T-Mobile offering over $100 off iPads in time for Mother’s Day

iPad Air 2

This morning, T-Mobile announced that it will be kicking off a huge iPad offer for a limited time. In all, you’ll end up paying less for your LTE-equipped Apple tablet than you’d normally pay for a Wi-Fi only model direct from T-Mobile. Although the offer is fantastic value, the way T-Mobile has gone about it is a little less than straight forward.

In order to be eligible for the offer, customers have to buy the iPad (any model/storage capacity) on EIP along with a qualifying Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan (1GB or more). If you meet those criteria, T-Mobile will give you a monthly discount of $5.50 over 24 months. In total that’s $132 off.

Offer details state the following:

“Each month, you’ll see a $5.50 “iPad Promotion 2015” bill credit in the “Credits and Adjustments” sections of your bill for each eligible device.

You will receive the $5.50 credit every month for 24 months as long as you keep your 1GB above mobile internet plan active and in good standing.

If you cancel your mobile internet plan, the $5.50 bill credit will stop, and you will need to pay the remaining EIP balance.”

As an example, the 16GB cellular iPad Air 2 would normally cost a full retail price of $629.76. That’s $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $26.24. With this offer, your monthly payments would be reduced to $20.74 giving a full retail price of $497.76.

Andrew Sherrard, the company’s CMO, posted the news in a company blog just a short while ago. For those curious, you can also take advantage of T-Mobile’s Match Your Data data plan:

“We’re making it so you can get the perfect connected gift for Mom – an iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular at T-Mobile – for less than the price of a Wi-Fi only model. That’s a savings of over $100! Plus, when you pair this rare offer with the best tablet plan in wireless from T-Mobile, you give Mom a gift that gives all year long. Simply add an iPad and match your smartphone’s data plan – up to 5GB – for just $10 a month. Pretty sweet.”

You can read up on the details of the offer here, head to the T-Mobile blog post or read through this pop-up for the official T&C’s.

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  • Acdc1a

    Seems pretty straight forward to me. Want $132 off? Better be on a real plan. This does stink of carrier though.

    • Cam Bunton

      “Get a discount, but only if you sign up and stay on a plan for 24 months… but it’s not a contract..don’t call it a contract.” ;-)

      • my pad is good enough

        it’s not really a contract. if you don’t want to keep the plan, cancel it, and you’ll just pay the extra $5/month. not saying it isn’t sneaky, but there’s no $350 ETF if you decide to cancel…

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Off topic question: my bill is due on the 13 and I get paid the 15 and I’m trying to do that whole pay your phone bill on time and you’ll be eligible for $0 down deal. So I’ll be good right? Since it’ll be 48 hours.

    • Flip

      Ya just make sure you beat that 48 hr window.

    • Alize Jen Alfonso Martinez

      For best results call them and let them know what your planning on doing, just in case.

  • trife

    Meh. Just give me $100 off at time of purchase. I can’t stand bill credits because quite frankly, I’ve seen way too many people not get the bill credit they’re supposed to. Who has time to call up customer care to make sure you get your $5 off a month?

    And yeah, this whole having to stay on a certain plan for 24 months is weak. I have an inactive, on demand data line that I’d love to use for an iPad, but of course this promo requires a certain level of monthly data plan.


    • lololjoebobo

      You are getting a discount though. You almost have to think of it as a contract.

  • Sean

    They should do what they did with the iPads last year…discount the LTE iPads for the Wi-Fi only price. Still rocking my OG iPad Air from when that promo was available.

    • JE_25

      This offer makes them WiFi pricing. The only catch is you have to pay monthly.

  • bluemoon737

    John Legere are you listening? This is very “carrier” of you. Want $132 off your iPad? Then sign up for a 24 month EIP. Hmmm, a turd (contract) by any other name stinks just as bad.

  • Dave

    In order to be on an EIP, you also need to sign up for their JUMP insurance / trade in program… which is $10/month last I looked. While you could look at insuring a device of this value as a good thing, you could also look at it as in fact costing you roughly $50 more over the lifetime of the device, not including the cost of the data plan.

    • thepanttherlady

      Unless something has changed recently, JUMP! is not a requirement of an EIP although some reps will try to convince you it is.

      • Prod1702

        this is 100% true. I am a RSA in a T-Mo Corp store and there are reps in some stores that will tell you if you do EIP you need to have Jump or you can not do EIP. This is 100% wrong. If this happens to you I would try and get in contact with that Stores higher management and take it up with them. My store does not do this and if I saw someone do this I would have no problems calling them out.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Doesn’t seem like much of a deal when there are several Android tablets for cheap w/o a lot hoops to jump through.

    • Logan C.

      seems like more of a deal when Android tablets are objectively bad at being tablets.

      • Acdc1a

        I tether my ASUS T100 to my phone. Windows 8.1 for the win.

        Seriously, full Windows in a tablet is probably the most useful thing out there.

        • mwolverine

          especially with free office for presentations.
          Wish it were a bit faster though, 2GB RAM makes it a bit slugglish to multitask

        • Acdc1a

          T300 is out now. A little big for my taste.

  • This is not a good deal. They are just making more money off of you, lol. No way.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Terrible deal!


  • Prod1702

    Only reason this would be a good deal is if you were going to buy a Ipad and keep it for more then 2 years, and you also were going to get service for it.

  • mary5652