Bayern Munich and T-Mobile team up to bring you free soccer content

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Those of you familiar with the world of soccer will be aware of Bayern Munich. It’s one of the best teams in Europe – in fact – one of the best teams in the world. You’ll also know that for years now, the team’s jerseys have featured prominent Deutsche Telekom branding. T-Mobile’s majority stakeholder has long been one of the club’s biggest sponsors. And now that partnership between the two firms is set to benefit customers in the U.S.

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T-Mobile US customers can now get a free 12 month subscription to Bayern Munich’s on-demand streaming service. FCB.TV gives you access to a ton of awesome Bayern content. The service’s programming is loaded with a generous amount of exclusive content including match highlights immediately after each game and replays of full live games (within 24 hours of the game finishing). And it’s not just the official competitive games, friendlies are included too. There’s also player interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. And you’ll get to watch it all for free.

If you access FCB.TV/t-mobile using your cellular connection, you’ll be able to take advantage of the promotion and watch as much of the club’s content as you like for the next year. The offer is open to all T-Mobile Simple Choice customers.

“Soccer fans are some of the most passionate sports fans around and keeping up with their club is incredibly important to them,” said Mike Belcher, Vice President Media and Consumer Engagement at T-Mobile. “So we’re giving every Un-carrier Simple Choice customer free access to this year. Fans can now enjoy the new season on our lightning fast 4G LTE Data Strong network.”

Not for the first time, I find myself a little jealous of T-Mobile US customers. Even if the majority of you aren’t in to football (soccer), you could do a lot worse than introduce yourself to the sport through watching Bayern Munich. The team completely dominated its home Bundesliga championship this season, and normally does really well in Europe’s biggest competition – The Champion’s League, making it to the semi-finals this year.

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  • Chris Adams

    Registration froze and now the offer is not available.


    Not a lot of people will sign up for this. Most people in the USA IF they watch soccer (or football) would be interested in the British or Spanish leagues. It’s funny this offer came out after Munich lost to Barca :)

    • Paul

      After the coverage and interest in the World Cup, and Germany’s performance, German teams are more popular.

      I’ve known about Bayern for well over a decade.

      • Derek

        That was a giant farce! No one and I mean NO ONE in the USA cares about soccer! People were interested in the world cup the same way people are suddenly interested in the superbowl or world series, yet they don’t watch one game all season long up to that point! Americans jump onto whatever they think is “cool” at the time and change it up about every 30 days.

        • mike

          I love soccer and am an American who doesn’t switch things up in 30 days. Quit watching sportscenter and being the same person you’re explaining.

        • thepanttherlady

          I live in a predominately Hispanic area and can assure you that is not the case.

          I also grew up in a soccer family and most of my family members are still involved whether it be playing, coaching or ref’ing.

        • Jrunner

          Perhaps more would watch if it was as easy to watch it weekly as it is during the world cup. I don’t have cable, and for a bit, NBC Universal Sports was on free over the air broadcast tv around here. I watched curling, skiing, marathons… But when you have to pay a lot to access content (and often get special packages on top of the cadillac cable package), that’s the part I’m not interested in.

  • Paul


  • JLV90

    Nice, not really interested in the offer but I’m sure some people out there are.

    • patt

      bayern one of my favorite teams now I am jelly :D

  • steveb944

    It’s asking for money or a voucher (I’m on mobile data). So much for that.

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