In response to earthquake, T-Mobile makes calling and texting free to Nepal [UPDATE}

Anyone following the news over the past few days will now surely be aware of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal. It hit the country on Saturday and the latest update estimates that over 3,000 people are dead, with a further 6,500 injured.

So that customers can keep in touch more easily, T-Mobile has decided to offer free calls and texts to and from Nepal across four of its brands. Customers of T-Mobile, MetroPCS, GoSmart and Walmart Family Mobile can now keep in touch with loved ones in Nepal without worrying about roaming/international charges.

Calls and texts are free from now until Saturday, May 16th. And if you want to help financially, T-Mobile customers can also text-to-donate to support charities involved in the relief efforts:

  • Save the Children – Text NEPAL to 20222 to donate $10 to Save the Children
  • UNICEF – Text NEPAL to 864233 to donate $10 to UNICEF
  • World Vision – Text NEPAL to 777444 to donate $10 to World Vision

Any donations made using those short text codes will be charged to your T-Mobile bill and 100% of the donation goes to the charity.

Personally, I applaud T-Mobile’s efforts to make it easier to keep in touch with loved ones struck by this natural disaster. If you have been personally affected, our thoughts are with you in this time.

“Update – Monday, April 27, 2015 11:00 a.m. Pacific:  To aid those in the country or travelling to Nepal, T-Mobile has also added Nepal to its list of Simple Global countries this morning.  Now, T-Mobile Simple Choice customers with Simple Global will get data roaming fees in Nepal waived through May 16, and any data usage since Saturday, April 25 will be credited.”

Source: T-Mobile, @JohnLegere (Twitter), BBC

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  • calvin200

    Classy move.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wow t-mobile is the only carrier in U.S to do so.

    • Exodus

      No, they’re not. In fact, they weren’t even the first to do so.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I’m saying due to the earthquake

        • Exodus

          I realize what you were saying, sir. My point is still accurate.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Your also just a jerk

        • Exodus

          Really? Why is that? Simply because I corrected Jay J. Blanco’s statement? If so, that’s rather harsh.

        • 1ceTr0n


          1. You are still wrong. T-mobile was basically first right before Verizon for allowing free calls to area
          2. You came across as a know it all dickish attitude
          3. See #2

        • Exodus

          I tend to think the person with the “dickish” attitude is the one that feels the need to lob insults for no apparent reason. I didn’t address Jay J. Blanco or yourself with any pejoratives. There was no need for you to address me in such a manner. I simply pointed out that T-Mobile wasn’t the only carrier doing this, which they’re not.

        • Guest

          Yeah, take a lot at the thread above… a disturbing amount of attacking over pointing out very simple fact. Yikes!

      • calvin200

        It doesn’t make a difference to me, but who was first? I’m genuinely a curious guy.

  • patt

    good move t-mo.

  • MKashi

    This is true Uncarrier, it’s Carrier Cares

  • Methuen man

    Classy move T-Mobile. Proud to a customer of a company that cares about people too, not just profit.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Very nice gesture.

  • Johnnola504

    Got the msg ” service access denied”

  • Johnnola504

    Anyone able to donate thru tmobile?

  • gmo8492

    Wow! What a kind gesture from T-mobile helping people out to get in contact with their families. True uncarrier class and style.

    • Guest

      Ew! This has nothing to do with “Uncarrier”.

      Please don’t mix good gestures with praising a cell carrier. I could go on about the people who have been in car accidents or emergency situations with no coverage in THIS country due to bogus T-Mobile maps / outages. However, I think it’s more appropriate to wonder why the big two haven’t caught on.

      • Caustic

        Way to detract from the issue at hand.

        • Ok

          Fabian Cortez, is that you?

      • Methuen man

        You’re an idiot. 911 works regardless of carrier… provided any carrier has service.

        • eanfoso

          true it works however, it’s still not an uncarrier move.

        • eAbyss

          Providing free calling and texting to a foreign country hit by disaster isn’t something carriers normally do. They’d normally be happy making a nice profit off of people trying to get/keep in touch with their loved ones in trying times such as these. That is an uncarrier move my friend.

        • eAbyss

          It’s also free and works regardless of whether you pay for service or not.

          This guy’s just a stupid troll. He doesn’t even have the guts to post under an account.

        • Guest

          Nice ad hominem attack. Do you feel better about yourself?

      • gmo8492

        Like some people have posted no other U.S. carrier is doing currently this and if they do it’s most likely to follow in T-mobile’s footsteps. I was not trying to make light of the situation in Nepal. I don’t understand the situation of no coverage “due to bogus T-mobile maps” since T-mobile is allowing users to call to and from Nepal through the carrier over there and not from their own service. It really disgust me that someone like you would go out of their way to distract from the whole situation. You really should be ashamed of yourself. I will praise T-mobile for this gesture since they really didn’t have to do this and pray for the people in Nepal.

  • YABD

    Tmobile… Thank you.

  • jj201367

    awesome tmobile

  • Now to figure out how to hook my analog modem up to my cell phone.

    I’ve always wanted to be an international phone phreak.

  • otis stansberry

    Classy!! #Stay winning. ..

  • Goat

    These are the types of moves that really makes me love T-Mobile. I feel even the quoted update has feeling behind it- and that’s really powerful. Good job T-Mobile.

  • don bhai

    it not go call nepal.i try to call nepal.