T-Mobile wants to give its Mobile Money customers an extra $20 on their tax refund


On Twitter first thing this morning, John Legere announced that T-Mobile customers who direct deposit their tax return on to their registered T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card will receive $20 credit. The Mobile Money tax offer will run from January 14th until April 30th, 2014. That gives you a window of 15 weeks to act on T-Mo’s promotion, if you want to take advantage.

“T-Mobile CEO John Legere today announced via Twitter that T-Mobile customers with Mobile Money who set up and receive a direct deposit of their tax refund onto their registered T-Mobile Visa® Prepaid Card will get a $20 credit. Plus, customers can get access to their tax refund faster than a traditional paper check refund. It’s free, fast and a more secure – and more lucrative – way to get your tax refund this year.”

You may remember, T-Mobile launched Mobile Money roughly 12 months ago, offering an easier and cheaper way to bank. The company’s Prepaid Card works exactly like a debit card, with an accompanying smartphone app to help you keep on top of the finances. If you are a T-Mo customer, there are no credit checks before signing up, no minimum account balances and no withdrawal fees at a network of 42,000 ATMs. What’s more, there are no monthly maintenance fees, and no reload fees at T-Mobile stores.

If you want to know more about Mobile Money, or the tax refund offer, head on over to T-Mobile.com/mobilemoney.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Philip

    I have no tax refund every year. I cant do this?

    • g2a5b0e

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. I sincerely hope you’re not.

    • Adam

      If you get no tax refund, I doubt you are the target market for Mobile Money. This product is targeted at the 28% of Americans who are ‘unbanked’ (AKA bank cord cutters). Personally, I assume I must be over-banked because I routinely get credit card offers that say if you use our card for a month we will give you a $200 credit. I
      must be giving banks way too much money for them to find a $200 credit profitable.

  • 9to5Slavery

    America can’t learn enough from it’s dept problems. So this is the American Dream? Be in debt with car house and student loans and then poor education of finances leading to poverty when people get to age 65+ or even sooner? People need to save and invest not apply for debts.

    • guest

      This is not about debts. It’s a prepaid debit card. You can only spend what you put on it. And for some people without access to banks, they are a viable way to do things like shop online or access money without carrying around tons of cash.

    • g2a5b0e

      Good job making a comment that is almost completely irrelevant with the subject matter at hand. Perhaps you meant to comment on a different website & you clicked here instead?

  • g32rftvcxdf

    “The Mobile Money tax offer will run from January 14th until April 30th, 2014.” Seems like an error. Don’t you mean 2015.

  • tomarone

    what is the T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card? Is that the card I got when I got a rebate on a new phone? I did not know that rebate card was re-fillable. Where do I get this card?

    • thepanttherlady

      There’s a link at the end of the article. Click it. ;)

      • bob90210

        That sounds like a lot of work. I’ll pass on that and continue to post questions in the comments section instead.

      • tomarone

        So what’s the advantage over a bank? (other than the $20.00 gift for a tax refund) or should I try to figure that out from the link? what bank is that connected to? It includes a routing number and account number, so it’s very similar to a bank. But thanks for answering to my ignorance!

        • thepanttherlady

          Clicking the link provides a wealth of information including answers to the majority of the questions you’ve asked. I’ve done part of the work for you by providing you an additional option to seek your answers:


          The only two questions you’ve asked that wouldn’t be answered at the information already provided you is:

          #1 “Is that the card I got when I got a rebate on a new phone?” No
          #2 “So what’s the advantage over a bank?” Some people cannot get or don’t want a traditional bank account. Some reloadable cards provide them with similar banking options (e.g. direct deposit, bill pay etc.). Also, tax refunds are received much quicker when direct deposited versus paper checks so this helps their situation.

  • Ordeith

    Target is offering $50.

    But I find the whole idea of depositing a tax refund to a gift card rather disturbing.

    • bob90210

      Why do you find it disturbing? If you going to get a gift card, it does not matter where the money comes from. The result is the same if use cash or tax refund.

      • Ordeith

        It really isn’t the same. The fact that so many seem to think so is also disturbing.

        There are obligations and investments that you cannot fulfill with a gift card. What you are doing is taking a potentially large sum of money and committing yourself to use it for purchase transactions and placing it in a vehicle where your money will shrink over time if it isn’t used.

        • bob90210

          Those are properties of gift cards. If you going to get a gift card then it doesn’t matter if the money comes from cash or a tax refund.

          If you don’t like gift cards, that’s fine. But it has nothing to do with tax refunds.

        • Ordeith

          Except that tax refunds are, for most of the financially challenged, a largish sum of money all at once. You’d have to be daft to commit that to a gift card.

          Make your money work for you, not for them.

        • bob90210

          Yes, you would be daft to put a large amount of money in a gift card. Fortunately, H&R Block does not require you to be daft; you can specify how much you want to put into the card. I don’t know about any other tax preparers.

      • Adam

        What is disturbing is that so many people think this is a good deal, but it is actually financially irresponsible for most.

        Here is my strategy: I was planning on buying some toilet paper and notice Target has a good price on the stuff. If the toilet paper price is exactly $50 more than my tax refund, then I am in, otherwise I am going to pass.

        • bob90210

          If you regularly shop at Target then having $50 more to spend at Target is generally good.

          If you infrequently shop at Target (or not at all) then $50 is probably not a good idea since you will spend more than you intended.

        • Adam

          One exception for the frequent Target shopper is if their refund is over $1K, because Target gives 5% off every purchase when Target’s own credit card is used. For someone with a refund of $1,001, they would be better off depositing the $1,001 in a bank and shopping with a Target credit card.

        • bob90210

          H&R Block, one of the tax preparers that offer direct deposit of tax refunds into gift cards, allows you to specify how much of your refund you want in the gift card. In other words, if you don’t want a $1000 gift card, don’t buy one.

        • Ordeith

          Someone with an $1,001 refund would be much better off letting it sit in a mutual fund for a while before they spend it.


      It’s not a gift card … it’s a debit card with no fees for T-Mo customers. Fees are waived if you deposit $500 or more in a month which is pretty much in line for ANY checking account with a bank.

      • Brian Perez

        Bank of america only.requires 250 ir more.much better and you have access to tellers and good quality atms

  • Jay J. Blanco


  • Jackalope

    Looks like it is only if you get a new account — not for existing Mobile Money customers. Here is the fine print: “*$20 Offer: Offer Expires 4/30/2015; subject to change. Limit 1 credit per eligible account. Offer good on new accounts activated with direct deposit of federal tax refund. Credit may take up to 8 weeks following direct deposit of federal tax refund to be applied to account. Capable device and qualifying data plan are required.”