T-Mobile iPhone 6 now $72 off in web-only “Magenta Thunder” deal

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“Magenta” and “Thunder”, like many of T-Mobile buzzwords, shouldn’t go together well but – somehow – still do. Perhaps because it means awesome discounts for online shoppers on T-Mobile.com. Like Amazon’s Lightning deals, the offers are only available for a short time. But unlike Amazon’s deals, they last two days.

From today – April 21st – until tomorrow – April 22nd – T-Mobile is offering $72 off the iPhone 6. The offer is available on all colors and storage capacity options using promo code THUNDER72 at checkout. Once discount has been applied, you’ll get the 16GB model for $577.92 full retail price. The 64GB model will set you back $677.91, while the  128GB model will cost $777.91.

As mentioned already, this discount will only work on the iPhone 6 until tomorrow, April 22nd. So be sure not to miss out if you’re in the market for a new iPhone. Head on over to the iPhone 6 product page to buy, and don’t forget to apply the discount code at checkout.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Fabian Cortez

    The Black Friday deal was better.

    • Steve R.

      Agreed, that’s when I bought my 64 GB iPhone 6 =D

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Every body knows the next big promo will be Mother’s Day for all devices.

    • HeatFan786

      Probably, I just got my S6 Edge almost two weeks ago. If Apple had a sale of $100 off or more on the 64 GB 6+, I would’ve rocked that instead, but $850 is too much for a phone. I was hesitant to even pay up $100 more for the Edge, but that sexy design was hard to pass up.

  • Josh

    I heard this is only for new customers, and not for existing. is this true?

    • xJimboJonesx

      fine print says new customers or new lines only

      • ibwurzel

        must be fine print , I didn’t see it when I followed the order chain on the promo page .Frankly I feel it is deceptive to set up a promo page , have a box upon it to click for upgrade , but nowhere in the following process is it mentioned that the offer is not applicable to upgrades .

    • JMF_mobile

      Yeah all the promo code web discounts are for new lines or new customers only. I was told as much when I called customer service when I discovered there was no way to enter a promo code on an upgrade checkout. I suggested they fix this customer pain point on the next uncarrier move.

    • KR

      Call, say cancel service, get the retention’s departments and they will give you the deal

  • SilentRick

    Whoopty doo

  • superg05

    i read a few reports that said iphone sales where slowing when the S6 and S6Edge launched maybe there some truth to that i say get it while you can not my cup of vodka though

    • HeatFan786

      It’s a cycle, Samsung up, Apple down. Switches as newer phones come out.

    • JLV90

      iPhone sales slow down as the newer model approaches. You’ll usually see a free with contract sale on the latest iPhones around this time on AT&T and Verizon.

  • Guest


  • ACarlson

    Spent some time with Dr. Alban and Mr. Vain.

    Looks good.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Spent some time with Dr. Alban and Mr. Vain.

      Looks good. Don’t tell anyone the coverage is as holy as my panties.

      Okay troll.

  • Jason Taclas

    I honestly think “magenta maelstrom” would improve the impact of the deal.

  • Jon

    you save a whopping $72. Everyone should be jumping for joy woo hoo!

    • Daniel Darnell

      It’s a good deal but it sucks that you can’t add the 99 cent SIM card Promo to it. You can only use one code in an order.

      • AussieB

        If they’re trying to get people to join Tmobile, they shouldn’t charge more than 99 cents for a SIM CARD. Be a REAL UNCARRIER. I didnt pay for a SIM card for my prepaid carrier. That is the cost of doing business. Its ridiculous to charge ten bucks or whatever they charge. $72 on a product that usually isn’t discounted is a decent amount; they should publicize it . No offense TMONEWS but the majority of the target audience will never know about this deal

        • Daniel Darnell

          I don’t mind a SIM card fee but $15 is way too expensive for just a SIM card. Even $10 is, I think $5 for a SIM card would be much more reasonable and acceptable.

        • JLV90

          AT&T and Verizon charge $40 for it if you sign a contract and call it an “activation” or “upgrade fee”

      • Joey Soloo

        What’s that promo code?