T-Mobile Galaxy S6 sales already “nearly double” Galaxy S5 sales at T-Mobile

Galaxy S6

Tomorrow is the big launch day. The HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available officially in stores and online. And while T-Mobile has been offering them already on pre-sale, tomorrow is the first time you can walk in to a store and walk out with one in your hand.

T-Mobile reminded us of this fact in an early press release, but more importantly, let us in on some tasty tidbits of information about the current state of pre-sales. Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-sales have been “hot”. So hot, that it has virtually doubled the sales of the previous year’s Galaxy S5 in its first 10 day period. And the HTC One M9 isn’t doing too badly either.

“Since T-Mobile began shipping—and selling—the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge on March 27, customer response has been through the roof. In just the first 10 days, sales of the new Galaxy S 6 series at T-Mobile are already nearly double those of the Galaxy S 5 – previously the most popular Galaxy phone ever at T-Mobile. Likewise, in the first 10 days of HTC One M9 sales, the flagship phone has already surpassed sales of the HTC One M8 during the same time period.”

All three phones are going to be available on EIP with $0 up front payment. The HTC One M9 will cost you $27.08 per month over 24 months, the S6 starts at $28.33 per month (32GB) while the Edge is considerably more at $32.49 per month for the 32GB option. And if you’re a MetroPCS customer, you’ll be glad to know that the S6 will be available on the prepaid carrier from April 17th, starting at $649.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Verizonthunder

    I’ll wait for the LG G4 which is already promising

    • Never understood why people like yourself make comments like this, lol. Why come to a post, and talk about another device? How you are waiting on that instead, lol….what’s the point in that? If you are not interested in THIS phone, why be here? When the G4 comes out, you will say you are waiting on the G5 lol.

      • Navy Seal Team 6

        freedom of speech mnky.

        • You guys are so sensitive

        • AS118

          You’re the most sensitive seeming one in this entire thread chain. Hypocritical!

      • Jay Holm

        Because it’s what’s on his mind, that’s why, sheez, people are so rude on the internet!

  • IamDefiler

    I’ve had my GS6 edge since 3/31 and love it. Such a sexy piece of tech.

  • Joe

    I can say this phone is overall very good. The complaints I have so far are that the battery life is good to make it through the day for the most part with medium usage but not amazing (average). Call quality on VoLTE is good very clear except for this hissing noise which I would like to know if anyone else has experienced? TuchWiz has improved not as much as they advertize it to have improved but it is a good step forward, but I do get strange lag spikes out of nowhere every once in a while but nothing major. And one small thing is I wish the headphone jack was one the top not the bottom. Other than that it’s a smooth experience running Apex launcher on it.

    • Jay Holm

      Question, what is better about Apex than Nova? I might give it a try.

      • Joe

        Well I have always used it and it has some features such as gestures for free. Other than that I just like it better and when I tried Nova I was just not impressed inafe to give it much of a shot.

  • fuego77

    Everything about the edge is amazing, from the screen to the fluidity, to the camera. Everything just worked so fast and flawlessly I have no issues, the battery however is average at best. Which is fine with me, I charge for 10 minutes and get 30% more battery which lasts me another 4 hours. So can’t complain too much. My note 4 and nexus 6 are sitting in their boxes now.

    • vb69

      wanna sell Nexus 6 ?

      • thepanttherlady

        Not here. No buying, selling or trading allowed.

        • neospade44


      • patt

        nexus 6 is a waste of money

      • Jay Holm

        Warning, this website has tons of rules!

  • Sean

    While this is good news, you’ve got to remember that there was only ONE GS5 and now there are TWO GS6’s. I still love my 32 GB Black Sapphire S6, though!

    • Joe

      So that just means 2 choices not double the sales.

  • George

    What is the poin?. Everybody else will update S6 to Android 7.0. T-mobile will stop the update at Android 5.x or 6.x. They did this to galaxy S3 and to S4. I am sure they will do the same for S5 and S6. I do not even understand why people are buying samsung phones from t-mobile. Guys, please learn from history. Even though you are paying a lot of money, you will get an inferior treatment from T-mobile and Samsung.

    • Benjamin Dover


  • Benjamin Dover

    Made the mistake of pre-ordering the S6 128GB Black on 3/28. T-Mobile says I should expect it to ship between 4/11 and 4/25, which doesn’t sound like pre-release to me.

    I checked at my local store about this particular one. They said that 128GB has never been released in any phone before, and they didn’t expect many people to get that one, so they probably won’t have any.

    I tried to cancel my order, but they are holding me hostage, so I may cancel my credit card in order to void the upgrade.

    • thepanttherlady

      I forgot to reply to your previous post about canceling to warn you about this. They did the same thing to me with my Nexus 6 preorder. I canceled less than a week after placing the order and they still shipped it 2 weeks later. Apparently, the confirmation # you receive when canceling isn’t really a cancellation #, it’s just confirmation you called to do it. The “team” that handles these requests can take literally days to weeks to process.

      Post on T-Mobile’s Facebook page. After almost a month I finally posted and it took them 3 days to resolve and refund me. Make sure when they cancel the EIP that they don’t try to charge you the first installment and “forget” to refund that too. ;)

      Good luck.

    • Spanky

      They say it’s never been released on any phone? Not even the iPhone 6/6+? /s

    • TBN27

      My friend got his 128GB version last week as the 6 Edge. Whoever is lying to you does not know of what they are talking about.

    • Jay Holm

      “Holding you hostage”? Really? Just call, cancel, nothing more to it than that. Wow, “hoatage”?

  • Trevnerdio

    I’m really confused…take out the expandable storage and bump up the specs per “new flagship quota” and you get a ton more orders. How?

    • Deadeye37

      By making it look like a sexy piece of hardware instead of a giant colored band aid.

      I guess its form over function for most people. I’ve thrown my hat in with the Saygus V2. Its not the prettiest phone on the block, but it has a ton of features that most other phones don’t have.

      • Trevnerdio

        Yeah, I forgot that the Notes were the first Samsung phones to get real metal on the edges. It’s obvious that form sells – look at the iPhone! While its functions are adequate for most people, there are always those that need more. Now, they have a beautiful-looking Android device lol

  • Nate553

    I upgraded from a Note 4. Yes, it does feel like an upgrade (much faster overall, faster camera, striking screen, fingerprint reader that actually works, louder speaker).

    BTW. the service menu (T-Mobile S6) shows a lot more LTE bands than the Note 4.
    S6: LTE bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,17,17,20,29,30,18,19,26)

    • Rob

      Where did you see that?

    • Evans Okotcha

      i also have a note 4 and was looking to upgrade to the s6 but ive been hesitant because im trying to decide on if its a worthy upgrade, preciate your feedback

  • Ryanide

    The all new Samsung Galaxy S6 or is it the Galaxy iPhone S6? So confusing, yet people still want the iPhone type of Android device, and Samsung delivers.

    Wonder how many will complain when they find out just how iPhone like it really is with no SD card slot and no removable battery. And just like the iPhone, screens that break with a tiny fall. Can’t wait.

    • mikejones1876

      The only reason its like that because of the design

    • Nathan Law

      It Looks way better than the Iphone 6 (the iphone looks like an ipad mini or mini ipad air duh)…..It does alot more and can handle falls alot better than the Iphone 6 as proven with videos…….we also havent had any cases with it bending as well and I doubt we ever will……..its real petty to say the phone looks like the Iphone 6 because of the speaker grill or glass on the back which hasnt been used in 3 or 4 years on the I phones. It looks better on our phones due to color shifting and it actually serve a purpose unlike your 4S…..this is the reason why we can wireless charge now duh…….Really!!!bwahahaha….or even worse “rounded edges” It s but so many ways you can shape a phone duhh goofball lol. should they have come out with a phone shaped like an triangle…foh

      • Ryanide

        Perhaps you completely missed the last paragraph nearly entirely.
        I was referring more toward Samsung’s desire to remove the options for removable battery and SD card slot, and then there’s that home button. “Duh!”
        It’s pretty much become what Apple has done with the iPhone since day one.

        Obviously, for many, the removal of 2 most sought after features is a deal breaker and many won’t even see it coming until they buy it and find out. At least HTC learned mostly what consumers want, and re-added the SD card option in the M8 and M9 after earlier One series.

        Please don’t assume it’s all about the form factor and not the features. There’s only so many different ways to design a phone, but there must be more innovative solutions and features for future renditions of flagship phones, not less like the S6.

        • Nathan Law

          What…….I should nt even bother replying….you didmt say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing at all….wth

          Obviously the ppl who are buying the phones are well aware of the missing SD Slot and the non removable battery….get it together and of course DUH!

          Of course Samsung implemented ways to make the transition smoother such as UFS 2.0 and the OTG as far as the sd slot goes, also the phines come with free cloud storage for 2years……hmmm what has Apple offered……exactly

          Also, comparing the home buttons to Apple hah…….I dont even need to say anything else on that……..thanks for the laugh.

        • Nathan Law

          And by the way….the phone has alot of features thatbare always missing from Apples phone and also uses the latest technology…..I mean really…..Apple phones doesnt have any features except the fingerprint scanner which bybway was done about 4 uears ago prior……that goes for their tablets, macbook airs, and their macbooks……(I ve had all of them) the only Apple product that is worth anything is the Macbook Pro, and even then you have to install Paralell windows just to get the most out of it…….

        • Mike

          Well Samsung S6 sales are already proving they made the right choice. To build such a beauty of a phone like the S6 some sacrifices had to be made and with unlimited data,wifi being available almost anywhere, streaming services , and web storage majority of the people will not cry about not having a sd card slot

  • Jay Holm

    I got mine Wednesday morning, white 64GB.

  • jim

    when will i receive my tmo galaxy s6 gold i ordered online on april 1st? it still says back ordered! will ship tomorrow?

    • I spoke to them directly, and they informed me they are waiting for them to come in still from Sammy. We should see orders start to ship around 4/14. Inventory is supposed to be in my 4/11. Hoping this is so, as I ordered back on 3/31. http://explore.t-mobile.com/shipping-dates

  • well i’m loving mine that’s for sure. a few things it needs to fix in particular the ability to only show contacts with phone numbers. overall though excellent phone the S6 is. feels good in the hands.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    “T-Mobile Galaxy S6 sales already “nearly double” Galaxy S5 sales…”

    Well of course, the S5 was garbage! Not to mention ugly as hell and quite possibly the worst “flagship” of 2014.

    • Sebastian Bartlett

      Didn’t matter how bad it was the S5 sold more than any previous Samsung device in the first month (just) and in the US it is the best selling S series so if the S6 is selling double that in the early days then we are looking at huge initial sales. However, will that last or will it go the way of the S5 in the long run.

      • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

        *Kanye shrug* And?

    • har1

      I wouldn’t give you my s5. Been a great phone

  • Jay Holm

    I wanted the gold one, but I wasn’t willing to waaaait!

  • JLV90

    You mean to tell me the expansion of T-mobile LTE is getting more people to buy more phones? Shocker. Also being first to market helps a lot of sales for people on the verge of switching

    I’m surprised to see the M9 selling more though doesn’t seem like a big upgrade. Although it does have band 2 and band 12 LTE which would be an improvement to signal quality.

    • typicaltaurus

      I had the M8 as well and it didn’t seem like a big upgrade from that, however it would still be a good phone for those that have had their old devices for awhile.

  • RLB63

    Non replaceable battery is a deal killer for me. My s4 needs a new battery a little after 1 year of use. Why lock into a phone I can’t resolve it?

    No sd card is another deal killer.

    My family had 5 people waiting for the s6. Seeing those problems all of us have either decided s5 note 4 out wait and see if Samsung realized it’s mistakes with the phone. I would rather buy old s5’s and tour them then buy a phone like the s6

    • Evan

      You are wondering if Samsung will realize its “mistakes” under an article about how the phone’s sales have already doubled over last year’s model.

    • disqus_XRriMTE3hF

      If you need more memory, buy a wifi microsd reader, I have one and works great. And you can use it on more then one device. http://amzn.to/1DuppXi

    • Mike

      Well your opinion doesn’t matter. Samsung had to make a big change and make the S6 more of a quality build since the iPhone 6 made customers switch and trumped the s5 sales.

    • watkins

      Agreed 100%. They dropped the ball big time with the s6. Sure they will gain sales from the Samsung faithful and the usual sheep that buy phones based off appearance… Real smart phone users know better. Here’s hoping they don’t botch the next note.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Not even surprised. I’ve been using my S6 for the past week and it has been a great experience thus far. Several of my friends who sport S5s have already committed to buying an S6 after they got the chance to play with mine. The screen and quality of the design always comes up.

  • JJ Clark

    My S5 is the worst of the 3 Galaxy phone’s I’ve owned. I’m still on the fence about the S6, though. Not sure what direction to go with my next phone purchase.

  • cdtaylor

    Do any versions of the S6 offer video calling as an option directly from your contact list (like they do with messages and regular calls)? Or has T-mobile somehow eliminated that feature on the phones used through their network?

    My husband and I both had the S3, but he got his through an online retailer, unlocked, after he cracked his screen, and his had the video call feature, but mine never did, despite the multiple t-mobile updates. I find it frustrating that it’s not an option, when it just seems to make sense, given that we all have cameras on our smartphones.

    • UMA_Fan

      It really just depends what APP was installed for video calling and if that app can integrate with your device contacts. The problem here lies more with Android since there is no uniform video chat platform as simple as facetime.

  • John

    All shitty, no 5.5″ I’ll wait for hTC E9+ finger cross if not iPhone 7 plus in November.

  • George

    I will wait for LG G4. It looks like they will have replaceable battery and micro sd card slot. Also a leather cover!. Great. Also, LG supports their phones for 2 year. Even L90 which is a midrange phone is getting updated to 5.1. Samsung did not support the likes of note 2, S3 and S4. Way to go LG. Take my money.

    • Mike

      Well the reviews so far has been good for the S6

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        The reviewers don’t give a fuck of shit about things like nonremovable batteries or upgradeable memory because to them, phones are just throwaway devices. To them, all that matters is that it’s “sleek”… yeah, so “sleek” that it’s missing BASIC NECESSITIES!

  • jim

    What’s wrong with non removable battery? What’s the concern? The battery will run out after certain number of charges and once that happens, the phone becomes useless trash? I don’t know, just asking. The battery is like car battery that runs out /becomes dead after a certain time?

  • Randall Lind

    I got the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Black and I love it I miss swiping photos in gallery but other then that pretty nice phone. The camera rocks.