then lol

  • beyondthetech

    Pay businesses to host microcells?
    Smartphone renting/leasing?
    Double all high-speed buckets?
    Everyone goes unlimited, but pays for speed tiers like cable providers?

    • Jeffrey Wang

      Speed tiers? Idk, that’s really sketchy and would be net-neutrality uproar-like.

    • steven berson

      “Everyone goes unlimited, but pays for speed tiers like cable providers?”

      Interesting view point. I doubt they would implement this because they can’t guarantee any speeds. Sometimes I get 10mbps, 20mbps, 40+mbps. Depends on your location.

      • Duh

        Why is that? If you pay attention to any Cable / ISP advertising…. they don’t guarantee speeds either…. They ALWAYS state “up to” in front of all the speed tiers…. so you may get up to 100mbps on a top tier plan, but that speed is not guaranteed…

  • Aurizen

    I hope its something better than Score, discounted phones for everyone based on time you spent a member of T-Mobile… 30% off should be the max for ppl who spent 5 years.

  • Nate

    I am going with a streaming video move for this one.

    • Justin Smith

      That would kill the network as well as eliminate the need for unlimited for many people(less revenue). Not going to happen.

  • tranceformer978

    Free phones for those grandfathered into really cheap plans…..then said subscribers still find something to complain about.

  • RLB63

    Give everyone voicemail to text & of course caller Id. I doubt many people pay for those options. Since he says he wants to remove pain points, caller id comes on land lines and most voip plans for free. Why should cell phones be different. It would give him something else to point that the others don’t give out…..

    • Nick Sutton

      Aren’t these already included?

      • Jess

        For a fee

    • orlando duran

      Have you been in prison? Caller id has been free for years, and visual voicemail is free

      • thepanttherlady

        Visual Voicemail to text is not free.

        • Unless you’re using a service like Google Voice, in which case it is free. But carrier-provided is definitely not.

      • 21stNow

        I’m assuming that RLB63 is referring to caller ID with name, which isn’t free.

        • Ordeith

          Use the Tru-Caller app.

      • RLB63

        It would be nice if you actually read what the person wrote before you attack them…..

  • Charlie

    The page source mentions “Summer of upgrades” MANY times.

    And in spanish says,

    Disfruta de las mejores ofertas este verano con Summer of Upgrades de T-Mobile. ¡Descubre todas las ofertas de planes de celulares en T-Mobile aquí!

    Enjoy the best deals this summer with Summer of T -Mobile Upgrades . See all offers of cellular plans T -Mobile here! (translated).

    Guessing drastically cheap phone upgrades or free LTE phones for anyone without one?

    Or it could be realted to them shutting down the Edge network and flipping on LTE everywhere that has tmobile service.

    • Dude

      Free LTE phones would be a good one. Once everyone has an LTE device, they can turn the 2g/3g signals over to LTE.

      • Cruise Guy

        Remember, there is no free phone. If they give a free phone away, everyone has to pay for it in our plans. Not a good idea.

    • Charlie

      Based on other verbage it talks about “amping” existing “uncarrier” moves… so a combo of everything already done, but better?

    • Matt

      Doubt it has to do anything with them upgrading 2G to LTE. My area is still 2G and they have made it clear there are no plans to upgrade the tower in my area anytime soon. So unless they are going to leave one tower on 2G, doubt it has anything to do with the network

  • Zach Mauch

    I expect a move from 2g to 3g for global roaming with higher limits. Possibly could add YouTube for free, but I can’t imagine Netflix or others like it.

    What I would like to see.
    – cruise lines added to simple global
    – bring back corporate discounts without a corporate phone.
    – data stash increased and/or time extended.
    – all phones sold unlocked! (The big one)
    -all phones sold unbranded and manufacturer controlled (unlikely, but here’s hoping).

    • Encino Stan

      cruise lines added to simple global +1

      • archerian

        ha, and let’s see T-mobile manage THAT in its cash flow. Maybe it’ll come up with a new metric like AMPU or AFPU

    • Video streaming would remove the incentive away from unlimited high speed data. Their plans already are low enough to not need corporate discounts.

      I am still surprised that cruise lines have yet to be added to Simple Global, though.

      • Zach Mauch

        I agree. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m just saying the only thing that might happen is something like YouTube. Probably nothing for video though. It would be a dumb business move. The point of uncarrier is is removing customer pain points while still making good business decisions.

      • Cruise Guy

        AT&T owns most of the cruise lines Wireless at Sea plans. So they can’t get a deal from at&t who has the market cornered.

    • Logan C.

      Phones aren’t sold unlocked because T-Mobile makes inconsequential money from them. If T-Mobile could put a SIM in your brain directly, they wouldn’t sell a single phone.

    • Corporate discounts for a corporate phone is part of Uncarrier 9.0. The “tiscount” idea that Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have is ludicrous. T-Mobile has a simplified (and lower cost) way of offering a discount to business customers.

      • Zach Mauch

        I’m a government contractor. My government employee coworkers still get a discount without having a separate corporate line. It would be nice if I could too.

    • Cruise Guy

      The cruise line mobile service Wireless at Sea is owned by AT&T so no luck there. Man would I wish that.

  • rob

    I think it might be a one price billing. Your bill will be the same every month. Just like metro

    • Blaine

      God I wish they’d do this

      • ltnstar

        +1. That would be huge and fix billing headaches.
        Plz add this. Been 6 months since switching over and my bill has been all over the place.

    • I hope so too. It seems like the most logical move. I would really appreciate this.

    • Zach Mauch

      Dude! Big winner here. Make it happen T-Mobile!

  • NardVa

    Everybody qualifies for a $0 down upgrades for the summer?

    • JLV90

      that’s a terrible idea, the $0 down after 12 months of on time payments is already good.

  • Eric

    Data Stash includes Prepaid.

    • JLV90

      it already does on the $60 – 3 GB and $70 5 GB plans. No stash for $30 users.

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Data Stash for 1 and 2.5GB customers!

    • That would take away the incentive from going to a bigger plan.

      • Jeffrey Wang

        It’s nice to hope for.

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Or on the international roaming side, free calls?

    • archerian

      They won’t do anything that would cost them more money, this could quickly skyrocket and cannot be absorbed as its payment to another carrier.

      • Jeffrey Wang

        Hope doesn’t kill! Maybe T-Mobile finds a way around the expensive costs.

  • Philip Totaro

    How about making my 100 per month plan $100 again. The tax hike puts me at over $120.

    • Adam

      Many of these extra fees are recouping the cost to be legal, rather than an actual tax. This is similar to a restaurant charging you a health department hand washing requirement compliance fee. No reason for a steak price to also include the cost of a chef washing their hands before grilling it.

      • Logan C.

        there is when the restaurant is taxed to pay the salary of the guy who has to verify it. Alternatively, they could just hike the price and not tell you

        • Adam

          The only other industry I can think of that breaks out non-sales tax government costs is car dealers. The reason the communications industry breaks out these costs is to make it more difficult to price compare. Customers would definably benefit from “just hike the price and not tell you”.

      • Richard Roma

        The aviation industry can include everything in the one price. Same way every single other industrialized country on the planet makes anyone selling anything to include all taxes and fees into the price.

  • vinnyjr

    I’m a happy T-Mobile customer. My speeds and signal was allready killer, woke up to a bumped up speed to over 60+mb down and 40+ up. 5 bars of LTE inside my house all the time, day or night. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

    • Charmed79

      Must be nice!

    • Zak

      Must be nice having a major wireless carrier, I live in an area in Southern Iowa that AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile don’t offer service. Even Iowa providers like Chat Mobility and i Wireless don’t offer service here. But anyways good for you.

      • dontsh00tmesanta


        • Zak

          I’m already looking at houses, unfortunately you can’t get a house for $300 dollars. (That isn’t monthly cost either)

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Then i guess deal with it or switch carriers

      • JLV90

        satellite phone for you then. maybe theres a reason why there aren’t any there? is wifi allowed where you live?

        • Zak

          Yes wifi is allowed where I live even though most people don’t have it, since most have satelite internet. Since Mediacom abandoned the area..

  • Randy’s Buddy

    AMP’d was a carrier led by a former COO of T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile sued her in Seattle Court even though she lived in Northern California for creating “AMP’d Mobile”. She left the company. Today, that COO whom T-Mobile sued is Director at FirstNet and also at the US Department of education.

    It’s kind of sick that the T-Mobile employees that remain would call it AMP’d, but when you run out of ideas, I guess you just say “Hmm.”

    • Fabian Cortez

      AMP’d was a carrier led by a former COO of T-Mobile.

      T-Mobile sued her in Seattle Court even though she lived in Northern California for creating “AMP’d Mobile”. She left the company. Today, that COO whom T-Mobile sued is Director at FirstNet and also at the US Department of education.

      It’s kind of sick that the T-Mobile employees that remain would call it AMP’d, but when you run out of ideas, I guess you just say “Hmm.”


    • jonzey231

      Completely forgot about that carrier! I wanted it so bad but they didn’t have coverage. I was in a small rural town in Ohio and like 20 miles away was an Amp’d store. Every time we went to dinner, shopping, movies, etc I would be in the back seat if mom and dads car just wishing they would expand.

    • gmo8492

      Funny how amp’d mobile was forced into bankruptcy because half of their subscribers didn’t pay their bills (because of their faulty credit check policy). Now Verizon, the network that amp’d mobile partnered up with threaten to cut of their service completely leaving the rest of its subscribers out in the cold. You bring up an irrelavant tmo lawsuit about an irrelavant carrier. So in the end I guess you decided to leave the Verizon part out…hmmm.

  • 21stNow

    I doubt that it will happen, but my hope is that when they do “deals” and “promotions” that there will be no EIP requirement!

    • archerian

      Which deal or promotion has EIP mandatory?

      • 21stNow

        The recent Galaxy S6/Edge promotion required down payments, which implies that EIP is required, as that is the only way that you have a down payment. There was also the T-Mobile G Pad offer for Father’s Day, the Alcatel tablet offer for Valentine’s Day, the buy a Samsung tablet and phone together and get $100 promotion. There have been several other ones mentioned here that required EIP.

        • Do the math

          Simpe then… since they don’t indicate a max down payment allowed, just make a 99% down payment and let them EIP the remainder for 24 Months. On a $700 device, the EIP payment would be a whopping 29 cents a month ($7 total)… You’re technically on EIP but easy to pay off with pocket change if the need arises.

        • 21stNow

          This doesn’t eliminate the pain point of requiring contracts in order to get special pricing, though. The only way to eliminate the pain point of contracts is to not require contracts of any kind, whether it is financing or service related.

  • Un-Carrier

    I think T-Mobile is going to increase the GB limit on each tier, maybe add 1GB to each tier (so free will be 2GB included, $10 for 4GB, etc).

    Maybe increase the data throttling threshold to 512kbps max speed instead of 128kbps. Or at least increase the max throttled threshold speed for those who pay extra for limited high-speed data plans.

    Just a thought. AT&T GoPhone $45 plan throttles to 512kbps, even though they advertise 128kbps.

    Just a thought.

    • Aaron C

      Increasing the throttle to 512 would be pretty big.

      • archerian

        At 512kbps throttle Music Freedom would be moot.

    • Raf Cendejas

      512 would be pretty big, maybe 256 would be more realistic. then light browsing might be able to work reasonably

  • Mark McCoskey

    Double the data on all plans. ;-)

    • Fabian Cortez

      What’s 2x unlimited?

      • Adam

        Something for my kids are argue about on long car rides.

      • dontsh00tmesanta


      • Ben


  • archerian

    Get ready to be underwhelmed. Past few uncarriers haven’t really been revolutionary, certainly not matching the hype generated before it.

    • Chris

      The only thing that hasn’t really been “revolutionary” was last one. because it helps business customers more. But 8.0 with Music Freedom, helped a lot of customers that don’t have Unlimited Data.

      • archerian

        I’m not sure how you are counting Uncarriers, but Uncarrier 6 was Music Freedom, 5, 7, 8 and 9 were rehashes of old stuff or something that was inevitable like VoLTE. Music Freedom depending on how you look at it is a misnomer.

        • How was 8.0 Data Stash “inevitable”? I didn’t see any other carrier even remotely close to doing it before T-Mobile started it, and only AT&T responded (poorly) so far.

          Whlie 5.0 also offered something new and not “inevitable” it hasn’t been an overwhelming success from what I’ve heard so far.

          I’ll give you the “inevitable” or “old stuff” on the other two since there was already UMA WiFi calling in place in a lot of older devices and we all knew business was due for an “uncarrier” style shakeup.

        • archerian

          Uncarrier 5 was not just Test Drive, but VoLTE and Wideband LTE too. It was already in the works by equipment vendors and other operators, not exactly a T-mobile exclusive.

          There are indications Data Stash was actually planned by ATT and it leaked and led to a rush by T-mobile to be “first” with just 1 month of prep. It’s basically a rehash of voice rollover, where a limited feature was allowed to be rolled over.

        • gmo8492

          I just rather have T-Mobile keep addressing any issue no matter how big or small rather than them doing nothing. It also keeps things fresh and brings in new customers that find more reasons to switch.

      • Aaron C

        Yes, that was HUGE, especially when they added Google Play Music.

  • Tatdude806

    How about upgrades after 6 months WITHOUT Jump… (Assuming your current and your phone is still in good shape) OR sell refurb/reman in all stores…

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      then why have jump

    • SirStephenH

      You mean like SCORE! which was recently added?

  • an0nim0

    I predict John Legere will provide free, unlimited service to everyone worldwide, à la Richmond Valentine in Kingsman: The Secret Service

    …though you might want to steer clear of the rest of humanity while the Un-Carrier really gets Amped.

    • Ordeith

      That’s an area best left to GoogleFi. Eric Schmidt’s plans may not be too far removed from that movie.

  • JBLmobileG1

    How about Data Stash for tethering? What you don’t use you keep. It makes sense for the one’s who have tethering but don’t use it often unless they go on a vacation or something. Personally it would come in handy then because if your driving to your destination with the kids in the back watching say, Netflix, it’ll eat whatever tethering data you have quickly. At least with data stash on tethering…. you could technically save up quite a bit of high speed data for your trip. Lets face it….. once your high speed data is gone…. anything after that is useless for Netflix or Youtube.

    • dontsh00tmesanta


  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    People who are complaining, just think about the last time ATT or Verizon gave you anything for free. I know that answer for me. NEVER.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Thats the same argument people use about the police state…..

      think about north korea or russia or mexico….

      Its nonsense

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Well we pay for our service so the company I am doing business with is doing nice thing for customer loyalty and thank you for doing business with them. It has nothing to do with police state or Russia, North Korea and Mexico.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          The argument is the same

          Oh its not that bad I mean look at the other guys……

        • Nick

          There is not doubt that T-mobile has shaken up things in the mobile industry and it is daring. Look at even Verizon ready to give 10 gigantic gigs (laughable) in their ads and ATT’s rollover data, they would never do anything for customers without T-mobile taking initiatives. I like Tmobile CEO, he is cool and hipster CEO, We need change in attitude, wish we have more like John Legere in other technology products.

      • Derek

        I never thought Id say this to someone on the internet… but your not too bright.

        • troll


        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Says the person who spelled you’re as your…. Go to sleep

  • hanfeedback

    Improvements on existing uncarrier moves makes sense. Especially since this site posted rumors about improvements coming to the global roaming on the simple choice plans.

  • Nick

    Let the predictions begin!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Wow finally t-mobile made some actually really high quality videos.

    • archerian

      Maybe that’s the epic update – SD to HD and 4K

  • NardVa

    Hmm…no taxes on your cell phone bill would be nice…

  • Al Karimse Mela

    Just flip the switch for band 12 already, so that I can get decent coverage inside a building. Hurry up and make it happen!

    • gmo8492

      It’s taking so long because of the channel 51 interference and any television station on that channel had to make arrangements to move to another signal. Luckily most of them have moved clearing the way for tmo to launch band 12 in areas where they have licenses and rollout could be completed by the end of 2015. What tmo needs to do is purchase the remaining band 12 licenses that some companies are just hoarding for the sake of profit.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    Carley is back and this time she’s nekkidddddd

    • Frettfreak

      they could add a $5 charge to my bill every month… lmao

    • Adrayven

      Honestly, they should drop it down to the ‘old’ 3G speed of 1 to 1.5 Mbps.. THAT would be amped.. as it would not make the connection useless.

      I say that because it used to be 1.5Mbps and drop down to 128k .. they upgraded the ‘high side’ to 4G (HSPA+ then LTE) but never ‘upgraded’ the low end (EDGE SPEEDS).

      Really, they should be bumping the low speeds to old 3G speeds and just drop EDGE speeds all together.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I believe you nailed it. This could be why they are putting a soft cap of 21gb on the Unlimited Simple choice lines. Even if you do go over, with 3G speeds, you could still probably watch youtube and Netflix without much issue. Its only if you download anything might it take longer. This could very well be amped and the next un-carrier move. But it would apply to all data plans of course. So unlimited would only be worth its worth if you want the hotspot data and music through Rhapsody. Or of course if you have a tablet too with the match your data and 5gb for only $10.

    • Cruise Guy

      Tied down in a pink and black leather restraint with a pink ball gag in her mouth.

  • SirStephenH

    How about a change to their throttling (“reasonable” network management) practices so it doesn’t only effect unlimited users?

    Maybe a doubling of throttled speeds from 128Kbps to 256Kbps?

    More services added to Music Freedom?

    Taxes included in all prices?

    Increased domestic data roaming allotments?

    Further changes to their coverage map?

    Unfortunately this is most likely wishful thinking…

    • Clippers FANactic

      I like the 128k to 256k idea. At least make the throttled data usable for regular internet browsing, and social media. Throttled data on T-mo is almost unusable expect to send mms texts LOL

      • JLV90

        if they make it usable it negates reason for people to upgrade to bigger plans though, costing them more money.

        • Clippers FANactic

          I just mean usable for light browsing and social media like Facebook and Instagram. But video stream like YouTube and Netflix will still be unusable. Believe me, people still wanna stream video, so they will upgrade.

    • slybacon08

      Doubling the throttling speeds to 256Kbps would be nice!

  • KingCobra

    I can’t really think of anything for them to add. I’m good with them continuing to increase overall coverage and improve speeds in major markets.

    • taxandspend

      Ditto. Rural expansion. I’m happy with my plan.

    • jp

      Rural expansion, penetrating old buildings… These require more low-band spectrum. That’s T-Mo’s biggest (only?) weakness. But that doesn’t fall under UnCarrier. I want to see them continue to simplify billing: Roll taxes and fees into the monthly recurring charges; offer separate bills for each subscriber on a family plan.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I miss when u could keep your old phone and upgrade to a new one. Now you can’t smh.

    • JLV90

      Yes you can… just pay off your phone completely and don’t sign up for JUMP if you don’t want to upgrade early

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I meant you can’t upgrade and keep your phone while on the jump program.

        • Genecio

          Yes you can. Once the phone is paid off, you can keep it and “Upgrade” to the next best. With the old annual contracts, you paid off that device sometimes twice over. You still are paying for the device either over a 24 month period or make extra EIP payments (like I do), and pay it off early. Once it’s paid off you can do what you want with it and still sign up for a new EIP on a new device and keep your old one or sell it on eBay or Craigslist, or Swappa.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Okay let me clarify. T-Mobile won’t let you upgrade if you have a remaining balance u can’t keep the phone and get a new phone. While paying on both on your bill.

        • Genecio

          They allowed me to open another EIP for a new phone while still paying on the other one. It depends on how much of the current phone you paid off.

        • Wyn6

          It also depends on your available credit, credit class, and account history.

        • Genecio

          That also. I believe after 3 years of perfect payment history, T-Mobile bumps your credit class to A. Yeah I know 3 years is a long time however at least they allow you the opportunity to prove yourself responsible.

        • Shane Webber

          Actually, it’s just 12 months of on time payments. You just have to pay your bill within 48 hours of it being due.

        • jp

          Well, that’s a specialized credit class, labeled W, but close enough.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Oh OK thanks. We’ll my phone is more then majority paid off

        • idisestablish

          No need to clarify, everyone understands. Let me clarify, in those days when you upgraded and kept your phone, how often did you upgrade? Every two years. You can still do that because after two years, your phone is paid off. What they did is provide an option for people who want a new phone more frequently (like me) and are willing to part with the phone.

        • TaylorW86

          Yes you can Jay. You can buy as many phones as you have the EIP to afford. The JUMP program is for switching phones. If you don’t want to switch phones then don’t use JUMP, just put another phone on EIP

        • Jay J. Blanco

          OK thanks!

        • Aaron C

          You paid for those phones in your rates. We all did. It’s one of the many hidden charges that wireless carriers aren’t getting away with anymore. Is your bill lower than it was three or four years ago? It should be, because you’re probably not subsidizing the phone charge anymore. Carriers didn’t just give you a new phone and let you keep it. You paid for it. Dearly.

        • Cruise Guy

          Are you serious Jay. Do you really believe that? Have they really fooled you that badly back over the years?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Yes smh

        • jay

          No offense but low income which there are a lot of and disability as well get screwed to their new plan. On 733 a month all income ssi try telling me that what jay j. Explained isn’t better and just pay it off .Well him be broke homeless and no good . That’s unless your discrimination towards that two huge classes of people.Not everybody where’s Tommy Hilfiger and pays out huge cash had a car owns a home and had much money. SERIOUSLY

    • RLB63

      People have bought the coolaide.

      No we don’t have contacts anymore. However, getting out of the eip is actually MORE expensive than getting out of a contract. Also, I don’t need unlimited. I paid less than people do today and got phones at massive discounts. I was able to get my daughters galaxy s3 when it was top of the line phone for $1.05. Yes that was a dollar and a nickel from Sam’s club. I can wait 2 years for a phone when I pay a dollar for top of the line phone. Actually you would wait about 20 months.

      I know prices had to go up. However, don’t try to tell me that the current plans are better deals than what we got on the past.

      • James Brown

        Jump makes getting out of EIP a lot cheaper. You want out of a $600 phone that you owe 500 on? Jump to a phone that costs 100 bucks. Then pay it off. There, you’re free.

      • TSON1

        Yes, you got that phone for $1.05. But then you paid a $40 activation fee, and you also paid $40 a month to “add your phone to your shared plan”. Do you really think it costs Verizon $40 a month to connect a phone to a plan you were already paying $110 for with only 1400 nationwide minutes? No. It doesn’t.

        $1.05 + $40 + ($25*24 months) = $641.05.

        So, did you /really/ get that top of the line phone for a dollar and a nickel?

        The idea behind Jump is that they TELL YOU what you’re paying. And guess what? You don’t upgrade? Your BILL GOES DOWN! By a LOT! You could have kept that S3 for 38 years and you’d still be paying the bill markup.

        And if that phone breaks? Shell out $500 for a new one. Or settle for a second-hand old phone from eBay. Jump lets you log in and pay the rest off and upgrade, or make an insurance claim for $100.

        It’s not a ripoff, you just need to do the math. There’s a reason that T-Mobile can allow you get unlimited everything for $50 per line. That’s cheaper than those old 2 GB w/ 1400 nationwide minute plans on Verizon by nearly $80 for two lines.

    • jp

      Yes you can. You just have to keep paying on the old one. But why would you want to?

      • Jay J. Blanco

        The screen cracked and the deductible is more then the remining EIP

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Screen cracked and the deductible is more then the remaining EIP

  • alex959

    I think we need to focus on the word “amped.” What, in relation, to T-Mobile could that word mean? Hmmm…..are they going to “amplify” their signal? Perhaps make their signal stronger? Or, does the word “amped” mean to allow more streaming music and videos so the user can amplify what their watching or listening to? Should be interesting, but I think TMO gave us a little “hint” with this ad.

    • John Legere said on Twitter it’s about amping up their previous unCARRIER moves up to 11. Leads me to think it’s just going to be doubling down on old unCARRIER moves. More Music Freedom providers, more Simple Global roaming partners, etc.

      • Croq

        Agreed. This is how I read between the lines on his statement.

      • Ooh… 11. It’s 1 higher. The old Spinal Tap maneuver… that John Legere is a sly dude.

        • qmc

          So does uncarrier only go up to 11?

        • Who knows, but I can only hope to see John Legere emerge from a cocoon structure and that dwarfs will trip over stonehenge rocks in the process.

      • slybacon08

        Up to, and including 11? Or just up to 11? There’s a difference.

  • Android_God

    A couple grams of Columbia’s finest included with your monthly bill?

    • Escobar


  • insanebeaver

    Rollover HotSpot?????

    • Clippers FANactic

      Now I can dig that! But we can keep dreaming!

  • wmb

    Would love to be able to pay extra for unlimited data with tethering. They could get a ton of people switching away from Comcast and AT&T if their network could handle the demand. My elderly father spends almost $40/mo on AT&T internet that comes in at a rousing 3 mbs.

    • atown7475

      comcast isn’t even unlimited anymore in the southeast region. You get a bucket of 500gb and they charge u $10 for ever 10 gb you go over.

    • qmc

      They can’t, because of all the people around who are already evading the tethering limitat and using 600GB/mo.

  • Brian

    I do agree that unlimited should be unlimited. However, those who take advantage of it, ruin it for others. I don’t have a problem with them saying unlimited up to XXgb and if you are in an area with congestion, those that use an extreme amount of data will be slowed so others can equally share in bandwidth. ATT used to throttle my unlimited at 6gb.

    I do hope that Amped means better and stronger signal in more areas. I get ZERO signal at work and wind up using an ATT MiFi to gain access to TMobiles WiFi calling and iMessages. Even then it’s still cheaper. I’m happy with TMobile and will continue to support them.

    I hope the rumors of Com$hIt buying them is false and will never happen.

  • Javon C

    Hopefully it has something to do with domestic roaming. I don’t understand why we have unlimited roaming in over 120 countries, but there’s a small dats cap for domestic roaming.

    • I’d guess because domestic carriers don’t want to share and make roaming more expensive?

      • I’d guess because the FCC doesn’t mind auctioning whole swaths of spectrum to a single carrier that gains an advantage over other carriers causing a loss to consumers, unlike its counterparts in Europe, which results in carriers having to engage in favorable roaming agreements with other carriers if they want to cover the whole nation, at great advantage to consumers.

    • taxandspend

      It would be cool if they announced an agreement with US Cellular or something like that for reciprocal agreements in roaming with no additional limits. Doubt anything like that would ever happen with AT&T

  • Oms

    Because it’s been so difficult to get favorable roaming terms with AT&T, I hope T-Mobile is able to have some kind Wi-Fi roaming deal with the cable companies so that at least we can connect, make phone calls, and text in more areas. This would be very much like Google’s Project Fi.

  • VG

    Is there a media event scheduled for this on Thursday? Or are we just waiting for T-Mobile to post something new?

  • fern

    I heard it has something with a north America Plan and a new Jump

  • HeatFan786

    How about faster updates and no carrier bloat? That would be huge and convince me to pick up the Note 5 perhaps, if not, iPhone 6S+ for me. As an iphone user, I avoid bloat from carriers and free myself from relying on them to update phones.