Apple Pay makes its way to T-Mobile


Apple updated its “Where to use Apple Pay” page this morning with a list of ten new locations you can use its contact-less payment system. And among those ten new merchants, is T-Mobile.

apple pay

The carrier joins companies like Gamestop, Acme, Firehouse Subs and Rubio’s among others as the latest to join Cupertino’s payment revolution. And with Apple Watch coming very soon, T-Mo couldn’t have chosen a better time to join in.

If Apple’s updated page is anything to go by, you should now be able to walk in to your local T-Mobile store and use your iPhone 6/6 Plus NFC to pay for small transactions. If you’ve been able to use it, or work in a store where it’s up and running, be sure to let us know your experiences. Is it as quick and painless as Apple wants us to think it is?

Source: Apple Insider

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  • Seabass

    I been using apple pay for a while now where ever they accept it and it has been seamless, I have had no issues with it and it is as easy as apple advertises it. I recommend anybody to use it if you have an iphone or Ipad. Never tought I would use it this much, I don’t have to carry all my CCs with me anymore.

    • Raiterio Patterson

      But what if….your phone gets stolen?

      • You can wipe your phone with Find My iPhone and it’ll automatically stop purchases from working. Plus, it needs your own fingerprint, so it wouldn’t work anyway.

      • Frankwhitess

        Then it’s back to the old days of paying for things with your five fingers and the infamous five finger discount…

      • UMA_Fan

        Well as long as the thief doesn’t cut off and take the finger you happened to set up for apple pay you’re good.

      • SCXR

        What if your wallet gets stolen?

      • 21stNow

        I take it that your post was sarcastic, but cashiers used to ask me that all the time. I responded that I would do the same thing that I would if my purse got stolen; call the card companies and report the cards stolen.

        • Raiterio Patterson

          Yes I was being sarcastic. Just pointing out the obvious

      • Nearmsp

        If phone is locked with finger print and the apple pay is too anyway the phone is a brick for a thief. When one puts the phone in lost mode, all cards are instantly deactivated for Apple Pay. Once found, they are automatically activated for Apple pay.

  • Willie D

    Also means Google Wallet is accepted.

  • Rod

    Old news. Tmo has accepted gwallet and apple pay since they officialy launched Softcard as ISIS.

  • Poorsha

    I used it at Tmobile 2 weeks ago, and since then it does not work on my 6. How can that be fixed?

    • FILA

      Buy a Nexus, haha

      • Logan C.

        so Bluetooth can not work, memory leaks can abound, and Google can continuously refuse to fix it with software releases? No thanks, even my SO wants to trade her Nexus out.

        • steveb944

          Let’s keep the ball rolling…

          So he can have the 6’s smaller screen size, less feature rich OS, scratch/breakable rear camera lens which are all things that will definitely not change because only the next hardware iteration will bring a little change.

        • Logan C.

          Screen size preference is subjective and the 6+ exists. A large list of largely useless or poorly implemented features is not a selling point, and my rear camera lens is fine after close to 6 months of use, which is the same I could say for my Note Edge. Meanwhile, the Nexus (at least the 5) is a device with overheating AND battery life issues because Android OEMs in general decided putting ridiculous processors in mobile devices was a better idea than actually closing memory leaks and fixing performance issues in software, piss-poor camera performance, zero accessory support (and yes, I know, that’s not the fault of the OEM, but its still a point against the device) AND little to no after purchase support.

        • steveb944

          The 6 and + both have smaller screens than the Nexus 6. Funny, I have yet to get the same usability from ANY iPhone release because they add things that I’ve had for years prior on Android. My Apple faithful friend was the one with a broken lens, classified as Sapphire Crystal by Apple.

          Interesting because I had the 4 and 5, never ran into any issues whatsoever. Meanwhile when I’ve tried iPhones to run comparisons it’s been a horrendous experience, I have yet to try the 6/+ fully because I hate the UI so maybe that’s been fixed by now.

          You probably had a bad egg or were running some bad apps on the N5, which can happen on any platform. And through all releases ALL my Androids have had better battery life vs my iPhone using friends attached to a charger most of the time.

          I’ll agree that the 4 and 5 had worse cameras but you’re comparing to a device that’s twice the price. The N6 finally has a camera that’s on par. I’ve noticed that pictures just look better on the iPhone screen, but when you compare on a desktop it’s all pretty much the same.

          After purchase support? I never understand that because if you have to even deal with support it means your hardware/software isn’t optimal and it’s already a bad product. In any case, you contact Google and they replace it if need be. If you’re referring to having a chaotic store you can walk into, Apple Store, buy it from the carrier to get that face to face you want.

        • Logan C.

          They add things and implement them properly so the average person with a real 40 hour a week job and a social life doesn’t have to spend their free time configuring it that Android had years ago* ftfy.

          I owned the 4 and 5 as well and was never able to get stock images from Google to work properly. My partner is running 4.4.4 now because its the last release that will support her peripherals properly and she doesn’t have the time or expertise to spend working on making it work all the time. I’m not stupid, I’ve swapped my N5 (an arduous process to not get a refurb, by the way, and I WORKED for my carrier) and I’ve still got the same issues I’ve always had. The N6 camera does not compare favorably to the iPhone in my opinion, nor does my Note Edge. I’ve yet to find a device outside Nokia that does so, and even the 10/1520 only barely edge it out.

          After-purchase support, since you’ve never actually had a device whose OEM cares, refers to the fact that if my Apple device breaks within its warranty, I’ll have it replaced, properly, and within a workable timeframe. My iPhone was acting up while on vacation recently and I was able to have it swapped, restored, and running in 20 minutes and from a tectonic standpoint I wasn’t even on the same continent. I had a minor error with my S4 Active when I had it and it took Samsung a month to fix it. I find it absolutely hysterical that you claim “if you had to deal with support it means your product isn’t optimal” in the same post that you claimed “oh your phone must have been faulty lel”

          As for replacements, You contact Google and they piss and moan about it, make you ship it back to them, wait for reception on a shady delivery company, wait for them to diagnose the issue, trust your new phone (or in all likelihood, someone else’s busted phone refurbished) to the same shady delivery company, and if everything goes to plan, you’ve got your new polished turd about a fortnight later. In the meantime, enjoy that Nexus 4 if you didn’t trade it in, because that’s what you’re stuck with.

        • steveb944

          They release a drip rate of updates so they keep the simple minded users on a short Apple chain. ftfy. I’ve never had to root or do anything of the sort, on the other hand I had to jailbreak my old iPhone because it had unbearable limitations. Once again, never had issues with Vanilla Android, crappy Touchwiz on the other hand I can’t defend.

          I had to swap out 5 Samsung Galaxy Vibrants (GS1), that was a crapshoot of an experience because T-Mobile/Samsung dropped the ball. Ever since I’ve purchased devices straight from the OEM, it’s been great since that. That’s also the time frame Android was in infancy, but since then it’s always been the superior product, but YMMV since you had a Samsung product. Once again I’ve been referring to Nexus, I hate Samsung personally so I can’t defend them. If you get a faulty/lemon/bad egg/non optimal device you’re going to have problems, it doesn’t matter how you want to define it, and all manufacturers have those issues here and there.

          All I’ve heard is praise from people that buy from Google and have problems arise, their customer support has stepped up a lot. Personally I rather work my 40 hr/wk job and enjoy my social life by contacting Google or X manufacturer online and not having to lose any time in some store, I hate going to stores for anything. And I reiterate, never had to do anything personally since all my devices have been solid from Google and after. My sibling has that old N4, and it still works better than any turd (your words) that Apple releases, I’ve left Nexus since last year but I’m sure I’ll pick up another one eventually.

          At the end of it all, it’s too bad we’ve had such bad experiences on opposing platforms, but thankfully we’ve found what works for each of us respectively.

        • KingCobra

          All excellent points and some of the main reasons why I choose to use iPhones over the competition as well. You can’t beat getting a replacement in minutes if something goes wrong with your device. Lots of people also don’t seem to grasp how when Apple is “late” with said features, they usually have a much better implementation of consumer friendly setup to use it. The platform is far more polished, if you will.

  • Ryan Carnes Ofs

    I tried 5 minutes ago trying to pay my bill and it wouldn’t work.

  • steveb944

    I tried to use it months ago at Winn Dixie through my Google Wallet (it’s the same), it didn’t work at all because their pin pad system SUCKED (employees said it was iPhone only, not true).

    So this is old news as most of these places already supported Google Wallet and ultimately Apple Pay a long time ago. Employees haven’t been trained at most locations and really question authenticity, when it’s actually safer than anything out there.

    • Rod

      Employees not being trained is a huge issue. I got a long 15min lecture from a Rep at a Tmobile store saying how it wasn’t secure to use NFC based payments. He claimed that one of his friends got jacked using NFC.

      • steveb944

        Haha, that’s hilarious. I’ve heard horror stories that people have been declined purchasing with NFC because it was escalated to management. SMH.

        • CJ

          The stores should train there workers, or apple should send someone to train them.

        • steveb944

          Apple doesn’t have any direct interaction with retailers. They would only hold some sort of responsibility with direct partners like the banks. Retailers are the ones that pay to upgrade their systems to support NFC.

      • rep

        The person whom helped you has no clue what they are talking was actually the machine…many times it will glitch. All they had to do is reset the ingenico machine

    • kev2684

      I’ve used Google Wallet at my local winn dixie a day after launch and I had no problems whatsoever since.

      • steveb944

        Good to know. I’ll give it a shot again.

  • Hiro

    Wait… but I used Apple Pay at a T-Mobile store (without any problem) about 4 months ago. Either that was the first T-Mobile store in the country to have it (doubtful… it was a smaller one in a SW Florida town of 60k people…) or this is way late on announcing it. o.O

    • UMA_Fan

      Yeah they are just late on announcing it

  • guatemala7

    Samsung pay destroys Apple pay

    • Rod

      Not when samsung pay will be useless after October. -_-