T-Mobile’s “10GB for $100” Family Plan offer set to end on October 29

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Just a couple of months back, T-Mobile kicked off an offer whereby customers who chose the the lowest Simple Choice plan and took a 4-line family plan, would get an extra 1.5GB per line. In all, instead of paying $100 and getting 4GB (1GB each), customers would get 2.5GB  data to use on each line, up until the January 1st, 2016. Additional data was also made available on 4-line plans on the second tier, giving customers 4.5GB per line instead of just 3GB. So, for $140 per month, you’d get a total of 18GB per month. Now it looks like the offer is about to end.

If an internal memo doing the rounds at T-Mo is anything to go by, T-Mobile is going to be ending the offer on October 29th.

Final Week! 4 Lines for $100 w/10GB Data Feature & Other Promo Offers to be Grandfathered October 29 (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC)

On October 29, the following will be grandfathered, which means this is the last chance to offer customers the 4 Lines for $100 with 10GB data offer!

  • Promo $100 4 – 5 Line Family plan
  • Promo $0 2.5GB data feature
  • Promo $10 4.5GB data feature

Important: Other family plans will still be available on October 29, including the 2 – 5 Line Family plan and 6+ Line Family plans. This means that customers can still get 4 lines for $100 with our standard data features.”

We’re told that once that date swings by, plans will return to what they were before. The lowest two plans will offer 1GB and 3GB of data per line, regardless of how many lines are added. Perhaps an indication that T-Mo has something else up its sleeve for this fall.

Fear not if you’ve already signed up, you are grandfathered in and will keep your bonus data up until January 1st 2016, as stated in the original terms of the offer. But, if you’re holding off on signing up, you don’t have long before T-Mo pulls the offer from its retail and online stores.


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