Band 12 LTE spotted in Detroit


Through the latter part of this year, T-Mobile’s been ramping up its 700MHz LTE deployment. The carrier’s Chief Financial Officer, Braxton Carter confirmed as much at a presentation earlier this week. We’ve already heard of sightings in Long Island and Houston, and now we’ve been sent a sighting from the Motor City, Detroit.

A reader from the Michigan city sent us the screenshot of his Note 4 in Service Mode, clearly indicating band 12 LTE. A Speed Test was done in the location, but it’s difficult to confirm whether or not it was hooked on to the Band 12 network while testing the download performance. If the 5+5MHz 700MHz network really is that fast right now, it’s almost certainly because there are so few other users (if any at all) using the bandwidth. With no traffic or congestion, speed tests will give an exaggerated result.

As with all network updates, we’ll keep you up to date with any new sightings as we receive them in our inbox.

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