Happy New Year from TmoNews!


2014 was an amazing year for T-Mobile, and a great year for TmoNews. We’ve had so much to talk about, get excited over and get annoyed at with T-Mo. Whether it was all the fantastic Uncarrier moves like offering to pay of ETFs, giving everyone free music streaming or a 7-day test-drive, the carrier has been at the forefront of competitive moves in the wireless industry. It’s why we’ve seen it grown to become the nation’s most popular carrier in 2014. It added more subscribers than all of its competition. And sure, we’ve had some downsides like getting rid of the corporate discount, and moving people away from their beloved legacy plans or the relationship with BlackBerry falling apart publicly. But aside from those, it’s been a great year.

Whether you’re T-Mobile staff, executive or a loyal customer and fan, I wish you happy new year and hope 2015 is just as awesome as 2014 was.

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  • Bordelais

    Love this site and all the work you do Cam. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Jay Holm

    Happy New Year’s! Less than a month to go before Tmo’s 4th qtr results are revealed and they overtake Sprint! Bouyeah!

    • g2a5b0e

      I’m not 100% sure that it happened by the end of Q4, but if it didn’t, it’s almost a guarantee that it will by the end of Q1.

    • Trevnerdio

      I would love that, however, Sprint is about to turn around their losses now that they have Hesse out of there.

  • Cam Fas

    Looks like data stash will give my tablet data soon now that we are in 2015 and we are a month closer too 300million being covered by lte tmibile 12 to go

  • JDM

    Happy New Year, everybody! Thanks for all you do, Cam.

  • I emailed the CEO about prepaid customers having been shunned in the several uncarrier moves, though he proudly mentioned them in his year end review, and I got a call from his team yesterday, acknowledging that the revenue is the same for the same service from prepaid and postpaid customers, that my feedback would be passed on to the marketing department.

    Here’s to hope of not being ignored by T-Mobile this year.

    A blessed, peaceful and healthy 2015 to all.

  • Joe

    Happy new year Cam! And thanks for all the work u put into this site.

  • William Burr Winans

    I will have to admit I am really interested to see what T-Mobile has in store for 2015.
    Here is the list for 2015:
    Things we already know:
    Mid 2015 all towers on LTE
    End 2015 300 Million POPS on LTE
    350 Metro areas 700mhz
    150 Metro areas Wideband LTE

    My Predicted List for 2015:
    Free Video Streaming (Netflix or Hulu)
    Unlimited 4G on Tablets or Unlimited Tethering
    Service in Alaska
    Transfer all MetroPCS Towers
    Buying More 700mhz (Cavalier, Continuum 700, AB License)
    Car Signal Booster
    Free Data Gogo
    Test Drive All Devices

    2015 will probably be another huge year for T-Mobile

    • Austin

      Some of that they are already doing. Due to buildout requirements they will have to have service in Alaska with the spectrum that they just purchased. They are already are transferring all MetroPCS towers by the end of 2015. There is more 700 mhz they have bought, but have not announced, so that will be a big thing.

      • Cam Fas

        700 mhz In Vegas will be great

        • eAbyss

          I went there three weeks ago and the only place I had trouble getting a signal was the Luxor atrium. LTE was everywhere, inside and out and I got some excellent speeds. I can only speak for the strip though.

        • Cam Fas

          They do have great lte here better then when I had Verizon just saying to have it all first world problems lol I get 30-80 mbs in Vegas so I really can’t complain I really can’t wait for them to have lte in the mt charleston area

    • Joe

      Free video streaming will never happen. Test drive for all phones will most likely not happen but I would like them to ad a few more phones to it. I agree with the rest.

      • William Burr Winans

        I just saw a rumor T-Mobile to offer free Netflix for a year when activating new tablet and phone plans on Samsung devices starting Jan 4, 2015

        • Rob

          not a rumor, this is true but only with SELECTED samsung devices. not sure on the date i can’t remember if its on the 4th or the 14th on Jan

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          If you mean like the music revolution, i doubt it as its a major data hog

        • DirkDigg1er

          Free Netflix service is different from free Netflix stream. I highly doubt Tmo will offer free video streaming. If home broadband providers are having issues with Netflix bandwidth demands, wireless will slow down to a crawl.

    • Rob

      one thing that will definitely happen is a buyout probably by America Movil, everything is pointing out to that. those people are about to get a lot of money from an asset sell in Mexico

      • DirkDigg1er

        Maybe. I think companies are waiting for the auctions to finish 1st. One could argue that the company interested in buying Tmobile is also interested in buying Dish, US Cellular, or CSpire.

    • schweddyballs

      Unlimited tethering will never happen, it doesn’t make sense to the business. Get an internet service provider if you want to use more data with tethering or hotspot.

    • Bklynman

      What I would like Tmo,to do is show some love to people who have one 1 line of service,when they have sales,make it for all customers, not just new ones, or if you add aline. I still don’t understand how Walmart,Bestbuy,etc, can sell Tmo phones for lower price than Tmo,does.

  • shamatuu

    lower prices and upgrade the base data starter from 2.5 to 4.5.

    • Joe

      That would make them go bankrupt. The prices that they have right now are just fine so that they can make money and continue to improve there network cuz they are still a business and the point is to make money.

      • shamatuu

        i can barely effort it. i have to pay other bills that i need to survive.

  • DirkDigg1er


  • Bklynman

    Know it is little late,but Happy Bless New Year,Cam, to you and your family. Thank you for all your hard work you do,on this site. Happy and Bless New Year everyone.