More details on T-Mobile’s upcoming 2 for $100 Family Plan promo

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Just a short while ago, we got word that T-Mobile is planning to launch a number of attractive promotions from tomorrow, December 10th. Undoubtedly the biggest among them is the 2 for $100 unlimited 4G LTE Family Plan. It just so happens we’ve been able to get hold of some more information on this promotion.

As we suspected, the plan goes in to effect from December 10th (tomorrow). For those familiar with the current Simple Choice lineup, it’s essentially the $80 unlimited plan, with an extra line added. 2 lines on this plan would normally set you back $140 each month, but from tomorrow you can sign up and pay just $100 per month. If you want more than two lines, you can add-a-line for $40 per line (the same price as it is now).

The plan will have all the usual features: 5GB tethering and Rhapsody unRadio included, and it’s available to new and existing customers. This is particularly good news for those already on T-Mobile’s network. It’s unclear, however, if you’d have to pay off your current EIP to sign up for the promotional offer. Or, if you can just switch to the 2 for $100 deal. Since Simple Choice is contract-free, that is unclear. If I had to bet, I’d say you’d need to pay off the EIP.

Perhaps even better: This plan doesn’t expire once you’ve signed up. Unlike the previous 4 for $100 deal which offered a data boost on 4 lines or more up until the first of January 2016. T-Mobile’s internal communications on this plan state clearly that the “Rate Plan is grandfathered! No expiration for the customer!”

Once you’ve signed up to the deal, you keep it. But it’s worth noting, that with the offer clearly being a promotional offer, the time you have to sign up and take advantage is almost certainly limited.

Staff are reminded to ensure that they add the correct SOC to each line when processing sales, to ensure that customers get their data.


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  • Tmorules

    Okay, Now, can I sign up for this plan and add 3 “traditional” lines for $10 each, equaling $130 monthly ?

    • Willie D

      I think what he says is that 2-Lines Unlimited Data $100. Each Additional Add A Line $40. Not $10. But if you can add additional lines for $10 then I’m swapping my plan and saving $40

      • Tmorules

        I don’t need the unlimited plans for the 3 additional lines, being the point here.

        • Willie D

          Me either, one user of our 3 lines only wants 3GB, however, she uses less than 1GB per month, so maybe thinking a bit bigger deal here would be to use the savings from my plan, to add it to hers.

      • Mike Coleman

        pretty sure the reason its stating $40 for an add on….is due to that third line being subject to the current pricing if you wanted unlimited ($10 for the add on + $30 for the unlimited data) adding normal lines past those initial 2 will likely start at $10 each

        • Guest

          jk, new release says you cant do this

    • Cam Bunton

      Sadly not. T-Mobile confirmed the deal just now. All your lines have to be unlimited to take advantage of the 2 for $100 deal.

      • Tmorules

        Ahh, that sux, well thank for the info

  • jroth

    You shouldn’t have to pay off your EIP because it states only if you leave T-Mobile and that would be considered a contract of some sort right that you cant change your plan?

    • More TMo bs

      I’m confused also

      • Basically, you do NOT need to pay off the Equipment Installment Fees in order to get this new 2 for $100 unlimited deal.

        As long as you have 2 lines, then you can switch to this new promotion. But adding additional lines in the future will be $40.

    • Cam Bunton

      Good to know.

  • Michael Tran

    Hmm…if i can get the 2 unlimited lines and add 2 more lines for 10 bucks each, that would be a great deal as now my mother can have unlimited data. She is slowly using more and more according to her data usage. I’d be paying the same price but at least mom would have unlimted like me.

    • Matt

      All lines on this plan must have unlimited data, no $10 lines here.

      • Michael Tran

        Thanks for the updated information.

    • Matt is right. Each additional line is $10 (add a line) + $30 for unlimited = $40 for each additional line. So with your example, 2 lines = $100 add 2 more lines that will be $100 + $40(3rd line) + $40(4th line) = $180 (total for promotion plan)

  • Chris Hilbert

    I have 6 lines – 2 x unlimited, 3 x 2.5 GB (4 for $100 promo plan), and 1 x 1GB. Wondering if I would saving anything and/or if I would screw up my 2.5 GB lines …

    • SEBA

      Looks like $100 for 2 Ulimited lines + $100 for 4 lines 3GB each, total of $200

      • Cam Bunton

        Sadly not. “All lines on your account must have unlimited 4G LTE data to continue to qualify.”

        • SEBA

          I see… This should be valentine’s day promotional offer.

        • Cam Bunton

          It could be. If it was February. ;-)

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Why would the EIP need to be paid off? We switched to that 4 lines 10 GB $100 promo and we didn’t pay a cent more of our EIP than we had to.

    • Cam Bunton

      Good to know. I wasn’t sure with it being a promotional offer…

      • Yup, just confirmed that you do NOT need to pay off your EIP to switch to the new promotion.

  • Nathan S.

    Watch out folks!!! I just got online to my tmobile account and it says that my plan is changing on the 11th. I did not make a change to my account plan! I currently share 1000 mins talk, unlimited Text and Unlimited 4g Data without slowdown for 2 lines for 98.93 a month. I cant lose my uncapped high speed data!!

    • Nathan S.

      Supposedly according to the Rep, I made these changes. I did not however. They were listed there way early this morning when I checked the status of my backordered Nexus 6. But after reading this article, I got back on the account and now I have pending changes. The Rep claims that I will still have unlimited high speed data though. Will be on the new plan that supports the 5GB tethering and access to Rhapsody and now have unlimited talk for just a few cents more a month. ??? I dont know if I believe her about the data not slowing down at a certain point.

      • thepanttherlady

        Same plan they were switching me over to. The store rep I spoke with on Friday said notices were sent out that this was going to be happening. I never received one.

        The data portion isn’t changing. If you have unlimited high speed now, you’ll be keeping it.

        • Nathan S.

          Yeah, the rep claimed that the high speed data would remain the same but on paper be 10 bucks more a month and would not slow down after a certain point. Just as my current plan is now. Said that I would be gaining all the new cool stuff (tethering, rhapsody,wifi router etc) plus unlimited talk for only a few cents more a month. Seems too good to be true so my first reaction is to be skeptical.

      • JE_25

        Don’t forget some people are going to be pushed into newer Simple Choice plans. That is something that has going for a while. T-Mobile’s plan is to have everyone under some version of the Simple Choice plan.

        • Nathan S.

          Yeah, I think they are pushing me off. They claim also that the reason my plan got spotted is because of my recent order(Backorderd Nexus 6) required that I have a new plan otherwise I would need the full 650 in cash up front.

    • thepanttherlady

      When I went to a T-Mobile location on Friday, the rep mentioned something about my plan being future dated. We are on the Value Plan (2 lines are unlimited everything and the 3rd is 500 min, no data). They were switching it to one of the newer plans. I pitched a fit and she called in to have it removed but did say notices were sent that this would be taking place. I never saw one. They removed the new plan and my account was notated that NO ONE was to touch my plan.

      Looks like I may be switching to this plan though. Even with the $40 for the 3rd line, she’s gaining unlimited minutes (not that that was a problem to begin with) and unlimited data. I didn’t want her to have data (she’s 14) but this plan is literally $8 more than what we’re paying.

      • Zacamandapio

        I think you can have the plan and add the family allowances for your piece of mind.

        • thepanttherlady

          Have that added already. ;) I bought her the Lumia 521. Didn’t have to worry about data since it’s not on that line until I found out the neighbor gave her the password to their Wifi so she’d been accessing the internet. Got her a phone that isn’t data or wifi capable and added the family allowances option because I’d told her she could have the 521 back when she brought one of her grades up which so far she’s doing. Couple of weeks for end of the semester to see!

        • Powsniffer0110

          Haha you’re nuts. Taking her phone cause the neighbor gave her the Wi-Fi password. Natzi

        • thepanttherlady

          That’s part of the problem with today’s kids, parent’s afraid or incapable of being just that. A parent.

        • Stone Cold

          Good for you.

  • Medion

    My current plan is the slightly older simple choice, where we pay $80/mo for 2 lines, and then $20/mo for unlimited data per line. On the surface, this would reduce us from $120/mo to $100, and up our tethering from 3GB to 5GB per line. Sounds like a great deal, right?

    Here’s the catch. Our kids aren’t old enough to be on the plan, but someday will be (our oldest sooner than later). Add one kid to these plans, and suddenly, our old plan wins, $130 to $140. Add a second, and it’s $140 to $180. (this is assuming the current 1GB data plan per line).

    I’m leaning towards getting it anyway, because with the way that wireless plans change (even so called “grandfathered” plans), there’s no guarantee we’d keep the current plan at that point anyway. Heck, we might even be on the next uncarrier.

    • michael

      You cannot add the $20 unlimited data to a line anymore. It is $30 now.

      • Medion

        And? I didn’t say that I would. I was comparing this plan to my current plan (which does have $20/unlimited data). Please let me know what part of my post was confusing, so that I can fix it.

    • Powsniffer0110

      Here’s where you’re over looking it. They only state adding another UNLIMITED is $40. Which as a 3rd line in your current set up would be $50. The question you have is if with this plan will they let you simply add lines for $10, and then add data on top of those plans.

      • Medion

        I think you’re either confused, or you’ve confused me with your post. Either way, I’ll attempt to clarify.

        “Here’s where you’re over looking it. They only state adding another UNLIMITED is $40. Which as a 3rd line in your current set up would be $50.”

        Yes, adding another line would be $40, because unlimited is the only option on this plan. My current plan is $120 for 2 lines unlimited. If I want to add a third line for a kid (non-unlimited), it’s $10. For unlimited, it’s $40. Those totals are $130 and $160 respectively. Under the new plan, it’s $140 as unlimited is the only option. That’s more expensive than what I would intend to do, which is give the little goober the cheap plan.

        “The question you have is if with this plan will they let you simply add lines for $10, and then add data on top of those plans.”
        I didn’t have a question. I was making an observation, and in doing so, I seem to have confused some people. I apologize for that.

        • Powsniffer0110

          It was before the cavet of every line had to be unlimited. Sorry

    • Ah, I see what you’re saying. Took me awhile to figure it out but lets see if i’m right.

      Your CURRENT plan:
      2 lines with unlimited data $80 + $20/each (x2) for unlimited data = $120
      add a 3rd line with 1GB data included $120 + $10 add a line = $130
      add a 4th line with 1GB data included $130 + $10 add a line = $140

      NEW 2 for $100 FAMILY plan promotion:
      2 lines with unlimited data $100 includes unlimited data = $100
      add a 3rd line with unlimited data $100 + $40 add a line w/unlimited deal = $140
      add a 4th line with unlimited data $140 + $40 add a line w/unlimited deal = $180

      Current SIMPLE CHOICE FAMILY plan:
      2 lines with unlimited data $80 + $30/each (x2) for unlimited Data = $140
      add a 3rd line with 1GB data included $140 + $10 add a line = $150
      add a 4th line with 1GB data included $150 + $10 add a line = $160

      So if I am right, if you do switch, and have 2 lines, then the new promotion is a better deal. However, if you add your kids to your plan then the new promotion is not a better deal anymore. However, in the future if you decide to go back, you can’t because your current plan is an old plan, and you’ll have no choice but go with their current simple choice plan which is $30 for unlimited data. Well, I already broke it down in simple terms so others won’t be confused, but I see what you mean. If you keep your current plan then, in the future you’ll save more. But with both the new promotion and the current simple plan. you’ll pay more in the future.

      But here’s the thing. since you currently have the older unlimited plan for $20. When you add more lines, you may/may not be able to keep your same deal. Meaning, they might force you to switch to their newer $30 unlimited because you’re adding new lines to your plan. Tough decision.

  • FINALLY! Been waiting on this for like EVER! I hope my bff hops on this with me, that would save us both a TON!

  • Danny

    I just asked them on G+ about EIPs, and they said that they’ll transfer it to the new plan and will NOT make you pay it off before switching plans.

  • chris

    I just switch over to it, and it’s unlimited 4g lte data for life. I’m glad i left AT&T. T MOBILE IS GREAT!!!

    • Alex A


      Why ? What is wrong with AT&T, I just singed up with up
      recently. I have %20 Corporate discount, 30 GB of data, unlimited calls
      and text $160 a month plus taxes.

  • jroth

    Just switched plans and got $50 off my Nexus 6 I have been waiting on and still am.

    • jt

      Yeah, in the same boat. Probably got on the same deal. Nexus 6 is backordered for all carriers. Still no stock at google play store.

  • yieldway17

    Quick question. I’m new to T-Mobile. What/Who is eligible for ‘family plan’ as per T-Mobile? I mean, whether it’s 1) Simply more than 1 line 2) An additional line for a family member only 3) An additional line for a family member or a friend? Thanks.

    • Are you talking about the “2 for $100 Family plan” that’s mentioned in this article? or, are you referring to the regular “Simple Choice Family plans” on T-Mobile’s website? or do you want information on both?

      • yieldway17

        Originally asked for the ‘2 for $100 family plan’ but now you brought it up would like to know how it works for ‘Simple Choice Family’ plan as well if it’s different.

        • Ok, ***Note: all T-Mobile plans include Unlimited Talk and Text***
          The “2 for $100 family plan” works like this:
          2 lines with Unlimited LTE Data = $100
          Any additional line added must have unlimited LTE Data so each addition costs $40. (after the promotion period is over, you can still keep the $100 and $40 rate, unless you decide to switch plans or cancel)
          The “Regular Simple Choice Family plan” works like this:
          1 line with 1 GB (included) of full speed LTE/Unlimited 2G(slower speeds) is $50. If you want 3GB it’ll be an extra ($10), 5GB is an extra ($20), and Unlimited full speed no slow downs is an extra ($30).
          2nd line starts at $30 and the data works the same way.
          3rd line and beyond starts at $10 each, and the data works the same as mentioned earlier.
          So essentially, if you only have 2 lines on your account and you want unlimited full speed data, then the “2 for $100” is a better deal. Also, if you want all the lines on your account to have Unlimited full speed data, then the “2 for $100” is the better option.
          However, if you don’t want all lines to have unlimited data, or you want to save more money, than use the promotion of “2 for $100” only if you have 2 lines. And if you 3 or more lines than use the “current Simple Choice plan”
          Hope this helps. If you’re confused let me know.

        • yieldway17

          Hey, thanks for the detailed reply!! This makes it clear. Thanks much.

  • chris

    I was all set to switch but thankfully they mentioned I would lose my 15% discount through my employer. Even updating my two lines that aren’t unlimited I’d be paying $175 before taxes. So keep that in mind.

    Now if I had a certain date of when the discount would go away forever and it was within 4 months I would change. But its going to add over $50 a month right now instead of $20.

    • rwmgd2

      Chris double check that. I called the advantage department and they switched me and said the discount applies.

      • chris

        I just called back and they made the change keeping the discount with no issues. Funny thing is I had two people including a supervisor yesterday telling me it wasn’t possible. Lesson learned, never call to add a promotion the first day because not everyone is on the same page yet.

        • Ruskastud

          Who did you call? I spoke to retention and they said there was no way to keep it with the unlimited $100 plan….

  • Ordeith

    “Unlimited” data, with nary the coverage to use it. *sigh*

    • zolttt

      if tmobile has bad coverage in your area, why would you use it? their coverage is fantastic in my area. This is why I don’t get the verizon “has the most 4g national coverage” crap, if you travel the country often that benefits you, if you live in the philly area like me and have great coverage with tmobile… why would I pay more for verizon? This deal rules.

  • Medion

    T-Mobile hasn’t been able to train their employees on this.

    1st rep that I spoke to told me:
    -you’ll lose your government discount if you switch
    -you can’t revert to your old plan if you switch (I have $20/mo per line unlimited)
    -this plan is good for life

    2nd rep told me:
    -you’ll lose your government discount if you switch
    -plan will expire in January 2016 (she was adamant that both promo plans expire in 2016 even after consulting someone else)
    -plan will then revert to old plan (she didn’t seem to understand that my old plan is no longer offered)

    On one hand, I don’t want to switch because I wouldn’t save much if anything, and if I ever add my son to my account, I could add him for $10 on my current plan as opposed to $40 on the new plan. On the other hand I’m worried that T-Mobile will eventually pull the rug out from under me and cancel the remaining corporate/government discounts. Tough decision and I’ll think about it.

    *I also get a $10/mo discount for refer-a-friend that will go away in 8 months, but that goes away immediately if I switch to this plan.

  • Pat TheBoss

    I have added my gf to my T-Mob account, and we have both jumped on board to the Unlimited 4G LTE Family Plan for $100.

    On Wednesday 10 December 2014 I called and CC Rep 1 said my mil discount would no longer apply, but I told her that there are some people online that were told otherwise…CC Rep 1 said she would send up a ticket and call me back.

    Thursday morning (11 December 2014) I grew impatient waiting so I decided to call back, hoping their CC personnel would have more time/experience with the new plan. I spoke with CC Rep 2, who said my military discount would definitely still apply – and she was quite emphatic about nothing in their system being able to take that away, simply due to a plan/service change. Because CC Rep 2 was so convinced that my discount would remain, I decided to pull the trigger and proceed with the switch. I was transferred over to Sales Dept. and ordered a $15 SIM and put down a $50 deposit.

    This part of the story was not really relevant, but I would like add that the Sales Dept. Rep was somewhat rude to me. First, he said that he was able to “work hard and get the price of the SIM Starter Kit down for me from $60 to $15”. I know that’s bogus but I kept rolling with it. He then informed me that my $100 Unlimited 4G LTE Family Plan comes with 5GB of data on each line. I told him that’s not what the online literature says, but he was trying to argue – we ended up on a conference call with CC and he finally got the picture.

    Later on yesterday afternoon (11 December 2014), the CC Rep 1 finally called me back. She said the ticket has come back down, and that the military discount would no longer apply. I told her what CC Rep 2 told me, and that was what finally convinced me to switch plans. She didn’t really have an answer for me besides “I’ll annotate that on your account”. While honoring the military discount of $15 per month would be nice, it’s still a better deal than the other carriers. I will be staying onboard with the plan either way. However this experience with so many different answers and misinformation has been troubling…someone somewhere was lying (I assume unintentionally lying, since they’re not on commission), and I will have to wait for my bill to find out who that was.

    In the end, I’m glad I upgraded. There was (and still is) some confusion, but no worse than my years dealing with AT&T with issues like these. I have already been using several gigabytes in the last 24 hours from just a little bit of Netflix and HuluPlus. I’m finally able to use my iPhone 6 as it was intended.

    Sidenote: I have been with T-Mob for 3.5 years. I am not only used to their coverage, but truly satisfied with it. However, if you are on AT&T/Verizon and are considering switching I highly, HIGHLY recommend you do the iPhone test drive before switching, so you know what you’re going to get. Frankly for me in the last 1.5 years they have done so much to improve coverage that I’m regularly surprised at how great coverage I get.