Happy New Year from TmoNews!


2014 was an amazing year for T-Mobile, and a great year for TmoNews. We’ve had so much to talk about, get excited over and get annoyed at with T-Mo. Whether it was all the fantastic Uncarrier moves like offering to pay of ETFs, giving everyone free music streaming or a 7-day test-drive, the carrier has been at the forefront of competitive moves in the wireless industry. It’s why we’ve seen it grown to become the nation’s most popular carrier in 2014. It added more subscribers than all of its competition. And sure, we’ve had some downsides like getting rid of the corporate discount, and moving people away from their beloved legacy plans or the relationship with BlackBerry falling apart publicly. But aside from those, it’s been a great year.

Whether you’re T-Mobile staff, executive or a loyal customer and fan, I wish you happy new year and hope 2015 is just as awesome as 2014 was.

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