Legacy MetroPCS CDMA network to be completely shut down by June 21st?



Since combining with MetroPCS, T-Mobile has been steadily shutting down the prepaid carrier’s old CDMA network in a number of markets. The aim was always to get its customers on to T-Mobile’s more modern, faster LTE network and re-farm the old spectrum and integrate it in to T-Mobile’s network. With progress so far being quick and efficient, it looks like the legacy network could be shut down sooner than we expected. T-Mobile plans to have the last three major markets shut down by June 21st.

MetroPCS’ site states that “phones operating on the legacy network must be upgraded by 6/21/15. MetroPCS will be converting our legacy network to our new network, making the network bigger and faster in these markets.”

If you’re a MetroPCS customer, you will have undoubtedly seen the company’s efforts to get you switched across to GSM/LTE compatible phones. So far, around 92% of Metro customers have non-CDMA phones. That leaves less than half a million customers using CDMA devices. But for those thousands of customers, a warning is printed on MetroPCS site stating that  “phones operating on MetroPCS’ legacy network after 6/21/15 are not guaranteed to have service.”

For several months now, MetroPCS has been helping its customers upgrade by offering upgrade credit for those switching from CDMA to GSM handsets. Depending on which make or model the credit could by $32, $54, $109 or $299. If this applies to you, and you haven’t yet upgraded your phone, be sure to check out MetroPCS’ network upgrade page.

Source: MetroPCS
Via: Fierce Wireless, PhoneDog, Prepaid Phone News 

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  • Bradley Karas

    Tampa FL one of those markets?

    • Acdc1a

      Tampa is a legacy market that hasn’t been shut down yet.

      • Bradley Karas

        Works for me…refarm for LTE when completed

  • Well they gave them Plenty of Warning, they’ve been saying this for at least two years now.

  • Jay Holm

    Does that mean a whole slew of more 20×20 markets? I live in Bridgeport Ct, Fairfield County. That sure would be awesome! I’m always down for more speed!

    • MyrnaCCervantes

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  • TMUS Nerd

    It’s already shut down, they did a major PRL push / update earlier this year. They have already integrated some as test sites.

    • gmo8492

      That would hard to a little believe since why would there still be 500,000 legacy Metro customers with no service? Unless there is something I’m not understanding here.

      • TMUS Nerd

        The PRL update made another CDMA network their homE network (VW). So the network shut down and they are integrating the 2 networks

        • gmo8492

          So they’re roaming on something else in the mean time. Ok.

        • TMOTECH

          You are so wrong. I am standing in front of a Metro PCS cell site right now because I am repairing it. Not every market is shut down. 3 still remain. Counting the days til total shutdown…

  • Jay Holm

    I can’t believe there have only been 6 comments here, this headline is big news! I think so anyway.

  • Which major markets are those? It seems that MetroPCS had licenses on both bands 2 and 4. How much more spectrum will be available for LTE as these licenses are refarmed from EVDO?

  • RefarmallPCSandChan51nowPlease

    I can’ t wait for T-Mobile to do the same with 2G-GSM!

    (Please don’t give me that B2B BS; it’s 2015 for crying out loud.)

    • eAbyss

      Same here. It’s such a waste of spectrum and I don’t see T-Mobile maintaining their speed advantage without shuttering their antiquated networks (EDGE-HSPA+) and refarming the spectrum to LTE.

      Just let Sprint spin their wheels on this B2B BS as they plan, letting them slip further and further behind.

      • qmc

        I have read in several places that AT&T’s been running their GSM in the remaining guard bands which mean sit will not use up anything that can not be used for HSPA/LTE. And I get 10+Mbps on H+ on lowend devices, which is perfectly usable. You do realize there are 40 places with Mpbs H+, right? Sure, LTE is great, you can get something like 100Mbps down in 20MHz of LTE and I’m making sure it’s in my next phone, but it’s not like you need 60Mbps down all the time when there are other people around. That won’t be sustainable, whether the airways are H+ or LTE.

    • Fabian Cortez

      You mean M2M.

    • Ordeith

      If it wasn’t for 2G/ Edge I wouldn’t have much T-Mobile coverage at all.

    • peharri

      Hell no.

      2G GSM may be old, but it’s extremely reliable and works everywhere.

      I can see the need for getting rid of 3G. It was never terribly good, and LTE solves all of its problems. But 2G? It needs to stay.

  • Adam

    Why would customers need to pay for a new phone (even with discounts) while it’s not their choice to upgrade !?
    Why customers need to pay for a choice they didn’t make !?