T-Mobile Nexus 6 getting Wi-Fi calling update from this weekend


At long last, it looks like T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 users will be getting Wi-Fi Calling feature from this weekend. The ever popular product guru, Des Smith, teased the update in a tweet yesterday afternoon:

Later on, in the evening, he tweeted with more specifics stating that some Nexus 6 customers on the fine magenta carrier will start seeing the Wi-Fi calling update over this weekend. So that could be anytime from now onwards.

A quick check over at T-Mobile’s support pages reveals that the company is planning to roll out an update for its Nexus 6 users from today, May 22nd. The “mandatory” update is to Android 5.1.1 / LYZ28E and will be available over-the-air on Wi-Fi only. Currently, you won’t be able to download it over a cellular connection but that is coming at a later date. Although the listing doesn’t confirm that Wi-Fi calling is coming, it does state that it will have the new Device Anti-Theft feature as well as software stability improvements and bug fixes. As for size, the download is pretty small at just 125.8MB.

Let us know in the comments if you get the update and how you like your new Wi-Fi calling feature. Is it awesome, or an anti-climax after all this time waiting.

Thanks for the tip, Bill and Glenn.

Sources: AskDes on Twitter, T-Mobile

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  • scuttlefield

    Any word (or can you find out) if we have to be on LMY47M for this to work? Will there be OTAs for those of us on different variants (I’m curretnly on the international variant, LMY47D) or will we have to manually flash LMY47M first?

    • Steven A.

      You have to be on LMY47M or the OTA won’t even show up or install, since none of the other builds were T-Mobile builds no OTAs were ever released.

    • JLV90

      yes, supposedly there will be factory images posted to the Nexus page later on though.

      • Marcus

        I don’t think they will ever post T-Mobile builds since they include WiFi calling. T-Mobile being the first to get 5.1.1 is a good sign of things to come.

        • Marcus

          Correction. Google now has T-Mobile version of 5.1 & 5.1.1 factory images posted. You should be able to use these & manually update to 5.1.1 from any previous version without having to downgrade. If you have any problems the previous downgrade process should work with the 5.1.1 factory image. This is not like ota & will factory reset phone.

        • JLV90

          they just posted it yesterday on their factory image page

    • Marcus

      Downgrade to 5.0.1 (LRX22C) first.

      • scuttlefield

        Yep. That’s what I ended up doing. After I flashed each img file separately (since “flash-all” didn’t work), then I sideloaded the two OTAs and I’m all set!

  • Ning

    anyone got it?

    • noelsito

      Nothing yet, I haven’t heard of anyone that’s got it already.

    • noelsito

      A lot of people on Reddit posted their screenshotd of the update hitting their 6

    • Steven A.

      Yup I got the update this morning so far so good, seems to be running smoother and WiFi calling is working pretty great as well.

  • Kyle Thompson

    nada yet. i’ll believe it when i see it. pardon my skepticism, but prove me wrong TMO. the whole “small group of customers will see the update over weekend’ rubs me the wrong way. how many TMO Nexus 6 specific customers can there be? It’s by and large a niche phone and we’re talking about a specific niche update. you telling me you can’t roll it all out at once to everyone TMO? come on now… on wi-fi and no updates here yet still.

  • Jeremy Hughes

    I found a link to the OTA .zip and side-loaded it.

    • Kyle Thompson

      ditto. it could be weeks before TMO decides i’m worthy to send the update to. sideload it is.

    • Matt Abrams

      HELP! trying to sideload the OTA zip, No luck. Please help me….

  • larry

    awesome. now add that feature to the rest of the lineup…say…the blackberry classic? :/

    • archerian

      doesn’t the BB Classic have it? They used to have it via hardware way back when I used a 8320 in 2007, did they stop supporting it?

  • anshephe

    Just got the update works great if you want to force the update go to settings apps all apps and clear data on google services framework and force stop. Then recheck for the update should get it then.

    • Ning

      Not working for me, at least so far …..

    • That’s a horrible suggestion and has been proven to do more harm than good. See this response from a Google engineer: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/11/20/google-engineer-dan-morrill-sheds-some-light-on-the-nexus-ota-process-urges-you-to-never-clear-google-service-framework-data/

      • Durandal_1707

        While that’s true, sometimes it is the only thing that allows your phone to see the update. When the 5.1 update came out, my N6 still hadn’t picked up the update a month afterward, well after the update was supposed to have been 100% rolled out. Neither T-Mobile nor Google tech support knew what was going on; both told me that I should have gotten it already. Long story short, eventually I came across the Google Services Framework thing, and that immediately solved the problem. So, sometimes it can apparently get stuck or something, with clearing GSF being the only thing that fixes it.

        With that said, it doesn’t seem to be working this time around, and I am seeing the sync errors described in the link. :-/

      • anshephe

        Well worked good for me and phone is running like a champ I noticed the battery is better after this update as well

      • Michael Sletten

        works for me everytime an update is released since gingerbread

  • Barbara

    I still haven’t downloaded the 5.1 system update because I was not happy with the changes it made on my Nexus 5. Anyone have problems with the 5.1 nexus 6 update?

    • eAbyss

      Nope. 5.1’s a huge improvement over 5.0.x.

    • Brent

      I had some random reboots with 5.1 where it would actually go through the android is upgrading and start optimizing the apps. It was incredibly annoying when you go to use your phone and you can’t for like 15 minutes because it reset itself. I updated to 5.1.1 last night, so we will see if it fixes that problem. It seems like everyone has different issues, I never really had the signal issue that some users complained about.

      • Joe

        Signal issues like not switching to LTE when its available or having no service when it’s available?

        • Brent

          I had a small issue with LTE not switching over from Hspa when it was available, but some people were talking about data showing with an exclamation mark (!) Next to the signal bars. So they would have to restart their phone to get their data to work. I never had the no data problem. This new update to 5.1.1 has been great so far.

        • Joe

          Hmm yeah idk but my sisters and my moms nexus 5 running 5.1 have wired signal problems

  • Matt Abrams

    Anyone have a step by step for sideloading the OTA zip? i have had NO luck at all.

  • shamatuu

    well Monday 12;56 and still no update.

    • Marcus

      What build are you running?

      • shamatuu


        • Marcus

          You have the right build. You will have to wait or Google search adb sideload Nexus 6 5.1.1 ota to get it now. It will not factory reset you phone. Sites have directions if it’s your first time.

        • shamatuu

          Do you think I’ll get it by tomorrow?

  • Carlos

    Hi all just wanted to !et you I received the update on Saturday night on WiFi. Also just tested with calling and no issues works great.

    • Chris Fisher

      Nothing for me. I’m on stock 5.1 (LMY47M) and still no update on 5/25/15 at 7:45 am. I didn’t care too much about other updates but I really, really need this one. I bought in to the ‘end of firs quarter’ promise. My house has terrible signal. I don’t get a missed call notification when in there. If a voice mail is not left I don’t know the person called (I know, if no message it wasn’t important). Anyway, just wanted to say the rollout is not completed.

      • Bradly Robberson

        Try the update now, I got mine last night

        • Chris Fisher

          I just checked again this morning and no-go for me. I’m glad to hear yours came through!

        • Kirn Gill

          Updates are done in what’s known as a “staged rollout”, First it’s 1% of users, then 5% of users, etc, until everyone gets the update, so that in case something goes TERRIBLY wrong along the way, Google can stop the update from destroying any more phones.

  • Edward351

    Does it matter if you bought your phone from T-Mobile or another provider? I bought my phone from Motorola directly since I had a promotional code but I wonder if this update is only available to phones purchased through T-Mobile.

    • Jason Crumbley

      From my understanding, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a T-Mobile sim card installed.

  • skywalkr2

    I guess when i side loaded earlier I got version LMY47D. Does this mean I need to manually modify the phone again?

    • Marcus

      See scuttlefield post below for the same thing.

  • Chris

    I got the update today. Does anyone know how to tell if you are completing a call over WiFi or not? Is there an icon to look for?

    • Marcus

      Got to phone settings, call settings, & wifi calling.

      • Chris

        No, I meant is there any indication (icon) that lets you know your call is being completed via WiFi? I have setting turn on but nothing on the phone lets me know if it going over cellular or WiFi.

        • williejackbrainer

          I do not think there is an (icon). I believe it depends on signal strength, but I could be way off..

        • williejackbrainer

          It will say in top left corner (T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling)

  • Bradly Robberson

    I got the update and it came in the 5.1.1 and I turned the WiFi calling on under the more data tab.

  • Arnold Shoon

    I sideloaded the update on the weekend… Excited to finally have wifi calling as I travel enough internationally that it helps a lot to be able to take calls while on wifi!

  • patelj27b

    I received the update Tuesday afternoon. Has anyone else had issues with wi-fi calling getting connected to a wi-fi source? Mine keeps on trying to connect for a long time before it connects, and then, after a while, it drops the wi-fi calling connection.

    • williejackbrainer

      I’ve having the same problem and still getting the (!) too.

  • winnt

    Impatiently, STILL waiting…….

    • Erik Papesh

      Same here. Tried the Clearing google framework shit, didn’t work. I have the Personal Cell spot and it does me no good since I don’t have the update lol

  • lucas

    I got it today and it works great!!!! Finally I have WiFi calling…

  • newcomer217

    A week later and still nothing… And I left a Samsung thinking I’d get “timely” updates. LOL

  • williejackbrainer

    I have received the update, however I’m still getting the (!) and at times I cannot send/receive text messages, phones calls and data. I was hoping that would have been resolved with this update.

  • winnt

    Got it over night….

  • Ronnie Apodaca

    Here’s a weird one for everyone…

    I was overseas when the rollout startes with T-Mobile Sim using the simple global options for Australia, however it looks like I got a different verision. I was updated to LMY47Z, which is apparently the international version. This is causing a problem, because I cannot seem to get the tmobile variation without a complete wipe, and flash of factory image. any suggestions?

  • Rick

    Over a week later and nothing I never use WiFi and I have been on WiFi every since they said this was out….it takes too long….

  • Luke McCarthy

    Still don’t have it….

  • JR

    Finally got the update. After a few days now it’s showing T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling. Sweet.

  • skippy1960

    Got it today

  • williejackbrainer

    Just curious…is anyone still getting (!) from time to time? Even after the update, I’m still having this issue and I really do not want to factory reset my phone.

  • Will

    Still nothing. WTF?

  • Karen Milks

    I still have nothing and when I call they act like I’m crazy and know nothing about a wifi calling update!