TMUS stock climbs above $35 for the first time since MetroPCS merger

T-Mobile building

You’ll undoubtedly remember just over two years ago, T-Mobile and MetroPCS merged to form one company. Technically, it was structured as a reverse merger. T-Mobile didn’t have its own stock listing at the tim and was “acquired” by MetroPCS and took on its stock listening. Although it was structured that way, Deutsche Telekom still owned the controlling stake in the merged company. On its first day of trading it hit a peak of just $16.45.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 17.02.19

Since then, it’s mostly be a story of success for T-Mobile in the wireless market and on Wall Street. A couple of days ago – for the first time – TMUS stock hit $35. I wanted to wait and see if it would stay there, but it has since grown and – at time of writing – it’s currently sitting at $36.40. That’s the highest it’s ever been since the “reverse merger” went though.

Its performance then has clearly been attracting investors, particularly over the past 6 months. Back in December it got down to a low $24.57. That was before it posted two fantastic quarter results for Q4 2014 and Q1 2015 and returning to revenue growth. Even posting a small profit. As for the specific spike noticed over the past few days, that could be down to rumors to the Deutsche Telekom chief’s comments about T-Mobile’s performance and that it is looking at attracting partners to boost profitability.

I’m no financial analyst so I won’t be making any predictions on where its stock price should or shouldn’t be heading. But, as an observation over the past 6 months, things are going well for our favorite magenta-colored company.

Via: Yahoo! Finance

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  • Cam Fas

    Nice looks like they are doing some damage slowly but surely to the big two

  • justsaying

    Sprint is doing really well at around $5 lol

    • EndlessIke

      That doesn’t really tell us anything unless you know how many shares each company has.

      5 shares each worth $10 is the same value as 10 shares each worth $5…in each case the value of the Company is $50

      • ng


        Sprint: 18.52B

        T-Mobile: 29B

        • Trevnerdio

          *chuckles* awkward. Poor Sprint

      • k

        It does say something. Analysts have look at forward earnings to determine stock valuations. Its their belief in the potential earnings thats important to note. They believe tmus will turn profits, which leads to all kinds of options being made available to tmobile.. This is a good thing.

    • TLD

      Back when I worked at Sprint HQ right before the Worldcom proposed merger, the stock was $150 a share and climbing. Anyone that wore a “Sprint Milestone 150” polo shirt knew what it meant. Years later, the stock would tumble and be worthless. All of us employees that invested in ESPP and had 50% of our bonuses redirected into the trash can felt especially sick years later. The stock has never recovered since that day and after 2005 Nextel merger.

  • tony

    lol sprint stock is at $5. lol

  • donnybee

    Financial analysts are con artists and full of hot air.

    But this is really cool! haha

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    Nothing beats T-Mobile period.

    • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

      Except the other 3 carriers in front of it…


      • J-Hop2o6

        Sprint in behind Tmo, so just two.

        • eanfoso

          And you happen to have proof right?

        • Hector Arteaga

          Unless Sprint pulls a miracle out of their **** next quarter, then that’s what’s expected.

        • eanfoso

          Therefore you agree that as of right now, t-mobile is still behind sprint, thank you.

        • TechHog

          Only due to Sprint’s artificially inflated numbers. Also, it’s more accurate to say “as of the end of the last quarter,” since they were so close that there’s a decent chance of T-Mobile being ahead already.

        • eanfoso

          same question, you have proof and Sprint’s official numbers as of right now (which haven’t even been made public yet) through internal leaks, right?

      • Oliver Jackson

        Thye’re talking about postpaid not prepaid lol

  • Oliver Jackson

    Keep sleeping on TMobile if you want. I don’t see Sprint doing this on Wall Street

  • Saige CB

    I left AT&T for T-Mobile back in December.. I brought over my Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus. I could not be ANY happier.. My speeds are always around 25mbps. I was stuck wondering why in the hell I am paying AT&T 180 for 2 lines when I can be paying 118.23 (and that includes unlimited everything,my UE Boom I am paying on no interest, and 2 phone cases) for the same amount of coverage. I personally live in Tampa FL. I love everything about T-Mobile. I just took a road trip down to Miami from Tampa and guess what? Never lost service ONCE. I also had to go to Cancun Mexico on a business trip and guess who had unlimited text and data? This guy!! Of course T-Mobile is not for everyone (nor is at&t or verizon). But I do not see one single difference in coverage here (i never leave the state). Keep it up T-Mobile.. You guys are redefining the industry.