Lollipop update rollout for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 starting next week

Note 4

Stop the presses! We have the most important breaking news story of the day. Forget Apple Watch, Des Smith (T-Mo’s product guru) tweeted a short while ago that the long-awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop software update for the Note 4 is very close to happening. In fact, some customers could see the update land on their devices as soon as next week.

Is that just the best news, ever or what? I mean, I assume it is given the number of complaints I’ve read in our comments over the past weeks and months.

I jest of course, but, having used Lollipop on my UK Note 4, I can say it’s definitely worth the wait. Even if it’s only for the fact that it makes TouchWiz a lot less horrible more pleasant.

As always, let me know if you get the update. If you spot it in your settings menu next week or get a notification, be sure to get in touch with us.

Source: @AskDes (Twitter)

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  • Great Googly Moogly! About dang time!

    • Tatdude806

      Yes, yes it is. (And nice reference to Foxxy Love from Drawn Together!)

  • Cornfused

    What!?!?! This article has been up for like a minute now and still NO comments? With so many so quick to gripe about Note4 not having the update, now it’s radio silence… hmmmmm

  • EvenCamWantsA635

    Let’s be honest: The news of the Galaxy Note 4 update is ok, the update everyone is salivating over is anything to do with the Nokia 635.

    • Cam Bunton


  • gar1

    i have note 4 and s5 update on s5 sucked,made, it slow and unreliable. ill wait on note 4

    • Chris Meyers

      Do a system factory reset after your s5 lollipop update and it fixes everything. So much faster and more stable than kitkat.

      • gar1

        I did do that actually twice. I seen people complaining across the android phone spectrum with similar problems. And kit Kat gave me no problems at all

      • Marie

        Thanks for the tip

      • Rick J

        No, it doesn’t fix anything.

        • Chris Meyers

          Did for me. You probably did it wrong or have some weird apps causing issues. Im rock solid on lollipop on my s5

        • Orlando

          Rick j….yes it does. Man you idiots come on here and just say the dumbest things

  • Ahhhh Nice! Was already getting tired of waiting for it..

  • Rahul M

    5.0.x or 5.1 ? anyone know ? … Either way, not updating until Xpose works with Lollipop !

    • Marie


    • erikdrakon

      It’s going to be 5.0.1

  • MatthewPDX

    Well, thank goodness. I thought some Note owners were about to explode.

  • Timbo1

    Yay! Lets hope for some extra goodies no one else got yet….theme support maybe? High hopes but would be cool, oh well thats what root is for anyway.

  • Joe Legal

    the wait isnt over until the fat lady sings..

  • Android_God

    does anyone know if this update will include HD Radio?

    • Orlando

      HD Radio ? What do u mean

  • Dan Lodi … still shows its in testing mode…shouldn’t it be approved before announcing that it would be rolled out

    • Marie

      No, because once it says approved that means we have to have our update in our phone, and we don’t…

      • Dan Lodi

        Oh ok

  • JD

    They took too long!traded note 4 in for S6 edge the day it came out.worth the trade!

    • Note4

      Yeah, I totally don’t get that. I love the Note 4.

    • Hector Arteaga

      Tried out the S6 at the store (both versions). Note 4 is a better overall phone.

      • Marie

        Really, So I’m glad I got my note 4

  • mreveryphone

    Bought the s6 edge instead of waiting… Now just waiting to hear if the note 5 will have a dual edge screen, keep the SD card slot and removable battery… The updated touchwiz is better but sadly won’t make it to the note 4…

    • gar1

      Funny I bought the note 4 incase they do build everything in. Love my note 4 and the sd card and extended battery.

      • mreveryphone

        Samsung already said they are not doing it… From a business standpoint I understand why… You’ve got to pay to play…

    • Orlando

      TouchWiz is fine on each Samsung phone……mm TouchWiz comments make the commenter appear foolish and a liar

      • mreveryphone

        I never said touchwiz was bad on the note 4…I was just stating that the updated touchwiz is better than the latter on the note 4…comments like yours make you appear incompetent…

  • Manny

    I already got my update on Sony Xperia z ultra

  • vinnyjr

    Still keeping my Note 4. I bought the SGS6 with 128gb of int storage, like it allot. I have to say nothing can touch my Note 4, kept it stock with the paid version of the Nova launcher. The Note 4 along with the S-Pen is the most powerful hand held computer on the market.

    • Yeah

      I bought a note 4 instead of an s6 and am so happy with my decision.

      • meir cohen

        You did the right move my friend. The note 4 is great device.

        • Yeah

          We probably won’t see another. Samsung will probably ruin the Note 5.

        • Orlando

          @yeah………Go away troll….Go feed on BS some where else

    • Marie

      I agree. Love my note 4 too. I was offered a trade for a brand new iPhone 6 128 gb… My husband told me, He’ll no don’t do it…

      • Orlando

        Marie….you married a smart man…………the iPhone6 is junk

    • Oliver Jackson

      Both are badass

  • dan lol

    #team note 4 love this beast

  • mreveryphone

    Bought the s6 edge instead of waiting… Now just waiting to hear if the note 5 will have a dual edge and keep the SD card slot and removable battery…

    • Aaron Davis

      Current rumors say the note 5 will be like the S6 and S6 edge, and will NOT have an sdcard or removable battery

  • Idris Mohiuddin

    I think it is still a major disappointment for Samsung, T-Mobile and/or Google or whoever is responsible for the timing of the release and for whatever reason, the Note 4 on Tmobile is the flagship phone for Samsung. Flagship means the newest, the greatest, the lastest. People have dished out major $$$ for this phone, and for these people to receive the lastest Android OS after so many other devices have received it is a huge let down.

    • Orlando

      Idris……it’s fine…….you sound like some whiny iPhone boi…get out of here troll

  • meir cohen

    My Galaxy Note 4 is my best friend.

    Thank you.

  • Philip
  • guest

    im rooted on beanstalk ROM 5.0.2 on note 4

  • Alex P.

    Still the best current offering from Samsung – great camera, great display, good battery life (better than any S6 model), can expand storage for cheap with microSD’s, has Band 12, has “unbreakable” back ;-) Hopefully it’ll go for sale again, need to buy it for someone soon…

  • Joe Green

    Nexus 6 or the soon giant Nexus 6 2015 on Google Fi & Tmo is the way to go. Forget S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, or its brothers, sisters, and cousins. Make the switch before it’s too late.

  • Ozgur Sen

    My fathers lg g3 got the update and even after factory reset the device slowed down
    I hope it wont be the case for the note 4

  • Dan Lodi

    Why is the lollipop upgrade causing so much trouble with the other carriers

    • Oliver Jackson

      They rushed it and some people forgot to factory reset

      • testing

        maybe google is becoming like windows pushing out updates that are not tested in the real world

        • Dan Lodi

          Hmm that could be the cause but I am thinking to see how it works with other t mobile note 4 s before I upgrade mine to 5.0

        • Orlando

          Wtf are u talking about ? You have no clue what the hell you are talking about

      • Rick J

        You shouldn’t have to do a factory reset on an update.

      • Dan Lodi

        Now I have it on my phone and it works well

  • Trevnerdio

    Meanwhile, the Note Edge… is finally in T-Mobile testing! Huzzah!

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    I looked into pricing today on T-Mobile for the Note 4. Is it worth the upgrade from the Note 3?

    I need to know what makes it worthwhile or if I should wait til the Note 5. I have T-Mobile Jump so I can do both, but I gotta know it’s worth it.

    • Oliver Jackson

      The Note 4 is twice as better as the Note 3 but we’re 6 months away from IFA 2015.If you want to wait for the Note 5 on October 17th ,it will be a monster beast but for the now ,the Note 4.My advice,go to your local TMo store or Best Buy Samsung store and play with it yourself and you decide my friend

      • ArchangelRenzoku

        I think I’m gonna get it in a couple weeks. Something new to hold me over.

    • dtam

      personally, I don’t think you should buy any tmobile phone unless is supports band 12 (so note 4 and up)

      • Dan Lodi

        I agree with this fellow ….any device that has band 12 you should buy…any device that doesn’t have it I would avoid

      • Android_God

        I wouldn’t believe these two! The founding member of band 12 is about to depart!

      • Chris Meyers

        Good advice. For that reason Id get a Note 4. Will help with coverage in marginal areas when launched. Also the screen on the 4 is much better. 1.5 million more pixels.

    • Android_God

      I wouldn’t make any rash decisions if I was you!!!!

      • ArchangelRenzoku

        But you’re not me, so would you please explain the reasoning behind this suggestion?

        • Android_God

          I’m so sorry

    • Timbo1

      I personally think the Note 4 is a worthwhile upgrade to the Note 3 on build quality and feel in the hand alone. Screen quality and camera on the Note 4 is a bit better too(hopefully this focus issue will be squashed with the Lollipop update) and the processor is a worthwhile upgrade as well. Just my opinion.

      • 1ceTr0n

        Note 3 was horrid, especially the camera, I hated it so much.

    • Victarion

      At this point I would just wait for the Note 5.

      • 1ceTr0n

        And deal with early adopter issues? Screw that noise batman

    • tony

      wait for note 5, the upcoming note 5 will have 4k display.

      • duscrom

        4K on a phone is so pointless.

        • Adam Fine

          Not true. I have a gear VR. I can’t wait for a 4k screen. 8k would be even better.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Your a VERY small minority

        • Adam Fine

          I am a VERY early adopter of the gear vr. Is friken awesome. It was just released for general public purchase a few weeks ago. Still not a mass public release. Everyone I know who has seen mine, and has a note 4, is buying one. Some are even switching to the note 4 because of it. And samsung mentioned specifically that one of the reasons the note 5 will have a 4k screen is because of VR. I won’t be in the small minority long. And samsung apparently believes that too.

    • tony

      current note 4 has only 2k display resolution, the note 5 will have 4k display resolution and new features.

      • Chris Meyers

        Only?! I mean how much higher than 2560×1440 on a mobile device can a person actually have a use for or even see? I mean theres virtually no content for the current resolution.

  • Kyle Thompson

    progress from TMO! what’s next, something crazy like the long-promised “by end of Q1 and now magically by end of Q2” wifi calling enabled on the Nexus 6?? I know, insanity…

  • Rob Sauceda

    The note 4 is a beast of a phone but hopefully they dont take forever releasing the touchwiz thats on the s6, its really a lot better

    • Timbo1

      It would be nice but I wouldn’t expect anything official for a while unfortunately.

  • Zack Mackey

    Will tmo users have to a factory reset too? If so that’s a load of bs. Re installing settings and apps and tweaking the phone to my liking is a royal pain especially since I’ve had the phone less than a month

  • Ruvim

    about fricken time

  • Rick J

    If it’s of the same quality as the S5 Lollipop roll out T-Mobile released, I’ll pass.
    The thing is a buggy pile of dung.
    5.0.x is garbage. I’ll wait for a proper 5.1.x update.

    • Chris Meyers

      This is the second time I’ve heard you say this. Are you sure you did a factory reset properly? That solved all my issues. Lollipop on my s5 is rock solid now. Never crashes, more responsive, same if not better battery life. I would check your apps and start getting rid of ones that might be causing your problem.

      • Brian Richards

        Look. He’s not alone. The 5.0 rollout on T-Mo’s S5 has a lot of issues. A cache clearing helps some. A reset (or two) helps some, but it’s still nowhere near as fast or reliable as it was with 4. We’ve got two of them. Both have a whole variety of persistent problems.

        • gar1

          Mine too s5 update sucked and I did factory reset twice still slow and buggy

        • Orlando

          Full factory reset will FOR SURE FIX ANY LOLLIPOP ISSUES. just clearing the cache will not help

        • Brian Richards

          Except no it doesn’t.

        • Notyet

          Hell, Google updated my Nexus tablet with 5 and it’s terrible. Freezes, reboots, etc. The Nexus abound have been good.

        • Orlando

          You have to do a factory reset, not just clearing the cache. Full factory reset will clear up all problems

        • Brian Richards

          Go re-read the WHOLE post my friend. Factory resets only fix SOME of the issues.

      • Neno Albert

        The issue is there. All carriers pulled the plug on the lollipop rollout due to memory leaks and various issues (across the board unique to carriers).

        It wasn’t as cut and dry as resetting the phone. That is entirely for the sake of removing residual kitkat app files that caused issues with drain and force close.

  • duscrom

    About bloody time! Christ… My Roommate’s AT&T Note 4 has had it for over a month.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    about farking time.

  • nycplayboy78

    Ummm what about the Galaxy Note Edge Lollipop Update??!!

    • Neno Albert

      Edge entered internal tmo testing per another article I’ve read. Wouldn’t be surprised if it releases nearly simultaneously.

  • dontsh00tmesanta


    • Vlad

      Hoping, but all reports seem like not.
      But hopefully, it’s at least 5.0.1
      Since 5.0 way too buggy as first lollipop release.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        True 5.0 for gs5 sucked

        • Dan Lodi

          I had a feeling it would be 5.0.1

      • patt

        verizon,sprint,att have 5.0.1 (my VZ model has 5.0.1)

  • Anthony V Cannata

    Does anyone know if this update will have the new touch wiz?

    • Vlad

      Most probably not…
      New touch wiz version, was specifically made for Galaxy s6.
      Sort of lighter version…

      • Anthony V Cannata

        My wife’s S5 Touch wiz changed thought it would on the note 4 also

        • jtothada

          Your note 4 should look close to your wife s5, The newer touch wiz is only for the s6.

  • lomsha


  • Pooter –

    wow way to stay on topic guys!?! isn’t this about the note 4 and lollipop? talking about the S3,4, and 5 are irrelevant to this thread.
    anyway, I talked to a T-Mobile grunt and she said they wont be releasing lollipop for the note 4 until NOVEMBER of 2015… that was according to her “dashboard” and internal documents. she thought it didn’t make any sense to release lollipop for the note 3 and delay the note 4’s release …. bitches. I’m still partial to tmobile.. been with them for 15 years now. I don’t like their lack of coverage but at least they are getting better in my area. I tend to get the latest phone each year, i’ll probly have the latest phone by the end of the year. I’m not happy with the lack of the updates to their “flagship” note phablet however.

    • Orlando

      Your grunt was full of *hit

      • NotBuying

        So is Pooter…

  • Orlando

    After you update to lollipop, be sure to back up all data and do a factory reset

    • joe1blue


      • Neno Albert

        Battery drain and some force close issues are related to non lollipop apps. Resetting the phone gets rid of conflicting software. It’s not a guaranteed fix, but a lot of users have better experience after a factory reset.

      • Vlad

        That’s because lollipop uses ART instead of DALVIK runtime system. That’s the way android starts, switches and runs apps.
        So it tries to do it’s best to update all your prior installed apps during upgrade, but there’s usually always some that incompatible.
        So best way to reinstall everything on clean system and setup from scratch.

  • eanfoso

    I guess it’s a breaking story because of how google/tmobile suck at updating their devices.

    • 1ceTr0n

      No one force you to read the article either troll baiter

  • Victor

    Love Samsung / Android but they lack big in the update department. Apple usually gets 2 updates a month and having this phone since Oct I gotten none lol

  • Jay Lancour

    It’s out!!!!! Downloading now!! Woo hoo!!!

  • Zeppelin73

    My Note 4 is downloading Tmo’s Lollipop at this time….

  • Mike Littlejohn

    Im downloading the update now its 1085.68 mb im on tmobile got the note 4 so will let you know when done..

    • James Turner

      Same here. Pretty excited to finally get lollipop

    • James Turner

      I can confirm that it is 5.0.1 build of lollipop

  • Zeppelin73
  • Jay Lancour


  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Downloading now! Confirmed at 1.086GB

  • Colin Brian Lubbe

    Got my update this morning. Didn’t get it pushed through a notification. Went into the software update part of “About Phone”.

  • adobepro

    Got it last night. Whoopdeedoo…another O/S with an even worse UI color scheme. Where is Theme Engine for this phone that the SG6 has? The saving grace for the awful color scheme on this new O/S would be if Samsung updated Note 4 users with the Theme Engine, and for that matter, any TMO phone using this O/S.

    • Craigers Hanzelka

      My thoughts exactly! Those of us who have the “Flagship” Note 4 should be entitled to that at the very least. I was under the assumption that the better the phone, the quicker the update? Not with T-Mobile apparently. Hopefully it will be without excessive bugs.. Downloading now. Also not sure why most never got a “push” notification … Hmmm..

      • adobepro

        Unfortunately, TMO can’t do anything about this. Us Note 4 owners have to loudly complain to Samsung about this. I spoke with someone on chat on Samsung and they said the Theme Engine was specifically designed for the SG6 with no plans to push it out to Note 4 or even SG5 users. If you could get Oh-Hyun Kwon or Gregory Lee’s email at Samsung, let us know, I’ll create a web page for us to sign to petition them to get it for us. Going through customer service just wont work, as the decision makers at Samsung won’t ever know, as it will probably never be pushed up to them. Anyways, we have no choice but to enjoy our Teal Background with Yellow Text until Samsung provides us this update.

  • bryck

    To be honest, not to impressed. The UI looks more confusing than the Kitkat. And what’s up with the status bar? At least I was able to reapply Root with no issue, but defiantly welcome the WiFi fixes.

  • Girish Chainani

    Have been running lollipop for over a week now and not happy at all. Seems worse than Kitkat and am so unhappy that I seriously thinking of jumping ship to ios. User experience has gotten worse and my note 4 seems slower and sluggish even more now.