Sony Xperia Z3 re-appears on T-Mobile online store with cheaper price


We were somewhat surprised a couple of weeks back when the Sony Xperia Z3 vanished from T-Mobile’s online store. Although it clearly hasn’t been a best-seller, the Z3 is one of the best performing handsets on the Android market. And perhaps one of the most attractive too.

Still, just 16 days ago, it seemed T-Mobile had given up on the device. Now, it’s back. And it’s cheaper than before. Much cheaper.

Head on over to the T-Mobile Xperia Z3 product page and you’ll see that not only is it available to buy again, it’s down to just $499.92 full retail price. That’s down from $630. On EIP, with $0 down up front, it costs $20.83 per month over two years.

Only the black model is available to buy, but compared to prices of other flagship devices from the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC, the Z3 is something of a bargain now at just $500.

Let us know if you’re planning on picking one up at the discounted price.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • kevev

    Previous Z1 owner here. No unlocked bootloader, no thanks. Fool me once T-Mobile…

  • Peter Smith

    I’ve got to say. I am really thinking hard of getting this. I was back and forth between Note 4, Nexus 6 and this. Now z3 done jump up the list. Well due for an upgrade in May so any suggestions?

    • J Cav the Great

      My suggestion is that if you like Stock Android a la Nexus…then this may be the closest offering to it. + you get SD Slot..Also the Z3 camera is awesome. Despite its lack of OIS..SteadyShot just works. Battery life is also great!! For $500…this is a great deal…I saw a GS4 at my local T-Mobile Store for $520…

      • Peter Smith

        Yeah I currently rock a Nexus 5. Best Android experience ever! But I want a bigger screen and better camera. Huge power user mainly for games and video consumption. So I’m feeling the discount. Do you use a Z3?

        • J Cav the Great

          Yes. I do have the was either that or the Nexus 5 16GB, or 64GB Nexus 6….oh yeah and the Front Facing speakers on the Z3 are freaken awesome.. My next phone HAS to have front facing speakers….

    • neospade44

      I highly recommend the Z3. Wife has it and she is a heavy user, charges once every 2 days. Not sure you can pull that off with the Nexus 6, but you have quick updates.

  • substance

    Still the best phone, in my opinion. Just wish they would hurry up and release Lollipop and unlock band 12 already…

    • J Cav the Great

      You and me both bro.

      • Dan Bonebright

        Either of you guys have issues with sms/mms? Some reviews say it’s terrible. Others say it’s perfectly fine.

        • substance

          No problems at all when it comes to sending/receiving texts . Do keep in mind that you cannot group chat on the phone the same way you would any other phone without using a third party app. The more popular one seems to be Textra. Anyone else care to chime in?

        • Dan Bonebright

          Interesting. There have been a number of threads started over on Reddit saying its a widespread issue, yet you have no problems. So inconsistent. Are you using Hangouts or stock messaging app? VoLTE enabled? Wi-Fi calling enabled?

        • J Cav the Great

          I posted my reply w/o Reding yours..⬆⬆

          Yes Textra is the way to go.. Been using it for 4 years now..greatly improved…

        • Dan Bonebright

          Interesting. There have been at least 8 threads started over on Reddit saying its a widespread issue, plus a number in the T-Mo support section, yet you have no problems. So inconsistent. Are you using Hangouts or stock messaging app? VoLTE enabled? Wi-Fi calling enabled?

        • J Cav the Great

          You can’t do Group MMS on Xperia Z3 stock messaging app..and its ugly AF…I went to my favorite Texting app..Textra..which also has special T-Mobile settings for MMS.

  • Dan Bonebright

    I would love to jump on this, especially with band 12 support coming, but I’m nervous about widespread sms/mms issues. Hoping people who actually own the phone and run it on T-Mo can chime in as it would be the only thing holding me back..

  • TmonewsAds

    Is that a tmonews ad our are you just happy to see me?

  • J Cav the Great

    Darn. I paid the $630 back in January. : (

  • Newmexican

    I would have picked it up for that price (wifi calling), but just got the international version a month ago instead. BEST Android phone ever!

  • Dan Bonebright

    I would love to jump on this, especially with band 12 support coming, but sms/mms seems like a widespread issue on T-Mo. I would love to hear from people who actually use the phone as that issue, while potentially deal-breaking, is the only thing holding me back..

    • Ryan

      I cant speak for the Tmo branded one, but I havent had a single issue with my unlocked one.

    • Anon-e-mouse

      I have had the T-mo Z3 for about 6 weeks. No real issues at all. Love the phone!!! BUT – I had to switch from a BlackBerry Q10 because my eyes just aren’t that good anymore and I need to have a device that works well with Google Play services now (Android apps worked ok, but the services took a hack I just couldn’t figure out). I really miss it! — As for SMS/MMS…I originally did have issues but downloaded Textra for that messaging, and it has a setting to fix these. No issues with SMS/MMS ever since. Highly recommended for those who like Androids. And if it’s too slippery (and it definitely is), my Tech21 tactical case has eliminated the problem completely.

  • Ѕροη†αηεους Μιхх ♪♫

    yeah, the locked bootloader makes this a no-go for me…

    • Right. Because why?

      • Ѕροη†αηεους Μιхх ♪♫

        if I spend my hard earned cash on a device, I want to be able to root it. I need to be able to remove crap like Carrier IQ, or use custom ROMs that feature privacy guard. Whether I actually WANT to or not is up to me, but owning a device and not having freedom to add or remove software as I see fit is not something in willing to do.

  • sushimane

    They should let use refinance the phone lol

  • Mike

    UG! I feel screwed.

  • Philip

    The last time I look at one, it was glossy front and back. Talk about finger print magnet. No thanks.

    • Cam Bunton

      It is. And very slippery… As much as I like the performance, I couldn’t get along with how it felt in hand. Personal preference. I know many who adore it.

      • J Cav the Great

        I adore it!!! When I’m working..I use a slim cruizer lite case..when I go out with the fellas..I take off the case.. Get a lot of compliments….

      • mmunson

        Slippery where you end up denting the corners of the phone :(

      • Stone Cold

        Love mine

  • ” J.D. “

    Had to but my 2 cents in / I really love this phone had it now since the beginning from T-MOBILE and really can’t complain the compliments are numerous it’s a very elegant device 2) the only reason I’m not throwing a temper tantrum over the cheaper price is the fact That everything I requested from T-Mobile for the pasted 7yr’s as a customer has been fulled without a hitch or con story so their well worth my money / plus the fact my phones paid LOL

  • J.Ralph Roman

    For $399 I would return my S6 but at $500 I think current flagships are worth the premium….How about a lightning deal?

  • so where

    But still no lollipop….

    • mingkee

      If you’d like to get 5.x and you don’t care about B12, G3 is the best choice for you.

  • Logan S

    Great that it’s cheaper, but that is still $499 of my hard-earned money, and I still can’t do whatever I want with it! It baffles me why Sony & T-Mobile insists on locking the bootloader.

    On the contrary, Samsung T-Mobile version is traditionally unlocked unlike AT&T’s/Verizon’s.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    I want the Z3 as well to add to my collection of elite flagship phones I have at the moment. For $399 outright I will buy it. For $499, idk, maybe I add a line to get it.

  • Ray

    Bought the Z3 two days before it was taken off the site…

  • Tmo2003

    Uhhhh, nice, was going to wait for the Z4, but it looks like its not going to be much of an improvement over the Z3, and for $ 500 ( yeah still a lot of $, but..) I think I might jump on this, cant wait to pair it with my sony bluetooth headphones :D

    edit : looks like they took it down again :(, might just go to ebay ….

    • Tmo2003

      edit2: back up, yeah :)

  • Corey

    Makes perfect sense actually. In most states the buyers remorse time to return a phone is 14 days. Pulling it off the market for just a little over 14 days makes it tough for someone to return their z3’s they bought at full retail, and then turn around and buy it at the discounted price.

  • shamatuu


  • substance

    I am using stock messaging. I also have VoLTE and use wifi calling. Again, no problems whatsoever… I even was able to text and receive texts while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta last month. Wifi messaging was a little off there, but that was due to the jumpiness of the hotels wifi… Hope this helps.

  • AS118

    I really wanted the Z3 Compact, so I probably won’t get it anyway. I also like the white-colored Z3 models, so that’s another nail in the coffin.